A Walk in the Park

I just got back from a walk in the park with Ralph (our white Maltese Shitzu dog). People like Ralph.

It’s a beautiful park, with acres and acres of trees, grass and natural bush land located beside a creek. And it’s dog friendly, which means that dogs and humans can frolic around without leashes, provided you take a plastic bag or two (no need to elaborate on the details).

But there’s something peculiar about this park. It changes: some days it’s quiet, as if nature has taken a day off, whereas on other days there’s an abundance of activity.

Take today. It was all happening down there. There was a slight breeze and the leaves on the large trees waved to us. Of course I waved back and Ralph shared his scent with 487 trees to show his appreciation. I didn’t… honestly.

And then there were the birds – so many flying overhead showing off their translucent wings against the backdrop of the sun, while hundreds of others called out and welcomed us to their home.

Throughout the park I saw so many different shades of green and other colourful hues. There is a constant process of regeneration. It is rich, grand and vibrant. Even the clouds danced, evolving into different patterns.

Yes there was certainly something special about the park today which offered a delightful sense of freedom.

I’ve noticed this also happens when I go to the beach. There’s water, waves, sand, seagulls and whatever the weather dishes up. Sometimes it appears to hold itself back – almost in the background, yet at other times it’s effervescent, welcoming and magnificent.

And it’s the same in shopping malls. There are those days when people appear to be more rushed, with very little eye contact – almost as if they are hiding. Then there are days when there is more eye contact and engagement which overall makes for a much more pleasant shopping experience.

So what’s going on here? Why does nature put on so many different aspects? Why do people change so much? Could the weather have something to do with this or global warming or the phases of the moon or some sort of electrical interference?

Or is there something else?

Could it possibly have something to do with me? Mmmm. . . after due consideration, I am afraid there is nothing or no one else I can blame it on. It all has to do with me.

When I’m in my head thinking, focussed on something I have to do in the future, or trying to fix a problem or solve some sort of issue, then nature and people fade away into the background. However the magic of nature and the glory within people is always there – but sometimes I’m not.

Yet when I clear my mind, like today, and simply take in what is around me and connect to it all, it is transformational. And the remarkable thing is that the answers to those problems or issues I preoccupy myself with always come to me at the right time when I’m connected. So why waste all of that time brain bashing rather than simply enjoy what is presented to me, wherever I am?

So it really comes down to my choice as to whether I want to be open and connect with that or not. And if I choose not to do so, then how much am I missing out on? (I feel there is much more than I can currently comprehend).

Nature doesn’t turn on or off – it’s there – a constant in our lives. It’s up to us as to how we experience it. It’s up to us as to how we experience people. Perhaps that lies at the heart of many of our problems: do we think far too much, rather than simply experience what is there before us?

(Note to self: ‘don’t think – experience’).

Serge Benhayon’s presentations at Universal Medicine events have shown me how I can open my eyes and my heart to all that is around me (and beyond) and for that I am most appreciative.

So the next time I go for a walk, my experience will be a reflection of where I’m at. If it’s not amazing then the only person responsible will be the one who looks back at me from a mirror.

After all – it’s not merely a walk in the park. It’s divine.

by Rod Harvey, Marketing Manager, Gold Coast, Australia.

1,118 thoughts on “A Walk in the Park

  1. That open, magical walk in the park can be our everyday experience of God, Life, the Universe and everything if we choose and move to that tune…. or we can choose the other. Its a constant question, and we can’t fudge it… just an exploration of our livingness.

  2. Resisting the divine being that we are would appear to be a very practiced and favoured activity that most of us do. It is now time to change the script and embrace the glorious beings that we are.

  3. It comes down to a choice of living all that we are – which is very loving and powerful or to live in a comfortable, reduced form. This is a choice we have all day, every day and we can move one way or another way, all day.

  4. ‘And the remarkable thing is that the answers to those problems or issues I preoccupy myself with always come to me at the right time when I’m connected. ‘ – great reminder, the answers are given to us. Depending on what we are aligned to the answer is supplied from a different source; one supplies without effort when we are connected and tuned to the everything that is, the other one makes us think we come up with it ourselves and or gives in a similar way but with a different quality that still gives us identification.

  5. It is a very sobering and humbling moment when we come to the realisation that we do indeed create our own reality but that said, we are also being offered a golden opportunity to start taking energetic responsibility so as to choose all our choices wisely, for these are the foundations on which our reality is built.

    1. And if that is difficult we can always learn how to make wiser – or less wise – choices and then use that understanding. Very true, Elizabeth.

  6. “Note to self: ‘don’t think – experience’” – this is a good note to self, will do the same, thank you.

