Energetic Responsibility – How Responsible Are We Willing to Be?

I used to think I was responsible and yes, in many ways I was – and in many more ways I was not. The latter I slowly realised once I started attending Universal Medicine courses and workshops by Serge Benhayon.

The responsibility Serge talks about goes far beyond social responsibility or any other conveniently sectioned off and delineated responsibilities, whether at work, at home, as a driver on our roads, as a taxpayer, neighbour, friend, partner, etc.

Whoa, how much responsibility are we willing to take and how do we handle it? Where does it begin and where does it end? And what if it never ends but gets vaster and broader, more all-encompassing as we initiate ourselves, and initiation (as explained by Serge Benhayon) being about awareness first and foremost?

Wait a moment: the more and greater awareness someone has, the more they initiate themselves – the more responsibility they have? Yes, you have heard correctly, that is how it is.

There is a passage in The Way of Initiation (p. 378) by Serge Benhayon where he states:

“The inner-heart knows the whole
Before it expresses about any part.

The inner-heart will feel everything
Just so it can know something.”

This quote is from a chapter called ‘Understanding Energetic Responsibility’ which comes under the heading ‘Energetic Integrity’, one of the five keys to an initiation covered in this book. But what does it mean practically and in daily life?

The quote above took me right back to a time when I was sharing a house with some people whom I used to try to ‘organise’, i.e. ask them to do the things that needed to be done, whether around the house, the land, to the cars, the shed, the garden, the driveway, etc.

I can well remember how imposing and insistent I used to be that my agenda be attended to so that I could tick a few things off my to do list; so I could experience some relief from the relentlessness of what at times felt quite overwhelming and far too much work for me alone. How my housemates truly felt, I did not take into consideration.

I basically brushed it aside – I needed done what I thought needed doing, right there and then.

Let’s just take the first part of the above quote:

“The inner-heart knows the whole
Before it expresses about any part.”

From that I can’t but conclude that energetic responsibility means that I am responsible for what comes out of my mouth and how it comes out of my mouth, in any and all situations. In the example given, I was focussing on what I needed and when I needed it and I could always justify it, of course, but I disregarded the bigger context, did not take into consideration any of the following, and this list could be endless:

  • Is this the right time to address this issue?
  • How is the other person feeling / what kind of day have they had?
  • Why am I expressing so forcefully? What is going on for me?
  • Are relationships not more important than just getting boxes ticked?

In other words, I was expressing about a part (needing to get something done) before I considered the whole, the bigger context.

And now to the second part of the quote:

“The inner-heart will feel everything
Just so it can know something.”

This suggests that Energetic Responsibility is always about the awareness that we are part of something that is much vaster than any single person, any partnership, any one family, neighbourhood, country, continent and even the earth itself. We are a part of the universe and whatever anyone of us thinks, does, says, sings, plays, writes or otherwise expresses, even just to themselves and without anyone necessarily witnessing it, affects us all, energetically first and then physically down the track, in one way or another.

Energetic Responsibility is about the all in the All and we can’t avoid it – not forever anyway.

And who would want to, once it is known and understood that there is a vastness to connect back to that allows us to know what we need to know at any given moment – no more and no less?

Why no more? Because it is never about knowledge as such, or any individual, but about the All and what is needed in a particular situation and setting. And thus, how responsible are we willing to be?

By Gabriele Conrad, Goonellabah, NSW

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625 thoughts on “Energetic Responsibility – How Responsible Are We Willing to Be?

  1. Yes our pursuit to want more, whether it be productivity or knowledge, leaves us far short of the whole we are naturally a part of…

    1. Agreed Brendan – very simply said. It’s ok and very natural to want more – thus is evolution continually pulling us to be more – but that more needs to be about a whole living way and not just a part that we want success or glorification for.

  2. I have always seen that this world is in trouble and that the way we live does not feel natural.

    When I found the School of the Ancient Wisdom (as brought through by Serge Benhayon) what I felt was confirmed to me; that humanity is in trouble because we are not living in our ‘true way’ or we are not feeling who we truly are so not being truly with ourselves or each other; we are living less-than-the-full-truth-of-who-we-are.

