Releasing the Giant Within

There is a story from my childhood called Gulliver’s Travels that is about a man who travels to a distant land and finds that he is a giant among the ‘little’ people of this land. The people of this land are so fearful of this giant that they use thousands of tiny ropes to lash him down and control his movements. Eventually he frees himself and is able to show the townspeople that his size was nothing to fear.

Of course the story is more detailed than this but it is possible that there is an energetic message here that we can explore.

Let’s start with the possibility that we are love – that everyone has an essence that is love and that this essence remains forever equal within all. More than this, that this essence (love) is our point of connection to divinity.

If this were the case, then we would each have the ability to either express from this essence or not. We would each have the chance to live from a level of love (divinity) that would tower over any other way of living.

This would mean that inside everyone there is a giant, waiting to be expressed. So we could all well be Gulliver, not in terms of physical stature but in our potential to express that very divine aspect of ourselves.

If you look around the world, it could be suggested that many of us don’t live from this essence. If we ignore the people who go out of their way to harm others, what you see around the streets, shops, workplaces are a sea of people who are kind, diligent, well intentioned for the most part but who also look tired and just trying to get through life. Essentially, you see people who look and feel ‘small’.

So how does someone living small respond to seeing someone in full expression (a giant)?

Some view it as scary, because it is so unfamiliar, some even see it as a threat, possibly because it shows how small our lives have become. So it makes sense, if we feel threatened, to protect ourselves from this giant – to find ways to tie it down and contain its movement.

Certainly history has shown that when people bring great truth to the world, they are often not met with open arms, because often what needs to be said challenges what is currently being lived.

Now this all might make some sense when we talk about people reacting to how other people are, but this is only the first layer…

If we all have an essence that we all live to varying degrees, is it possible that we also become threatened by the giant within because it shows us the ways that we have lived that are small . . . so we reach for ropes to try to tie it down.

We do a deal with the world that we will play ball with certain ideals about how life should be and subscribe to certain beliefs about what is true or not. At no point do we realise that each ideal, each belief, is equivalent to a piece of rope tying us to the ground. Over the years, and some would suggest lifetimes, we end up successfully harnessing the giant within. From time to time we might break a rope but, because there are so many, there is always another to take up the slack.

So how do we release the giant within? It is not a single heave or wave of the magic wand, but rather a dedicated process of lifting off each rope, one at a time.

Eventually you might free an arm but become shocked to find that when you haven’t moved a limb for a long time, those first movements aren’t always pleasurable… so in those first movements we might wonder if there is any real benefit to moving. But if we want to release the giant within we must persist…

Over time, as the one arm becomes free it can help remove other ropes, then others, then others. But this is not a fairy tale; there is no magical resolution once you understand what you have to do. Getting what you have to do and doing it are different. We can get frustrated, tired, bored, feeling like it is a tedious thing to do but, after those reactions, you look down and the ropes are still there.

We all have ropes to deal with. Some people are secured from head to toe, some have a hand free, some people are sitting up, some people are standing… everyone is realising, in their own time, that there is nothing to fear and everything to gain by releasing the giant within.

By Joel Levin

783 thoughts on “Releasing the Giant Within

  1. It was ever so timely to return to this wonderful blog today as recently I have been identifying a few old and very unwanted ropes that I still use to ‘tie me down’, and in doing so holding me back from claiming all of me. I can feel that I use a great deal of energy to continually keep these ropes tied down but I can also feel so clearly how freeing it will be once I have made the choice to finally release them. I can almost feel my body sigh with the relief.

  2. What holds us tied down are our own fears, constructed from our head, they are not even real yet they play a huge part in restricting us and stopping us from releasing the giant within. It stops us from living in our essence which leads us to being small and denying how grand and powerful we are. To release the ropes that hold us back can only be untied by our own hands because we put them there in the first place and we know which knots needs to be undone first to free ourselves from this self-created imprisonment.

  3. The more we recognise the light and truth of our own Divinity the more we see the same in others.. and then there is no urge to limit another, but rather celebrate that which they bring, the reflection we are blessed with and the truth we share equally – just as we bring our own light so do they bring theirs and together we shall know fully the truth of God.

    1. Very true Annie – the world is crying out for celebration, but at the moment jealousy, competition, comparison and judgment rule the roost. That’s why it’s important that we celebrate ourselves as much as possible to strengthen that reflection for others to feel. Otherwise, there is no point of difference.

