Landing My Dream Job

For over 20 years I have wanted to be a training officer and until recently I thought it was going to remain just a dream. However, through learning about true self-care and self-love I have gone from being ‘down and out,’ on the dole, to landing my dream job in just over 3 years.

I come from a family whose members are all claiming disability benefits. They continually argue with their partners and think that is love. I have always known this wasn’t love but didn’t have anything else to compare it with. So I chose to withdraw from life, suffered with psychosis and depression and spent many years claiming Incapacity Benefit.

When I discovered Universal Medicine, my life was in tatters. I was so emotionally scarred, I truly felt I had nothing left to offer anybody, let alone an employer. I had lost my confidence and truly thought nobody would ever want to hire me again.

Then I was introduced to Sacred Esoteric Healing™ and it has completely changed my life. I started to face my hurts, talk about them and explain why that particular thing somebody had said or done had hurt me so much. A lot of my ‘stuff’ came from childhood issues, which was a little embarrassing to talk about sometimes, but I found that talking about it helped me to truly feel what was going on in my body and to let the hurt go – with the loving support of the practitioners of course. Once I let the hurt go I realised that there was no forgiveness attached to the hurt or the person who had caused the hurt. When you truly let go of a hurt and accept your part in it, there is no forgiveness needed as there is no judgement.

Learning Gentleness & Commitment to Life

One of my first lessons was learning gentleness and commitment to life. I learned through one of the Universal Medicine’s practitioners to stop before I said or did anything and to feel my gentleness and then proceed with that quality.

Within a few months of seriously committing to this program, my life started to change. I slowly cut down on my intake of alcohol: I stopped smoking and I started to cut out food that made me feel heavy and bloated. I got a job close to home and life started to feel really good for the first time in a long time. I followed these steps consistently every day – however I wasn’t perfect, I’m still not. Every time I feel I have left my body, I just focus on the quality of my movements and come straight back to me. Then gradually my lifestyle choices changed: I started to watch less TV, I introduced a gentle wind-down routine before bed, and went to bed before 9pm.

My commitment to myself and to life has grown tremendously in the last 3 years, and through the many Universal Medicine healing workshops and Esoteric therapy sessions I have had with many different practitioners, I have let go of many hurts and learned to choose more loving patterns of behaviour.

After working for the same company for 6 months I applied for a team leader role in another department and got it. After gaining experience in this area I felt I had to move on as I wasn’t being paid what I knew I was worth. This was huge for me as my lack of self-worth before Universal Medicine would have allowed me to just take what was on offer. I then applied for a role with a company 20 minutes’ walk from my house and they paid for me to go to college, twice a week for a year, to obtain my CIPD Diploma in Human Resource Practice, even though I wasn’t working in the HR Department. My colleagues were really shocked at this, as the company didn’t usually pay for courses unless they applied to the role you were in.

After qualifying it confirmed what I had already truly known, which was that Learning and Development was the area I needed to be working in.

I moved house and was commuting to London for my job, but started to look for a role close by. I originally started looking for an HR Administrator role as I thought this would be my way of getting on the career ladder in Learning and Development. However, after a few interviews, I realised that I was selling myself short and should just apply for training officer roles and see what happened – another thing to appreciate about how much my self-worth had gone up.

I have also learned through the many Expression and Presentation workshops that Serge Benhayon presents that I don’t need to prepare for and/or control every moment; I don’t need to know everything. The only thing that matters is connecting to my essence, the true me, the love that we all innately are, and bring that love forth in all that I say and do.

Learning to Bring All of Me

In Bringing All of Me to every interview I had, I was able to bring through all of my life’s experiences, which meant being able to answer any question that was thrown at me, calmly and concisely and in doing so, land my dream job. Now I focus on practising this in every moment and more and more changes are happening in my life all the time. I let go of alcohol, cigarettes and ‘recreational’ drugs a long time ago and recently seriously cut down on my sugar and caffeine intake as my body goes into hardness when I have it and I shut down and start arguing with my partner; also I feel racy and anxious in my body which affects my sleep BIG TIME. And without the stimulants I am much more committed to life in and outside of work. I visit my Dad regularly and either clean his flat for him and/or take him out to lunch, which I know he loves. I am also open to deepening my relationships with everyone around me, not just my nearest and dearest.

