The Way of The Livingness, a Beetle and the Magic of God

The other day I had quite an unusual experience of the magic of God at play, the language of symbolism as presented by The Way of The Livingness.

I am quite used to leaves and feathers in unusual places; the story of a beetle appearing on a friend’s kneecap after she had told her daughter that her pain felt like a beetle gnawing at her; a huge butterfly majestically gliding past umbrellas and patrons in an outdoor cafe setting in the middle of town, and so the list goes on.

That day I was driving to work and happened to follow a VW Beetle for quite a distance, as there was nowhere to overtake safely. Did I say overtake? This little creature was actually powering along at an amazing pace and the noise from the rear air-cooled engine certainly brought back memories of my first two cars. I could see that this specimen was quite old, an early model, sitting very low, looking very rounded and plumed. When we got to a T-junction I noticed to my amazement and joy that it had no indicator lights but instead the old flicker that poked out of the top side of the car on the pillar between the front and rear seat. I hadn’t seen a Beetle this old in ages, not even in Germany, and here we were in rural NSW, Australia!

I kept enjoying the sound of the motor in front of me for a while longer until the driver turned off the main road and I thought no more of it.

Later that afternoon a call came up on my mobile with no caller ID. I answered and a man said in German: “Hello, I am so and so.” He then proceeded to ask: “Are you the daughter of so and so?” And I said: “No need to ask really, I know who you are.”

The man was calling from Canada, a cousin I hadn’t spoken to in over 30 years; he and his family had seemingly vanished even though I had been especially close to his wife and even lived with them for a while.

As we talked everything was as familiar as though I had only been there the day before; the name of his wife was just there for me, as were the names of their children, as was the name of the street they lived in.

And what does that have to do with God, The Way of The Livingness or the Magic of God?

The Way of The Livingness teaches that we are always held by God, no matter what affiliation or philosophy, what age or profession and regardless of our choice to either align to, or live in active opposition to this constellation. The Way of The Livingness also needs no special buildings where you can commune with God or feel His presence. Being held within the All, which is God, where could you possibly go or be where God is not?

And with the magic of God and the signs and symbols we are continually given, be it in the form of a leaf, a group of kookaburras laughing joyfully, a butterfly gracefully crossing your path or a fly nearly bumping into you – who needs a special consecrated building to commune with God?

All I can say is that the magic of God was very much at play that day. The Beetle had prepared me for something from the past and so the phone call, as unexpected and out of the blue as it was after such a long time, came strangely enough as no surprise, even though it did. No exclamation marks or awkward gaps, gasps of air or excuses – just the lovely ebb and flow in the conversation between three people – my cousin, his wife and me – connecting again after a very long time.

By Gabriele Conrad, Goonellabah, NSW

543 thoughts on “The Way of The Livingness, a Beetle and the Magic of God

  1. Preparing our life for such magic does not exist, as when we turn the corner there it is as plain as the noise on our collective faces, we simply have to be open as you have shared Gabrielle, and this magical way of living with God comes as normal as our breath.

  2. I get the sense that we recognise the conversation God has with us when we are in our body, when we are in the present moment, rather than racing ahead or living in the past.

  3. God communicates with us all of the time, I guess it is up to us to see that and understand the communication. We can ignore what is being said to us, not consciously but by making life physical and static that is exactly what we are doing.

    1. It is always a choice, do we ignore the communication, or do we choose to be connected to our bodies, aware of our quality of energy, and so are able to receive the magic when it presents.

  4. Through reading and responding to the symbolism offered in nature and life, the opportunity for an intimate relationship with God continues to deepen and expand as a strong and solid presence in the body.

  5. A deep knowing of the truth of it being impossible to be anything other than being held within the body of God brings a deep sense of settlement within the body.

  6. Symbols and the Magic of God that is presented through these communications are there for everyone to receive and read if choosing to do so. Being aware of these symbols and reading their meaning offers enrichment to our daily life.

    1. Yes, nothing is nothing and everything is everything. All too often there is a playfulness to the timing that constantly reminds me I am not alone, I am part of the greater whole which impulses me to remember my purpose in life.

  7. When we begin to consider life from the richness and grandness of its signs and symbols that support us to learn, grow and evolve we can also begin to appreciate how it is the magic of God at play.

    1. A more enriching and confirming life, such joy with these messages, ‘The Beetle had prepared me for something from the past and so the phone call, as unexpected and out of the blue as it was after such a long time, came strangely enough as no surprise, even though it did.’

  8. It’s gorgeous to feel your appreciation and engagement with what you are observing. We can miss out on all of this detail and delight when we get caught in just living our days and getting by.

    1. We get encumbered by what we perceive as mundaneness, we might fall for the delights of the spirt but we bypass, minimise if not dismiss and miss out on the deep joy that lays awaiting in the Magic of God.

    2. It is a fast track to misery and frustration living blind to all the magic and love around us. I love that simple daily activities are punctuated by the symbols of god’s communication, it’s such fun and joy to be felt in life.

      1. And punctuation marks these moments truly are; some are more like exclamation marks and then we also get the odd question mark, nudging us to ponder which track we are heading down.

