Caring Enough to Ask – Could there be Another Way?

Is it arrogance to suggest that the way we currently live is not working, or is it the ultimate expression of love to potentially pop peoples’ bubble of pride and ask, “Could there be another way?“

I was certainly stuck in thinking life was ‘fine’. After all, it was a simple enough assessment to make. All I needed to do was to look around me and, as long as my life was like other people’s, my life must be fine. On bad days, I would look at people ‘doing it tough’ and that would also confirm my sense that I was okay. Generally speaking, this is what I also noticed other people around me doing.

The reality though, was that my life was anything but fine. I lived with poor sugar regulation, moodiness, back pain that would have me bedridden a couple of times a year, the sore neck, a highly functional but not overly caring marriage, a job I felt obliged to stay in to provide for the family, an expanding waist line, and the list goes on. But looking around me, everyone had some variation of these things going on, so even though I didn’t feel fine, I had resigned myself to believing that this was as good as it gets.

What is interesting is that I had trained as a Natural Therapist; I had completed post grad training in counselling and trained in many other modalities. What is interesting is that even when I compared myself to other people in a similar profession, they also had similar things going on. What is even more interesting is that we had all the knowledge, the training and the tools to ensure that life was more than ‘fine’.

In 2004, my wife dragged [yes, dragged] me along to the Sacred Esoteric Healing Level 1 Workshop presented by Serge Benhayon and run by Universal Medicine. By the end of that workshop I knew that something about the workshop was different but couldn’t put my finger on what it was. I would look around at the people presenting the course and those already working as practitioners and what I saw was something within them that was so vital, true, and yet unforced, that I could not but consider that there might be another way.

For the first time in my life, Universal Medicine presented me with another way to be with life. It was a way to step off the treadmill of what I should or shouldn’t do; a way to feel if what I was doing to myself (and others) was supportive or not.

This gift of simple choice was one of the most liberating tools I have found. It was to stop the spin of the world from spinning inside me.

Over the years, through my own choices, I have built a way of living that delivers a level of vitality that is not forced or derived from sugar, caffeine or any other stimulant.

I have a more honest connection with people than I’ve had before, I love the work that I do, earn more than I have done previously and I relate to my wife and family more deeply than before. So, after years of studying ‘holistic medicine’, the Universal Medicine modalities have been the first that have delivered a truly holistic result, without claiming that they do.

I live with such deep appreciation that Serge Benhayon cares for humanity more than his own popularity to ask the question,

“Could there be another way?”

The answer is undoubtedly YES and the evidence is the thousands of people like me from across the world that have made their own way of living and who are realising more and more that the answers were within us all along… we were just not asking the right question…

“Could there be another way?” The answer is undoubtedly YES.

By Joel Levin, Perth, Australia

1,172 thoughts on “Caring Enough to Ask – Could there be Another Way?

  1. The first time I went to a Universal Medicine workshop I knew that this was something very different, the wisdom that was expressed was astounding and out of this world yet so relatable, it made so much sense. Since then I have been working on simplifying my life and it is working and working in ways I could never of imagined.
    Yes there is another way – a way that is about real love, true vitality and real true connection with others.

  2. To care enough for others to ‘burst their bubble’ – this breaks many of our ideas about what care is, yet this is in fact true care, and as yet not many of us do this so kudos to those such as Serge Benhayon who do and in doing so he reminds all of us that we can do this with each other, and ensure a more genuinely caring society for all.

  3. Universal Medicine exposed to me there is another way, living in a way of simplicity and connecting to truth. Expressing all there is to express with integrity and truth.

  4. ‘It was a way to step off the treadmill of what I should or shouldn’t do; a way to feel if what I was doing to myself (and others) was supportive or not.’ Being on a treadmill when living in the indecision or what we’re doing with no discernment is a great description. I love the simplicity of connecting with whether what we are doing is supportive or not is a wonderful way to feel the purpose of what we bring and appreciate truth.

  5. “Could there be another way?“ A question so many have asked and many of those who have found their way to Universal Medicine and the teachings of The Way of The Livingness have found that Way.

  6. I lived for many years with a feeling that there was another way to live that was very different from the survival mode I was constantly in. And at 55 I think I was all but convinced that I had simply been kidding myself and the life I was living was as good as it gets. How wrong I was, as the day Serge Benhayon walked into the room where I was waiting for a Universal Medicine workshop to begin, was the day that I finally knew that I had not been imagining this other life, I simply hadn’t had the key to open the door. Serge definitely had the keys but it was still up to me as to whether I used them or not.

  7. This is just one of the incredible turn around stories I’ve read about on these blogs. What makes no sense is that you didn’t receive this same reflection from your background in natural therapies. What is going on for health practitioners to be as unhealthy if not worse than the already deteriorating society we live in? Thank God for Universal Medicine offering something true and applicable which allows us to actually enjoy life and not merely exist in it.

  8. It is always our decision when and if we step off one travelator and go onto another but within that it is great to have role models who show us what the new travelator has to offer.

  9. Joel, probably like most other people I’ve dabbled in many healing modalities and there was always this something that prevented me from finishing the course or practising the modality.

    My first Sacred Esoteric Healing Level 1 workshop was in 2014, something definitely happened within my body and every cell in my body knew there was something about this modality and presenter, Serge Benhayon was the real deal. I felt no pressure or to invest in attending the next workshop.
    So in answer to your question, ‘could there be another way?’ – absolutely, 110% certainty. The next question is whether there is a willingness to take that next step, I did and I have no regrets.

  10. “Is it arrogance to suggest that the way we currently live is not working, or is it the ultimate expression of love to potentially pop peoples’ bubble of pride and ask, “Could there be another way?“” great question, in short the easy route is not to ask, it is to let things continue, but the truth is the loving way, the caring enough way is the way that Universal Medicine have shared which is to ask, is to question and with this it does push buttons but those buttons need to be pushed as life is not working. If Universal Medicine did not exist, I would still be asking for another way to life as life has shown for many thousands of years things don’t work when we make it about function about getting on with the doing and ignoring the being.

  11. ‘….Serge Benhayon cares for humanity more than his own popularity to ask the question,“Could there be another way?”’ I love this sentence/statement because it’s so true. This is one of the most inspiring things to witness, someone who cares not about what others think but cares so much for himself, that by default of that love and care, loves and cares deeply for everyone (everyone) equally so!

  12. There cannot be a person on the planet that has not felt that none of this human life works, but then we tend to bury the thought, shrug our shoulders and say something like “thats life” or “what can you do”. Then we lose ourselves by keeping busy…. and so nothing changes. We don’t realise the power we have each got to change things.

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