Inspired by Serge Benhayon to Change my Life

At 62 my life felt as though it was falling apart. This feeling of inadequacy and not knowing how to deal with life had been present throughout my entire life. As a child I felt unable to take care of myself and to feel what was truly OK for me: I could not understand why it was so difficult to love and be loved. I spent my entire life looking for love.

This pattern continued until I was forced to change at the age of 47. I began to see that I did have choices in the way I lived and experienced life and with this I began to change the way I felt about myself. I tried various self-help groups and therapies and they all appeared to work for a short time.

However, when my mother died I knew I had reached a breaking point. When I was younger, I had turned to drink as a way to ‘get me through life’ and later on I replaced the alcohol with numbing out on television and films. At this time, numbing no longer felt like an option. I needed some help and support and so I booked a session with an esoteric practitioner.

I was introduced to the ‘Gentle Breath Meditation’ and over a few weeks, as I began to open up, I knew that I needed to know more. It was suggested that I read The Way It Is by Serge Benhayon.

Serge Benhayon | Founder of Universal Medicine
Serge Benhayon | Founder of Universal Medicine

These two things – the meditation and reading this particular book – gave me little moments when my body calmed down from all the restless activity that continually went on in my head. This subtly but profoundly began to change my whole life. I felt more connected to myself and to the world. It felt as though I now had some command over how I was in the world – a way ‘to be’, without constantly losing who I was.

Within a year of my first session of Esoteric Healing – a gentle and non-imposing session that allows the client the space to connect to their body and let go of the busy-ness of the day – I attended Universal Medicine’s Heart Chakra 1 and 2 workshops at the Sound Foundation in Somerset. I found these workshops challenging and beautiful at the same time. I knew that what was presented by Serge Benhayon was undoubtedly ‘the truth’. I had wondered before about the meaning of life but not really looked in any depth as to whether or not I was living a life that was truth-full and true.

I was struck by the very ordinariness of Serge Benhayon. I am not sure what I expected, but probably someone who fitted into a certain stereotype. He was no superstar – he was just a normal guy but he had an extraordinary warmth and love that shone through, and a directness that was disarming. His manner was the same whomsoever he was talking with – a sense of equality that made you feel totally at ease. This man was without arrogance. He had a sense of humility and grace, and a love that was easily felt.

Through Serge’s example of family life and the way he lives his life, everything that he offered always felt possible. I could see that all we need to do is to keep life simple and to respect our truth.

Subsequently I attended Sacred Esoteric Healing (SEH) Level 1 and Level 2. During SEH Level 2 I was very aware of the profound and deep healing that was taking place. This course offered the opportunity to let go of childhood hurts and issues, and to release some of the pain held in my body. My body shape changed as my body had re-configured and the excess weight around my hips seemed to fall away.

Susan Lee
Susan Lee

I have been inspired to change my own life in a way that is truly amazing. I am now building different relationships with myself and with family and friends. My relationships now are based on honesty, where I lovingly reveal all those little things that I have held back on and kept hidden for so long. I was so ashamed of who I was deep down inside but now, as I open up, I realise that we are not so very different from one another – that no one is perfect and that it is OK to be me.

I have developed a new relationship with myself and have built self-respect and self-love into my life, which means I can also offer respect to others and allow them to find their own path. In this way I am able to understand and relate to everyone. It is wonderful to now experience real relationships where I do not need to be anything but myself.

Everything that I have heard Serge Benhayon say over the years has made sense.

I have an overwhelming feeling of coming home … back to the roots of where I came from in the first place. I am gradually building a foundation where love is the essence of my life and who I am.

by Susan Lee, Colchester, England

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614 thoughts on “Inspired by Serge Benhayon to Change my Life

  1. What you share Susan of sensing there was more to life and searching for it through various self help courses and books was also my experience. What I find very interesting is not one of these books asked me to consider ‘being gentle’ in how I live, yet it is this simple choice that brings me deeply into my body and fully with my life. How is it that there is so much literature out there that misses delivering the vital component that brings us to the thing we have been searching for, our selves?