  7. Do we think our way through life, or experience it? How we experience others and the world at large is a great reflection of how we feel about and experience ourselves, and our relationship to life.

  8. We can look everywhere for the answer to this seeming dilemma but of course you have nailed it Rod, the difference is always in me rather than in the world. If I am in my head I am disconnected from all that is there on offer whereas when I am in my heart I can feel the vastness of what is available. And which ever I choose affects everyone else.

  9. Yes.. love this reminder and inspiration that nature is a constant offering of abundance, so if we’re not feeling that, then where are we? And if we’re not connecting to and feeling that abundance then what are we connecting to and feeling, instead?

    1. Well whatever it is we connect to instead doesn’t allow us to know or even entertain that thought. One day we will all know that everything comes from one of two sources, but for now ignorance continues to reign. But it is an ignorance that we have signed up to.

  10. Walking with nature always reflects back to us in many ways, and when we are truly connected we are able to pick up the messages that nature holds for us too.

  11. People behaving differently in my experience is mostly due to changes within us but it also can be due to outside influences – pre-Christmas people may be even more stressed or have more goodwill than normal. After a major flood people felt much clearer as another example.

  12. ‘Note to self: ‘don’t think – experience’’ It’s so simple isn’t it! If we want to be with life in a different way, more complete, more content and with greater settlement we just have to get out of our heads.

  13. So much in the blog to consider, especially because it is the norm for many of us to look to the outside for the reason why something is happening, without looking first within and realising it is actually that which has more influence on our reality

  14. ‘Nature doesn’t turn on or off – it’s there – a constant in our lives.’ And if you choose to not be open, not only you are missing out but we all miss out when you turn off the volume of what can come through you. Lets not turn off but be a constant in our own life just like nature is reflecting to us all of the time.

  15. The beauty of nature and the glory of people, as aspects of life that are always there. This is beautiful for its simplicity and the fact that there is always a choice for how we perceive life to be and for how much we embrace what is divine in the everyday.

  16. The way we are feeling within ourselves as well as our beliefs or ideals can for sure colour or taint the way we perceive the world, as it can also taint the way we see ourselves. Also places can feel different on different days truly as well – as in not because we are projecting but because there is a different sense to it, so it is great to be more aware of when it is something we are projecting or truly picking up on…

  17. “My experience will be a reflection of where I’m at” – this is so true in every aspect of our life, and how empowering is that when we start accepting responsibility for our own experiences and start considering to make different choices.

  18. All I can say is thank God for nature. Seriously, where would we be without it? When you are down and or out or have been hurt by people the spectacular beauty in nature is always there remaining consistent to remind us all of the beauty within.

  19. We often want the ‘me time’ and switch off to being open to others, preferring to walk around in a bubble. I know when I do this I create a barrier between me and others that is is more exhausting than when I am open and transparent I notice how much more alive and lighter I feel.

  20. I absolutely love this Rod, how we are affects everything! It’s empowering and a pretty big ouch at the same time!

  21. “Could it possibly have something to do with me? Mmmm. . . after due consideration, I am afraid there is nothing or no one else I can blame it on. It all has to do with me.” Love this Rod. Everything is a reflection for us – and we too are a reflection for others. What imprint do we choose – in every moment? Responsibility.

  22. It’s up to us to create our own life, our own version of reality. We can have a beautiful life where we welcome the challenges and see them for what they are, a confirmation of our strength, an opportunity to learn. Or we could contract, withdraw and take every attack personally, every negative look to heart and live in misery for eternity.

  23. What a humbling way to be, when we constantly look and reflect our own part in life and see how things are, the way we could respond to things and be super honouring of what we are feeling. Looking inward is a self evaluating process because we start to see things in a different light and we let go of things and start to have more space to be all of who we are.

    1. I have enjoyed your fascination and observation of the skies in photos you have posted before, sometimes I haven’t seen what you have and others I have. It is sweet and honouring to pay so much attention to that which is around us reflecting away.

  24. Rod it is very true, it’s all to do with where we are at and our receptivity to the beauty of nature and people that is ever present. And, it’s also our openness and receptivity to the beauty within ourselves and whether or not we are connected to that.

    1. Oh that’s another nugget! The receptivity of the beauty within, so much is the simple acceptance of our own divinity and innate beauty.

  25. “However the magic of nature and the glory within people is always there – but sometimes I’m not”. Today I feel like I am not there so thank you for the reminder that it is always our choice.

    1. And we aren’t there man it sucks the big kumara. What I have found is I find it hard to shift out of it from my head but more recently have found placing a hand on my heart as well as closing my eyes slowly really helps me remember who I am and in turn others also.

