So Long Sciatica – Thanks to Universal Medicine and Esoteric Connective Tissue Therapy

The first time I experienced the pain and the debilitating effects of sciatica was towards the end of my third pregnancy, just before my 26th birthday. I didn’t know what had hit me, and the pain that would regularly run down my right leg made the last few months of my pregnancy extremely uncomfortable. I optimistically thought that when the baby was born the pain would go, but no; after bringing a 9lb 11oz gorgeous little boy into the world, it stayed.

With life then busier than ever, I now realise that I simply accepted the discomfort I was experiencing and gradually began to adjust my way of being to accommodate the pain, which very slowly became a part of me. I just got used to it being there and I found a way to continue to function, although at times it did become too much to deal with. I can now see that I also did the same with many other physical and emotional issues.

Over the years I searched endlessly and sometimes desperately for a cure, attending sessions with chiropractors, osteopaths, acupuncturists, massage professionals and more. And then there were the many New Age modalities that were promising to be the fix for all things, but apart from occasional and temporary relief, nothing really changed, and there were many times that I despaired that it ever would.

It wasn’t until 30 years later, in 2005, when I found my way to Universal Medicine, that I started to see that there was a deeper reason for this pain than it just being a physical issue; that there was more to it than the impact it was having in my body and on my life. And what was so amazing to hear was… the pain was not me!

What a life changing moment that was.

That the pain was not me took quite a while to digest, but as I slowly opened myself up to this surprising possibility, I could feel that it actually wasn’t. I had made it so.

Over many courses in the following years, Serge Benhayon presented how the body responds to the way we live, the way we eat, the way we feel, the way we walk and what unresolved issues and hurts we are holding onto. As this all began to make sense, I finally accepted that there was a reason that this had existed for so long, and it had a very important story to tell.

And looking back, the story was not a pretty one, but one that told of a lack of awareness of my body, to the point of disregard; of a lack of self worth which resulted in giving my power away, and most definitely of a lack of love for me, especially as a woman.

But finally here was someone presenting me with another way to live. Something inside me began to celebrate that I was finally listening and beginning to act on this seemingly new wisdom – wisdom that I started to realise I had always carried deep inside but had spent most of my life overriding.

Sometime later I was also introduced to Esoteric Connective Tissue Therapy by Kate Greenaway, a practitioner at the Universal Medicine Clinic in Goonellabah.

The first session was amazing. Kate very gently helped me to re-connect to my body and to a depth of honesty which I realised that I had not previously had, and to an awareness of how it was feeling.

Unfortunately I could not have regular sessions with Kate so she gave me Connective Tissue exercises to do at home, and at work, as I was sitting for long hours.

The change in my pain levels was so gradual that I almost didn’t notice it happening, but a few months into doing the exercises, I became aware that I wasn’t being woken up at night so much – the sciatica seemed to be easing off. In fact, some days I wasn’t even aware of it.

I started to be aware that I could drive longer distances without having to stop and get out of the car. The awareness that I now had of how my body was truly feeling had increased enormously, I was becoming aware of how I was standing, sitting, walking and lying down and I was unable to ignore any bad posture. Part of me kept thinking that this was too good to be true, but true it has turned out to be.

The exercises have become part of my life, my morning and evening rituals, and every day I can feel an increasing awareness of how my body responds to them. I love doing them and love feeling the connection to my body; a depth of connection I have never had before. I continue to have Connective Tissue sessions, as well as other Esoteric Healing modalities, and care for my body in a much more loving way than ever before and I can certainly feel the benefits of doing so.

At 65 years of age I am working full time, and as many hours are in front of a computer, I do the Connective Tissue exercises at my desk regularly throughout the day. They not only help my body to recover from the effects of sitting for long hours but also help to bring me back to me, ensuring the quality of the work I do, and also the quality of relationships that I have with my fellow workers.