  2. “I had wondered before about the meaning of life but not really looked in any depth as to whether or not I was living a life that was truth-full and true.” This resonated very clearly with me and attending presentations and workshops with Universal Medicine, I too now appreciate it is more than OK to be me – it is wonderful.

  3. A very beautiful testimony Susan of the way you have returned to being and living in connection to you through all your relationships. I love what you say here of Serge Benhayon as it is so true – ‘everything that he offered always felt possible.’ As all that he offers and presents comes from a knowing and in honor of who we all are in essence, and why it make sense and feels possible is that it reflects the truth of us all.

  4. I have also found the gentle breath meditation to be hugely beneficial in the way that it connects me back to that sense of stillness and steadiness. It’s a moment to stop in the day, to feel – how am I being, how am I moving? Am I in my head, totally disconnected to what’s going on within and around me? It helps calm my body down and I feel steadier and much more spacious.

  5. When I read one of Serge Benhayon’s books I always feel more connected with myself and the world too and my body feels more settled and harmonious as well. They are such gold, I’ve never read any other book that supports me in the way that they do.

  6. Susan, this is such a gorgeous sharing and what a blessing to read this about you: “I have an overwhelming feeling of coming home … back to the roots of where I came from in the first place. I am gradually building a foundation where love is the essence of my life and who I am.”…Serge Benhayon does remind us and reflect to us our true home, but it is for us to open the door and re-enter where we left eons ago and re-embrace it again.

  7. Beautiful Susan to feel how you have changed your life by the choices you’ve made from checking out to connecting with yourself, accepting and appreciating yourself for who you are, never for what you do.

  8. Such a beautiful sharing Susan, coming home to your true and loving self, understanding that you are enough, The joy of you, being you, is beautifully reflected in your photo, thank you.

  9. “I knew that what was presented by Serge Benhayon was undoubtedly ‘the truth’. I had wondered before about the meaning of life but not really looked in any depth as to whether or not I was living a life that was truth-full and true.” Beautiful to re-read your blog Susan. My whole life also changed as a result of hearing Serge Benhayon present – because I made new choices for myself with regard to food, sleeping, relationships and how I generally conduct myself in life – finding new purpose in living.

  10. It is awesome just how ordinary Serge Benhayon is. Truth is, I wouldn’t be all that interested in what he had to say if presented as someone not quite from this planet. I love how sensible and practical and just plain normal he is….it’s so refreshing.

  11. ‘I have an overwhelming feeling of coming home … back to the roots of where I came from in the first place.’ It is interesting how we can spend so many years living the opposite of who we truly are. With the support of Universal Medicine thousands of people worldwide have re-connected back to their true selves and to feel the power of love when we begin to make choices that truly support and nurture us.

  12. What a beautiful testimony to how Serge Benhayon has inspired you to change your life, I feel privileged to witness your transformation over the last few years and am inspired by your willingness to keep opening up thus proving that it is never too late to make different choices and reflect those out to others.

  13. These two things was how it all started for me as well, “I was introduced to the ‘Gentle Breath Meditation’ and over a few weeks, as I began to open up, I knew that I needed to know more. It was suggested that I read The Way It Is by Serge Benhayon.” I was at a point in my life where the questions were stacking up and there was no answers forthcoming. I felt like I had looked everywhere and tried everything and always been left back in the same spot. These two things or points we are guide to start walking me out of the maize I had created so I could see what was there again. All the questions were more then questions that were a reflection for me that I was looking at things upside down. Universal Medicine supported me to turn the world around and be able to read again what is truly going on.

  14. There have been so many accounts by so many people of how their lives have dramatically changed as a result of meeting Serge Benhayon and coming across Universal Medicine. I count myself very joyfully as one of them and the many many photos as well as people in real life I have met that beam the same radiance and joy that you do Susan, is incredible. There is so much love and joy within every human being. There is something stupendous within each of us. And through the alchemy brought about by the quality of his lived way, so many people as a result of Serge Benhayon, are reconnecting to the endless beauty they have within.

