Elkan Spiller on Serge Benhayon, Judaism and Anti-Semitism

Serge Benhayon | Universal Medicine
Serge Benhayon

There is no secret that Serge Benhayon’s family has a Jewish heritage. From his last name alone, which is of Moroccan Jewish origin, one can easily assume that this is the case.

Although he does not practice Judaism, Serge Benhayon has often presented and shared the fact of his Jewish heritage, something that he has never been ashamed of or tried to hide.

To illustrate Serge Benhayon’s openness to people of all cultures and religions and to share that he has no particular affiliation with any one religion Serge has shared on several occasions the personal story that: he was circumcised (brit milah) by a Mohel, baptised by a priest and has heritage in the Islamic faith through his Moroccan descendants. Whilst remaining fully respectful to the core tenets of these principles, he does not practice nor follow any of these religious faiths today, instead living the religion (relationship) of his inner-heart, expressed for all as the Way of the Livingness.

Elkan Spiller, a first generation descendant of Nazi Anti-Semitism testifies on the false accusation about Serge Benhayon being Anti-Semitic:

“Firstly, I write in English and it not being my native tongue but one of the many languages I speak like German, French, Hebrew and Yiddish.

“Secondly, to say or write that Serge Benhayon is Anti-Semitic is totally absurd and ridiculous. It is like saying the pope is cheating on his wife.

“Serge Benhayon himself was born and raised within a very old Jewish family, Moroccan and Russian backgrounds. I never heard him speak pejoratively about his Jewish background.

L'CHAIM! Director Elkan Spiller
L’CHAIM! Director Elkan Spiller

“About me:

Born as a Jew in Germany I was very sensitive about Anti-Semitism all my life. My grandparents were both killed in Auschwitz; as we all know, just because they were Jews. And my father is a survivor of the Buchenwald Concentration Camp. I am a direct descendant of the highest and vilest form of Anti-Semitism.


I have a Masters in Communication in Social and Economic Contexts.

At my studies in Berlin I wrote a masters thesis on the subject of unconscious Anti-Semitism in German Media/TV. In order to achieve this very unique study I analyzed a TV documentary and more than 50 newspaper articles and exposed the hidden Anti-Semitic terminology.

Having written a masters that featured and exposed the unconscious Anti-Semitism that was still prevailing up until 1992 in Germany, and with my family’s direct history with the Nazi Concentration Camps, it can be said with very certain authority that I know what I am talking about when it comes to Anti-Semitism, or more colloquially: I can smell it from far away and never hold back when it comes to exposing it.

Michael Benhayon | Music Compuser for L'CHAIM! To Life!
Michael Benhayon | Music Composer for L’CHAIM! To Life!

“In addition, and no less, I am a filmmaker and made the documentary “L’Chaim! – To Life!”, a film about the outcome of the Holocaust and its effects on the ensuing generations. Serge Benhayon supported me in making this documentary and gave a lot of input. I even use a quote of his about the extended impact of war which rightly signatures the end of the film, and his son Michael Benhayon composed the music.

The film has made its mark at various Film Festivals of which Serge Benhayon and his wife Miranda Benhayon and daughter Natalie Benhayon supported by attending the world premiere in Munich.

Most recently, “L’Chaim! – To Life!” won the audience award for best documentary at the Film Festival in Mainz, Germany.

Miranda Benhayon, Simone Delarome, Serge Benhayon & Elkan Spiller | Filmfest, Mainz, Germany 2014
Miranda Benhayon, Simone Delorme, Serge Benhayon & Elkan Spiller at the Filmfest, Munich, Germany 2014
Natalie Benhayon attended the Film Festival in support of porting “L’Chaim! – To Life!”
Natalie Benhayon, supporting “L’Chaim! – To Life!”

“I know Serge Benhayon and his work Universal Medicine for 5 years. I have witnessed and experienced him personally in hundreds of hours of Universal Medicine talks, workshops, courses, and in private sessions.

I have never heard even one word that was Anti-Semitic, racist, sexist or discriminating, and he is never imposing only ever presenting on our right to listen to our inner most and express our truth.

“All Serge Benhayon does (which is a lot) is offering his knowledge about a way of living that helps us counteract our self-inflicted ailments. It is a simple and universal embracing teaching that gets you into your own power by taking responsibility for your choices so that at some point you can be in real service for other people too. (Any government should know about these teachings, they would save billions of dollars for their Health systems).