Now nearly 40 years after the first symptoms, and many thousands of dollars spent on every healing therapy I could find, I can finally say that sciatica no longer rules my life. In fact, it has almost disappeared from my life as a result of the love and care that I now have for my body and I know, without a shadow of doubt, that this amazing therapy has played a huge part in the releasing of the sciatic pain, and more importantly, the reasons behind it being there in the first place.

My endless appreciation is expressed to those who have played such a big part in my healing as I know that without the wisdom and amazingness of Serge Benhayon, Kate Greenaway and the other Universal Medicine practitioners, this would not have come about.

And of course I appreciate the decision I made to make many self caring and loving changes in my life. As a result, the days of just existing have been replaced with a true and loving way of living.

By Ingrid Ward, Real Estate Sales Team Support, West Auckland, New Zealand

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787 thoughts on “So Long Sciatica – Thanks to Universal Medicine and Esoteric Connective Tissue Therapy

  1. “.. it has almost disappeared from my life as a result of the love and care that I now have for my body”. This should be shouted from the rooftops. After so many years and so much money you spent on searching and trying other ways, this seemingly simple therapy has had far reaching effects.

  2. “t wasn’t until when I found …… Universal Medicine, that I started to see that there was a deeper reason for this pain than it just being a physical issue; that there was more to it than the impact it was having in my body and on my life.” This story is not uncommon for those who were searching for a cure and trying all sorts of therapies prior to Esoteric Therapies. Esoteric Connective Tissue therapy is an amazing modality – I agree.

  3. How many of us have, or still do, carry a pain or hurt or something and got used to it being the norm, when actually it is not normal at all and not truly us!

    1. And when we ask for help from the conventional medical model we can so often get fobbed off by – ‘you have to live with it’, or ‘what do you expect’, . ‘you’re getting older’. Is this more common if you are a woman I wonder?

  4. Love what you have shared Ingrid, as my body was also carrying many painful areas that now, because of the relationship with consistently applying the esoteric connective tissue therapy exercises and sessions, my life is totally different and pain free as you have shared.

  5. If we do not appreciate the loving choices that we make, we will never build on them. We will take them for granted & not see the benefit they have on our lives. Appreciation is a building block & not a given – not all of us are very good at it, in fact most are not – but it is something worth paying attention to and developing for it is a tool to transform our lives.

    1. Thank you Viktoria, as appreciation is one of my favourite words and when we understand that to appreciate with Deep-humble-appreciate-ive-ness our life becomes transformational, as it allows us to feel the energy we and others are in thus the appreciate-ive-ness of where or to understand the True-aprrciate-ive-ness of what energy is coming in and through us and others. As we expand our energetic understanding the foundation that we are setting is always deepening and humble-ness is an appreciation of the fact that we are divine or Soul-fully-connected, and this is “worth paying attention to and developing”, as we deepen our foundation of appreciate-ive-ness.

  6. Esoteric Connective Tissue therapy is an enormous support with nervous tension. I always feel a deeper sense of calmness and stillness after a session that allows me to get on with my day in greater steadiness.

    1. Yes, I remember having a session with Kate Greenway for the first time & being surprised at the possibility to have such calm in my life. We are so used to our momentums & often think it’s the only way – but modalities like Connective Tissue & Esoteric Healing in general can really wake us up.

  7. Esoteric Connective Tissue Therapy allows you to feel the flow of energy through your body and to release any holding on to tensions that cause physical pain.

  8. It is very common and so very much the norm to put up with pain and discomfort to get on with life, but that’s only because we place a greater importance on what is outside of us – usually what needs to get done – the doing, but of course this is a game we play to avoid connecting to the responsibility and power within and all that this brings to heal the body.

  9. To live with chronic pain is not a very pleasant way to live and it limits us in our daily life tremendously and yet so many of us do. So what you describe here is a miracle but most of all how blessed we are that there is a way of living that allows us to be truly vital and healthy.

  10. That is incredible Ingrid, the depth of care and willingness to listen to your body and embrace love is inspiring. How often do we become identified with pain and illness? By listening to our body, we can start to see that pain and illness is a way our body is communicating to us and it is a part of healing too. We can either listen to our body and embrace deep healing or ignore it and fight these messages all the way. I know which one makes more sense.