  15. Thank you Susan, it was a joy to read of your experiences. I also found the Universal Medicine course Sacred Esoteric Healing (SEH) Level 2 quite an amazing and life changing experience. I knew I had many things from childhood that needed to be healed but after trying various things from counselling and hypnotherapy, various complementary health modalities, spiritual healing and new age and self help books and courses I was still utterly miserable and unable to create any true or long term healing or changes. I remember my first experiences of SEH courses and realising that the energy of my traumas were actually clearing – I could feel it all happening during the healing sessions practising what we learnt. I have now experienced many sessions of SEH as well as other Universal Medicine modalities like Chakra-Puncture and Esoteric Connective Tissue Therapy and I can say that at long last I have found something that actually works, and I feel this is because it’s based on the true science of energy. After many years of feeling utterly burdened by my past and nearly given up because I had tried everything to no avail, I am now living free of so much of what was troubling me. I never thought this would be possible. Universal Medicine is a true blessing.

  16. There is so much magic in the everyday ordinary stuff – not because of what we do but how we are and what we are connected to when we do it. The ordinary can be extra-ordinary.

  17. Your story is very inspiring and shows that it is firstly never too late to make profound changes and secondly, that we all have an inner knowing that there is a truth to be lived that we can connect to from within; a truth that has always been there, just buried under the debris of our accumulated flotsam and jetsam, i.e. the hurts and disappointments, ideals and beliefs, etc.

  18. This is a beautiful sharing Susan! I can agree that I felt the feeling of “coming home” when I connected with the presentations of Serge Benhayon and the Ageless Wisdom and the love that is shared with all in Brotherhood.

  19. It is what I have become aware of too that none of us is perfect and will never be. This has been such a revelation to me as I tried so hard to live a perfect life fitting in and ‘keeping the peace’ before I came across Universal Medicine which always felt that I was never good enough as I placed ever increasing pressure on myself to get things right. The more I open up and allow myself to be transparent the more I see that I am not alone in what presents itself before me and the easier it becomes to accept when I do slip up and see my imperfections in the way I choose to be with myself and others.

  20. Serge Benhayon’s deep love for humanity touches everyone, no matter what stage of life they are at. Susan it is lovely to feel the appreciation you have for the blessings and inspirations you have received through your connection with Serge.

  21. And it’s never too late. That’s the beauty of free will and choice. Whenever anyone is ready to say Yes to being more of themselves, everything starts to open up no matter what age.

  22. By sharing a way of living that allows him to be who he is, Serge Benhayon reflects a way of being for all of us. It is never about self but always about all, we are all on the same path of return learning from and with each other.

    1. Thank you Alex, you have really described in your comment the foundation of humility we naturally live with as part of evolving in brotherhood. We all equally have so much to offer one another and there is no special “One”.

  23. To me it’s really simple what Serge Benhayon is offering – to live the love that we are. Your life Susan is one of the many examples of how we as people blossom when we live making our choices from the love we are.

  24. What a gorgeous photo of you Susan you are simply shinning…. I relate to much in this blog and also how Serge Benhayon and his family in the way the chose to live and relate to each other and to all others by just ‘being love’, was a powerful reflection and so very healing at the same time. I remember it gave me hope, that I too could live that way some day…..amazingly, this is what I am living several years on (through all the loving choices I made to self-care/self-love) – just being love without perfection, and now I too offer this reflection to all others…..

  25. In reading this article today I am feeling the magic of what one choice can open us up to in our lives. It leaves me pondering on the importance of choice, and the power that is held in that only we can make them.

  26. Beautifully expressed Susan. I know several people that recognise that Serge Benhayon speaks, writes and lives absolute truth. These people do not attend Universal Medicine events and they may only have read one of Serge’s books or attended a single presentation but they know for sure that what is being communicated is true. Some of these people have openly expressed that they are not ready to face the truth yet but the fact they recognise this is awesome in itself. You show what is possible when we choose to live the truth.

  27. “I began to see that I did have choices in the way I lived and experienced life and with this I began to change the way I felt about myself.” Giving up my victim mentality once I had begun attending Universal Medicine presentations was life-changing for me. Learning that we do have choices – even if we feel that we don’t was a revelation. Listening to my body – that knows truth – and honouring those feelings – made a huge difference to my life.