  4. It’s good to be reminded to keep going. I like the analogy of being able to move one arm, but then wondering what’s the use and giving up. In a world where we want instant results I know I can give up easily but changing habits of a lifetime requires commitment and consistency even when the benefits are not immediately obvious.

  5. Love it Joel. I can say that I feel the ropes you are talking about. But in a sense they are also not real. They are manufactured deals we have made with ourself to keep us from being who we truly are. If I say to myself that I will express in full and truly mean in magically I will find myself in situations where I can. It’s divinity answering my call.

  6. Two things to consider here: we are all energetic giants independently of our physical outplay and there are many occasions when someone appears to others as a giant (energetically speaking) and this generates a range of reactions out of contraction and out of having accepted and embodied it. Yet, the fact is that the giant always calls for them to move away from such a state of being and to change their movements so to embrace their own grandness.

  7. When we isolate ourselves by making life about our issues and the functionality of life it’s easy to play small. When we connect to the expanse that we are from – the divine (as you say Joel), we can realise and feel that we are in fact connected to everyone and everything and that by virtue of being energetic human BEINGS there are no boundaries or limitations. To me, that’s what the big-ness is.

  8. We’ve all held back for way too long, inside us all is a grandness that the whole world has rejected in favour of the human struggle. It may be uncomfortable to be that giant at first and stand up and be seen for the grandness you are – but the world needs you and your grandness.

  9. When a truth challenges our old patterns of beliefs that we are comfortable with sparks can literally fly…. but the blessing of this is that those very sparks can serve to light up the fact that indeed there may well be a different way.

  10. What is interesting is how much we have been fed images of giants being dangerous because we are insignificant. This package is utterly false. We are no way insignificant (how could a Son of God be insignificant? And Giants (are only there to reflect back to us what we all are).

  11. Great way to share how we are caught in ideals and beliefs, stopping us being the truth we are. “At no point do we realise that each ideal, each belief, is equivalent to a piece of rope tying us to the ground.” When we allow ourselves to free us from the rope we began to live the truth we are.

  12. Hear hear Joel. Our love is colossal and its size does not diminish simply because we seek to bind ourselves in a lesser way to be.

  13. In the end, the enormity of who we are can not be bound by ropes, for expansion is inevitable, as is the return to our full glory.

  14. “Essentially, you see people who look and feel ‘small’.” I have been really noticing this lately, especially how much people apologise for themselves.

    I was in the supermarket and another person and I were both heading to the trolley area, and they were there just before me and apologised to me a few times for ‘being in the way/getting their first’. Here there was no need for apologies in this interaction, as they have equal right to be there, and to be getting their trolley as well, and we just work out how to do that together.

    Or if you are sharing the kitchen, and you need to get something and someone is in the way of that drawer, and you ask them to move, they say sorry for being in the way. Again, no apology needed, but I notice this in many many occasions.

  15. ‘What you see around the streets, shops, workplaces are a sea of people who are kind, diligent, well intentioned for the most part but who also look tired and just trying to get through life. Essentially, you see people who look and feel ‘small’.

    These words so show the potential for change and the joy and freedom available for everyone when we choose to turn the quality of our lives around by accepting and working on releasing those ‘ropes’ we have previously allowed to hold us back. How awesome to know living life from the ‘giant of Love within’ is waiting to be set free for us all.

  16. I am finding that wanting to free the giant, actually having a feeling of ‘yes’ in my body has been what is missing until recently. I am seeing is that we are experts at knowing how to restrain the giant and not giving ourselves permission to let it all out. The little people will always be there, potentially with ropes and pitch forks at the ready. But we cannot wait for them to give us permission to be who we are. That can only come from us.

  17. This is a super cool blog to read and just highlights how we make ourselves small and our world small. I did this for a very long time….. But I have been working on feeling safe to express and the more I express the more my world opens up, and the more my life begins to flow.

  18. Through the work of Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine, there are now many, many giants releasing themselves from their ropes, and the scissors with which they are cutting the ties is The Way of The Livingness.

  19. It is true that it can be uncomfortable at first, to let go of what we have used to bind us to a certain way of being and as you let go of that to learn who you truly are and how to live that and allow it to be expressed in the world.

  20. Beautiful analogy Joel. In the case of us not living the love we are, no one forced the ropes upon us – it was our own choosing.

