Energetic Responsibility – How Responsible Are We Willing to Be?

I used to think I was responsible and yes, in many ways I was – and in many more ways I was not. The latter I slowly realised once I started attending Universal Medicine courses and workshops by Serge Benhayon.

The responsibility Serge talks about goes far beyond social responsibility or any other conveniently sectioned off and delineated responsibilities, whether at work, at home, as a driver on our roads, as a taxpayer, neighbour, friend, partner, etc.

Whoa, how much responsibility are we willing to take and how do we handle it? Where does it begin and where does it end? And what if it never ends but gets vaster and broader, more all-encompassing as we initiate ourselves, and initiation (as explained by Serge Benhayon) being about awareness first and foremost?

Wait a moment: the more and greater awareness someone has, the more they initiate themselves – the more responsibility they have? Yes, you have heard correctly, that is how it is.

There is a passage in The Way of Initiation (p. 378) by Serge Benhayon where he states:

“The inner-heart knows the whole
Before it expresses about any part.

The inner-heart will feel everything
Just so it can know something.”

This quote is from a chapter called ‘Understanding Energetic Responsibility’ which comes under the heading ‘Energetic Integrity’, one of the five keys to an initiation covered in this book. But what does it mean practically and in daily life?

The quote above took me right back to a time when I was sharing a house with some people whom I used to try to ‘organise’, i.e. ask them to do the things that needed to be done, whether around the house, the land, to the cars, the shed, the garden, the driveway, etc.

I can well remember how imposing and insistent I used to be that my agenda be attended to so that I could tick a few things off my to do list; so I could experience some relief from the relentlessness of what at times felt quite overwhelming and far too much work for me alone. How my housemates truly felt, I did not take into consideration.

I basically brushed it aside – I needed done what I thought needed doing, right there and then.

Let’s just take the first part of the above quote:

“The inner-heart knows the whole
Before it expresses about any part.”

From that I can’t but conclude that energetic responsibility means that I am responsible for what comes out of my mouth and how it comes out of my mouth, in any and all situations. In the example given, I was focussing on what I needed and when I needed it and I could always justify it, of course, but I disregarded the bigger context, did not take into consideration any of the following, and this list could be endless:

  • Is this the right time to address this issue?
  • How is the other person feeling / what kind of day have they had?
  • Why am I expressing so forcefully? What is going on for me?
  • Are relationships not more important than just getting boxes ticked?

In other words, I was expressing about a part (needing to get something done) before I considered the whole, the bigger context.

And now to the second part of the quote:

“The inner-heart will feel everything
Just so it can know something.”

This suggests that Energetic Responsibility is always about the awareness that we are part of something that is much vaster than any single person, any partnership, any one family, neighbourhood, country, continent and even the earth itself. We are a part of the universe and whatever anyone of us thinks, does, says, sings, plays, writes or otherwise expresses, even just to themselves and without anyone necessarily witnessing it, affects us all, energetically first and then physically down the track, in one way or another.

Energetic Responsibility is about the all in the All and we can’t avoid it – not forever anyway.

And who would want to, once it is known and understood that there is a vastness to connect back to that allows us to know what we need to know at any given moment – no more and no less?

Why no more? Because it is never about knowledge as such, or any individual, but about the All and what is needed in a particular situation and setting. And thus, how responsible are we willing to be?

By Gabriele Conrad, Goonellabah, NSW

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782 thoughts on “Energetic Responsibility – How Responsible Are We Willing to Be?

  1. Gabriele what you have shared with everyone is enormous
    ‘Energetic Responsibility is about the all in the All and we can’t avoid it – not forever anyway.’
    The energy we give out comes back when we least expect it, it plays outs sometimes days or weeks later and we scratch our heads wondering why something is the way it is. If we trace the happening back, It is that way because we were not responsible for the energy we gave out which comes back to us like a Boomerang that we then have to clear up and deal with. I can say this because I have experience of just this energetic outplay.

  2. Everyone is living their own cycle of evolution. We can’t impose on anyone a quick fix to make the reality we live in more comfortable for us. We need more trust in the fact that Love is all encompassing and takes care of the whole process to make sure no one is left behind.