“I’ve seen many world teachers in my life but Serge Benhayon lives what he talks. You can see and feel the result of his livingness in his family and it is fascinating to see how the self-formed Universal Medicine student body has changed and improved their health, look and entire life to the point that now many are able to help other people.

“The real question here is what is wrong with the person who makes such false accusations and what is the hidden agenda to harm Serge Benhayon?”

716 thoughts on “Elkan Spiller on Serge Benhayon, Judaism and Anti-Semitism

  1. Thank you for sharing Elkan, I have watched your film and it is fascinating to see that although the war finished in 1940 the repercussions of the war are still being felt to devastating effect. You are a testament to the vileness of war and yet have healed the pain and hurt you carried thanks to the support of Serge Benhayon who as you say offers his knowledge about a way of living that actually works and is non-harming to ourselves and others.

  2. Calling Serge Benhayon anti-Semitic exposes the desperation of the person trying to smear Serge’s name, and their willingness to use lies to do so.

  3. What you have shared Elkan is so true, and the feeling that comes is that the words of wisdom that are shared by Serge Benhayon elucidate aspects of every religious order but in a way that makes practical living in todays world, so lets not crucify without first stepping into and feeling what True Livingness is all about.

  4. Thank you Elkan for the clarity, sureness and absolute authority with which you discuss anti-semitism and that fact that Serge Benhayon does not have an anti-semitist cell in his body.

  5. I like what you’re asking because that’s exactly what should be questioned – why would somebody concoct lies about another person without any ground to stand on?

  6. I agree, in all of my interactions with Serge Benhayon at courses and workshops I have never encountered any racism, sexism or any form of discrimination whatsoever.

  7. Just look at the smile of Serge Benhayon, his whole body is smiling, open and transparent. We could say he is completely open to all of humanity it’s so obvious he has nothing to hide. If you were to put the photo side by side with any photo of say a Politician, member of any of the religious organisations, Film star, Sports personality and look at the difference in body language, that’s when you will notice his divine quality, and that openness is how he is with everyone he meets; irrespective of how you are with him, he will always treat you as an equal. There are very few people who have this innocent radiant beauty about them and quite honestly there would be no harm to have many more of that caliber in the world.

  8. What I am noticing more and more as I get older is that our right to know something that feels true is being eroded away. For example, if someone wants to practice a certain faith then go for it. If I don’t feel it’s necessary for me to do the same, then that is my right and I should not be coerced in any way to join in with something that doesn’t sit right with me. But it seems unless you go along with the majority then somehow you are cast as different, odd, an outsider and can become a target of abuse and vilification because you are seen to not fit into the ‘normal’ societal view. We are living in the 21st Century but adopting rules and regulations of the dark ages. This does not make any sense to me.

  9. Knowing Serge Benhayon over twelve years I can fully attest to this statement too, ‘I have never heard even one word that was Anti-Semitic, racist, sexist or discriminating, and he is never imposing only ever presenting on our right to listen to our inner most and express our truth.’ The love the man has for humanity no matter what, is pure inspiration to not give up on our fellow man or ourselves.

    1. Here, here Karin. To see the changes that have come about in people’s lives due to the inspiration of Serge Benhayon, is an inspiration and confirmation to his depth of compassion and unconditional love for all.

    2. Serge Benhayon is the most understanding and loving person I have met, he doesn’t judge people and his whole foundation for life is equality with everyone. I’ve been watching him since 2012, he’s never wavered on this point, he lives brotherhood and love, and he is an absolutely wonderful person to be around an inspiration. Smearing his name falsely as Anti-Semitic is quite simply untrue.

  10. ““The real question here is what is wrong with the person who makes such false accusations and what is the hidden agenda to harm Serge Benhayon?”” there is a lot of this going around lately, Serge Benhayon getting accused of horrendous things when this man has only ever stood for truth and time will indeed show this fact to rest of humanity.

  11. “… to say or write that Serge Benhayon is Anti-Semitic is totally absurd and ridiculous. It is like saying the pope is cheating on his wife.” This sums it up very well, Elkan!

  12. “I never heard him speak pejoratively about his Jewish background” I also have never heard Serge Benhayon speak about any one person or group in any way other than with understanding, true support and a deep care. He certainly calls out the energy or a behaviour, but it is never personal.

