Energetic Responsibility – How Responsible Are We Willing to Be?

I used to think I was responsible and yes, in many ways I was – and in many more ways I was not. The latter I slowly realised once I started attending Universal Medicine courses and workshops by Serge Benhayon.

The responsibility Serge talks about goes far beyond social responsibility or any other conveniently sectioned off and delineated responsibilities, whether at work, at home, as a driver on our roads, as a taxpayer, neighbour, friend, partner, etc.

Whoa, how much responsibility are we willing to take and how do we handle it? Where does it begin and where does it end? And what if it never ends but gets vaster and broader, more all-encompassing as we initiate ourselves, and initiation (as explained by Serge Benhayon) being about awareness first and foremost?

Wait a moment: the more and greater awareness someone has, the more they initiate themselves – the more responsibility they have? Yes, you have heard correctly, that is how it is.

There is a passage in The Way of Initiation (p. 378) by Serge Benhayon where he states:

“The inner-heart knows the whole
Before it expresses about any part.

The inner-heart will feel everything
Just so it can know something.”

This quote is from a chapter called ‘Understanding Energetic Responsibility’ which comes under the heading ‘Energetic Integrity’, one of the five keys to an initiation covered in this book. But what does it mean practically and in daily life?

The quote above took me right back to a time when I was sharing a house with some people whom I used to try to ‘organise’, i.e. ask them to do the things that needed to be done, whether around the house, the land, to the cars, the shed, the garden, the driveway, etc.

I can well remember how imposing and insistent I used to be that my agenda be attended to so that I could tick a few things off my to do list; so I could experience some relief from the relentlessness of what at times felt quite overwhelming and far too much work for me alone. How my housemates truly felt, I did not take into consideration.

I basically brushed it aside – I needed done what I thought needed doing, right there and then.

Let’s just take the first part of the above quote:

“The inner-heart knows the whole
Before it expresses about any part.”

From that I can’t but conclude that energetic responsibility means that I am responsible for what comes out of my mouth and how it comes out of my mouth, in any and all situations. In the example given, I was focussing on what I needed and when I needed it and I could always justify it, of course, but I disregarded the bigger context, did not take into consideration any of the following, and this list could be endless:

  • Is this the right time to address this issue?
  • How is the other person feeling / what kind of day have they had?
  • Why am I expressing so forcefully? What is going on for me?
  • Are relationships not more important than just getting boxes ticked?

In other words, I was expressing about a part (needing to get something done) before I considered the whole, the bigger context.

And now to the second part of the quote:

“The inner-heart will feel everything
Just so it can know something.”

This suggests that Energetic Responsibility is always about the awareness that we are part of something that is much vaster than any single person, any partnership, any one family, neighbourhood, country, continent and even the earth itself. We are a part of the universe and whatever anyone of us thinks, does, says, sings, plays, writes or otherwise expresses, even just to themselves and without anyone necessarily witnessing it, affects us all, energetically first and then physically down the track, in one way or another.

Energetic Responsibility is about the all in the All and we can’t avoid it – not forever anyway.

And who would want to, once it is known and understood that there is a vastness to connect back to that allows us to know what we need to know at any given moment – no more and no less?

Why no more? Because it is never about knowledge as such, or any individual, but about the All and what is needed in a particular situation and setting. And thus, how responsible are we willing to be?

By Gabriele Conrad, Goonellabah, NSW

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658 thoughts on “Energetic Responsibility – How Responsible Are We Willing to Be?

  1. “The inner-heart will feel everything just so it can know something.” A beautiful some up of everything being interconnected and no part standing on its own ever. In dissecting this quote the workings of the universe are revealed.

  2. Underneath all the trying, the being good, the doing good and the wanting and hoping, is a plain resistance to true responsibility: owning up to the fact that we have been playing a game, thinking we were in control while all along being played ourselves.

    1. We are the rats in a cage in the laboratory and the spirit is the scientist in the white lab coat and with the equipment, testing this and testing that and making sure that things stay pretty much as they have been since creation began.