  3. Gabriele the example you gave feels very relatable and exposes the moments I want a quick solution for all the environmental problems that are taking place in this planet. But all that’s going on is a reflection of where we are at as a society, and this doesn’t change overnight because my need to live in an ideal world where there is no pain and pollution. Of course we can live in a more harmonious world, but this starts with a choice to return to my love and not to police anyone or to initiate big campaigns against the corruption.

    Being gentle in a world governed by the lack of connection is a revolutionary act in itself and changes everything, in a split second.

    1. That’s true, Inma – we live and inspire by reflection and not by activism or militant action; the latter two have not ever truly changed anything, just readjusted the deckchairs on the Titanic.

      1. It seems to me Gabriele that the chairs on the Titanic are being readjusted again. I read an article which shows that the people of the world are in unrest. There is a backlash to the forced lock-down that the governments of the world have imposed and have subjected the citizens to. We have witnessed this before in our history that humanity will not cowed, there is something within us that rises up and demands our freedom. But unless we demand this on an energetic level nothing will change. As you say the chairs will just get rearranged.

      2. Agreed, we have a very long history of re-arranging chairs on the Titanic, long before that vessel ever sank. We still indulge in looking for solutions rather than answers and as long as that doesn’t change, the chairs will be moved and shuffled around to make it all look okay.

    2. Inma your comment has just shifted something within me, that like you, I have an ideal of how I want the world and humanity to be. Not the lost souls we are but fully expressing the love of God we come from. But if I do not fully express this myself then not only am I selling myself short I’m selling humanity short too as you say
      ‘Being gentle in a world governed by the lack of connection is a revolutionary act in itself and changes everything, in a split second.’

  4. Living from the inner heart is a very different way to be in life, I find it takes in the bigger picture and senses much more information than just what’s presented to our eyes. It’s an equal care for everyone.

  5. I always felt I was quite a responsible person but actually there is what I feel is a different responsibility and this grows as our awareness grows towards ourselves and others. It doesn’t feel like a burden but something to cherish, value, and dare I say honour, because there is a feeling that to be responsible is to reflect to others the truth. To me this is the highest honour and it never ends as we deepen our connection to ourselves.

  6. When we make life all about the ‘I’ or me, then we have lost sight of the fact that we are all in this together and it is only by working together that we will ever get out of the mess we have collectively made here on this plane of life.

  7. “Energetic Responsibility is about the all in the All and we can’t avoid it – not forever anyway.” So true. before attending Universal Medicine presentations I had spent twenty years plus searching for answers in various spiritual groups – not one of which talked about responsibility, let alone energetic responsibility, despite a lot of talk about energy and healing. Prior to that everything was about function alone. Coming to Universal Medicine I felt like I had come home. Energy and matter are interchangeable; we are made of both, so of course energetic responsibility has to be a core part of us all too.

    1. I’ve experienced the same in spiritual healing groups, people are often searching because they know there is more to life, and finding the reality of energy seems to confirm that, but the issue is we stop there and don’t question further as to what is the quality of energy, and what outcome does it produce? We don’t question if there is more than one source of energy.

  8. Gabriele, I really enjoyed reading this article about responsibility. What I have realised recently is that I am responsible for being myself – for being my tender, gentle, sensitive, calm and caring self and this realisation has supported me to stay present and to keep things simple.

    1. Beautiful Rebecca. I can feel the ripple effect of your choice of being you, it’s an act of responsibility that embraces all of us…it makes me realize that a loving choice brings the healing this world is needing and accelerates its evolution.

  9. To understand Energetic Responsibility is for me, to understand the fabric of the world so clearly. It shows me that I am not living in my own little world, not affecting anyone else by what I am doing, how I am speaking and how I am moving, but that in fact, I am affecting every single other member of planet earth by every single move I make. In the past I would have run a mile from the thought of more responsibility but these days I say yes to it, without any reluctance whatsoever.

