So Long Sciatica – Thanks to Universal Medicine and Esoteric Connective Tissue Therapy

The first time I experienced the pain and the debilitating effects of sciatica was towards the end of my third pregnancy, just before my 26th birthday. I didn’t know what had hit me, and the pain that would regularly run down my right leg made the last few months of my pregnancy extremely uncomfortable. I optimistically thought that when the baby was born the pain would go, but no; after bringing a 9lb 11oz gorgeous little boy into the world, it stayed.

With life then busier than ever, I now realise that I simply accepted the discomfort I was experiencing and gradually began to adjust my way of being to accommodate the pain, which very slowly became a part of me. I just got used to it being there and I found a way to continue to function, although at times it did become too much to deal with. I can now see that I also did the same with many other physical and emotional issues.

Over the years I searched endlessly and sometimes desperately for a cure, attending sessions with chiropractors, osteopaths, acupuncturists, massage professionals and more. And then there were the many New Age modalities that were promising to be the fix for all things, but apart from occasional and temporary relief, nothing really changed, and there were many times that I despaired that it ever would.

It wasn’t until 30 years later, in 2005, when I found my way to Universal Medicine, that I started to see that there was a deeper reason for this pain than it just being a physical issue; that there was more to it than the impact it was having in my body and on my life. And what was so amazing to hear was… the pain was not me!

What a life changing moment that was.

That the pain was not me took quite a while to digest, but as I slowly opened myself up to this surprising possibility, I could feel that it actually wasn’t. I had made it so.

Over many courses in the following years, Serge Benhayon presented how the body responds to the way we live, the way we eat, the way we feel, the way we walk and what unresolved issues and hurts we are holding onto. As this all began to make sense, I finally accepted that there was a reason that this had existed for so long, and it had a very important story to tell.

And looking back, the story was not a pretty one, but one that told of a lack of awareness of my body, to the point of disregard; of a lack of self worth which resulted in giving my power away, and most definitely of a lack of love for me, especially as a woman.

But finally here was someone presenting me with another way to live. Something inside me began to celebrate that I was finally listening and beginning to act on this seemingly new wisdom – wisdom that I started to realise I had always carried deep inside but had spent most of my life overriding.

Sometime later I was also introduced to Esoteric Connective Tissue Therapy by Kate Greenaway, a practitioner at the Universal Medicine Clinic in Goonellabah.

The first session was amazing. Kate very gently helped me to re-connect to my body and to a depth of honesty which I realised that I had not previously had, and to an awareness of how it was feeling.

Unfortunately I could not have regular sessions with Kate so she gave me Connective Tissue exercises to do at home, and at work, as I was sitting for long hours.

The change in my pain levels was so gradual that I almost didn’t notice it happening, but a few months into doing the exercises, I became aware that I wasn’t being woken up at night so much – the sciatica seemed to be easing off. In fact, some days I wasn’t even aware of it.

I started to be aware that I could drive longer distances without having to stop and get out of the car. The awareness that I now had of how my body was truly feeling had increased enormously, I was becoming aware of how I was standing, sitting, walking and lying down and I was unable to ignore any bad posture. Part of me kept thinking that this was too good to be true, but true it has turned out to be.

The exercises have become part of my life, my morning and evening rituals, and every day I can feel an increasing awareness of how my body responds to them. I love doing them and love feeling the connection to my body; a depth of connection I have never had before. I continue to have Connective Tissue sessions, as well as other Esoteric Healing modalities, and care for my body in a much more loving way than ever before and I can certainly feel the benefits of doing so.

At 65 years of age I am working full time, and as many hours are in front of a computer, I do the Connective Tissue exercises at my desk regularly throughout the day. They not only help my body to recover from the effects of sitting for long hours but also help to bring me back to me, ensuring the quality of the work I do, and also the quality of relationships that I have with my fellow workers.

Now nearly 40 years after the first symptoms, and many thousands of dollars spent on every healing therapy I could find, I can finally say that sciatica no longer rules my life. In fact, it has almost disappeared from my life as a result of the love and care that I now have for my body and I know, without a shadow of doubt, that this amazing therapy has played a huge part in the releasing of the sciatic pain, and more importantly, the reasons behind it being there in the first place.

My endless appreciation is expressed to those who have played such a big part in my healing as I know that without the wisdom and amazingness of Serge Benhayon, Kate Greenaway and the other Universal Medicine practitioners, this would not have come about.

And of course I appreciate the decision I made to make many self caring and loving changes in my life. As a result, the days of just existing have been replaced with a true and loving way of living.

