Livingness in Earth School, Learning in Heaven’s Classroom

For many years I have not accepted being here, convinced that I have been born into the wrong country and even the wrong planet. The truth is, there is a deep knowing within that we are not from here. After I was able to let go of resisting and reacting, and with true understanding of why I have chosen to be here, life on earth became for me an education that I am committed to, as it provides the education for us all to truly graduate and return to where we are originally from.

One of the coolest things of Earth School is we can actually learn every moment, in everything we encounter.

There is no need to do anything special. We just have to show up and see the lesson.

This learning is called living; the education is known as Livingness.

The awesome thing about Livingness is it is not about tests or grades, recognition or rewards, there are no formulas to memorise or rely on… all we have to do is get in there and get on with life.

When we meet life in every moment with the wonder that we truly are, the moment reflects this true wonder back to us. In the course of our education, some subjects might seem harder than others – we sparkle less brightly and may even entertain thoughts that we have failed. These too are precious, as well as pivotal, moments. If we are ready for more to be revealed, we are offered a choice to see the lesson in more depth.

This is how our Earth School educates from Heaven’s Classroom.

There is no forceful spoon-feeding. Everyone is given exactly what they need to learn, to a level and depth that is relevant for more growth. Nothing can be learned ahead of time. No student can really be ahead of or behind another, for the power of what is learned is in everyone getting it, and no one can get it until they do.

There is never a shortage of courses to learn, projects to collaborate on, workshops to take us deeper and we do not have to go anywhere or do anything different. We are the courses, the projects, the workshops – the moment we see life and engage with it, we are learning. We bring forth wisdom and healing as we bring forth our true selves, and as we deepen the expression of who we are, so will the healing and wisdom grow. This way, we are living and learning the future every moment, each moment more than the last in a constant process of evolving.

We are forever students and teachers at the same time – there is no differentiation.

It is in this equality that we open ourselves to learn all there is to offer. We are each other’s tutorials when we get stuck; simply by being ourselves we provide a reflection for each other. We cannot truly ‘help’ another per se by telling them what to do, but we can hold another as an equal human being and allow them the spaciousness to feel and choose for themselves.

We make a difference by breathing our own breath; we are committed to teach and learn in honesty, integrity and responsibility, without any need to be perfect.

Awareness is our textbook – we teach, learn, correct, re-imprint with it. It supports our growth, our deepening, our expansion, and this evolution is what truly makes a difference.

So, for now, I willingly accept and truly enjoy studying in Earth School and learning from Heaven’s Classroom – the coolest education ever, because this is the education where evolution happens.

By Adele Leung, Image Consultant, Hong Kong.

977 thoughts on “Livingness in Earth School, Learning in Heaven’s Classroom

  1. Wow! thank you Adele, for elucidating us, and may I add that every aspect of “learning” is super important and that others have there own evolutionary processes. Then how can we ever be Judge-mental of another as we have never walked or talked and learnt in the same ways, so then how could we ever judge another to be different!!

  2. You have evidently learned a lot. What you explain in this blog makes it clear that everything in life is a lesson, every experience, every interaction & every occurrence. No matter whether we like what has happened or not, it is there to teach us something and when you let go of the critic in your head, you will hear the voice of your heart.

  3. This sounds like a great school, where can I sign up? Oh that’s right, no need to sign up, just turn up, open up, and get into it 🙂 It is a 24/7 education system.

  4. We cannot stop learning, we can only delay the learning but eventually we will have to learn from what is on offer. All with respect for each other’s pace and time, but no one can escape Heaven’s classroom on Earth school.

  5. ‘We are forever students and teachers at the same time – there is no differentiation’. Beautifully said Adele as this takes our understanding of both education and our experience of day to day life to a whole new level.

  6. There are so many aspects of “Earth School” that I love and one of them is the fact that “We are forever students and teachers at the same time – there is no differentiation”. And this understanding does right away with the belief that we are all individuals here to not only live in separation to each other, but at times to compete against each other. I am you and you are me, is the motto I can feel sums up this heavenly school, which I absolutely love attending every single day.

  7. Life is a constant learning, if we are willing to look at what is going on, and not beat ourselves up for some of the choices that we make, but simply make more loving choices through the experiences we have.

  8. Even though we may think that we are not on the roster, a roll gets called every now and then. And it really is cool that all we need to do is to show up in life and get on with it. Nothing to achieve, nowhere to go, but just keep saying yes to the learning being offered. This for me is the only way to make sense of life on this planet. Otherwise, how come so many people withdraw from life and exist as though they just cannot wait for the day they drop dead? We can all sense somehow that we are not from here.

  9. For me life became simpler and more enjoyable when I became more responsible and was open to the many opportunities that life was continuing offering me.

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