Continuing to Age Joyfully    

Today I am feeling great humility for all that I have been offered in this lifetime. As I took my evening walk I felt full to overflowing for all the wisdom I have been able to access and this would not have occurred if I had ignored an impulse to deepen my relationship with myself. I felt this call and in answer I was introduced to the books of Serge Benhayon. I knew instantly that within these writings I felt a deep confirmation of those moments throughout my life where I could feel my body open up as a truth dropped in. These books contained a wisdom that was undeniable and wherein lay the answers to the constant questioning throughout my life – I somehow sensed that there was another way. I was offered a new perspective on the meaning of life and I knew this time that I had found the truth and a connection to something more magnificent than anything that life had offered thus far.   

Serge has been such a glorious reflection of everything that is true love. This love is expressed by the way he lives each moment of his life with a dedication and commitment to bringing humanity back to living life in a way that is without compromise and yet without perfection.  

The simplicity of the way he lives life takes away all the need to be anything other than being oneself without trying or any drive. He offers a space for us all to explore life for ourselves – no imposition just words of wisdom that come from heaven and are calling us back to a way of life that we know in our hearts is our natural and innate way.   

With his simple words –  

everything is energy, therefore everything is BECAUSE of energy  

Serge Benhayon Esoteric Teachings & Revelations, ed 1, p 220 

– there is an allowing and a space for us to ponder on these words and what they are offering. For me they offered a moment to stop and to feel that there was a possibility that this was true – it spoke to a knowingness deep within. I could feel I was more than the physical form that has become an identity, and that I was a vehicle whereby I can choose to express on this earthly plane of life everything that my soul was imparting. Over time I have explored this truth and it makes more and more sense – I can feel energy and the impact that it has. I can feel the energy when I walk into a room – whether it be harmonious or one of discord – and I have also come to understand that I can let this energy in or allow myself to observe and not become swept away by whatever emotion has been expressed.  

This way of living is a daily if not moment-by-moment opportunity to deepen and expand my connection to my body. As I age it feels increasingly important to listen to my body as it reveals the way I have taken it through life; a way that was disconnected. It offers me an opportunity to take responsibility for the way I live – to honour my body and to treat it with love and care.  

I truly value that at last I have begun to listen, as I daily become aware of the increase in illness and disease and the overload on our Health Services. The overwhelm of the elderly at a time in their lives when they begin to realise that their body can no longer cope with the ever increasing load must feel daunting, and without the support that I have found in Universal Medicine I can sense that I would feel equally overwhelmed and in the same predicament. 

Is the way forward for future generations to begin the process of reconnecting to the wisdom found within our body and understanding our responsibility to care for it?  

This is an amazing opportunity to feel the empowerment of taking back the care of our body into our own hands; to no longer feel dependent and a sense of helplessness. We can become an equal partner in our own healthcare and bring a sense of self-love into the way we live our lives as we change the way we feel about ourselves with some simple adjustments.  We can begin by treating our body with greater awareness, tenderness and appreciation for all it brings and to feel the sense of purpose and joy that comes with a life whereby we embrace each moment and each opportunity to deepen our relationship with God, to live life to the full, and as we begin to change we meet others along the way and together we can deepen our sense of living in true fellowship with ourselves, one another and with God.   

How much richer our lives can be if we each accept our part in building a richer society – one that is rich in the way that we live with greater harmony and joy. Ageing Joyfully is indeed an option that we all have when we embrace the Ageless Wisdom, a wisdom that comes from deep within and is equally all around us, and that has been lived by so many others who have gracefully walked this path for aeons. 

By Susan Lee, Norfolk, UKRetired and enjoying a life that continues to be purposeful and engaging, Norfolk, UK 

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461 thoughts on “Continuing to Age Joyfully    

  1. The books that Serge Benhayon has written is a legacy to the world and for our future, of what is and what is to be, we can resist and fight the truth but the truth will out and humanity will come to the realisation that Serge Benhayon actually did know what he was presenting that we are magnificent which we will grow into and access our soul. Then we will never be fooled again. It may take a few hundred years or so but let’s face it we are not going anywhere except round and round the sun until the penny drops!

  2. The deeper we understand the relationship we have with The Ageless Wisdom the greater the joy and the appreciation of all things heavenly and thus sent from God. Thank you Susan as we all are students of our own Livingness and The teachings from Serge Benhayon have shared much that is revelatory for our evolution.

  3. The more I explore and reconnect to the essence we all belong to the more I know from a deeper innermost connection that what Serge Benhayon presents is the truth. Because I have lived this truth before which confirms to me that the Ageless wisdom has been available to us throughout the ages. Serge Benhayon is a master of what he teaches because he has always lived aligned to this energy. There is a connection to a magnificent way of living that we can all come back to, returning back to the truth of who we are and where we all come from.

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