By Ingrid Ward, Real Estate Sales Team Support, West Auckland, New Zealand

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712 thoughts on “So Long Sciatica – Thanks to Universal Medicine and Esoteric Connective Tissue Therapy

  1. It is such an important thing to feel, that the pain is not you. Especially when pain becomes chronic, it can easily become part of your identity. Stepping aside from the pain and allowing it to be is such a different way of responding to it. The space created allows opening up and healing to gradually occur. I have read so many stories like this one, where people have tried everything available. It is not until they find Universal Medicine that true healing, rather than temporary relief occurs. There are no Band-Aids and no playing with the spirit with Universal Medicine, just a reclaiming of our full, soulful being and getting under the root cause what is also not you.

    1. Separating the pain from me was a huge step and one that was instrumental in my healing. I had identified with it for so long that its presence was deeply ingrained into my life. When it began to ease off and then almost disappear it felt like I had lost a part of me; crazy really as it was something that I had wanted released from my life for so long.

      1. Ingrid I can understand that, observing myself I feel that sometimes what’s familiar can be perceived as safe even if it’s pain, and that the condition we have can also be part of our individuality, as it is a part of what delineates us from the whole and the oneness we come from.

  2. This is one of hundreds of testimonies from people who have experienced profound changes in their life through their work with Universal Medicine. There’s no quick solution but true healing instead.

    1. Although there is obvious and undeniable true support from the Universal Medicine modalities the healing really comes from the way we live. This not a “fix me so I can go back to how I was living life before” mentality. The amazing results students of Universal Medicine are getting in terms of improved physical health and general wellbeing point out two things, that as human beings we are very much responsible for our health and the foundation for this is the way we live, and it also points to the possibility that medicine has not yet realised the true and full impact of each person’s way of life (daily choices etc) on rates of illness and disease.

  3. That’s quite amazing to relieve your sciatic pain after 30 years – and yet thats what the Universal Medicine Modalities of treatment are like, totally amazing and way ahead of anything else I have experienced as a client or as a practitioner.

  4. We can make an endless loop chasing solutions for our aches and pains, never wishing to see that the solution is already within, and that we are the ones to heal ourselves. It’s revelatory when we realise we are the ones to make the change.

  5. Thanks Ingrid, it’s quite an amazing story considering the decades of living with sciatic and it’s now mostly gone. It really shows me how it’s the combination of our own self care, awareness of our body, the honouring and loving choices we make for ourselves, as well as the Universal Medicine therapies including Esoteric Connective Tissue Therapy (ECTT). I also now use the ECTT exercises regularly and have a remarkable reduction of pain from Fibromyalgia to the point of it feeling like it’s gone.

  6. … ‘the days of just existing have been replaced with a true and loving way of living.’ A living where you live you and not the pain. More and more people are ill, have a chronic disease, in pain and completely identified with all this, asking the medical health system and or New Age modalities to bring the solution for their discomfort. You have felt with the profound support of Universal Medicine how to step out of this cycle of disregard by taking responsibility for your body and the love that’s in there and you deserve to live. Pretty amazing Ingrid.

  7. Beautiful Ingrid, yet another miracle that has happened with the support of Universal Medicine. In us taking responsibility and committing to a way of living that supports, nurtures and continually walks truth with no perfections, we can change many things that have owned and ruled our lives for many eons.

  8. simply extraordinary turnaround. Whilst I would never promote esoteric healing as offering a physical cure for anything, for its true purpose is to deal with energetic clearing, it still amazes me how so often people have such amazing stories such as this one of physical hearing that takes place once people connect to esoteric healing.

  9. That is so inspiring Ingrid. The consistency you have clearly offered yourself is equally worth appreciating because Kate Could have given you the exercises and you not done them. It is us who have to bring things into our lives with dedication and commitment. I take my hat off to you.

  10. Amazing to feel that by simply making the effort to connect to your body and what you can feel, you brought more awareness to it and that the pain you were in has now disappeared. When we accept the pain or issues as part of us, adjusting our way of life to accommodate them, it’s like we’ve given up on feeling that we’re in control and can heal our own stuff. Bringing more awareness to the body is a great place to start taking ownership and responsibility for what we can feel.

  11. It is interesting how we adjust ourselves to live with pain. It becomes our norm to have pain in our life until for most there comes a point to do something about it. What our National Health Service in the UK has to deal with is not a true reflection of what is actually going on as there are many silent conditions that people are living with that are not seen and recorded.

  12. It is revolutionary to not be taken, ie. identified by one´s pain or illness but instead understand it as the consequence of choices and behaviours that can be reflected on and changed anytime. That allows us to have a relationship with our body and medical conditions instead of being reduced to the suffering and worries that come with it. Just that is already part of the healing process.

  13. By looking at what the body is presenting we can begin to understand ourselves, our past choices and the reasons we would have made them. The body reveals everything to us as, and so that, we grow and evolve.

