Elkan Spiller on Serge Benhayon, Judaism and Anti-Semitism

Serge Benhayon | Universal Medicine
Serge Benhayon

There is no secret that Serge Benhayon’s family has a Jewish heritage. From his last name alone, which is of Moroccan Jewish origin, one can easily assume that this is the case.

Although he does not practice Judaism, Serge Benhayon has often presented and shared the fact of his Jewish heritage, something that he has never been ashamed of or tried to hide.

To illustrate Serge Benhayon’s openness to people of all cultures and religions and to share that he has no particular affiliation with any one religion Serge has shared on several occasions the personal story that: he was circumcised (brit milah) by a Mohel, baptised by a priest and has heritage in the Islamic faith through his Moroccan descendants. Whilst remaining fully respectful to the core tenets of these principles, he does not practice nor follow any of these religious faiths today, instead living the religion (relationship) of his inner-heart, expressed for all as the Way of the Livingness.

Elkan Spiller, a first generation descendant of Nazi Anti-Semitism testifies on the false accusation about Serge Benhayon being Anti-Semitic:

“Firstly, I write in English and it not being my native tongue but one of the many languages I speak like German, French, Hebrew and Yiddish.

“Secondly, to say or write that Serge Benhayon is Anti-Semitic is totally absurd and ridiculous. It is like saying the pope is cheating on his wife.

“Serge Benhayon himself was born and raised within a very old Jewish family, Moroccan and Russian backgrounds. I never heard him speak pejoratively about his Jewish background.

L'CHAIM! Director Elkan Spiller
L’CHAIM! Director Elkan Spiller

“About me:

Born as a Jew in Germany I was very sensitive about Anti-Semitism all my life. My grandparents were both killed in Auschwitz; as we all know, just because they were Jews. And my father is a survivor of the Buchenwald Concentration Camp. I am a direct descendant of the highest and vilest form of Anti-Semitism.


I have a Masters in Communication in Social and Economic Contexts.

At my studies in Berlin I wrote a masters thesis on the subject of unconscious Anti-Semitism in German Media/TV. In order to achieve this very unique study I analyzed a TV documentary and more than 50 newspaper articles and exposed the hidden Anti-Semitic terminology.

Having written a masters that featured and exposed the unconscious Anti-Semitism that was still prevailing up until 1992 in Germany, and with my family’s direct history with the Nazi Concentration Camps, it can be said with very certain authority that I know what I am talking about when it comes to Anti-Semitism, or more colloquially: I can smell it from far away and never hold back when it comes to exposing it.

Michael Benhayon | Music Compuser for L'CHAIM! To Life!
Michael Benhayon | Music Composer for L’CHAIM! To Life!

“In addition, and no less, I am a filmmaker and made the documentary “L’Chaim! – To Life!”, a film about the outcome of the Holocaust and its effects on the ensuing generations. Serge Benhayon supported me in making this documentary and gave a lot of input. I even use a quote of his about the extended impact of war which rightly signatures the end of the film, and his son Michael Benhayon composed the music.

The film has made its mark at various Film Festivals of which Serge Benhayon and his wife Miranda Benhayon and daughter Natalie Benhayon supported by attending the world premiere in Munich.

Most recently, “L’Chaim! – To Life!” won the audience award for best documentary at the Film Festival in Mainz, Germany.

Miranda Benhayon, Simone Delarome, Serge Benhayon & Elkan Spiller | Filmfest, Mainz, Germany 2014
Miranda Benhayon, Simone Delorme, Serge Benhayon & Elkan Spiller at the Filmfest, Munich, Germany 2014


Natalie Benhayon attended the Film Festival in support of porting “L’Chaim! – To Life!”
Natalie Benhayon, supporting “L’Chaim! – To Life!”

“I know Serge Benhayon and his work Universal Medicine for 5 years. I have witnessed and experienced him personally in hundreds of hours of Universal Medicine talks, workshops, courses, and in private sessions.

I have never heard even one word that was Anti-Semitic, racist, sexist or discriminating, and he is never imposing only ever presenting on our right to listen to our inner most and express our truth.

“All Serge Benhayon does (which is a lot) is offering his knowledge about a way of living that helps us counteract our self-inflicted ailments. It is a simple and universal embracing teaching that gets you into your own power by taking responsibility for your choices so that at some point you can be in real service for other people too. (Any government should know about these teachings, they would save billions of dollars for their Health systems).

“I’ve seen many world teachers in my life but Serge Benhayon lives what he talks. You can see and feel the result of his livingness in his family and it is fascinating to see how the self-formed Universal Medicine student body has changed and improved their health, look and entire life to the point that now many are able to help other people.

