Love Letters and the Magic of God

All my life I have had a strong feeling that God is real. Being brought up a Catholic this played out in my attending church and praying to God when I was struggling in life. However, at the time I always felt God was outside me so I would pray to him but I rarely felt I got any responses. Somewhere I thought that it was not truly possible for God to communicate with me.

Well this notion was completely turned upside down after hearing one of The Way of The Livingness sermons at a Universal Medicine event, setting in motion a series of events which confirmed to me that we are receiving love letters from God all the time, and that the magic of God is real.  

In recent years, through the support of Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine, I have rediscovered not only that God is real, but also that I am held in God’s love and that love is expressed through me, in everything I do and say.

Despite this, what I didn’t understand prior to The Way of The Livingness sermon was that God is always sending us love letters to remind us that we are held in his love but that sometimes we aren’t always opening the love letters from God, and/or at other times we are not even willing to go to the letterbox to see if there is a letter. This analogy really spoke to me and in being open to the fact that God is communicating with me all the time, on one recent occasion he offered me a day where His love letters were impossible to miss.

This truly magical day started with driving to an overnight beach break with my daughter. On the way (we were driving at 100 km/hour on the highway), we were met with the most beautiful display of butterflies flying in and around our car. Never before had I encountered this and I knew it was God communicating and that I was receiving not just one love letter, but hundreds!

When we arrived at the beach there were a huge number of people looking for a park (Easter holidays!), and I initially started to get stressed but then had a feeling everything would be okay. In the next minute, an older couple stopped me and said they would wait for me to do a loop so we could have their park. Due to the traffic they did have to wait but wait they did, only going to their car when we were ready to park, simply confirming the magic of God with another love letter, and communicating to me that we are never alone and that we are always supported.

Feeling I was having the best day ever, yet another love letter was received when I arrived at our accommodation and we were told we had been upgraded and our breakfast would be included. This was incredible because we were already using a super discounted deal to stay at the resort.

The next love letter from God was simply me (unconsciously) choosing to park in a parking area directly under where our room was located so I didn’t have to move my car. There was also a trolley to assist us to transport our bags to our room, which was already super close.

By this time there was no doubt that I had gone to the letterbox and was opening many love letters from God.

One may think it’s no biggie to have simple everyday events of butterflies on the freeway, the easy park, an upgraded room and perfect positioning of our room, but the more I have developed my connection to my body and to God, the more I am aware of the magic of God… everywhere.

And what I have realised is that taking notice of everyday simple communications that support our days to flow with ease and simplicity is precious; they are always there if we are but willing to see them.

The Universal Medicine The Way of The Livingness sermons as presented by Serge Benhayon continue to be perfectly designed to show us all that the magic of God is real and that God is communicating with us all the time. All that’s really needed from us is to be willing to be aware that God is sending us love letters ‘all’ the time, and make the space in our day to look in the letterbox to lovingly receive them.

By Sharon Gavioli, Registered Nurse, Adult Educator, Counsellor, Age 54, Brisbane Australia

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795 thoughts on “Love Letters and the Magic of God

  1. Sometimes it may seem that there is not happening too much on the outside. But if we look inside us there is a lot going on. Just by connecting with our body, feeling our breath and connect with our lungs we may feel the magic of life happening to sustain us alive. This in itself is something grand to deeply appreciate.

  2. Thank you Sharon, this is a very beautiful sharing about how God lives inside of each of everyone of us.
    It’s very inviting to read about it. I’m realising how many precious moments in life can be taken for grantted and be missed when we are out of ourselves. It’s from our presence that we can feel our innate delicate nature, a pulse within that is very still and magnificent.

  3. This is so True Sharon, God delivers, we appreciate and thus allowing us to deepen in the ways that God can bring more magic moments and thus more appreciation, hence living with a deep-humble-appreciate-ive-ness and with the understanding that we are bathed in Gods-Light. Appreciation is the glue that holds us to the next level of glorious-magic, which allows for more appreciation.

    1. Beautiful sharing Greg. Appreciation feels very key to hold a level of responsiveness with the Love letters we receive constantly from God. How precious our life can be if we let ourselves just be and appreciate all what already is? Our delicate nature and stillness within.

  4. It is in the choice to surrender to our body’s natural rhythm and flow that we feel our interconnectedness with everything, and open up to a deeper awareness of the magic of God in the simplicity and symbolic details in life that supports us to learn from and evolve.

  5. To ponder our day to day experiences as the equivalent of opening love letters from God really does open us to the grandness of everyday life and to the messages we are actually receiving.

  6. For me being open to receiving, reading and heeding my love letters from God is hugely supportive on my journey through life, for they can be confirmation that I am on track or they can reveal that I have allowed my-self to be taken off course. Either way I see them as a true blessing and a magical part of my daily life.