    To me, the real lie, the big lie and the greatest irresponsibility we have all been a part of is walking around in a way that hides our immense beauty, sensitivity and love.
    For example: I realize that I have thought it ‘safer’ to identify in depression and low functionality than to be the amazing person I truly am…

    Finding ways to ‘adapt’ to a world that does not accept us in our fullness only deeper cements a societal environment in which we do not feel safe to be who we are…
    …so what will change this cycle of oppression; what will change our world?

    Perhaps the answer is obvious, we just don’t want to see it?
    Perhaps we been walking away from ourselves and each other instead of walking toward love/responsibility?

    As a student of The Way of The Livingness who is learning to live more and more true to my own inner heart, I am aware of how little or how much we let others ‘in’, how little or much love we choose to share.
    Yes, as hard as we have made it to be, being love is still a choice we can make.

    Nothing compares to connecting with another without the layers of unresolved hurts and all manner of ‘pretense’ and guards in the way in the form of accumulated protections (mannerisms).

    When I meet those who openly share the beauty and love that they, in truth, are it is a huge reminder that I am equally that love and beauty too and I feel permission to let go of my hurts and learn to be open and share myself too.

    Is it possible that what we are sharing on this blog site about our experience could be that different way forward that humanity has not yet tried?

  3. It is part of our responsibility to embrace the power of our reflection, as if we are not moving with that quality in our bodies we will create situations that will confirm how everything is a struggle and complication overriding, that which is from truth

  4. That’s it – our responsibility does’t stop anywhere. We are consistently being asked to be responsible in everything we do. We need to expand our understanding of responsibility and know that it goes beyond tasks and day-to-day activities.

  5. “Energetic Responsibility is about the all in the All and we can’t avoid it – not forever anyway”. Indeed Gabriele who would want to avoid energetic responsibility once we are aware and understand the vastness, knowledge and wisdom we have access to.

  6. It is just the ignorance to the fact that we all are part of the bigger whole and that through our inner heart we know everything about life and beyond, that makes us make life so complex. All this is simply reflected to us on a daily basis for instance by our nowadays societies that are far from simple and show the ugliness of what complexity does to us.

    1. Complexity is a jail sentence and only exists because of our need for recognition and self-importance, if not vaingloriousness.

  7. When in conection to the inner-heart we understand life is a constant flow that is always encouraging us to come together as one, once we surrender to it everything is given to us in order to be more of who we truly are.

  8. “The inner-heart will feel everything – Just so it can know something.” Appreciating the all that the inner heart feels and with that we are then able to understand what is going on in ourselves or another and then approach the situation with incredible love and tenderness. Any thoughts that we aren’t enough simply don’t exist. So if thoughts come in this is great because it indicates there is more space in my heart to lovingly appreciation.

  9. “Why am I expressing so forcefully? What is going on for me?
    Are relationships not more important than just getting boxes ticked?”
    These are questions that I want to encourage within my daily life and it is very supportive to hear them in written words. Its all to often that I place the importance on what needs to be done, over what relationship is in front of me and what is the most supportive thing to be shared in any given situation. Thank you for your beautiful blog.

    1. We so easily focus on function and getting things done over the connection to our body and truly meeting another/others – and we are all much worse off for it, mentally, emotionally and physically.

  10. How wonderfully amazing to know and live with the inner heart and the truth that it provides of the all so that we can know the truth before we express the part.

  11. To think that I had no knowledge of Energetic Responsibility before connecting with Serge Benhayon and his presentations of the Ancient Wisdom. I know now how very important it is for all of us to be aware of what we say and think and the way this impacts on others.

    1. I agree; once we know it is a no-brainer and Energetic Responsibility makes sense and explains why the world we like to complain about is as it is and that we all contribute to it, in many more ways than we might like to consider.

  12. This is a great blog, I am saving it in my word document for further and continued reading. I have been resisting initiating and feel this to be very supportive. Thank you Gabriele.