“The real question here is what is wrong with the person who makes such false accusations and what is the hidden agenda to harm Serge Benhayon?”

685 thoughts on “Elkan Spiller on Serge Benhayon, Judaism and Anti-Semitism

  1. If anyone would be able to sniff out even the most minute trace of anti-Semitism, it would obviously be you Elkan, based on your family background and research into the very subtle nuances of this world problem. Why would Serge Benhayon fully endorse your cinematic work that exposes these anti-Semitic tendencies anyways? The whole argument against Serge Benhayon is baseless, as I have never heard a word of judgement or ridicule emerge from his mouth, but anyone can make absurd slanderous claims and get away with it, it seems.

  2. It shows such a lack of responsibility and accountability when words are thrown around cheaply without consideration for their truth or ripple effect. What is worth considering is if this has been pre-meditated and those considerations are the reason for using the words.

  3. I love what you share here, Elkan and your testimonial with regards to Serge Benhayon given your background and understanding of what anti-semitism gives a real context here … here is someone who knows this, and has experienced the horrific outcomes of it in his own family. This is not someone who could stand by and allow anti-semitism to be.

  4. Thank you Elkan for sharing your experience, I absolutely know Serge Benhayon does not in all the times I have attended his many talks had any anti talk about any ethnic background, he has always treated all of mankind with love and respect as he sees us all as equal brothers.

  5. Elkan I read your blog with much interest, I was unaware of Serge Benhayon’s heritage and truthfully I have no interest of a person’s background. I’ts how they treat another person that is of importance to me. What Serge presents is to the all no matter what religion, skin colour, sexuality and so forth, I see him as neutral to all.

    I have to say I never heard of this word ‘anti-semitism’ before and had to look it up in the dictionary!…..He’s far from this and has bought many people together with a simple word that doesn’t cause any form of separatism – Love.

  6. It’s true…any government willing to listen to Serge Benhayon could save a fortune on their health care costs. Equally, we can all save ourselves a lot of unnecessary pain and suffering by heeding his words.

  7. Serge Benhayon has reflected to myself and many others that the way we live is less than is possible for us to live from on a daily basis – why do we shy away from living in the fullness of love that Serge talks and walks 24/7?

  8. Thank you Elkan , I have had the same experience with Serge Benhayon in what he lives and presences. As they say in Ireland ” he has not a bad word to say about anyone.”

  9. To ask: “what is the hidden agenda to harm Serge Benhayon?” is a very important question because it opens up the discussion on why there is resistance to brotherhood.

  10. “It is like saying the pope is cheating on his wife.” I love that line and yes, that is how ridiculous the accusations are. It doesn’t take much digging at all to see and feel what Serge presents so anyone saying Serge is anti-Semitic either hasn’t done their homework (which to me is unacceptable in journalism) or they have an agenda.

  11. Thank you Elkan Spiller for brilliantly exposing these lies about Serge Benhayon, when someone such as you speaks with truth and authority these lies get totally debased showing how ridiculous and calculated these false accusations truly are.

  12. Indeed Elkan what is the hidden agenda to the false accusations that are being made to Serge Benhayon. Could it be that there are ideals and beliefs held in society that are not true and do not want to be exposed in the illusionary way of manipulating mankind and do not want to give up the power of separating people instead?

  13. To make a false statement about someone it only requires a bit of imagination and malice. It is fairly easy. Of course, such statement may not be, as in this case, a true reflection of anything, except the imagination and malice of its source.

    1. Hi Eduardo, indeed it are the ideals and beliefs held by the source that sources the false accusations with ease. Bbt that does not say that these manipulations hold any power as the source they are from is void of love, the true power in this world we live in.

  14. It has been the case through the ages, that it is he who holds the purest message, he who will inspire us back to the truth about ourselves, the truth about God, he who can unite us all as opposed to divide us, who will be attacked. There are many forces at play who want to hold on to the appalling status quo the world is in today.

  15. Amazing blog Elkan, it almost brought tears to my eyes. There is just no words to describe the unwavering support you (and we all) have received from the Benhayon family – what an absolute blessing.

  16. I love how the this blog reads, its very straight down the line and I think any intelligent person would be hard pressed to challenge what has been presented. Its great how you redirect the question in the last paragraph too, it really is a good question….why are a few people trying to ruin Serge Benhayons reputation with lies and innuendo? What do they gain and at what point are their characters going to go under the microscope? When do their motives get questioned by the media or the public?

