Inspired by Serge Benhayon to Change my Life

At 62 my life felt as though it was falling apart. This feeling of inadequacy and not knowing how to deal with life had been present throughout my entire life. As a child I felt unable to take care of myself and to feel what was truly OK for me: I could not understand why it was so difficult to love and be loved. I spent my entire life looking for love.

This pattern continued until I was forced to change at the age of 47. I began to see that I did have choices in the way I lived and experienced life and with this I began to change the way I felt about myself. I tried various self-help groups and therapies and they all appeared to work for a short time.

However, when my mother died I knew I had reached a breaking point. When I was younger, I had turned to drink as a way to ‘get me through life’ and later on I replaced the alcohol with numbing out on television and films. At this time, numbing no longer felt like an option. I needed some help and support and so I booked a session with an esoteric practitioner.

I was introduced to the ‘Gentle Breath Meditation’ and over a few weeks, as I began to open up, I knew that I needed to know more. It was suggested that I read The Way It Is by Serge Benhayon.

Serge Benhayon | Founder of Universal Medicine
Serge Benhayon | Founder of Universal Medicine

These two things – the meditation and reading this particular book – gave me little moments when my body calmed down from all the restless activity that continually went on in my head. This subtly but profoundly began to change my whole life. I felt more connected to myself and to the world. It felt as though I now had some command over how I was in the world – a way ‘to be’, without constantly losing who I was.

Within a year of my first session of Esoteric Healing – a gentle and non-imposing session that allows the client the space to connect to their body and let go of the busy-ness of the day – I attended Universal Medicine’s Heart Chakra 1 and 2 workshops at the Sound Foundation in Somerset. I found these workshops challenging and beautiful at the same time. I knew that what was presented by Serge Benhayon was undoubtedly ‘the truth’. I had wondered before about the meaning of life but not really looked in any depth as to whether or not I was living a life that was truth-full and true.

I was struck by the very ordinariness of Serge Benhayon. I am not sure what I expected, but probably someone who fitted into a certain stereotype. He was no superstar – he was just a normal guy but he had an extraordinary warmth and love that shone through, and a directness that was disarming. His manner was the same whomsoever he was talking with – a sense of equality that made you feel totally at ease. This man was without arrogance. He had a sense of humility and grace, and a love that was easily felt.

Through Serge’s example of family life and the way he lives his life, everything that he offered always felt possible. I could see that all we need to do is to keep life simple and to respect our truth.

Subsequently I attended Sacred Esoteric Healing (SEH) Level 1 and Level 2. During SEH Level 2 I was very aware of the profound and deep healing that was taking place. This course offered the opportunity to let go of childhood hurts and issues, and to release some of the pain held in my body. My body shape changed as my body had re-configured and the excess weight around my hips seemed to fall away.

Susan Lee
Susan Lee

I have been inspired to change my own life in a way that is truly amazing. I am now building different relationships with myself and with family and friends. My relationships now are based on honesty, where I lovingly reveal all those little things that I have held back on and kept hidden for so long. I was so ashamed of who I was deep down inside but now, as I open up, I realise that we are not so very different from one another – that no one is perfect and that it is OK to be me.

I have developed a new relationship with myself and have built self-respect and self-love into my life, which means I can also offer respect to others and allow them to find their own path. In this way I am able to understand and relate to everyone. It is wonderful to now experience real relationships where I do not need to be anything but myself.

Everything that I have heard Serge Benhayon say over the years has made sense.

I have an overwhelming feeling of coming home … back to the roots of where I came from in the first place. I am gradually building a foundation where love is the essence of my life and who I am.

by Susan Lee, Colchester, England

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670 thoughts on “Inspired by Serge Benhayon to Change my Life

  1. Letting ourselves be who we are and being content with that is a huge strength and something that a lot of people want for themselves but are not sure how. Serge Benhayon doesn’t give instructions but offers a reflection for anyone who cares to look and be reminded that all we need to do is be, without criticism or critique but a deep understanding.

  2. You share one sentence here Susan which I feel is underneath so many people’s struggle and tension with themselves “I was so ashamed of who I was deep down inside”. This feeling is incredibly debilitating and can hold us to ransom, hampering any meaningful and foundational changes. Bringing understanding to why we do, say and think the way we do is vital to get below shame, because then we can stand in the truth of who we know ourselves to be.

    1. When we choose to hang on to the shame, we are blocking our connection to our truth and condemning ourselves to endless misery.

  3. Over the last 13 years I have heard so many people share on meeting Serge Benhayon that they were struck by his “ordinariness”, as was I. Serge was unlike any presenter I had ever encountered and I was so inspired by the fact he wasn’t trying to sell me anything, trying to convince me that his way was the only way, but that he simply presented what he knows to be true and then allowed me to find my way to the truth in my own time.