      1. I love this Gabriele – “Greater responsibility makes us greater”. It sure does, but what I really love is that greater responsibility doesn’t come with any push, drive, resentment or have to’s, but with a deep knowing and a joy, that by taking responsibility for our lives we are taking responsibility for all.

      2. Love this Gabriele. Accepting the part we all play, regardless of where we are and what we do, we can expand and evolve through taking greater energetic responsibility.

    1. I’m beginning to appreciate that we have a responsibility to be ourselves which in this day and age is hard because actually there is an unspoken edict woven into society that there are rules, step outside those rules and you are ostracized. I feel we are all playing games living in our own little worlds of make believe, we encourage each other to be self centered. When actually Ingrid what you say is the truth, that how we live affects everyone else on the planet. So we could say that we are living in total disregard of ourselves and therefore everyone else on the planet. So no amount of sticking plasters we as a collective put over something to hide what’s really going on underneath the plaster, until we all change nothing will change.

      1. SO true – until we all individually change, nothing will change – no matter the good intentions, big plans or ideals and beliefs.

      2. The world is drowning in ‘sticking plasters’ right now, but the wounds underneath keep on festering. I feel that it’s way past time to rip them all off and to take a long honest look at what lies underneath; the truth of how we have been living (existing) for such a very long time and the fact that it is not working.

    2. Ingrid I wonder why are we not taught one of the main principles of life that we are not living in our own little world that there is the universe to consider, because the way we behave has a ripple effect on everyone and everything including the universe. How is it possible that we have reduced the stars and the universe which give us life to no significance at all?

    3. When I read your words Ingrid
      ‘to understand the fabric of the world ‘
      I received an image of something like a large Spiders web and we are all part of this web so that any movement we make on the web vibrates out to everyone else living on the web. The web is discordant because we are not in harmony with ourselves or any other person. We are fooling ourselves if we think that what we do does not affect every other member of our society.

    4. Ingrid what if we were taught from day dot about energy and that every move we make every word we speak has an affect on the world, because everything is energy. If we were taught this from young then it wouldn’t feel like a responsibility but something that made total sense, When we are young we are so open to everything, but by the time we are adults we have mostly shut down that open heartedness and go on to live very protected lives.

  10. I have often approached things like this, needing to get things done, and if I stop to feel it really doesn’t sit well with me but there is this desire to have things finished so I have that feeling of achievement and I can relax. Why, though, let this tension into the body? It only grows and the relax gives momentary relief but the cycle then starts all over again….that coil gets wound up inside. …like an alarm clock ready to go off when the second is triggered…and it can get triggered if things don’t go well. Now whenever I get this ‘needing to get things done’ notion I allow myself more space, allow my body more space even and pay attention to my movements with a knowing that I am supported. This way I don’t need to relax because there is no tension there in the first place.

    1. I have noticed this need to relax but it is just a notion – why not work in a way that makes this kind of relief unnecessary? Why not swap the illusive and epheremal for the steadiness of consistency and flow?

  11. It’s a beautiful embrace feeling responsibility this way, to consider The All in the all that we do.

  12. Energetic responsibility is an enormous topic, especially because in general we are not even aware that energy is at play in everything we do, everything we touch and everything we are.

    1. In most cases, we prefer and elect the false and misguided ‘security’ of physical manifestation at the expense of our true innateness and our multidimensional beingness.

      1. There is a world of difference between feelings and emotions, the latter being the reactions to what we have felt, reactions to what we have not healed from our past and that which lies dormant, ready to get re-inflamed and lash out at the minutest provocation, so-assumed.

      2. Gabriele your spot on with your comment, ‘we prefer and elect the false and misguided ‘security’ of physical manifestation at the expense of our true innateness and our multidimensional beingness.’ I know this because I know that we prefer to just deal with the surface layer of life by just dealing with the physicality. We totally ignore the energy coming through the physical being and then we wonder why illness and disease is so rife in our society. Could it be we have such high rates of illness and disease because we are not willing to acknowledge that everything is energy first? How many of us have felt uncomfortable by anger being expressed through a person, well that’s an energy and we don’t seem to deal with energy very well because we react to the anger rather than dealing with why the energy of the anger is there in the first place.