    1. We have walked past this keyboard cowardice for so long we have accepted it as a ‘normal’ part of online behaviour, but it shouldn’t be and we should stand up and call for decency and respect to always be at the forefront of any ideological or political disagreements. How sad is it that when we feel like we are not getting the outcome we want we head to personal insults and cheap irresponsible comments.

  17. I too have never met a man who meets people with such openess, love and understanding- I have learnt much about life from him- a true inspiration of how to live without judgement.

  18. Beautiful declaration of truth that Serge Benhayon lives by. Blasting the lies for what they are, just plain old school bullying. Serge lives by the truth that we are all one, and that it is us that create the separation.

  19. Serge Benhayon’s take on mainstream religions is clear: they are not the truth that many people think they are. As such, he knows that their foundations are not solid. Only a religion based on the absolute truth, that people feel at ease with it to the bones, can be a solid one. This does not make you an anti anything. Just a holder of truth.

  20. Elkan, I have to say I just love anything written and shared by people who have either first-hand experience or a true unbiased and loving authority on what they are sharing.

  21. Serge Benhayon is the living, breathing, walking, talking reflection of absolute equality. Every one of us held in absolute equality, regardless of our beliefs, actions, thoughts, words and deeds – no judgement, only absolute Love.

  22. There is so much racism and prejudice of anyone and everyone, between men and women, old and young. And yet here is Serge Benhayon who lives absolute love for all without prejudice and he is the one being accused. Elkan it’s wonderful you have expressed so clearly how absurd the accusation that Serge Benhayon is making anti-Semitic comments and how you are so well placed to clear this up having your family and yourself suffer at the horrors of such prejudice and hatred. The accusations surely must be an attempted smoke screen to hide the fact that there is this man, Serge Benhayon, who is clearly showing the world what it is to live without prejudice. That these stories are entertained shows there are those invested in prejudice still.

  23. The thing I find sad is that there is real anti semitic behavior happening in our world today, yet it is not reported with the exposure it needs to be for us all to wake up and stop it in its tracks. Is it simply a distraction to plaster such lies about a man who is anything but, a way to incite our world more, a way to encourage the very behavior one says they are trying to stamp out?

    1. Yes, and this allows us to continue to engage in all of those ill behaviours because it is all swept under the rug.

  24. Absolutely Elkan, it is absurd to accuse Serge Benhayon of this. I didn’t know all these facts you speak of about Serge but in 15 years of listening and watching him present I have also never heard a disparaging comment about people let alone their religions. There is the truth and that is all Serge is interested in.

    1. Well said Vanessa – In the 14 years Ive known Serge Benhayon Ive never felt an ounce of judgement, criticism, comparison, stereotyping, or anything other than absolute love, and understanding for all – no matter who they are.

  25. Thank you Elkan, this is a great line about Serge (and others) living from ” the religion (relationship) of his inner-heart, expressed for all as The Way of The Livingness.” It’s very simple, and does not involve beliefs because the truth in full is available to every one of us via our inner heart.

  26. Religion – relationship from the Inner Heart, what a beautiful simple definition of religion, our innermost core in connection with everything. That´s what is being experienced when meeting Serge Benhayon and those who live from their Inner Heart and that is what the teachings of The Ageless Wisdom as presented by Universal Medicine, offer and inspire. There is nothing in the Inner Heart but the knowing of oneness, equalness and brotherhood, but never is there any inkling of racism, anti-Semitism, supremacy, discrimination or anything else.

    1. I love that simple definition – so often when we make things complicated we lose all sense of the truth and essence of what they are. I have found the simpler things can be explained the more sense of the essence of them I get to feel and understand. And when I find things complicated I now ask myself what am I trying to get out of it?

    2. Yes, and what I love about the student body is just that people from all backgrounds not only get along but have real, honest and loving relationships. People from a German background and Jewish background, black, white, muslim, christian, etc. etc. It doesn’t matter, we are all the same!

  27. Elkan I really appreciate your dedication to truth and also your dedication in exposing racism, as we have seen over the last year with both Brexit and the election for presidency in America anti-semitic, racism, sexism and discrimination is still something that unfortunately currently very much still exists in the world today. It seems the past has not been truly exposed enough and healed for you have shown this both in your masters, film and this blog that this still runs continuously and unconsciously through media, tv and everyday life affecting many. I have known Serge Benhayon for over 10 years. He is the most deeply caring, loving man I have ever met, who holds every single person as an equal and deeply caring of humanity and it is this truth and love he holds and lives every moment of his life. To say Serge is anti-semitic, racist or sexist is just, oh my goodness, completely ludicrous. I agree instead the spotlight should be spun around and placed on the person or people that say he is any of these things and instead their integrity, health and well-being need to be questioned. Let us not tolerate this kind of abuse or lie anymore.