  7. Oh where to start….where to start!….there are just so many situations daily where God’s support is so manifest! Just last night I had to wait in the car for nearly 2 hours while my wife did a presentation at a new venue. I hadn’t brought a book or any form of distraction, it was just me… with me. Now, a few years ago I would have been behaving like a caged tiger after 15 minutes; not so last night. The sense of total serenity and support was all around…….

    1. That’s very inspiring to read Jonathan. Even in those moments that we may feel annoyed, disturbed or that may feel not comfortable, there is a Love letter waiting for us. So great you made the choice to open it up 🙂

  8. Looking back, I can see I had so many ‘love letters’ sent to me but at the time I really didn’t connect them to their sender – God. Some of the letters were opened and some stayed in the letter box unopened for a very long time. Today I know they came from God and that they were sent with immense love but with no expectations as to me opening them, that was my choice to make. In total contrast to the days when they weren’t opened or appreciated, these days I welcome them with open arms and an open heart, even if the message is one I really didn’t want to hear for I know God always presents me with the truth.

    1. Thank you Ingrid, this example shows us how Love doesn’t put conditions. It’s a beholding quality that doesn’t punish, demand or expect us being or behave a certain way. It’s the quality always I’ve felt from Serge Benhayon, his family and all the students of the Way of the Livingness.

  9. The more we connect and tune into our body’s natural rhythm the more we feel the quality in our presence and our interconnectedness with everything around us, including God. In allowing ourselves to surrender and deepen our connection the greater our awareness to knowing and understanding the bigger picture to life and our own divinity.

  10. Remembering to go to the post box and then actually open the letters is such a great analogy Sharon, thank you. I can still be selective about when I will open the letters I receive, but when I do open them and am willing to see what is there, it is impossilbe to ignore the beauty, love and truth that is on offer.

  11. This is what brings sweetness to life, awareness of what is happening around us, feeling the constant stream of communication that is the magic of God.

  12. I love this reminder that it is us who have to choose to be reminded of the Love we are from and the connection we have with that Love because it is innately us! I always feel such a warmth when I reconnect and wonder how I found myself wandering away when it is so logical. What I am coming to is that the world is designed to feed the part of us that looks outside for the answers, it feeds the raciness because that fuels the looking outside reality. The Love letters from God are the gifts that brings us a moment of pause to feel the body of Love we live within. THAT is true Love.

  13. Easy and simple definitely is God’s way. Complication smells ungodly and lets me know I am not surrendering to the love that is forever being offered.

  14. What a wonderful blog about the ease and flow that can be experienced when there is a surrender to living within the magic of God. It may not always feel that easy, but it is always likely to be uncomplicated.

  15. Why do we have so many religions pointing to something outside, rather than educating us that we have it all inside and that is the place to start looking? I suspect control of the masses (or our flock) has something to do with it…

  16. To be willing to receive them … that’s it really. God is always there, and always communicating, the question for us is are we willing to see this, and if not to consider that we might be missing out on the support and love of who we are and where we come from.

  17. There are many times we are supported by God during the day especially when we are in our own natural rhythm, God helps make the day flow, I have found it particularly true when traveling into London, if I am out of rhythm my journey is awful, and when I’m in my rhythm the train stops and the doors are right in front of me, I get a seat, and on the underground again I’m positioned in just the right spot, and often the train in drawing into the platform as I arrive, how cool is that.

  18. We create the frequency that vibrates in a way that does not allow us to feel God. Removing what we have created to leave God out is our choice and our privilege. The funny thing is that no matter how hard we try, when we start addressing the frequency we have chosen, we realize that He was always there.

    1. And if we are not tuned into that vibration (of God) then what radio station are we listening to, and more worryingly is playing out in our thoughts words and deeds?

      1. A radio station that is so distorted that we fervently believe that we are individuals going about our unrelated business, liking this and liking that, doing this and doing that, when all along we are the One United Consciousness of God. Being tuned into a distorted radio station gives us temporary amnesia that’s all but eventually we will all remember who we are in truth and that’s a fact.

  19. ‘..,sometimes we aren’t always opening the love letters from God, and/or at other times we are not even willing to go to the letterbox to see if there is a letter.’ But when I do I am always surprised by how we are held in a stupendous love delivered with so much joy that I always have to smile or laugh inside and/or letting this out innocently, joyfully.

  20. There is such a magic around us and in us of course and once we connect to that magic in us, we can see the magic all around.

  21. It is a beautiful confirmation in the body when we have the feeling that everything is going to be ok. It confirms an absolute connection to God, that everything that comes our way we can handle and there is no such thing as self doubt. What may look like a disappointment from the outside is in truth a blessing.

    1. I was reminded the other day to take a moment when I felt tense or wound up, or didn’t know the answer, just to take a moment to come back to feel my body in a very tactile and visceral way. The moment I do that I feel an expansion that reminds me of the All I am from and I feel exactly what you have shared here – that everything is going to be ok. No matter how it looks or how unfamiliar the situation is, with that connection to the All I am from, there is nothing I am not equipped to handle.