  13. “Why no more? Because it is never about knowledge as such, or any individual, but about the All and what is needed in a particular situation and setting.”
    We cannot know, truly know without having felt what precisely is needed in the moment we find ourselves. Whilst being deeply humbling, this is also the foundation of true love, and as such powerful beyond my understanding.

  14. Our understanding of responsibility dictates when it begins and when does it end (if it does at all). That is why we can all claim to be responsible even though we are not talking about the same or being equally responsible.

  15. I really like that exposing that we think that when we are in our own space, house, wherever we are, we are never alone and it is plain for all to see in the quality of our movements, interactions and choices.

  16. In observing those who are truly responsible I feel that whilst they ‘do’ a lot it is not the ‘doing’ that makes them responsible but the quality of ‘being’ in everything they do…

  17. This takes me to an evening I just had with Serge Benhayon and many students of The Way of The Livingness. It comes back to our responsibility to read a situation energetically. When this is done, self gets out of the way, and our movements are taken in response to the reading. We can choose to respond in reaction by not accepting our awareness which is not taking responsibility. Or we can take responsibility that we can read and then move in response to this responsibility.

    1. Very true. In any situation we have the ability to respond or react. One will take us deeper into God, the other will take us further away. If we look at the word ‘responsibility’ (response-ability) it tells us that it is our ‘ability to respond’. How gorgeous is that?

      1. Response-ability is absolutely gorgeous versus React-ability which often has us gorging and certainly is not gorgeous.

  18. Sometimes I fight with the idea of taking more responsibility in my life. I find the way to struggle with it by convincing me that I can’t cope with more ‘work’ and then I have the perfect excuse to not holding the next level of awareness, which doesn’t have to do with things to ‘do’, but with surrendering much more to the grandness that I really am and the opportunity of sharing it with others… responsibly, which means claiming my part within the All and allowing its expression sincronised with everyone and everything.

  19. I’m recognising more just how simple energetic responsibility is, we all know it from our body it’s just how willing we are to consistently live it….

  20. We can no longer remain ignorant to the fact of energetic responsibility, as the current statistics of disease and illness tells us the way we are living is simply not working.

  21. “Energetic responsibility is the all in the all” This is something that we have been not wanting to feel most of us for many lifetimes. We as humanity still need to understand this, currently we are not.

  22. I loved what you have shared Gabriele, especially the understanding of Serge’s words on energetic responsibility, when we come from the inner heart we know the all and the wisdom comes through us to relate in this manner, but when the mind is involved it can only work in parts as it is in parts itself separated from the whole.

  23. I remember at a Universal Medicine presentation hearing about Energetic Responsibility for the first time and how what we want can be imposing on another if it does not take in the bigger picture. Take a simple example, someone burst into the room very excitedly and shares their big news with their friends. That person is expecting them to shared that excitement. But often what happens is that we don’t ‘clock’ the energy of the room and our friend before we do that and see that our friend might not be in a position to do that, or feel that, and their excitement may not be what is needed for them right now. And I could see that this could be imposing on another.

  24. “From that I can’t but conclude that energetic responsibility means that I am responsible for what comes out of my mouth and how it comes out of my mouth, in any and all situations.” This is great Gabriele, and may I add that what we put into our mouth is a responsibility that our body will give us feed back on, and we are prepared to listen to it the messages are immediate.

  25. “The inner-heart knows the whole
    Before it expresses about any part.”
    This is profound as it teaches us to sit with our own inner knowing before we express so our expression can be in full and not half baked, so as to speak. This brings us back to the importance of giving ourselves the space to express in our full integrity and to understand the harm we do when we allow ourselves to mouth off from the mind.

  26. With great awareness, comes great responsibility. It would seem that as humans we often want the awareness in bucket loads for free. Allowing ourselves to feel the truth in this, allows us to feel the degree of the ‘self’ that has entered the equation. We do not advance our initiation (increase our awareness) for the sake of our ‘self’, we advance it for the evolution of all others – an act with very little to no self in it. It is always the part (self) moving in consideration to the whole it is a part of.