  28. There’s never a reason to criticise or judge or comment on another’s choice of beliefs, it’s a simple basic human right to believe what you choose, whether it be true or not, and I’ve not met anyone greater at displaying equalness and allowing everyone choose what they want to choose than Serge Benhayon. I agree any allegations against him are ridiculous considering his respect of heritage, religion and human free will.

  29. “To say or write that Serge Benhayon is Anti-Semitic is totally absurd and ridiculous. It is like saying the pope is cheating on his wife” – that’s exactly it. It’s absurd and ridiculous because of his Jewish heritage, but because The Way Serge lives is the very thing that exposes the illusionary differences and divisions we see and have accepted in this realm of life, and the supremacist energy we have allowed to rein as a result.

  30. In the 10 years I have known Serge Benhayon I have never felt any judgment from him whatsoever towards anyone, Serge treats everyone equally and he has an amazing love for the whole of humanity, to say Serge is anti-Semitic is absolute rubbish.

  31. I love the universality of what I have learnt through being inspired by Serge Benhayon and the way he lives. There is no us and them, no me and you, we all come from love, we will all return to love. As such there is no room for anti anything and anyone who through such accusations has an agenda way beyond telling the truth. It is such a shame and a disservice to those who look for truth to be influenced by highly charged expressions designed to take us off on a reaction without looking at the deliverer’s motive.

  32. As an adopted person, I don’t know where I hail from heritage-wise. This is extremely freeing and has allowed me to be remain arms-length from identifying with a particular religion or ethnicity – I don’t even identify with the country in which I was born and live. We’re all global citizens – nay, universal citizens.

  33. The thing is, we think we’re of a certain lineage, and we might well be in a particular lifetime. But the truth is we’ve all been many things – Jew, Muslim, Christian, French, Japanese, Nepalese, African, English and so on and on. It’s foolish therefore to point a finger at another brother wearing a different kind of karmic suit for the purpose of their development and or service in that one lifetime.

  34. Well said and very true Elkan, the amount of lies that have been spun about Serge Benhyaon and his family are driven from a hidden agenda by a group of disgruntled people fixated on destroying Serge Benhayon and his business Universal Medicine. It seems there is no end to the lies and false allegations they can hurl hoping like mud something will stick.

  35. Anyone who truly willing to understand the principles of the Ageless Wisdom Teachings as presented and lived by Serge Benhayon, would know without a doubt that any such claim of ‘Anti-Semitism’ is completely contrary to and a corruption of what is actually presented. For what is presented is a way that we all can come to know within ourselves, through the qualities of equality, respect and love for Brotherhood, of living harmoniously together regardless of our colour, race or culture. When we understand who we are within first is love, we know and can then honor that we are all equal in love.

  36. Thankyou Elkan for helping to set the record straight and thus correcting the lies and restoring the truth of what Serge Benhayon presents. Those that fabricate such lies are those who struggle with taking responsibility for the choices they have made that have led them so far from truth and from the simple fact that we create our circumstances by virtue of the way we move and whether these movements come from the love that we are or come from all that is not of this love.

  37. Something we can easily forget is that the sun is always shining behind the clouds. No matter how much mud is hurled at Serge Benhayon it will never dull his light because his unconditional love shines for all equally – including the mud-throwers.

  38. Thank you for sharing Elkan. My family and I are currently visiting Morocco and the Moroccan people are some of the most generous we’ve ever met; everywhere we’ve stayed and in almost every interaction my family has been welcomed as their family, and they have been outstandingly kind and open-hearted. Serge Benhayon has this same trait – he treats everyone with absolute respect and love as if they were his own family, so to say he is anti-Semitic is absurd and ridiculous.

  39. Don’t you love when things are said, sensationalised and twisted without research these days, the name for that is journalism. Then you run off with the story and think that it’s the actual account of what happened. Then you have the truth show up that shows everything that was said was pretty much rubbish, well they got the names right. Here is another example and claim that was made about Serge Benhayon and yet the truth of the matter was completely the opposite. When will we stop falling for the punchy headline or dramatic claim and go back to how it use to be, you get the real story straight from the ‘horses mouth’. Dig a little deeper into all the dramatic claims made about Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine and you will see the truth or you can run off with the circus. I never really went for the circus, too many clowns.

    1. Just because something has been written down or printed does not make it truth. Even research studies can easily be falsified. The question is how willing are we to read between the lines and actually get to the truth or do we simply just accept things at face value because it is easier to do? It does not take much to get to the truth we just have to be willing and open to seeing it in full.