    1. Looking back, I can see that it was the fact that I finally realised that this pain was not me, but that it came with a huge message from my body, that allowed me to embrace the healing process. And it was also because I was being offered much support and many amazing techniques and healing modalities to assist the process. In the past, I felt that I was having to do it on my own, so the loving support that was available was so very welcomed and from it came the miracle that I never ever thought would be possible.

  11. Esoteric connective tussue therapy is amazing. It can support to reduce pain, but also to remove symptoms that may have been around for years. Great to read about its success with your sciatica.

  12. When I read this ‘and gradually began to adjust my way of being to accommodate the pain’ it struck me why do we so readily accommodate or adjust to pain instead of adjusting for truth, joy and love in other words true health?

  13. 40 years struggling with sciatica is a long time Ingrid – thank god for connective tissue therapy sessions and exercises.

  14. We learn to give in to that things are how they are and the only thing we can do is medicate ourselves. Universal Medicine is showing that there is another way, presenting that everything comes back to how we live and thus every move we make contributes to our health. So we are not at the mercy of what is happening to us but very much in power of our every moment and choice.

    1. So true Esther, this is empowering to understand and embrace, and it could potentially accelerate our healing and our evolution.

    2. So true Esther. Not giving in to that’s how its going to be but knowing there is a different way to live life. I feel blessed every day to know that I have found and embraced Universal Medicine

  15. With pain it’s understandable to want to get away from that but by actually being more aware of our whole body we give ourselves the chance to connect with what will really support us and of course taking pain relief can be a supportive part in helping us with that.

    1. So true Fiona. If we just try to numb pain away with analgesics we ignore the opportunity to learn why we have that particular pain in the first instance. Pain relief can be supportive while we get to the root cause of an issue.

  16. Having pulled a muscle in my back the other week I can certainly appreciate how easy it can be to allow pain to dominate one’s life and to become identified by it. Realising and remembering that “the pain was not me” provides a distance to be an observer of it which thereby opens the door to understand why we have it and to find answers to resolve the it’s cause.

  17. I found that when I experienced back pain it was not ever something that I could ignore. It was as if it defined each day and dominated every moment as everything I tried to do was met with pain. Connective Tissue Therapy is a magical modality and I would recommend it to anyone in any kind of pain. It is a what have you got to lose situation.

    1. Oh yes,that intermittent, but sometimes constant, pain is definitely impossible to ignore. For me it was especially at night when trying to get into a comfortable position to sleep. I tried many ways to alleviate the pain but in the end I can see that I began to move in a different way simply to accommodate it, as I felt that it would be with me forever. Being introduced to Esoteric Connective Tissue Therapy certainly blew that ingrained belief into smithereens.

  18. When we come to the realisation that we are not our aches, pains or ill health and that these are simply the manifestations of the disharmonious ways that we have been living, we then are in a position to take responsibility, if we so choose, and bring harmony back to our body and our living ways.

    1. It can be very challenging when first presented with the fact that we have created the pain in our bodies from the “disharmonious ways we have been living”; it sure was for me for a while. But once I allowed myself to feel the truth of what I had been presented I could feel the knowing begin to settle into my body, and as it did I could feel that although the pain was often overwhelming that it was not who I am. But at the same time I knew that it was telling me that something needed to change in my life if I wanted the source of the pain to be healed. One of the most valuable lessons ever for me.

    1. The belief that we simply have to ‘cope and carry’ on is one very destructive belief, probably fueled by another belief that we should put the care of everyone else before us, that to do otherwise is selfish. I get a sense that the majority of the world is in ‘cope’ mode and therefore not living the magnificence of who they truly are, just like I did for many, many years.

  19. A beautiful testimonial to Connective Tissue Therapy and the Universal Medicine practitioners who offer it especially Kate Greenaway and the founder of this modality, Serge Benhayon. I have also found great benefits from receiving sessions and carrying out exercises for myself, heeding the awarenesses and inspirations these sessions and practitioners have brought to me and the way I have been able to incorporate the learnings and movements into my daily life.