  13. “The real question here is what is wrong with the person who makes such false accusations and what is the hidden agenda to harm Serge Benhayon?”
    Aha, yes now that is a question worth asking..and because right or wrong doesn’t exist; what does this tell us about the quality of speech that comes through another and his or her responsibility for letting that come through?

  14. “Secondly, to say or write that Serge Benhayon is Anti-Semitic is totally absurd and ridiculous. It is like saying the pope is cheating on his wife.” Haha and well said.

  15. As an authority on anti-semitism, you have experienced so much which could not have been easy. But I admire your courage to speak out and to make the film, this will in turn support so many people who are also authorities on anti-Semitism because of their experiences, and to also know that every voice matters and every story told has its potential to inspire.

  16. Well, you should know if anyone is anti-Semitic! And your final question of, what is the agenda of the person posing such questions…

  17. A powerful testimonial to Serge Benhayon and one that exposes media lies and attacks. We who know Serge know the true man. Serge teaches, lives and regards every human being as an equal brother and sister.

    1. We are beginning to see how the media are putting a spotlight on their own practices and behaviours, and how they believe their own hype without true research. It will take time but we will all see this eventually.

    2. Interestingly enough, most of these lies about Serge Benhayon come from people, and media who have never met the man. Those of us who have known Serge for about 20 years really know Serge Benhayon, which is why we can say with authority that Serge Benhayon is the most loving and truthful being on this planet.

  18. The accusations are so false they are the complete opposite of the man. So much so, another question would be; why would people from all over the world, of various professions, demographics and backgrounds want to hang out with such a dodgy character as the lies portray? The answer is because that character is a lie.

  19. When one is open to understanding and learning what The Way of The Livingness is truly about then one with know and can feel without a doubt that Serge Benhayon and the teachings he presents all center on living in connection to our love within, to our Soul regardless of what our nationality, race or religion is. As in love, we are all equal brothers and as such in love there never can be a cause to abuse, judge, vilify, dissociate or another. And in fact it does highlight what degree of lovelessness is lived by one who does impose such vilification, accusations and abuse towards another.

  20. Serge Benhayon is one such person who is willing to explore all types and forms of beliefs and religion and is not one to criticise them. He simply unpacks them so that others can make their own decisions about them, and he is an advocate of religion in the true sense

  21. The fact that the lies hurled at Universal Medicine are accepted by society says a lot about society’s accepted social standards which are entirely indulgent and energetically irresponsible. If the standards were actually much higher than this, then these lies would be exposed the minute they were voiced.

  22. It really exposes the desperation of the people who create lies about Serge Benhayon that they have ridiculously tried to smear his name with the term “anti Semitic” when he has not only been born into a family of Jewish heritage, but that everyone who knows him reports his absolute integrity to never discriminate against anyone for any reason.

  23. What I am learning through all the accusations thrown at Serge Benhayon and his family is that when someone doesn’t want to take responsibility for their own life they can fall into a very deep well of irresponsibility to another – and keep digging and digging desperately looking for something to justify the irresponsible behaviour and path they have chosen. These attacks have gone on for so long now with not a shred of foundation that there is great emotional and psychological jeopardy for the person throwing the stones to now turn around and say they have been wrong all along.

    1. That is very true, to recognise how far they have strayed and how blind they have been would be painful. The person who makes these allegations would say this was the case for anyone ‘defending’ Serge, fortunately my sense of deep settlement I feel in Esoteric Healimg sessions is evidence of the truth he presents and lives.

      1. And that is what this experience has taught me. Our body is the marker of all truth, it is what tells us if something feels right or not, simple as that. What Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine have share with us sits so well in the body and honours all equally, if others choose to react to that so be it, but it does not change what the body shows to be true.

  24. What this highlights is that people throw stones willy nilly in the hope that one of them hits, hurts and teaches you to be afraid. If you are afraid ,or ashamed, you are easier to control and manipulate. That is why they are not only throwing stones at the Benhayons, the person throwing stones is sending a message to anyone who stands alongside them. This is how it has worked throughout history. So no more please.

  25. Serge Benhayon has taught me understanding, responsibility, the importance of my choices, and most of all love and truth, which are all values he holds and lives himself, and from my own personal experience he is not anti-Semitic in anyway, he is the most inclusive person I have ever met.

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