I have been in my new role for a few months now and it’s very different from any other role I’ve ever had. It needs a lot of hard work as there is a lot to learn, but I’m loving every minute of it. Although I’m working for a finance company and don’t have a financial background, I am learning fast and have started training clients after just a few short weeks. I focus on staying in my body, and as questions are asked I feel that I can connect to what’s needed and answer from my heart.

Life is so simple when we live this way.

By Anonymous

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697 thoughts on “Landing My Dream Job

  1. This is so true Anonymous
    ‘ When you truly let go of a hurt and accept your part in it, there is no forgiveness needed as there is no judgement.’
    I was brought up as a Roman Catholic and that God is a Wrathful, judgmental God and if you weren’t nice or didn’t behave then you were a sinner.
    It’s taken me a long time to pick apart the lies of this particular religion and for a long time every time I thought I was free of the doctrine I would feel another tentacle grow and encase me again. I have had to work very hard on myself to expose the many held onto beliefs that were not true that I took on as being true.
    Recently, I came to my own understanding that God does not judge. I was able to feel again that he has walked by my side always and how easy it now is to take his hand so to say and walk beside him, something I haven’t managed to do since I was a child. My greatest relationship is with God first, if I have this then everything else will fall naturally into place.

  2. I Love this blog ❤️ You should do talks on how much your life has changed as the changes are huge and I feel could really support others in their lives ✨

  3. This is also about constellations – how when ready, we are constellated and perfectly positioned for the next level of advance.

  4. This is a special blog because it gives people an opportunity to relate to how they are in life and that there is a way to get out from underneath what seems like insurmountable problems by facing our fears or hurts and not letting them dictate life back to us.

  5. ‘However, through learning about true self-care and self-love I have gone from being ‘down and out,’ on the dole, to landing my dream job in just over 3 years.’ This is a pretty amazing story … only its not a story its your truth. With so many more people struggling in the world and with so many more homeless this says a lot for self-care and self-love. Just bringing it back to us in the smallest instance is really quite huge as we can clearly see from your experience and your truth.

  6. This is just stunning. Like, who would have thought that self-care and self-love would lead to landing a dream job? What a beautiful unfoldment. This brings back the simplicity of what life is really about – just bringing our all, and totally undoes all the ‘how-to-get-XYZ in life’, things that are about having a target and agenda.

    1. What has been presented in the blog and the comments is the opposite to what is happening in life. I have just been introduced to KPI’s and to me they turn human beings into machines, they stress people out, there isn’t an ounce of care in the figures or data. It’s all about making profit for the company and pushing people to perform out of fear that they will lose their jobs if the data shows a drop in performance levels. There is no self care and self love in this way of living and so to me it is no wonder that people are so sick and depressed. I have to question what are we doing to ourselves?

  7. Reading this blog was just perfect, at a moment where I am pondering about my job. ‘I felt I had to move on as I wasn’t being paid what I know I was worth’ – was a statement I needed to read. I know I bring more to the job I do and I know I am worth more than what I am paid. And I have been pondering on this role and researching where to next.
    What I felt about your sharing was from a person who has turned his/her life around, to serving from the love of life and the love of serving humanity, without perfection. Thank you for the inspiration.

    1. I can remember having a job which was poorly paid but I loved every minute of it because it was what I wanted to do. I didn’t mind not having much money because what I did have was priceless, because you cannot put a price on true joy. I used to laugh to myself that I was actually getting paid to do something that I loved doing. And it’s still the same today.

  8. When we let go of our hurts we are carrying, we let go of the protection and hardness in the body. The deeper we go, the more the deep rooted hurts arise to let go of once and for all.

  9. “I focus on staying in my body, and as questions are asked I feel that I can connect to what’s needed and answer from my heart.” Another gem. Staying connected to our body makes such a difference to our life and our everyday interactions with people.

  10. “… without the stimulants I am much more committed to life in and outside of work.” Without stimulants we can bring so much more of who we truly are to anything we say or do. The clarity that comes through when we are connected to our innermost feels amazing.