  27. “Energetic Responsibility is about the all in the All and we can’t avoid it – not forever anyway.” and the more we delay that which is inevitable the more we prolong the suffering and complexities of life but why wait when we can have access to such level wisdom within ourselves capable of dispelling the lies and corruptions of this world?

  28. I’m finding that responsibility isn’t a finite thing – there’s always more for us to see in the way that we live and are with others, it’s something we can continually refine and be more aware of…

    1. Yes agreed Fiona – in saying ‘yes’ to responsibility we say ‘yes’ to evolution and as such we say ‘yes’ to be more of who we divinely are here to be for all. It’s a win, win, win situation.

  29. Thank you so much, Gabriele – your commentary has really helped me to understand what this quote offers and that is exactly what I had to learn. I can really feel how it is not possible to truly understand something without taking everything into consideration, and how ‘my truth’ can be a purely subjective opinion and fall short of its claim.

  30. As you have shared we cannot avoid our relationship with energetic responsibility and the fact that we are intrinsically part of an incredibly magnificent whole – ‘the all in the All’ which is love. And so, in our resistance to embracing our responsibility we are effectively in an abusive relationship with ourselves and as such with all. And this is what is magnified through our movements, our words, our behaviours, actions and intentions. There is so much more for us to be aware of and this is where our willingness to align to truth is what allows us to move with the love that represents and embraces us all.

  31. This in itself is a great one to reflect on “The inner-heart knows the whole Before it expresses about any part.”

  32. “The inner-heart will feel everything
    Just so it can know something.”
    – This reminds me that there is a big element of surrender to deepening our responsibility; to being open to listening to our whole body and being and discerning what we are feeling as we then know the response that it needed, rather than trying to meet a picture that we have in our head of how we think things should be or want them to be…

  33. We are a part of the all so our every movement effects the all, this is why energetic responsibility is super important.

  34. What a powerful bog Gabriele! A friend of mine once said, we have to express for the other person , not ourselves. I really like that, because when we make it about us, or in your case ticking a box, there is no connection at all. I often remind myself of that, since then I communicate totally different. Even less words than before very often, because I check in what the person needs, and not what I am able to read and could proudly present.

    1. That is very inspiring and totally turns the table on wanting or needing to express for one’s own sake, to be seen as smart, knowing or even wise. And as you say, it is then often a case of fewer words rather than a whole litany.

  35. “Energetic Responsibility is about the all in the All and we can’t avoid it – not forever anyway.” One day this will be known and understood by everyone. However for now, those who have this knowledge can live it and so reflect out to others, who may just become inspired.

  36. Thank God (literally) that we can’t avoid the ALL, why would we want to and imagine if we could. We may appear to be able to at times but always the pull will be back to the one that contains the all.

  37. It is super inspiring to be able to stop and feel the whole situation and not be pulled into by a hurt to react–deeply inspiring to feel the space and to be able to see clearly and choose.

  38. I love the way you link responsibility with awareness here Gabrielle – the more aware we become the more we know and the more power we have and so there is a greater responsibility to live in respect of the awareness or knowing and then the more we accept this responsibility the more awareness and knowing is available. It is a beautiful symbiotic cycle.

  39. Like masquerades or charades the stories we get fed in our head are easy for us to identify as lies. We can entertain them, or explore these roads and see what follows. But honestly we do know they are absolutely fabricated lies that are nothing to do with the truth. So as you show Gabriele it really is a question of how reckless we wish to be with indulging in this sophistry.

  40. “How responsible are we willing to be?” – this ought to be a question that we ask ourselves every day as a way of checking in with ourselves and how we are going through life. If we are honest with our answers then we can use it as a way to know what is needed next for us.

  41. Force is the hallmark that we have disconnected from our bodies. Warmth, ease and flow are the signature of simplicity, Love and being you and me. Responsibility is our job to align to the truth and not entertain any energetic games. Thank you Gabriele.

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