  9. A beautiful sharing Gabriele, God is always sending messages for us, there are so many we miss, however he never gives up and continues to shower us with symbols, signs and love.

  10. This makes me wonder if there’s any moment when God is not communicating to us. How can this notion of there being more than the physical be sporadic and temporary? Is it simply down to whether I pay attention or not? It feels like a quite a big effort to convince ourselves that we are it.

    1. God = space and = love and He is relentless. We are the ones who turn the other way, even though we cannot, in truth. Because wherever we turn, He is.

  11. I am sure we have all had magic moments like this happening sometime in our lives. Our ability to realise what is happening and see the magic at play is all based on our level and quality of connection with ourselves.

  12. What a gorgeous story – loved reading it and also love the magic of God which is everywhere if we allow ourselves to observe and receive.

    1. Yes, if we are willing to read and move in a way that seeds forth what we shall reap, then the future is assured.

  13. How blessed are we to continually receive the magic of God, when we embrace the divinity on offer it expands and evolves us.

  14. If you tune in and be open to what is next, all will be felt and therefore you will be more than ready to be with it and not in reaction. This ability is there for all — I know that because I know that ability is not owned by me, but comes from the universe owned by us all.

    1. For myself, I can’t be sure that the universe is owned by us – in fact, it just doesn’t sit right. The concept of owning is temporal and man-made and, if I may suggest as much, individualised and individualising to me.

      1. I agree Gabriele and in fact feel sure that we don’t own the universe and what you say is correct!

  15. We are not alone in the universe and being open to exploring that nothing is random and ‘just happens’ can open up to exploring who and what we are with in this universe.

    1. There is no such thing as ‘random’ or ‘haphazard’ in our universe. It might suit some to think that way and has made it even into education and parenting, but does not reflect a realty that is far grander than those concocted notions.

  16. Magically it works — hence it throws any lie out of the window that says : we can only connect with God when we are clean, in a special place, when we are a holy person or with someone who is holy, in status, with an agenda — all the false reliability can be discarded, for it takes only a connection to the Breath of God to know Him.

  17. “Being held within the All, which is God, where could you possibly go or be where God is not?” – This statement feels so true to me, and makes the concept of needing to go to church to find God seem so limiting and unnecessary. What could be more accessible to God than all the people around us who are living Sons of his Light and all the animals, plants, mountains, etc. that constantly reflect something to us to help bring us back to our divine essence?

  18. The structure of my mind, i.e. the consciousness I am familiar with and has formed my way of awareness and thinking, sometimes finds it difficult to get the symbolism. Sometimes I think that one can put a bit too much meaning or interpretation into things that happen, and although that may be so at times, first and foremost it exposes the limitation, rigidity and need for control that simply feels challenged by a way of seeing and understanding life in a less linear way, that actually is spherical and uncontrollable.

    1. I do know what you mean – this need to read meaning into everything; maybe that’s where the tea leaves came from? But then again, that tiny little feather that floats down from above, right in front of my eyes – where does it come from and how come I happen to be right here, at this very moment? How much are we not the source of what we might think we are the instigators of? And what is really going on?

      1. Yes, knowing oneself being part of and living in a greater whole where constant communication is happening and not just looking out into the world from the confines of one’s narrowed, self-focused mind.

  19. Very beautiful to feel the presence of God is reflected through our everyday living as a reminder that we are held through our everyday living to reflect the truth of who we are, the light of God, love, through all we do and the connections we make.

  20. Such beautiful examples of how life can be such a beautiful flow when we go with it and allow the space for it, for what I feel reading this is a feeling an allowing, a feeling of space, of observation and when we can be with life in this way, we see and feel it’s magic; that magic is always there of course, but we see it when we observe and allow space. And to read these lines … ‘we are always held by God’ … ‘Being held within the All, which is God, where could you possibly go or be where God is not?’ and that is the gorgeousness of what’s there for us always.

  21. I never tire of receiving magical messages from God such as the one you received, Gabriele. And I am never surprised when and where the messages appear, but simply smile in appreciation at the message God has offered me in that moment with the absolute knowing it won’t be the last.

  22. In a world that is so seemingly mundane and just about what we do, the magic of God shows us there is far more to life than what we see, because to see and understand the magic of God we have to come back to where the magic came from, the love within us.

  23. For me there is always a strong knowing and feeling when a Magic of God moment is happening, it just feels undeniably magical and I feel that I am deeply understood and held. Another person may just see the event I have experienced as nothing special, but there is a deep inner knowing about it for me.

  24. We are all a part of the All and never can we cease to be a part of this, we can only turn off our awareness and in so doing begin to live in a very truncated way. This is how we ‘lose God’ so to speak, but how he never ever loses us.

  25. I often find when somebody comes to my mind, before long I will run into them at the shops or receive a phone call from them. I love what you have shared Gabriele, the magic of God is all around for everyone if they only have eyes to see and an open heart to receive.

  26. We are continually being communicated by God, if we chose to see those symbols as a means of God’s communication instead of trying to figure it out from the head.
    I loved reading your blog, it felt I was right there following the VW Beetle.

  27. There is something deeply sacred in what you share here Gabriele. There’s a palpable stillness and majesty in the symbolism of God – the magic our divinity is communicated to us with.

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