  21. “Certainly history has shown that when people bring great truth to the world, they are often not met with open arms, because often what needs to be said challenges what is currently being lived.”
    I know that when I first met Serge Benhayon, even though he was the only one that had been able to restore my best friend to a normal capacity, from being in a drug induced psychosis for weeks. Even though my mother had been seeing him and looked the brightest most solid and was missing the constant nervous tension that I was accustom to when interacting with my mother. Even though I had seen and heard nothing but good things, my session was booked in order to expose what I thought was a cult leader, even though only a handful of people attended his workshops and I had nothing to base my attacks on. I still went in, I went in ready to attack, I left realising that I was in the presence of a man that deeply cared for humanity. That was my ropes, that was my fight, that was me attempting to discredit a reflection in order to not face my choices. I was humble enough to realise how wrong I was and embrace the true friendship that was on offer.

  22. We are releasing the gentle Giant within by releasing the ropes of ideals, beliefs sadness and hurts, one by one, painful at times but the rewards of a deepening love for self and others, and a greater awareness of the potential and power within us. Thank you Joel I loved what you have shared.

  23. We find comfort in keeping our toes in line with each other while capping our own level of love externalised – which is very uncomfortable as there is unsettlement in our body that there is something, actually so much, that has yet to be let out. Not living our potential is killing us.

  24. The massive difference between the story and the reality is that in the story it is the villagers who try to bring Gulliver down. In reality whilst others may resist us being our natural bigness it is actually ourselves who tie ourselves down the most with our thoughts, movements, actions and ways of being.

  25. Sadly, it is the case that in society today ‘being small’ and ‘fitting in’ is commonly known as being normal, as we focus or lives on our physicality alone and seeking to perfect this. But does this way of being really feel free? Do we feel we know and live who we are? Are we really honest with what we truly feel and do we honor the sense we feel within that there is more to us? There is a far grander and truer version of ourselves to explore and bring to life which innately resides within, seemingly a giant in contrast to how we are generally living today, but in essence this is truly who we are and what we are here to live.

  26. It is interesting how in both the mythology and in the popular imagination, giants are to be feared. Being a ‘giants’ though, is something that is well beyond physical. And if anything, he/she always reminds us of the countless ropes we are tied with, and let us see the beauty of moving without them. By being who they are in full, giants graciously offer us the space to unleash our own ropes.

  27. Accepting our grandness can seem like a challenge. But in essence we are very grand and that is how it is. Denying our grandness leads to a huge amount of tension in the body but one that we have come to live with and that is now our normal. I can’t say I have fully felt where I am from or who I truly am, but I’v had inklings of it and it feels grand beyond imagination.

  28. Great to come back to this blog again. There have been many times where I have felt restricted and ‘tied down’ by life – my choices really – so it makes a lot of sense that this is only because I have done this to myself first and so life reflects that back.

  29. I love this blog Joel as it reminds us of the grandness we are all truly from and to walk in this truth and power everyday without feeling restricted or held back in anyway.

  30. Important for me to remember that it is me who has tied the giant in me down. It has not been someones else’s job.

  31. After your story Joel I even feel more to bring the Giant out. It is very much on its way. I feel a freedom I never felt before. I always felt this ‘something’ in me what wanted so much to get out. It felt like wanting to burst out but didn’t know the way. After all those years studying with Universal Medicine I was still finding ways to robe myself but now it is over. I take my responsibility to bring the Giant out in the world despite what the world’s reactions will be.

  32. I love this blog, every time I read it, I can feel the threads popping away and an expansion in my body. I used to hide and I still do, but those threads are popping and the giant is being to emerge.

  33. I like the analogy here – that we are all giants inside. Our responsibility is then to express from our giant and not rope or down. By freeing ourselves we are far less likely to be affected or diminished by those who feel challenged by our magnificence.

  34. I have met people who are physically small but they don’t feel small to me because they are not afraid to release the giant from within. When I see this, I am inspired to do the same.

  35. A great analogy Joel, I can relate to the tying myself down and keeping small… yet, I am releasing those ropes one at a time and oh my, it is well worth it! I can definitely feel the giant inside, but it’s a question of letting it out in full!

  36. Releasing the giant love within us, our essence, in our daily life and expression is something we can build consistency with, learning everyday from being truly honest about the choices we make so we can evolve from them and grow without judgement.

  37. A glorious piece of writing revealing simply and clearly the essence of the state of humanity and our own individual part in it. Thank you Joel.

  38. The exposure that it is our ideals and beliefs that keep us from expressing all that we are is salutary and the irony is that it is only ourselves who binds us with them.

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