  22. Its almost like you don’t even have to go to the letterbox, its simply a question of looking up from our desk, where we have been so focussed on our selves and our lives. When we look up, God is standing there, letter in hand and a smile on His face, always welcoming, always beholding.

  23. Thank you Sharon, always beautiful to read this. Its reminded me to look into my every day experiences and really feel and appreciate all the ways God is saying “I am here with you”.

  24. The more we develop our connection to our bodies – just simply tuning into what we can feel, instead of the go-to of overriding our natural sensitivity that we’ve become so accustomed to, the more we feel that connection with the wider world. The Universe, God, whatever you want to call it – it is there, and we all feel it, to a greater or lesser degree, as we choose to accept it and open up to the fact that we’re part of a greater whole, or not.

  25. I loved reading your blog to day Sharon thank you for sharing and reminding me of the love letters I have been missing in my need to control life, instead of allowing my life to lovingly un fold and be open to the magic of God’s love all around d me,

  26. If humanity could simply read what was there in front of them all the time, layer after layer, just waiting to be read, the doorways to our own divinity simply and always there.

  27. I love receiving love letters from God. I used to think that they always needed to be ‘good’ like the perfect space at the car park etc. Now since attending workshops at Universal Medicine with Serge Benhayon, I realise that the messages don’t always need to be ‘good’, I now see the beauty in even the ‘bad’ or the ‘ugly’, its an offering to change something or us. We just need to be willing to see it for what it is instead of becoming caught in the emotion.

    1. That is a really good point. The messages do not need to come in a certain way, or be ‘good’ in the sense there is no challenge to them. Sometimes we need to be called back from a ‘rabbit hole’ distraction!

  28. For me, the pursuit of God was something that was there from such an early age… And really the way that this is expressed sums up my life… It was the pursuit… Of something that is so innately within us that to look outside is such a dichotomy. For me it was essential to meet someone who lived in connection with that essence… And that was Serge Benhayon

  29. I get a feeling that most of us are living in such a rush that we have passed the letterbox before we realise and therefore any “love letters from God” waiting to be opened will simply languish gathering dust; and then we wonder why life becomes a struggle and not the joy we suspect it could be. Living life in a way that we are present in each wonderful moment ensures that we will not miss any of these love-filled letters and the divine offerings that God is always presenting us with.

    1. We sometimes need a stop like a holiday away to assist us to even notice nature and enjoy its many offerings, such is the whirl of activity and busyness we live in. It reminds me to also allow more space to be open in my day to feel the activity of God and what is being communicated.

  30. We are never alone and always supported – yes how true this is, and the more I allow myself to share and express and not hold back, everything I need is already there for me – the magic of God.

  31. I loved reading this blog again reminding me of the loving support I am held in moment by moment as i go about my daily life and the responsibility I have in living from this love.

  32. We are held in absolute love from God at all times, when we forget this simple fact life becomes complicated and we tend to control life instead of surrounding to this divine love and feeling the true support we are constantly offered.

  33. The love of God is never switched on or off or determined by what we do, the love of God is forever holding us and within us, supporting us to evolve back the being in union with Him, as such our our divinity. When we surrender to the love in our hearts, to truth, our awareness of Gods communication become more and more tangible, confirming the oneness we are already innately part of.

    1. So very true Carola, there is not one ounce of self doubt in the connection and communication with God. We know and then we get to see the joyful reflections that come our way confirming this.

    1. Its always a two way call, but how are we on our side of the communication? Are we open, receptive and listening?

    2. Putting two and two together isn’t a choice it’s something that’s either given to us or not dependant on the energy we’ve aligned to. Align to the pranic consciousness and coming to the understanding that two and two equal four is not an option. We’re not the ones choosing, our choices are given to us dependant on what we’ve aligned to and what we align to depends on the quality of our thoughts, speech and movements. We can’t be disconnected to the way that we move, have thoughts that are centred around drama and getting ahead and speak in a way that continually expresses the lie of creation and get the answer ‘four’ when we add up two and two, it’s just not possible.

  34. “I am held in God’s love and that love is expressed through me, in everything I do and say” – what a responsibility we have.

  35. Reading our Love letters from God is a true blessing on our life’s journey, as they support us by either confirming that we are on track or are alerting us to the fact that we are straying from our true living way.

    1. Yes Elizabeth we are supported by an awareness of both two sides of the coin. God offers us truth “confirming that we are on track or are alerting us to the fact that we are straying from our true living way”

  36. Beautifully shared Sharon, the magic of God is all around us if we but only take the time to see, feel and appreciate the love that we are enveloped in.

  37. This blog is so sweet, it reminds me to stay in the joy of life, it reminds me that when we let thing get us down, then more comes in to get us down but when we connect to the magic , more magic comes to confirm we are on the right track.

    1. That is very true, though I can’t imagine you ever being down. You are just so light and full of joy, but perhaps that is how you know & have learned what you share – through experiencing it first hand.

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