    1. Yes, Ingrid, when someone offers us the space to be totally ourselves we can feel the love pouring through us and out into the world……..

      1. This is so true Susan, but we appear to live in a world where this doesn’t happen very often as most of the time we are expected to fit into the boxes society has built for us and if we dare move out of those boxes we are sometimes judged very harshly. But how supportive and refreshing it is to have somewhere offer us this space, a precious opportunity to get to know ourselves a little more, free of any pressure but filled with love and endless possibilities.

      2. Yes, Ingrid, I feel so extraordinarily blessed to have found a space where I can begin to explore the preciousness of who I am and in turn being able to offer this to another and hence expand the space to include all of humanity.

  4. Thank you Susan for it exposes the fact that when we are connected we are so normal, and actually that we bring something alive by being our energetic selves that are full of truth, love and spunk !

    1. We certainly do – our aliveness is truly apparent as we see students of the Ageless Wisdom looking younger year by year, rather than what is to be considered ‘normal’ – ageing and losing their natural vitality.

  5. Susan reading through your blog again I can see my own life before and after finding Serge and Universal Medicine. Our outer lives might be different in the way we struggled, and the specific hurts we had and the behaviours we used to manage them, but the love and joy of reconnecting to and living from our essence (soul) is the same.

  6. “All we need to do is to keep life simple and to respect our truth” – absolutely. Even in our attempt to change ourselves and our life for the better, we often invite complication, wondering whether we are doing it right or not. I love how so simply you have captured this. Thank you, Susan.

    1. It’s interesting how much we subscribe to complication when we know all along that we deliberately go out of our way to invite this into our lives. We have allowed our lives to meander off track for so very long that we feel we are in ‘control’ when this is so far from the truth and who we are – and know that we can feel this is our intrinsicly, intuitive and Godly way.

  7. It is very empowering when we are inspired to make changes in our life and hold ourselves with more tenderness and love in the way we are with ourselves, taking true responsibility for the quality of our reflection and how we express in our movements.

  8. We can be very harsh on judging ourselves, and when we do we feel like we lose a great deal of our self-worth and confidence. Through the presentations of Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine it has become clear to me that all the choices we make matter, and the more self loving we become, the more joyful and fulfilling our lives are, and when things go wrong we no longer need to beat ourselves up, but be tender and loving towards ourselves instead.

    1. Oh, so true Sally – I have reached a point where judgement no longer feels an acceptable way to behave towards myself or another and only serves to separate us and increase our need for individualism. Being self loving and caring and offering myself a greater depth of nurturing allows moments where I can feel my deep inner beauty and feel at one with myself – and with others – and the Universe at large.

      1. This feels like a key part of the healing for judgement – being self-loving towards ourselves and bringing a depth of caring that offers us a very tangible sense of our essence. Who we are below all the judgements of the things we think we ought or ought not to be.

      2. Judgement feels very heavy and a huge diversion and contraction away from being the innately Divine Beings that is our innate way.

  9. This is deeply beautiful to read Susan, how inspiring to read of the steps you took to reclaim who you truly are and to let go of old patterns and hurts that held you back. It is always lovely to read of another’s journey back to love and their Soul.

    1. And what is even more beautiful is that this unfolding continues and is forever evolving as I am realising that the moments of comfort that I once sought are becoming less as the expansion that we feel within leaves no space for plateaus – the more we embrace the more we are given – and the more that is poured through us.

  10. It makes sense to me that the more truly connected to ourselves we feel the more truly connected with the world we can also be as it’s like we bring that inner-connection with us into all that we do and engage with rather than it being about needing the world to bring it to us…

  11. A testimony of love AND Serge Benhayon — the two go hand IN hand. I too was not equipped to deal with life .. now it’s my sole responsibility to be honest and receive the reflection from others showing me where I am at. Tool after tool has been given to us and offered to apply in The Way of The Livingness .. as Susan has concluded to be who we are in essence – LOVE ❤️

  12. Susan this stands out for me
    “Everything that I have heard Serge Benhayon say over the years has made sense.”
    When I look around at our current way of living I feel it is history repeating itself all over again, as we appear to have learnt nothing from our past behaviours. We may be more technically advanced so it looks as though we are advancing going forward, but really we are descending back into animalistic behaviours which are gross to say the least. To me the one person that stands out is Serge Benhayon who is prepared to tell humanity the truth which is going against what we want to hear, but never the less we need to be given a reality check and to be honest, he is the only person I know who has the guts to stand up against the tide and speak up and out and by his very living way, reflect back to us all that there is a different way to be and live.

  13. Being inspired to connect to the truth of who we really are is life changing and so worth choosing to commit to for the clarity, harmony, truth, love and joy it brings in expressing from the quality of our essence and the wisdom of our inner knowing.