  28. The more I open up and live a life not in hiding as I have done for most of my life the more I see and hear that I am not alone in feeling what life throws my way. This revelation has been incredibly supportive knowing that what is going on for me is certainly something that is going on for another and nothing to be ashamed of.

  29. Brilliant Susan. We can live such a fast ride from childhood these days. It seems we experience life to be a certain way, and then go on believing it has to be that way, whereas it doesn’t have to be.

  30. When I came across the Gentle Breath Meditation it was life-changing, allowing me to start to connect and build a relationship with my body and make choices that are now far more supportive. In developing a deeper awareness it allowed me to let go of the false beliefs and way of living that was not honouring of my true delicateness beneath the false hard, protective outer layer I presented to the world.

  31. “I have developed a new relationship with myself and have built self-respect and self-love into my life, which means I can also offer respect to others and allow them to find their own path. ” This is beautiful Susan. When we heal ourselves we offer a reflection to others, so that they too know they can heal.

  32. You are truly an inspiring woman at 62 Susan, which just shows no matter how far we have travelled away from ourselves, we can by choice return to who we truly are which does not happen overnight by any means, but takes dedication and consistency to build a loving foundation for ourselves. You rock Susan.

  33. It is never too late and we are never too old to rebuild our relationship with ourselves, and the biggest blessing of doing this is that we also get the opportunity to re-establish, rebuild and even restore our relationships with others at the same time.

  34. What a beautiful inspiring story Susan. I loved the way you took responsibility for making choices to rebuild and reconnect to yourself. Thank you for sharing your experiences and your wisdom.

  35. “Everything that I have heard Serge Benhayon say over the years has made sense” I agree Susan, we cannot deny the love that is felt when Serge Benhayon shares everything that is already known within our hearts, it is just that we have chosen to forget it long ago.

  36. I so appreciate what you say about having pockets of ourselves we are ashamed of. They are hidden away till we realize that they are actually eating away at us. What you share here is inspiring and shows the potential for change being within all our grasp.

  37. Building a relationship with ourselves, I believe should be something that is nurtured the moment we hit childcare. We are born with that relationship, but then we’re not supported to continue that relationship in a world that is all about being the best or getting skilled or just being something, anything other than just who we are.

  38. Beautiful sharing- I love that it shows that we don’t need to give up or stay in patterns that have capped us for life but that we can open up to a new way of being at any age.

  39. The simple but powerful support of Serge Benhayon has been a profound influence in my life, taking me from daily emotional distress, to daily care and self support. There aren’t words to adequately describe having someone walking by my side in life, reminding me of who I really am, but asking nothing of me.

  40. To build a life where love is the essence now that is a way to live and to be dedicated to that is very inspiring. Without this basis it’s very easy to bash ourselves in our constant need to better ourselves and find solutions, and that does not work, as you note here Susan and I’ve experienced myself we can give things up, certain foods, alcohol etc. but if we don’t address the underlying patterns there we find something to replace it with and that is what I learn hugely from my interactions with Universal Medicine, that we’re not broken, we’re just not living the natural love we are and it’s a discarding process of letting go ways of being that do not support us to be the love we are.

  41. We can spend a long time and much seeming effort looking for love outside of ourself – but Universal Medicine provides us with a foundation to re-connect with the love inside of us, and with that we can begin to truly shed needing love from another. It’s not that we then become aloof or don’t care about others but quite the opposite in fact! The more love we fill ourselves up with from inside the more we have to share with all others.

  42. Its very beautiful that you have been brave enough to face your issues and that you now have shared your progress with us all, very touching. I was also shocked at how normal Serge appeared but he had a very warm presence that made me want to snuggle up and just cry. It truly is remarkable how many people have been blessed by a relationship with Serge, a relationship that offers a reflection that deepens the connection we have with ourselves.

  43. Gorgeous photo of you Susan, radiating light, joy and love in your face, I had the same sense of coming home the first time I heard Serge talk, I felt my love within in my body of who I truly am and where I come from, with love and self care I came to an understanding that just being me was enough, that I was ok .

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