  13. Energetic responsibility takes the word responsibility back to its essence and brings alive the components of purpose, love and commitment in how responsibility plays out in our day to day life.

  14. Is it possible that the greatest responsibility we have is to the universe that we live in? We all live within a living breathing universe that is continually expanding but how many of us stop to consider our part in all of this? How many of us struggle to get through the day and so intent are we on doing this we do not consider that there is more to life than what we are all currently living.

    1. There is always a bigger picture – and then there is the bigger picture of the bigger picture, etc. etc. The universe is forever expanding as does our responsibility increase.

  15. To make life about living the all that we are and nothing less, as best as we are able, is a divine responsibility we will all eventually return to.

  16. “Energetic Responsibility – How Responsible Are We Willing to Be?” – when we understand energetic responsibility we get to also understand just how irresponsible we have been and are.

    1. It can be a rude awakening when we realise the depth and breadth of energetic responsibility which, in fact, sets us free to be more of what and who we truly are.

    2. And that understanding is a big wake up call, but I wonder how many are willing to acknowledge the irresponsibility they have been, or are still, living in? Until we begin to own how irresponsible we have been, nothing in our lives, or in this world, will have the opportunity to change.

      1. I agree, honestly assessing where we are at, as an individual and as humanity, is the first step before anything can truly change.

      2. Ingrid I agree with you. I always felt I was a responsible adult, but to be responsible is a forever deepening experience. The more we are willing to be aware of the life beneath the surface of the society we live in, then we can see and feel how irresponsible we actually are. Being responsible for paying our tax returns on time are the baby steps that lead us to be responsible for our every move. For many people this is too much, they want the government or State to be responsible for them. This is how people then get caught living in a dictatorship because they have given their responsibility away. This is how Religion was able to take hold of society and rule because we have given our responsibility away for what seems a comfortable life.

      3. There is indeed a world of difference between responsibility as it is commonly understood and energetic responsibility; the latter for example might go into the detail of asking how we paid our income tax, not just whether we did or not.

  17. The reading of this was at a good time in my part in life. I thought I was being more responsible and yet there is another layer that impacts others and it needs further refining; energetic responsibility had changed and moved to another place. In other words I cannot stay in the comfort of I’m doing or being my part when there is more on offer. So I am being more, with a few wobbles here and there and I’m not backing down from this anymore.

  18. I must say I sometimes feel rather challenged by the energetic responsibility factor because it feels unsettling when I know I have forgone my responsibility, and I do know it is not something I can avoid or pretend that it does not exist, it keeps affecting everything and everybody anyway, so it is far wiser to accept the fact and get on with it and live in a way that does not cause the unsettlement within.

    1. We do know when we could have acted otherwise and more wisely and this feeling is very disturbing and unsettles us deeply. And like you say, it is far more harmonious and a lot healthier when we attend to things the way we deep down know is true, honest and serves all.

      1. Gabriele and Fumiyo I can relate to everything you are both saying, I found myself acting out of frustration not wanting to fully understand a situation, seeing the physicality not the energy coming through the body of someone. By not truly attending to the energy it affected everyone and the greatest lesson for me is that I cannot fight this energy with the same energy doing that creates more of the energy I don’t want in the world. I’m beginning to understand the saying of ‘turn the other cheek’ to forgo retaliation for hurts, because it does hurt to have someone yelling at you, if you only look at the person and not beyond them to the energy they are choosing. Read the energy and the game is up for it as then it has no hold. No reaction, no hurt, the energy has to dissipate as there is nothing for it to feed off.

      2. I agree, Mary – if we see the what instead of the who, then it becomes quite clear that it is the energy in the first instance and only then the person or the vehicle of expression letting it through.

  19. I can really relate with what you have shared here where there have been times when I have expressed to another in or from a control and not considering how the other person is feeling first or what I am asking etc is the right thing at the right time, however what I can appreciate is how I have started to connect with my heart more before expressing and so am naturally doing this less and I am more aware when I do do this.