  14. When something doesn’t last, it can be seen as a temporary fix. Temporary fixes do not work as we’re simply on a merry go round buying time, trying various and many temporary fixes. Universal Medicine is no temporary fix as it continuously supports me to be all that I am in the real sense of the word and so much more.

    1. Yes, Caroline – it feels beautiful to reflect and consider all the many blessing that have flowed my way since I found Universal Medicine and the Ageless Wisdom. It has offered me a reality and a space that allows me to take my relationships deeper – there is nothing airy fairy as you can feel the changes and the impact on the body and how this supports me in my daily living. My whole life has changed not just a part.

      1. Beautiful and it is incredibly inspiring when we do take responsibility and make those changes as they have an impact on everything and everyone around us and beyond no matter how small or big we may think those changes are.

  15. Thank you Susan, it’s a joy to read of your return to the love you innately are, and your beautiful photo shares the truth of how life now is for you. This sums up so much about relationships and how our return to the essence of love within can transform how we are with people; “It is wonderful to now experience real relationships where I do not need to be anything but myself.”

    1. As we return to our essence we begin to realise what has been missing in our lives is an honesty in the quality of love – we have settled for far less than what and who we truly are, when in truth we are born to be love and nothing less. Knowing I can be myself allows me to let go of any hindrances to living love.

  16. ” This man ( Serge Benhayon ) was without arrogance. He had a sense of humility and grace, and a love that was easily felt. ‘
    This is so true Susan.

  17. “All we need to do is to keep life simple and to respect our truth.” I agree with these wise words Susan, through simplicity truth presents itself with absolute clarity and guides us to initiate true change in our life enabling us to bring a quality to our whole way of being.

  18. Thank you Susan, it may not be until we experience the Gentle Breath Meditation or a course with Serge and Universal Medicine that we realise what exactly is missing from life, because without that reconnection to self and our soul it can be undefinable. That reconnection is the foundation to reconnect in a true way to so many things, God and all other relationships, work and life in general.

  19. I have felt uncomfortable and have felt completely raw and vulnerable in some Universal Medicine courses, which one may say no thank you… but I put both hands and feet up and say yes please!! Every time I feel uncomfortable or rocked I’m seeing parts that are not truly who I am and that is an awesome thing!

  20. The glorious thing about everything that Serge presents is that it is forever unfolding and requiring us to take our understanding of life deeper, and surrender to all that God is. As we learn a greater sense of self acceptance and appreciation we begin to feel the possibility of being at one with God, forever confirming that we are equal with God in our essence.

  21. Where there’s simplicity there’s a flow. I have held a belief that life couldn’t possibly be simple – where did that come from? The beliefs we can take on to get in the way of living a simple life can be very subtle yet very abusive to our wellbeing and the way we live.

  22. Wow Susan, many I’m sure would want to know how to build a foundation where love is our essence. I captured a few how moments for me:
    – the ‘Gentle Breath Meditation’
    – read The Way It Is by Serge Benhayon.
    – command over how I was in the world.
    – session of Esoteric Healing.
    – keep life simple and to respect our truth.
    – relationships now are based on honesty.
    – built self-respect and self-love into my life.
    – I do not need to be anything but myself.
    And my addition is accept that I am a Son of God.
    Thank you Susan.

  23. Beautiful sharing Susan, Thank you. It is truly amazing when we live life with a foundation of love and respect for ourselves as it from this place that we embrace the world around us offering a healing reflection to all.

  24. Being inspired through a true reflection from another impulses us to initiate true change, and understand how our current way of living is effected by all the choices we are making and what we are choosing from outside ourselves. Reconnecting to our essence through our gentle breath is the gateway to developing a true relationship with ourselves and expressing from the true quality and love we hold within us.

  25. What a turnaround Susan, your story is a beautiful testimony to the power of love and how it can transform us in a number of ways no matter what age we are – very inspiring.

  26. That’s pretty transformational Susan! Awesome that you haven’t thrown the towel in purely because you’re not what society would deem young. We need more role models like you that remind us that it’s worth dealing with our stuff as and when it comes up so that we can live a more enriching and purposeful life.

  27. Why living without who we are does not make sense?
    Well, because we will live with an enormous continuous unsettlement that will feel more and more uneasy as we reach further away from the truth. And so, it makes so much more sense to start living again from who we truly are.

  28. It seems to be the case for most of us, that we spend our lives looking for love outside of ourselves, and in the search we forget that love is what we are seeking, settling for so much less instead. It is life changing when we discover, feel and realise that the love we seek resides within us already. And in developing a relationship with this inner-quality, our essence, we are able to live more and more in connection to this love, offering a refection for all to behold. The light of your inner-glow, as seen in your picture here Susan, speaks volumes of your connection to love.

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