  3. So true Gabrielle. The funny thing is that when we get more aware, we see more what we do and how it effects people around us, but that while it could be confronting, it also comes with a lightness of being.

    1. It can be very confronting, the outcome of our actions on everything and everybody around us, but as you say, it is also very liberating and in the end, matter of fact.

  4. Brilliant Gabriele and so true. We can choose to live in a box of frustration, resentment and anger or access the vast majesty of the all. We still can communicate and pull each other up but when it comes naturally it’s with an understanding that we are all divine. That’s the only truly responsible way to live.

  5. Are we willing to give our all and not hold anything back? Yesterday clearing piles of papers in my office I realised how much I hold back and how much more there is to contribute. It felt very uncomfortable but now I am ready to start a new leaf so to speak and with quality before quantity get to work on what I found to be incomplete.

  6. The thing is if we want something to look a certain way, as with the example of getting things done around the property, it is our picture and others can feel this as it creates a tension. I had something similar, in my need to have order the more I pushed, the less was done, and when I realised this, I could drop it. Now they are free to just get on with what needs doing.

    1. We push and push and push and never once question the energy we are doing it in and with, and how that is for the recipient/s of our misguided administration/s.

  7. Often I think responsibility is presented as being about what we do and/ or don’t do – so just about our physical actions. For me Universal Medicine has really highlighted the value and impact of the way in which we do things – the quality behind what we are doing, in every part of our lives, equally how we are with ourselves as to how we are with everyone else.

  8. There is a saying that ‘a little knowledge is a dangerous thing’. Perhaps this is the truth behind it – that understanding something in part only, means that we will also express from a partial awareness. To truly know, we have to reconnect to the awareness of the ‘whole’ that is the inner heart, so from there, all that we express is equally whole and hence healing.

    1. Good point about a little knowledge being a dangerous thing; it’s a bit like not taking the blinkers off and seeing only what we want to see.

  9. There is something about this article that really touches me every time. When we talk about the vastness that we are part of, I get to realise/remember this feeling that is totally natural and it is very inspiring in terms of wanting then to make sure I am living with this awareness.

  10. I’m just beginning to have an inkling of what it is to connect to the universe, and it is not such a responsibility at all, I feel it’s just to make sure that I treat the space all around me with deep respect because the space I feel is the body of God.

  11. To be in relationship with the grand whole of life means we can attend to the details with sureness and confidence, seeing their placed impact in the whole. This is the magic of responsibility.

  12. Gabriele you raise some great points here, I was particularly drawn to ‘Why am I expressing so forcefully? What is going on for me?’ Because I caught myself doing that the other day, and no surprise I got a forceful reply back. I had to stop and take a step back and feel into what was at play, and resolve what was going on for me, as I have a responsibility to myself and others.

    1. Likewise when we are greeted by force in a conversation. We do not have to meet that force with anything more or less than grace, in other words with the love and truth, stillness, harmony and joy that we are on an energetic level.

  13. Thank you Gabriele this writing is a great reminder , we are responsible in knowing the all and therefore responsible for its expression.

  14. It is so important to know when and where and if at all to address an issue with another. Sometimes it just needs to be resolved in ourselves and there is no need to bring it up with the other.

  15. Brilliant blog Gabriele, I have always thought I was a responsible person and on many levels I am, however I am discovering there is a greater deeper sense of responsibility and that is the awareness that we are all part of something much grander than we can for this moment comprehend, but that doesn’t mean it is not so. And for me knowing there is something much grander then I can for now understand doesn’t matter, just knowing it is there and we are not alone and separate as we think we are. We are in fact just not choosing to feel the everything that is there, that seems a bit daft but it’s true.

  16. Thank you Gabriele. Understanding the ‘bigger picture’ of being part of the universe and being so much more than just a human being, brings clarity to the fact that everything we express in movement, speech, thought and action affects the all – true energetic responsibility is to live from this knowing.
    ‘”We are a part of the universe and whatever anyone of us thinks, does, says, sings, plays, writes or otherwise expresses, even just to themselves and without anyone necessarily witnessing it, affects us all, energetically first and then physically down the track, in one way or another”.

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