  20. I love how connective tissue therapy helps ignite and bolster the flow I feel from within, so after I get off the table it is expanding with me in each move I make. And with every move we make we can effectively be giving ourselves connective tissue therapy by working the body and its natural flow.

  21. This is such an amazing testimony for the real life affects of Esoteric Connective Tissue Therapy, as in all of my experience with it, I too have found that it does not resolve the problems of the body per se, but rather it supports the being inside to change that way life is being lived, and thus how the body is being loved – and this is how we are able to turn the tide on the illnesses and diseases that can seem so insurmountably huge.

  22. How inspiring for us all to see someone being able to heal and free themselves from their long-suffering dis-ease that had become and reigned as their normal. We often give our power away to whatever that gives a relief even if for a short while, and there are so many businesses and industries built and flourish on this model of self-abuse, and it is very ugly to feel how we have agreed and continue to participate this undercutting settlement.

  23. That constant re-connection to how we are standing, sitting, walking and moving, feels like we have the opportunity to develop more presence in each moment and let the body guide us.

  24. This is a great testimony for Esoteric Connective Tissue, but also the difference that can be made with a few small movements each day. Most people think you need to go to the gym, or a long run to get fit, but it is just not true. The igniting of the connective tissue offers a world of body fitness we may not generally understand.

    1. The healing power of these small movements is, as I have discovered, nothing short of amazing. In the beginning I used to think that nothing was happening from moving so gently, but it didn’t take long for things to begin to change and for me to realise much was unfolding within the wonderful connective tissue throughout my body, not just in the area of the pain. Now several years on from my first introduction to this incredible modality I am still amazed, and delighted, by the eventual healing of my sciatica.

  25. I am experiencing the same support of Esoteric Connective Tissue sessions and exercises from Kate Greenaway as you have described Ingrid. In my case it was a frozen shoulder. It caused me a lot of pain and restriction in movement, caused by hardening myself and holding back my power. This awareness, the sessions and committing to doing the exercises has changed so much in my shoulder and whole posture that I am able to move my shoulder much more with pretty much no pain involved. My physiotherapist is really surprised how fast I am recovering.

  26. A beautiful testimony to Serge Benhayon, Kate Greenaway and Universal Medicine, who have supported you, and many others along the way.

  27. Ingrid this is a beautiful testimony of the power of the Esoteric Modalities have to offer, a true and lasting healing to the body. I know in the past I have had treatments that only fix the symptoms but never get to the underlying cause, it is amazing how the Esoteric Modalities work differently to support the body in this way.

  28. I love how you appreciate your own choices to return to the love you are. Yes appreciating the support of others is important, but equally is our own appreciation of our own true and loving choices.

    1. Appreciating me and the choices I have made has been such an important factor in my healing over the last few years. So often we give credit to someone else, maybe a practitioner, for our healing and overlook the fact we made the choice to make the appointment and then follow the advice they gave us. We can be offered all the wisdom in the world and the wisest person to hear it from but unless we say yes and begin to live this wisdom nothing changes.

  29. Understanding that there is more to a pain or illness that we have than it just being a physical issue, gives us the opportunity to have more awareness of the way in which we are living and how this may be affecting our health and well-being in my experience; we are more than just physical beings so it makes sense to me to consider the whole of our life…

  30. It never ceases to amaze me, what is possible when we are willing to be open to true healing. Connective Tissue Therapy is a remarkable modality in that is offers such deep healing to the body not only on a physical level but also on an emotional and mental level. And yours is a wonderful example of this Ingrid.

  31. What I read in your story was the absolute commitment to consistently do the excersises that you knew would support you, that is truly something to appreciate. To be with your body in a loving way gives it the space to heal and recover from what was there for years and years.