  14. Looking at the bodies pains and aches as having a deeper meaning is something that Universal Medicine offers, I have found it super helpful seeking sessions from Kate Greenaway in addition to working more deeply into what part I play in the pain.

    1. So beautifully said Sarah! We are certainly responsible for what happens to our body but how amazing to have such a modality there to support us with taking this responsibility and lovingly so! For anyone of us who has come accross the Esoteric Modalities, it is a true blessing!

  15. This is profound, that is the impact such simple stretches that can be applied even at your computer have had on your body and entire wellbeing. Working in an office environment myself it seems more people than not have back issues and suffer from some form of low grade pain (or worse). Blogs like these written from people who have experienced and turned such situations around for themselves are deeply inspiring. As you say, the progress was very gradual and required a daily, loving commitment with no reward of a ‘quick fix’ or even guarantee that it would change your pain levels.

  16. To have a modality like Esoteric Connective Tissue Therapy that can support people with chronic pain is huge and ought to be world news as so many people are now living in chronic pain.

    1. I agree Elizabeth that the news of this amazing therapy, a therapy that can support people to release chronic pain that they have resigned themselves to having for the rest of their lives, needs to be spread far and wide; there is nothing fake about this news!

  17. “the pain was not me” this in itself is a great revelation Ingrid as so many people become engrossed with their pain and illnesses and identify themselves with it. Connective Tissue Therapy is a truly amazing healing modality, so gentle non imposing but o so powerful in the connection and healing it brings. I have just finished a course of Yoga combined with Connective Tissue exercises which was even more powerful than having them singly, my body awareness has increased so much more.

    1. This is so true Jill, and I was one who was totally engrossed with the pain, allowing it to become part of me. To finally come to understand that the pain was not me was the most massive revelation I had had. It turned everything that I had previously experienced on its head but at the same time offered me a whole new way of living. It took a while for me to feel it without doubt in my body but once I did the doorway to my healing was opened wide, which was, after all those very pain-filled years, very, very welcome.

  18. How powerful is that when we are able to see what we are experiencing in life simply as what it is without having to become it, and so we become able to say yes to a truly supportive way of being for us to love and nurture who we are.

  19. Accepting a condition as part of us is a killer: it helps to establish a management kind of relationship with it and to accept that we have to adjust to something that is accepted as a new travel companion. It is also accepting the style of movement that led you there in the first place. In other words, accepting a condition as part of us is saying yes to a host of things that produce and guarantee ill-being.

    1. I agree with everything you have shared Eduardo as that is how I lived for so long. And I can see so clearly that it was the way I had been moving in life that created the condition and then because I did not know how to move any differently, or so I thought, the sciatica stayed with me for so long. It was only when I began to understand my body and to make the choice to move in a much more loving way that the pain began to be released.

      1. How beautiful Ingrid – and it is testament to show that the way we live is our true medicine! Of course it is important to understand too that our body can choose to clear a wayward way of living through a condition and this is a blessing in itself. And so as you have shared, it is powerful to realise that we are not the condition, however, it is equally empowering to claim that this is a way for one’s body to correct the energy one has been in and thus embrace the correction by supporting the clearning. We can all have ‘weak areas’ of our body – in other words markers that show us the moment we are off track so to speak, so essentially these areas are not ‘weak’ per se, but are there to support us to not stray too far without a signalling mechanism! How amazing is this! Thanks again Ingrid for such an inspiring story!

  20. Connective tissue therapy is absolutely astounding in its ability to get to the root of the problem gently. It stands out a mile against other therapies and techniques that aim to fix but do nothing more than put a band aid on it. Connective Tissue Therapy allows and inspires true and lasting change.

  21. I love the appreciation you share here for the Esoteric Connective Tissue Therapy Ingrid. We are indeed blessed to have the support of these heaven-sent modalities that bring true healing to our bodies and our lived ways.

  22. It is so great to hear your story Ingrid and how by the choices and lifestyle that you had chosen all lead to the body loudly saying this is not working. Universal Medicine modalities as presented by Serge Benhayon are deeply powerful and honour the being and the body. Connective tissue is super delicate in it’s movements but once surrended to and allowed the body just melts with it. I drop so deep so quickly with it and have felt such a difference in my body after a treatment.

  23. Saying goodbye to sciatica is enormous and a great testimony to the changes you made Ingrid as well as to Universal Medicine and the remarkable modality founded by Serge Benhayon – Esoteric Connective Tissue Therapy.