      1. We play around with all manner of facts and figures these days. Usually it will come down to your perception of how things are if you don’t do some homework yourself. As we are saying “read between the lines” and what do you see, most people will see it but then be tagged by doubt or by the dramatic headline. I love the truth because it is the only thing that happened at the time and when you hear it or feel it you are at rest or settled within your body. It doesn’t charge you to do anything but allows you to make your next move. I remember in my old job people would tell you all manner of things but as has also been said before you don’t just “run off with the circus” you’d take you time and listen to everything. You would always get a great sense of the truth. With a little more investigation you would uncover the whole thing, if you cared enough that is. The world has lost it’s way with truth and it’s no ones fault, it’s all our responsibility. The next time someone gives you a story or you read one, don’t just run off with it, do some research, ask more questions and if something still doesn’t look straight then you aren’t at the truth of it yet. Do this part and it supports the whole part, for us all to start not only seeing the truth but living it.

      2. So well expressed Ray, thank you for sharing – I totally know what you mean about the truth when you say: ‘when you hear it or feel it you are at rest or settled within your body’. I know for me anything less than the truth leaves agitation in my body, whereas truth brings a content and complete feeling. It may seem a subtle difference with words but when felt fully in the body it seems like worlds apart, even with the smallest untruth/ white lie there is a massive difference.

      3. We have become use to feeling the untruths or numb to feeling the truth at this point. We are living in a way where anxiety is common place and hence when you are presented with something it just adds to the multitude of feelings you are already feeling but not acknowledging or dealing with. It may sound complex but it is simple, if at any point you don’t feel something is ‘right’ then stop and at least acknowledge that and take care how you share it next. This awareness will support you to see it more deeply. This is an ongoing process that you apply to everything. If you don’t want to be asleep when bigger things arise then wake up to the little things.

      4. Words to my heart Ray. It is not always about saying something to another person but seeing things for what they truly are, if the space is there for it then call it out to the other if not then simply calling it out in your head reduces the power it has. I know for me the more I do this and the more I choose to be aware the more I see and so the more I understand life, and the less anxious or worried I become about things.

      5. What is the biggest way we can ‘talk’ about something? Words are great yes but from young I have always been moved by someone living something in front of me. We have a saying that’s apt for this, “actions speak louder then words” is how I remember it and it’s so true. Most of us can say all manner of things but less are able to back up what they ‘say’ with consistent action. From experience, if you want to pull someone up on something be clear in what you see and live that clarity in your every day, we are all watching and this always has a massive impact.

      6. I know exactly you mean Ray – it is a little bit like your dad saying not to drink or smoke when they drink or smoke. So live what we know is true and then no words will be needed.

      7. We can say all manner of things to people and or children and it’s not that we don’t care, its the opposite actually that we do deeply care. Our intention maybe for others not to follow our mistakes or into what we consider harmful ways because of how it feels to us at the time. But we don’t see life as a series of constant movements, we see parts or where we have arrived at different points and some we ‘like’ and keep and others we ‘don’t like’ and try to loose them or forget about them. We try and have more points or moments in our life we like or we carry these as a memory of how it can be but rarely do we apply how we moved to that point across everything else. Instead we have a don’t do this list that is long and usually detailed and a do list that is usually pretty general and short. What we are saying here is that there is no list, no like or dislike, no start and stop, it’s all the same point. So if at one point you are telling someone not to do something but doing it yourself you, by movement are actually showing them the way to walk to the very thing you don’t want them to do. It may sound complicated but everything as has been said is a movement and the only way to lead someone out of something is to lead that way yourself first and then this gives them sight of steps to walk in.

      8. I fully agree – it is leading by example rather than words. So often when we are in something no words can actually help us but rather the reflection of love. I know for me being held by absolute love without any judgement ignites the love within me. Whereas being told something without that basis from the person comes across as words and I usually resist it.

  40. Unless we live in the utmost respect for another who chooses to practice or follow the religions we have today there will never be brotherhood on earth. Serge Benhayon continually inspires me to live in a way where I embrace everyone no matter what religion they belong to.

  41. Elkan, I feel privileged to read this article, the horror your family has endured, that you, yourself have been intimately privy to is one of the greatest horrors on earth. Yet, you feel it and hold it as a part of you, whilst letting your commitment to mankind guide you in sharing as you have through your film “L’Chaim! – To Life!”. A guide to us all on how our own personal integrity cannot be ‘damaged’ by life. If we are not living from our own integrity, it is a choice we have made, not something thrust upon us.

  42. What’s more, he presents it with a level of love, equality, transparency and understanding that is sorely missing in our religions. Until we fully embrace that we are ALL EQUAL sons of God, the world’s conflicts will continue.

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