Experiencing the Magic of God in Daily Life

I’ve recently begun to realise more and more how the magic of God surrounds us every day and that there are messages to behold in the most obvious and unobvious of places. The messages are there for everyone; they are not given to a chosen few or those aligned to certain religious beliefs and you do not have to be special or gifted.

I’ve accepted that the magic of God can be seen by everyone, from the very young to the very old, men and women, black or white, ‘good’ or ‘bad’.

What if we have simply forgotten about what it is we are seeing and thus what it is that is being communicated to us?

It seems our life takes on a ‘life’ of its own and we get so caught up in doing things, being distracted, stimulated, busy, rushing around, reacting to the devastation and destruction in the world, getting sick and emotional, feeling overwhelmed and being exhausted… that maybe, just maybe, we miss all of the things God is sharing with us.

Our family has begun to share the magic of God every day. One of these times is when we all come together at the end of a day to share the evening meal. This time of the day gives us an opportunity to talk about our day and express all that we have seen and felt within it.

The sharing of our days gives us all an opportunity to hear and feel the magic of God everywhere, whether it be in our own bodies, with nature, or in a traffic jam or in the bustle of the city in which we live.

Here are some examples of the magic of God experienced by family members in a day:

  • Walking the dog around the block I noticed a bright yellow daisy bursting up and out of a crack in the concrete. What I considered in that moment was that I may have to overcome obstacles (which was very relevant to me personally that day) and that I can overcome them and still be myself, shining as bright as the sun. And that, no matter what, I don’t need to hold myself back.
  • While stopped at traffic lights a white feather floated past the windscreen. The feather reminded me of who I truly am and where I am from. What I felt is that we are angelic beings here to be light and loving to ourselves, and with everyone around us.
  • I opened a kitchen cupboard and reached for a coffee mug. It fell out and broke on the kitchen bench. I realised in that moment that I did not know what I was doing and that I had gone into automatic pilot and was in the motion of getting things done and wanting to rush. This brought me to a stop and I was then able to reconnect to myself and to my body as I made a cup of tea with more conscious awareness.
  • During a lunch break while going for a walk, I was stopped by a bee working away as it went from one flower to the next. What I could feel in this moment was how bees are always busy and totally committed to every flower they stop at, or whatever other activity they are doing. They never sell themselves short, give up or are half hearted about the task at hand. A bee gives one hundred percent commitment and attention to detail to everything it does, and in this, I was reminded of the commitment I can make every day to myself and to work.
  • On getting up off the couch I walked straight into the corner of the kitchen table, bumping my hip. This made me stop and consider where I was in that moment and to consider whether I was holding onto any ideals and beliefs that I could let go of.
  • On driving to work I followed a number plate that said SOG 709. The acronym made me think of ‘Son of God’ and, in this, I was also reminded of the fact that God is Nature, and that numbers are found in Nature everywhere, making me appreciate the fact that everything is by design.
  • I was sitting down to eat some dinner. I enjoyed my meal and went back for a second helping. As I dished out the food, it spilt onto the table, completely missing my plate. The spilt food made me stop and realise I had actually eaten enough and did not need to overdo it or overeat by going back for more.
  • On carrying my grocery shopping from the supermarket to the car, a beautiful butterfly with yellow and orange markings flew alongside me. I stopped to appreciate that there is joy in everything I do and even the weekly shopping can be playful, reminding me that I don’t need to take the chores in life too seriously.

I am deeply thankful to Serge Benhayon, Natalie Benhayon and Universal Medicine who have inspired me to develop my relationship with God and to be in communion with him every day.

By Sally Scott, Melbourne, Australia

682 thoughts on “Experiencing the Magic of God in Daily Life

  1. I loved all that you shared Sally especially this last line, making life light, with fun and joy, I am learning to not take life so serious, ” I stopped to appreciate that there is joy in everything I do and even the weekly shopping can be playful, reminding me that I don’t need to take the chores in life too seriously.”

  2. Such simple everyday things that when we allow for the communication that is being offered, brings a true richness into life. Opening up to God in this way is very tangible and relatable, once allowed.