  26. It’s amazing to feel the difference between the two, going for a walk with your heart or going for a walk with your dog 😉

  27. It is the connection with ourselves that defines how we perceive what is around us. When we feel truly connected and divine we can’t but see and feel it all around us, the other way around is also true.

  28. Rod, that is very true. You can connect to nature, you can connect to your heart and your awareness can increase substantially.

  29. Time outside, enjoying the air and the trees is something that is very easy to underestimate. It rejuvenates us, starts our days with a steady breath, and offers a reminder of the grand person we are.

  30. Very true we can perceive life very differently depending on how we feel. One person might see it totally different to another. I love how our surroundings are always a reflection for us to learn from. And the, also when things are going smooth to accept this!

  31. A beautiful reminder that what we see and feel in the world around is but a reflection of our own internal world.

    1. I once spent a few months on a beach with nothing to do. But inside I made myself daily lists and set time frames – even over such things as to what time I would take a walk, how far I’d like to walk, when to play the guitar etc. Our internal world can dictate and keep us quite separate from the world around us.

      1. That is a powerful, practical and lucid example of how our internal world determines our experience of the world. Thank you for sharing Nikki.

      2. Yes, when I had the honesty to realise this, it was quite a shock. I realised wherever I went I took myself. No amount of tropical beaches can quell inner turmoil.

  32. I have noticed that the days that I am in my head and upset about some personal issue, all I tend to see around me in people and situations are negative things that I then react to even more. Whereas the days that I drop the self-judgement, merely focus on my body as I work and move throughout the day, I tend to also have more understanding of others, see their beautiful essence (even through some negative behaviours) and it seems like Nature is putting on more of a show for me as I notice all kinds of magical things.

    1. The heart sees and experiences life so differently doesn’t it? Thank you Michael for your comment, I really enjoyed reading it.

  33. Thank you Joel for the valuable reminder of how the quality of how we are living comes through what we are choosing to connect to, in every moment, as in every moment we have the choice to connect to love or all this is not of love.

  34. Love this. When someone we love is about to pass over, we often have no hesitation in expressing all the love and appreciation we feel for them, yet we take day to day interactions with each other for granted. Most of the time other people are background noise, irritation, enemies, comic relief or entertainment and always take my a back seat to our internal dramas. We rarely connect to the gorgeousness of the people in our lives until we believe we may not see them again.

    1. That is a wise and wonderful reminder Leonne to appreciate people, and to have a relationship with ourselves where we truly honour how precious we are and allow that innate knowing of our preciousness to then also be the foundation for holding and understanding the preciousness of others.

    2. Funny I thought this just this morning that we should love and express like today is our last day, our arrogance of thinking a long life is guaranteed is crippling in many ways.

  35. Love this Rod, don’t think experience, yes, and that’s on offer for us always, no matter what’s going on with us, nature is ready with her bounty and people too. You remind me that when I get serious and stuck in a problem I’ve lost my connection to all around me, and we’re part of that larger all, so I’ve also lost connection to me as well as that bigger picture.

  36. I love you’re note to self: ‘don’t think- experience’. Once we get out of our head we see, hear and feel the whole world is in communication to us.

  37. I have a similar ‘note to self’ – ‘don’t think…feel and sense’. Makes a world of difference to my experience of the world around me. And I have much less anxiety than I used to because I don’t get so caught up in the old habits of over thinking.

  38. “(Note to self: ‘don’t think – experience’).” – Love it! It is so true that how we experience the world is dependent upon how we feeling and where our focus of attention is – “the magic of nature and the glory within people is always there – but sometimes I’m not.”

  39. What we see is dependant on the lens through which we look and this lens is fashioned by the way we move through life – either in love or against it.

  40. “Nature doesn’t turn on or off – it’s there – a constant in our lives. It’s up to us as to how we experience it.” We may not like the responsibility that comes with understanding the truth of this, but true it is nonetheless.

  41. We do actually know when we are choosing to be open or can’t be bothered to talk to anyone, as we avoid eye contact and tell ourselves that we are not up to chatting with anyone. Then on those days when this is the case, and we feel closed off, something magical happens when we do start to have an everyday conversation with someone unknown to us – it changes how we feel, and we then become more willing to engage.

    1. I have experienced that Julie and it is quite lovely to have felt closed off but then come back to feeling my natural self again from engaging with someone in simple conversation.

  42. ‘when we embrace our true power, life becomes rich and beautifully simple.’ Thank you Joseph Barker. I know this is true and is just what I needed to hear this morning. I can so easily bow down to what is not absolutely true for me. The absolute truth is where the power lies.

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