  24. It is a classic situation that we feel a pain or discomfort and then simply learn to live with it – in other words it becomes our new ‘normal’. Sometimes this can be despite seeking medical support as sometimes even the experts are at a loss of what to do. Thus we can learn to accept a way of living that is even below basic function. But the sad part is that in our world today, most do not realise that it is not just about restoring function itself, that we actually have an amazing capacity to live beyond just plain function, and that even function alone is not our ‘normal’. As Ingrid has so beautifully shared, when we allow ourselves to look at the energetic (deeper) meanings of illness and disease, it gives us true clues as to the changes that are being asked of, or offered to us in life in order for us to return to our natural state of vitality and strength. Thank you Ingrid for this amazing life changing sharing, and how you sought so many different avenues to find that nothing really changed anything for you until you came across Universal Medicine which takes things right to the core.

  25. “I appreciate the decision I made to make many self caring and loving changes in my life. As a result, the days of just existing have been replaced with a true and loving way of living.” – it is in the changes that we make in life that we see results, and so the sessions we go to are there to support this empowerment.

  26. I have heard of and read many accounts of people with chronic conditions and pain, having huge changes after attending Universal Medicine events/sessions. It really is incredibly liberating to see your body as a friend not a foe with the wisdom to change old harmful patterns. It is also very freeing to observe pain and not see it as part of you. This allows a lot of acceptance and opening up in the body to occur.

  27. ‘Now nearly 40 years after the first symptoms, and many thousands of dollars spent on every healing therapy I could find, I can finally say that sciatica no longer rules my life.’ This is just one of many hundreds of beautiful stories of healing I have read of on the Universal Medicine student blog sites. From entrenched, chronic aliments such as this, to depression, anxiety and beyond, there is something to look into here – something of benefit to mankind.

  28. Thank you Ingrid, I have also experienced profound healing and a remarkable reduction of pain from Esoteric Connective Tissue Therapy exercises, they are super gentle, don’t need to be done for a long time, yet the results are amazing in terms of healing for the body. I really enjoy the lovely warmth they bring into my body which stays with me. I also feel it’s very true that a component of all illness and disease, including musculoskeletal conditions, can be “unresolved issues and hurts we are holding onto”. I find the Esoteric Connective Tissue Therapy sessions and exercises can help me to get in touch with these and let them go, and this has been a crucial part of my overall healing.

  29. Ingrid – thank you so much for your sharing. In this you have exposed so beautifully how we can end up living with chronic pain and end up seeing this as our ‘normal’. When someone seeks answers but does not find them it is easy to give up and manage life as it is, building a depression in the background knowing deep down that this is not how life really is.

  30. Connective Tissue Therapy can be so effective for chronic pain and all kinds of other conditions. Connective tissue is so very delicate and sensitive and it registers impacts in the body immediately. And so the sessions help us to come back to what we know to be a more delicate way of handling the body but more so, it supports us to begin the changes in how we are on a day to day basis. Such an incredibly empowering way to be.

    1. I am still learning and constantly marvelling at the power of Connective Tissue Therapy. The exercises remain an integral part of my day, helping to keep my body moving in the way it is designed to move, supported in every moment by connective tissue that is, as you write, ‘so very delicate and sensitive”. It is by focusing on this wondrous tissue that I am becoming more deeply connected to my body and to my movements.

  31. What an amazing story Ingrid that shows the gentle power of Esoteric Connective Tissue Therapy.. and how the slightest movement of the body and its flowing pulse can be so profound to change the entire way the body then moves and operates.

  32. WOW 40 years later and paying thousands of dollars and still the pain continues until you find the Universal Medicine modalities. This is the same with my experience in that these modalities are the only thing I have come across that support us and our bodies to truly get to the root of things, clear them and enable us to be all that we are.

  33. How often do we feel a pain and if it doesn’t go away adjust ourselves to accommodate it. I know I did, with the sciatic pain going down my left leg was so great I used a TENS machine to help me walk. I had the intensity of the machine set to as high as it would go and this discomfort took my mind off the actual pain I was feeling. How crazy is that!

  34. “the love and care that I now have for my body” This is the deeply healing message of Universal Medicine that we have a responsibility for how we live with our physical body.

  35. I can understand how we can just want to push pain away or fix it but if we can open up to seeing what it is potentially reflecting to us or showing us about our way of living then we can see it not as just a pain but a signal to look more deeply at how we are in life…

  36. It is lovely to read the real commitment you maintained to connecting with your body and rebuilding your body through the connective tissue exercises.

  37. Wow, Wow, Wow, 30 years later you found the modality that bought simplicity to the body’s healing. Modern medicine is needed but Universal Medicine and the Esoteric Therapies complement it too and bring it back to the body; we have the key to our own healing.

    The thing that really stood out for me is “the pain was not me!” I will refer and ponder on this gem more often.

  38. Calling out that which is not who we truly are is incredibly powerful. We take on emotions, thoughts and all kinds of ill-energy into our body and we become identified by it even though we know it is not true. Through nomination the energy is released and our body reconfigures uncovering more of who we are as we return to the love that is the essence of who we are.

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