Caring Enough to Ask – Could there be Another Way?

Is it arrogance to suggest that the way we currently live is not working, or is it the ultimate expression of love to potentially pop peoples’ bubble of pride and ask, “Could there be another way?“

I was certainly stuck in thinking life was ‘fine’. After all, it was a simple enough assessment to make. All I needed to do was to look around me and, as long as my life was like other people’s, my life must be fine. On bad days, I would look at people ‘doing it tough’ and that would also confirm my sense that I was okay. Generally speaking, this is what I also noticed other people around me doing.

The reality though, was that my life was anything but fine. I lived with poor sugar regulation, moodiness, back pain that would have me bedridden a couple of times a year, the sore neck, a highly functional but not overly caring marriage, a job I felt obliged to stay in to provide for the family, an expanding waist line, and the list goes on. But looking around me, everyone had some variation of these things going on, so even though I didn’t feel fine, I had resigned myself to believing that this was as good as it gets.

What is interesting is that I had trained as a Natural Therapist; I had completed post grad training in counselling and trained in many other modalities. What is interesting is that even when I compared myself to other people in a similar profession, they also had similar things going on. What is even more interesting is that we had all the knowledge, the training and the tools to ensure that life was more than ‘fine’.

In 2004, my wife dragged [yes, dragged] me along to the Sacred Esoteric Healing Level 1 Workshop presented by Serge Benhayon and run by Universal Medicine. By the end of that workshop I knew that something about the workshop was different but couldn’t put my finger on what it was. I would look around at the people presenting the course and those already working as practitioners and what I saw was something within them that was so vital, true, and yet unforced, that I could not but consider that there might be another way.

For the first time in my life, Universal Medicine presented me with another way to be with life. It was a way to step off the treadmill of what I should or shouldn’t do; a way to feel if what I was doing to myself (and others) was supportive or not.

This gift of simple choice was one of the most liberating tools I have found. It was to stop the spin of the world from spinning inside me.

Over the years, through my own choices, I have built a way of living that delivers a level of vitality that is not forced or derived from sugar, caffeine or any other stimulant.

I have a more honest connection with people than I’ve had before, I love the work that I do, earn more than I have done previously and I relate to my wife and family more deeply than before. So, after years of studying ‘holistic medicine’, the Universal Medicine modalities have been the first that have delivered a truly holistic result, without claiming that they do.

I live with such deep appreciation that Serge Benhayon cares for humanity more than his own popularity to ask the question,

“Could there be another way?”

The answer is undoubtedly YES and the evidence is the thousands of people like me from across the world that have made their own way of living and who are realising more and more that the answers were within us all along… we were just not asking the right question…

“Could there be another way?” The answer is undoubtedly YES.

By Joel Levin, Perth, Australia

1,223 thoughts on “Caring Enough to Ask – Could there be Another Way?

  1. That’s the odd thing about cruising in comfort, we know everything is not fine but we do not question deeper if it stands to rock the boat we have all set sail in.

  2. Knowing that there is another way to live, rather than existing in a world of complexity and lovelessness has been life changing for me and countless others. This is all because of Serge Benhayon’s deep care and love of humanity, that he is willing to stick his neck out and often become unpopular by sharing with us how we create our own reality and that it is our own hands if we want to change our current ill way of living.

  3. What seems to be the source of our problems is that we measure and gauge how well we are doing by observing that others are worse off than us, living in worse conditions, so we settle for accepting an average standard of living, for at least we are not that sick or at least we are not living like that. Yet we are measuring our quality of life from outside of us, and not from any consultation or connection to our body and being, and the truth it offers us of the far greater potential of health and well being that we can live with. Serge Benhayon has reflected that there is a far greater way we can bring living all of us, one that is accessible by us all. Is it that we don’t look at the greatness that another lives, be inspired to then pull ourselves up to live our greatest, because we don’t want to face the truth and responsibility that we are living less that what we are born to live?

  4. This is such an awesome question to ask: could there be another way? because it can be asked at every point of every journey – not just the ones that look difficult and challenging, or perhaps like they are not even working at all, as it is the smooth and bump-less journey that perhaps needs the question asked the most.

    1. Absolutely Shami well said – every step of the way we are either living impulsed by love, by our Soul, or we are not and our bodies will always reflect the quality of energy we are aligning to. So in fact we always have the truth at hand if we are willing to ask the question.

  5. ‘I live with such deep appreciation that Serge Benhayon cares for humanity more than his own popularity to ask the question,

    “Could there be another way?”’

    The depth of love Serge Benhayon has for humanity has inspired me ever since I first met him. I knew when I did meet him my love for humanity was far less because all my personal desires I knew were getting in the way. That being said I knew what he presented in how he lives is the way and I chose to start the journey back to where I too will care for humanity more than fulfilling any desires that I know are poison.

  6. Definitly there is another way. For sure the way the world is running now is just the way of misery.
    When we start to make each moment about a loving step which always includes everybody, we are on the path of return.

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