  11. What is so solid about this is you yourself made the steps to go from being on the dole and living in an unhealthy manner, to now living committed to life and honouring your worth, taking gentle, loving care of yourself, and being open to deepening the love with everyone around you. And, trusting your expression! It’s truly an extraordinary story, yet your background shows anyone can make these kinds of changes with the right support. What I really feel in your blog is the power of you, to both heal your life and also now live the fullness of your essence. I would love to read more from you and would buy your book, there is nothing like the inspiration of people who have resurrected themselves out of truly challenging situations. Your story shows how real and universal the Ageless Wisdom is, as presented by Universal Medicine. Amazing, thank you.

  12. This blog shows beyond doubt that we can save ourselves, no one else can walk those steps for us. It has come from our own want/need not to be fooled by anything that is not love again.

    1. Very true Mary. What we choose makes a massive difference – and we can make a different choice in every moment; getting support if we need it. Life can move from the mundane to the extraordinary.

      1. The support is always there… it is a question as to whether we welcome it or not. As I let go of more protection held in my body the more I open myself up to the support that is on offer and flowing into my life.

    1. jstewart51, I’m just beginning to understand life at the tender age of 64 I have always loved the work I do but didn’t have the self love or the self care. Allowing myself to have a relationship with myself where I take much more care of myself brings a deeper quality to my life which everyone seems to be able to feel. For example, I saw one of the builders that renovated my house recently haven’t seen them for years and they remarked on how well I looked and as they got into their truck said whatever it is that you are doing keep doing it. For a man to notice the changes in me I feel is a testament to their sensitivity and a testament to Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon and his family. I was a train wreck before I met them and today, I have blossomed into a woman I always knew was there hiding in the shadows but too afraid to come out.

  13. The fact you started training clients after a few short weeks shows your natural affinity with the role and your dedication. Fabulous story, well done.

    1. I wonder rosannabianchini if this natural affinity comes from a past life? Because of the way we live we are not able to connect to our past lives, but that doesn’t mean to say that they are not there within us as part of who we are.

  14. A simple and straight forward blog which gives us a peek into a life and how it can change when we truly want it to and make that commitment to ourselves and others.

  15. Amazing truly Amazing 💫 Sacred Esoteric Healing truly gets to the absolute root of hurts etc enabling the person to reclaim the truth of who they are along with this and your commitment to yourself it is very cool to hear about the changes that have happened for you in your life.

  16. “When you truly let go of a hurt and accept your part in it, there is no forgiveness needed as there is no judgement.” How different our world would be if there was no judgement.

  17. “landing my dream job” – when it comes to jobs and landing them they say it’s about ‘moving in the right direction’ — the moving comes from a prior movement of living love.

    1. I can really relate with this it is not about luck but instead what we have said yes to which comes from within.

      1. It’s a really great point Vicky and it brings it back to our self empowerment, instead of envying or being jealous of others we can be honest about what we have or haven’t said yes to… and the inspiration of another’s reflection reminding us what we can say yes to.

  18. “I learned through one of the Universal Medicine’s practitioners to stop before I said or did anything and to feel my gentleness and then proceed with that quality.” This is brilliant advice regarding how to bring true quality into our lives.

  19. I love how your gentleness became such a strength for you, something that has seen you through an enormous change in your life.

  20. How often do we sell ourselves short and in so doing sell the world short as well! If we should be a trainer and we are in the office then everyone loses and vice versa. Perhaps the conversation we should be having with our children is supporting them to embrace what they enjoy, what their strengths are, and then supporting them to consider industries and jobs that might suit those skills.

  21. We have so many hangovers from our childhood hurts that live within us and impulse our patterns of behaviour. Yet, if we make the space to understand why we do what we do, we offer ourselves an opportunity to simply let it go, and as you say – no need for judgement “When you truly let go of a hurt and accept your part in it, there is no forgiveness needed as there is no judgement.”

  22. A beautiful example of achieving what is possible when we say yes to love and keep saying yes to loving ourselves. It may mean we learn patience and the beauty of presence facing one step at a time and not placing ourselves in the future which can be so easily to do when we have a dream job to do knocking at our door. When we take each step at a time our dream job is possible and not only that, it is being done in a quality that is being asked for in the bigger picture because of all the necessary loving changes that have been made.

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