    1. It’s an important point Vicky that by connecting with your heart first you are naturally in responsibility and considering the whole, otherwise we could attempt to do this as a trying without realising it is a natural part of our being.

  20. To be responsible we need to be very present and be able to read what is going on because only then can we respond appropriately….as we care for ourselves more deeply and our self-worth builds we are able to see more clearly what is happening, there is less self in the way and as we continue to connect with ourselves on an internal level renouncing the old beliefs and ideals that hold us back we naturally have the confidence to act when before we might have previously shunned our responsibility.

      1. I have found what you are saying Gabriele to be true, I have found that by being present with myself and staying connected to this beauty that I can now feel within me has opened a door way to a natural authority I had no idea was there as a part of me. In this authority no one can fool me because no matter what they say or do I can read the energy they are using which totally exposes them. I can smell a lie a mile away. Imagine if humanity regained access to this authority that is naturally within us, the world would change over night because no one could be fooled and the lies would be exposed.

  21. We need knowledge to learn the skills in life but we have used it to the detriment of our inner heart. Our inner heart is the place that offers the wisdom and truth of every situation in an instant, whereas knowledge wants to own it and make it something that we can control and make it our own

  22. Its a big step to seeing that there is no self in a world that is totally built around there being nothing but self. Nevertheless it is a step we are all going to have to take sooner or later. The truth can only be delayed, not put off forever.

  23. We can be quick to blame and offset responsibility if someone has not done what we want or is not being who we need them to be – but what is powerful about this blog is that it asks us to take a look within before expressing out – that way what comes out is full of what is within and ultimately the need for people to be something or do something to makes us feel better about ourselves may no longer be there.

    1. I agree – it is best to connect first and feel how much self is involved in whatever it is we think we need to say, ask or stipulate. That way we avoid the reaction and can truly respond, in truth and from love.

    2. Rachel I got caught recently wanting someone to be the way I wanted them to be; projecting onto them my demands. I didn’t stop to consider I wanted my way, when I didn’t get it I went into a childish strop. Thankfully, I was brought out of this childish pattern by the other person not reacting to me but holding me with love so that we were able to pick apart the old pattern of feeling left out and the humiliation of feeling less and unwanted that was still held in my body from childhood. Letting go of these hurts enable us to nurture ourselves, so that we do not have to demand that others love us because we refuse to love ourselves.

  24. Control has been and still at times a fundamental core issue that caps and stops me from being content with the only every needing to know what is needed at any given point. Control makes you go much further down the line than necessary and they we are left not connected to the All to express exactly what is needed. The responsibility in that is huge and one we can only surrender to and say yes to.

  25. We all know responsibility in and out, but how many times have we chosen to oversee something just because another won’t see it or how many times have we performed not to the best of our abilities in something because it’s not for another but only for ourselves? This is all quite irresponsible because in the world of energy (and this is our world) everything is significant and everything has an impact, so the time when we turn a blind eye, the times we can’t be bothered are all moments which have an impact in one way or another to us and those around us – maybe even those who are not around us too.

    1. It suits us to believe that some things don’t matter or, at least, don’t matter as much as others when the fact is that, in a world where everything is energy before it is matter, everything matters equally, nothing is less important than anything else; and thus, it also does not make a difference whether the act is for oneself or others or whether it is seen and noticed or not.

      1. Gabriele we are educated and brought up to believe that what we do has to be recognised by our peers this gives us the attention we all crave as we are not truly met which leave us empty and sets up the craving for recognition and acceptance. We have seemingly set ourselves up to fail. I am finding the more I relearn to care of myself the less I need someone to recognise me, This is taking back my power from what other people think about me because I know me more than any other person possibly could. Which means I do not have to behave like a pretzel trying to please everyone in order to get any attention or recognition. So it doesn’t then matter if what I do is seen or not, I know I have done what needed to be done and that is enough.

  26. This is a beautiful offering for us to feel just how empowering and beholding true responsibility is. The more we bring awareness to how we are living and the quality and impact of our choices, the more we realise that we are living not just for ourselves but for us all.

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