A Walk in the Park

I just got back from a walk in the park with Ralph (our white Maltese Shitzu dog). People like Ralph.

It’s a beautiful park, with acres and acres of trees, grass and natural bush land located beside a creek. And it’s dog friendly, which means that dogs and humans can frolic around without leashes, provided you take a plastic bag or two (no need to elaborate on the details).

But there’s something peculiar about this park. It changes: some days it’s quiet, as if nature has taken a day off, whereas on other days there’s an abundance of activity.

Take today. It was all happening down there. There was a slight breeze and the leaves on the large trees waved to us. Of course I waved back and Ralph shared his scent with 487 trees to show his appreciation. I didn’t… honestly.

And then there were the birds – so many flying overhead showing off their translucent wings against the backdrop of the sun, while hundreds of others called out and welcomed us to their home.

Throughout the park I saw so many different shades of green and other colourful hues. There is a constant process of regeneration. It is rich, grand and vibrant. Even the clouds danced, evolving into different patterns.

Yes there was certainly something special about the park today which offered a delightful sense of freedom.

I’ve noticed this also happens when I go to the beach. There’s water, waves, sand, seagulls and whatever the weather dishes up. Sometimes it appears to hold itself back – almost in the background, yet at other times it’s effervescent, welcoming and magnificent.

And it’s the same in shopping malls. There are those days when people appear to be more rushed, with very little eye contact – almost as if they are hiding. Then there are days when there is more eye contact and engagement which overall makes for a much more pleasant shopping experience.

So what’s going on here? Why does nature put on so many different aspects? Why do people change so much? Could the weather have something to do with this or global warming or the phases of the moon or some sort of electrical interference?

Or is there something else?

Could it possibly have something to do with me? Mmmm. . . after due consideration, I am afraid there is nothing or no one else I can blame it on. It all has to do with me.

When I’m in my head thinking, focussed on something I have to do in the future, or trying to fix a problem or solve some sort of issue, then nature and people fade away into the background. However the magic of nature and the glory within people is always there – but sometimes I’m not.

Yet when I clear my mind, like today, and simply take in what is around me and connect to it all, it is transformational. And the remarkable thing is that the answers to those problems or issues I preoccupy myself with always come to me at the right time when I’m connected. So why waste all of that time brain bashing rather than simply enjoy what is presented to me, wherever I am?

So it really comes down to my choice as to whether I want to be open and connect with that or not. And if I choose not to do so, then how much am I missing out on? (I feel there is much more than I can currently comprehend).

Nature doesn’t turn on or off – it’s there – a constant in our lives. It’s up to us as to how we experience it. It’s up to us as to how we experience people. Perhaps that lies at the heart of many of our problems: do we think far too much, rather than simply experience what is there before us?

(Note to self: ‘don’t think – experience’).

Serge Benhayon’s presentations at Universal Medicine events have shown me how I can open my eyes and my heart to all that is around me (and beyond) and for that I am most appreciative.

So the next time I go for a walk, my experience will be a reflection of where I’m at. If it’s not amazing then the only person responsible will be the one who looks back at me from a mirror.

After all – it’s not merely a walk in the park. It’s divine.

by Rod Harvey, Marketing Manager, Gold Coast, Australia.

1,141 thoughts on “A Walk in the Park

  1. Yesterday I was looking at a picture of me as a baby. There was a tenderness and joy that melted me and made me reflect on how this changed years later. Why did I allow this beautiful and joyous state of being change? There’s a lot to appreciate today. Attending workshops and presentations from Universal Medicine brings me back to the responsibility of how I feel is the result of my choices. The preciousness of our being is always there – it never left us – and at any time we can make the choice to come back, even when we don’t live connected to this fact all the time.

  2. Pondering on what you have shared Rod, makes me feel that there is always a possibility that numerology could play a part on the way we go about our day and the reflection that is available?

  3. Our mind can be very deceiving in all of the solutions that it’s coming up with. Trying to consider all possible aspects, all areas and come up with the picture perfect solution. Why is that? Why can’t we surrender to what is in front of us and respond that way? Is it because we are fearful that we won’t be able to do it? That we can’t cope? But isn’t that an illusion brought in by our perception anyways?

  4. “Nature doesn’t turn on or off – it’s there – a constant in our lives.” I love walking, walking is an amazing opportunity to connect to wonders both inside us and out.

    1. Just maybe it is how we are that affects what presents to ourselves, ‘When I’m in my head thinking, focussed on something I have to do in the future, or trying to fix a problem or solve some sort of issue, then nature and people fade away into the background.’

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