The Body is a Temple for the Soul

There was a time in my life when I was hugely arrogant and this largely came from my misplaced identification with my body and the lives I knew I had lived earlier before coming into this one.

Why do I say misplaced? Because I was in the illusion of an image – a conditioned picture, laid down by false information, giving way to certain ideals of how a man’s body ought to be; the utterly belying and beguiling warrior consciousness so to speak. Continue reading “The Body is a Temple for the Soul”

True Religion = No More ‘If Onlys’ 

Many of us torture ourselves with ‘if onlys’ when the world comes crashing down around us. When we begin to accept that what’s done is done, we may turn to religion for solace or rage at God for ‘allowing’ the unthinkable to happen. Either way, for many of us God is the one we call on in our darkest hours and religion is a word that seems to accompany him.

When the proverbial excrement hits the fan, we are given a moment to stop and consider what it is that we truly believe – what rings true for us and what we subscribe to in the way of religion. Continue reading “True Religion = No More ‘If Onlys’ “

From Religious Confusion to Religious Truth 

My confusion about religion and God began at a very early age, probably from day one. My father didn’t believe there was a God but that there was a logical explanation for everything in the Universe.

His own father had been raised in the Catholic faith and from very early on was expected to be the priest in the family, but at 17 this pressure turned him away from the Catholic religion and he ran away to sea. He later discovered Rationalism and when he became a father himself he brought his own children up, including my father, in this belief. Continue reading “From Religious Confusion to Religious Truth “

Sin, Confession and the True Religion of the Ageless Wisdom

I was born into the institutionalised religion of Catholicism. At the tender age of 7, my classmates and I all underwent the training, practices and rituals that would allow us to make our first confession – currently called reconciliation. After confession we became eligible for ‘Holy Communion,’ the act which, according to Catholicism, symbolically unites one with God.

Central to the rite of confession is the concept of sin and the notion that we are all sinners with different levels of severity. There were lesser or venial sins, like calling someone names or taking a biscuit without Mum’s permission – these were the sins of childhood we were advised. Then there were the very heavy feeling mortal sins like adultery and murder that some adults engaged in, to the detriment of their ‘Souls’. Continue reading “Sin, Confession and the True Religion of the Ageless Wisdom”

Universal Medicine Retreat…. and Advance!

With the May 2015 U.K. Universal Medicine Retreat already in the past, I feel drawn to examine my position, and the position of Humanity at this moment in time.

Continue reading “Universal Medicine Retreat…. and Advance!”

Universal Medicine, The Way of The Livingness & the Student Body: We Are here to Stay, We Are not Going Away

If someone were to search for Universal Medicine or Serge Benhayon on the internet for the first time, they would come across some amazing contributions by people whose lives have changed dramatically and against all the current downward trends in health and wellbeing statistics worldwide.

They would discover and witness a steady upward development and improvement in people that started in 1999 when Serge Benhayon began presenting and that has been gaining strength ever since and continues to do so.

Serge Benhayon
Serge Benhayon – Presenting since 1999

And they would also come across some defamatory material, liberally sprinkled with swear words and vile accusations as well as some articles by those sections of the media that deftly forsake research and fairness for copycat and syndicated reporting and for sensationalism, no matter the price. Continue reading “Universal Medicine, The Way of The Livingness & the Student Body: We Are here to Stay, We Are not Going Away”