    1. It was so easy to commit to the Connective Tissue Therapy exercises once I began to feel they were making a difference with my level of pain and discomfort. And more than four years after I was introduced to them, I am still doing the exercises at least once, sometimes twice a day even though I am now sciatic-pain-free; they are now a natural and enjoyable part of my daily life.

    1. This is absolutely what I now know to be true and the reason why it took so long to extract myself from this painful configuration. But at the time I simply ‘structured our (my) movements around it’ and slowly but surely I began to move in a way that was actually at odds with the naturally harmonious movement of my body.

  32. Amazing – being able to shift sciatica is huge and just goes to show the power of Esoteric Connective Tissue Therapy and the potential it has to support us to release what is not true through connecting us to what is true in our body.

  33. It’s really inspiring how you committed to consistently applying the esoteric connective tissue therapy exercises and being more aware of your body and relationship with you and how this gradually over time has had a profound effect that naturally ripples out into how you are at work, in what you do and all who you work with as well.

    1. Three years later and I am still doing the exercises every day and if somehow I overlook them it doesn’t take too long to feel that something is missing. The gentleness that ripples through my body as I do each one feels delicious and the connection to my body grows one movement at a time. And yes, the ripple effect out to others is definitely profound.

  34. Adjusting our lives and putting up with pain, discomfort, dis-ease.. this seems to be where we have got to as a society with our relationship with dealing with our health issues- take a pill, make it go away, go and see someone to get fixed up, or be prepared to spend a lot of money and time on perpetual therapy for mental health issues. But unless or until we start looking at the root cause of our health conditions, we’re not going to be able to do anything other than medicate their symptoms. It might make us feel better for a little while, but what is the long-term impact of this on our health, wellbeing, and relationships?

  35. Ingrid I have suffered from sciatica on and off for years. I found relief with the modalities of Universal Medicine but recently the pain came back and I was able to understand that there was more for me to look at and heal. With the support of a Universal Medicine practitioner I have done just that. The pain I was experiencing was telling there’s more to unravel. And this is where we need to discern if it needed medical attention or both medical and support of Esoteric Medicine to me they go hand in hand.

    1. I too experienced a return of the sciatica sometime after writing this blog and was so surprised – and initially very disappointed – that it had. It was a moment of ‘what have I done wrong?’ But it didn’t take long to come to understand, like you, that there was another layer to discover of what was behind the condition and the associated pain. It took a while but the more honest I chose to be the more the pain began to heal. Now two years later I can actually feel that I am free of the original issue and I move in a way that confirms this with every step.

  36. I feel this is really important ‘That the pain was not me took quite a while to digest, but as I slowly opened myself up to this surprising possibility, I could feel that it actually wasn’t. I had made it so.’ and something I would say I am learning about more through feeling this truth from my body. That we are not our pain or stress, or depression or anger and that this has manifested through our choices and movements throughout our life and lives, but all along our innate essence that is none of this, lays steadily and consistently within. And it is very possible to return back to this … Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine are living proof.

    1. “That the pain was not me” was a huge revelation Vicky, so huge that it took a while for me to come to feel the truth of it. Initially they were just words presented by Serge Benhayon, words that I could sense the truth of but at the same time I knew that I had to feel it for myself, in my body, otherwise they were just words. The day this happened a long closed doorway opened up to the healing that was waiting.

  37. A remarkable story Ingird about the true lasting power of Connective Tissue Therapy and the incredible healing it offers to the body when there is a willingness to look more deeply at the way we live and move in our everyday lives, and make a commitment to implement the neccessary changes.

    1. Our lifestyle does have a profound impact on our body and wellbeing and I find there is always more we can learn about how to truly be in tune with our body each day.

  38. “the body responds to the way we live, the way we eat, the way we feel, the way we walk and what unresolved issues and hurts we are holding onto.” That is such a powerfully simple sentence and one we would all do well to have somewhere we look every day.

    1. Our unresolved hurts and hurts we hold onto are in fact the underlying cause of practically all our choices which are in accordance to our body’s response to them, even in most cases we are not conscious of that.

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