  3. The magic of life is an awe to behold and a testament of the unending love in which God holds us. We are forever called to realise the majesty we are within, and that we are intrinsically part of a greater plan where being who we are, as the Sons of God, is what brings to life the light that reflects who we all truly are.

    1. ‘We are forever called to realise the majesty we are within’ this is so beautiful and boy are we held in love, the love is always there and never not calling us to live the love we are.

  4. It’s beautiful to re-open or deepen our awareness of how the magic of God is there in our daily life to support us to evolve – never dictating but offering inspiration and reflection to help us bring out more of who we truly are to life.

  5. Thank you Sally for the reminder of how the Magic of God is ever present in our lives, and all that we have to do is to be present in our body to read and receive the blessings we are being offered.

    1. Beautifully said Elizabeth, it is simple, isn’t it? To live in a way where we feel the blessings from God everyday because they are constantly around us.

  6. Gorgeous blog , sharing with us what messages of God are and how they are always confirming that we are a son of God and that we are always connected to God – no matter what, even if we do not choose to live by the connection. Showing us that he is constantly communicating with us playfully so, the truth of who we are and confirmations of being who we truly are. He sees us – time to see him. The love he is – the love we are.

  7. Sally, reading your beautiful blog reminds me to appreciate the magic of God and to not take my chores too seriously too. I find choosing to be playful allows me to appreciate a lot more in my every day moments.

  8. We can call them random events, chance, coincidence, etc. We can also call them messages from God taking care of us lovingly. It is a choice each of us have to make on its own. The first makes sure that it closes the door straight away to anything and to everything. The second, opens a door and invite you to feel how much you are beheld.

    1. It’s interesting isn’t it Eduardo that we are constantly being offered loving support from the Divine and yet we have separated ourselves so much from this fact and our own divinity that we are able to dismiss something as coincidence, accident, chance when in actuality, everything has a purpose and is a point of evolution for us if we are open to feeling and reading it.

  9. In every moment we are supported – do we notice the moments of communication and the opportunity to re-connect, expand and let go of? This has been so supportive to read Sally, it is a gentle nudge to not allow ourselves to cast our eyes down continuously but to look out and up and to observe the messages unfolding around us everyday.

  10. We are so deeply supported to be more aware. I appreciate every moment of life and our awareness deepening whether we like it or not, I welcome this and life shows me more the steps in doing so through the body and through everywhere around.

  11. Sally, I love that you share as a family how the magic of God played out in your day. Clocking and appreciating these moments are a beautiful reminder to confirm how truly supported we are everyday with this constant communication from God.

  12. We are reminded of God every moment of the day it is our choice whether we get caught up in our daily activities and ignore them, or move in a way that confirms all the messages we are receiving. Sometimes when we have moved too far off track we are given stop moments such as a flat tyre or an accident or and illness to bring us back. All are deeply loving and show the enormous stupendous love that is there for us all at all moments in time.

  13. I just love how God is always there and it is up to us to make the effort to connect to the divine messages available to us through symbolism.

  14. When we are in the flow and connection of our bodies i find we have a greater space to enjoy these wonderful opportunities or little chats with God and it is in these moments we learn how grand and interconnected we all truly are.

  15. These are beautiful Magic of God moments that could easily be missed if caught up in preoccupations, other distractions, and the dismissing of them. Super inspired to take note of all these moments, all the ways in which God communicates and being open to them. How easily is it to ignore the food spilling off the table if wanting to dumb oneself out with food? Today, after a tricky day at work I went for a walk along a beautiful canal and saw a heron flying above. For a large and fairly cumbersome bird they seem to me to defy gravity, and sore with grace and wisdom reminding me that however heavy my day I do not need to be weighed down by the experiences of others or take on board their emotions or distress.

  16. I agree that when we rush around being busy, we become quite myopic and fail to see the magic in little moments that happen all the time. When I am like this, I cannot see beyond the next thing I need to do and become very serious, thus losing the playful relationship we naturally have with nature and the magic of God.

  17. Beautiful and so inspiring to read Sally, thank you, I am “inspired to develop my relationship with God and to be in communion with him every day.”

  18. The magic of God is an understanding introduced by Universal Medicine that I am never endingly appreciative of, it tells me God is there, it reminds me I am with God in every day.

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