Spirit or Soul

I have been exploring recently what it is like to feel me, the true me, my connection to Soul. The aspect in me that brings me back to how I felt as a child – open, free and extremely play-full, while in complete harmony and respect for everyone and everything else at the same time. When I am living from my connection with Soul, I feel my connection with God and my absolute joy of just being me!

It occurred to me that I have not always lived this way throughout my life; that I have often lived the contrasting opposite to this otherwise natural way of being. It has become far more obvious to me each day that there are actually two versions of me that I have at my will to choose to be at any given moment, on any given day, and each gives me a very, very different way of living and approaching life.

There is a part of me that is Divine. It is absolute and known within my being to the core that there is no doubt that the essence of God is in me. It feels very powerful! It feels such that, from my heart to my bones, stretching down beneath the ground, with every step I take the very earth I walk on is being graced by this presence and movement. I feel so at one and held by God’s Love that my body feels yummy all over. I can feel this connection through every tree, every breath of wind on my face and even every drop of rain.

His perfection is everywhere, His mastery of life, just an undeniable reality, and with such connection comes the enormous sense of responsibility and Brotherhood. It feels that with such love, nothing is held to be less than or greater than me. Everything and everyone is held without judgement in this love by my presence and understanding.

I can feel this connection with God throughout my veins, in my being and deep within my heart. This connection naturally offers inspiration to all of life that sees and experiences it and it is absolutely Gorgeous!

And that was only a small preview – being with my Soul is undeniably amazing.

Then there is the other side of the coin, my spirit, a part of me that chooses to live in separation of the deep connection with God and life that is naturally there within us.

When I am with my spirit and no longer feeling connected to my Soul and to God, I feel small. I feel that life is full of issues and problems and, at times, they feel so dominant that they seem to exist in every facet of my life. It feels horrible to be living from this side.

There enters an ignorance to others and to life and the very Divinity of life seems to have been replaced by just being functional. I find myself forever seeking more, not feeling complete and content within myself. I can feel there is more to life than this but it feels like I am lost in the seeking of how to get to it. Life feels mundane, a drag, and in my body I feel heavy and lethargic.

There is a constant tension running through me that is from the knowing that this form of living is simply not it.

It feels like the world’s own poles have shifted and I am the centre of it, everything is about me and, I can even convince myself that I am also God’s number one man. The worst feeling about being on this side of life is the feeling that life is always ahead and I am always dragging on behind, dragging my heels through the sand. God becomes a figurehead but no longer the livingness that I in-truth deeply miss when living in this way.

Choosing to be with my Soul has revealed to me a forever-deepening understanding about the key distinctions that exist when living from spirit or from Soul. Through Soul, I have learned that the ways of the spirit may make us feel that what is presented to us in life is much greater than what we are able to handle, but in truth this is never the case. In fact there is never anything greater than us at all when our love is brought to it. It may sound outlandish but I have found this to be absolutely true.

Life actually presents situations to us constantly to help us re-connect with more of the true side of us, our Soul.

It is clear that there is a choice to be made in each and every moment: a choice to be with our Soul and hence live our Love and Truth in and with God – or a choice to be in total ignorance of God, Truth and Soul and make our life much, much smaller than it truly is.

We are all from God. We are His Sons. To feel this as a fact we only need to stop, take a moment to be with ourselves and our bodies, perhaps through the support of The Gentle Breath Meditation®, and there is a warmth and love inside us. We all deserve this love equally from ourselves and from each other, without perfection, and hence it is the responsibility of us all to make true and wise choices as to what source we choose to live our lives from.

When I am with my Soul, there is no greater feeling than feeling that we are all One. Plumbers, gas fitters, Muslims, Jews, Christians, people of all other races and cultures, are all our equals, our Brothers, and deserve our love neither less nor more than anyone else does. I can now see clearly that the only true way forward for all of us is to become more responsible about where our quality of life is coming from as, without a doubt, nearly every single one of the problems we have today would not be there if we chose to live the love we all naturally are from, Our Soul.

Forever inspired by Serge Benhayon, a man who presents a living example to us all of what living from Soul is truly about and how simple it truly can be.

By Joshua Campbell (23) Amazing Man, Tauranga, New Zealand

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574 thoughts on “Spirit or Soul

  1. When we consider ashes-to-ashes and dust-to-dust we all have to come from the same Universal Love (particles) of God and thus Soul-full-ness should be our normal as our Soul is the divine aspect of God.

  2. Knowing the difference between our spirit and our soul is a difference that we feel and know, and not something we have to learn- the learning part is remembering how it feels and what it is to be connected and live from our soul, and not our spirit.

  3. The more I have come to know what my soul feels like in everyday life, the more it shows to me what my spirit feels like too. I really notice this in my voice, which is rich, definite and deeper when I am connected. Otherwise my voice can become higher, and has the falsity of being nice or people pleasing.

  4. It feels as though there’s part of us that likes to indulge in this ‘power’ to be able to flick the switch between the spirit and the soul just for its sheer entertainment, and addictive value of inconsistency i.e. stimulation.

  5. Do we see ourselves as the centre piece of the universe and try to make everything revolve around us? Or are we a small speck in the wider magnificence… no lesser because of our size, and like the stars at night, it takes all of us to shine to make up the magnificence of heaven.

  6. “my absolute joy of just being me!” When I first listened to Serge Benhayon talk about spirit and Soul it was a life-changing light bulb moment.

  7. I can always tell when I have lost my connection with my soul and slipped into a more spirit-driven way of being when things seem over-complicated, overwhelming, and as if I don’t have the ability to work through them or am not enough just being me, but have to do something to prove my self-worth.

  8. To know that there is a spirit and soul brings a whole new understanding to life and literally beyond.

  9. What I find amazing is how the same activity can be done in the two different qualities, spirit or soul, each one so vastly different from the other. But what this means is that when connecting to one’s soul, we need not change all of the practical elements in our lives, we need not make drastic decisions that upsets the flow of how we live in society and with people. There simply is a commitment to quality within all that we are living, within all of the activities and so therein life will change gently and of is own accord as we are ready and as it is needed.

  10. To live with your Soul and feel the many blessings that this brings, would never be possible without the powerful reflection of Serge Benhayon living with his Soul in such an absolute, consistent and joyful way.

  11. Having an understanding of the energetic differences between spirit and soul is important – we are either puppets of an energy that is not love or true vessels of expression for that which is love. It is always a choice as to which we align to.

  12. Having most of my life aligned to my spirit, I cannot thank Serge Benhayon enough for re-introducing me to my Soul.

  13. The absolute stark opposite of being with your Soul or your Spirit is completely down to how you feel and what you allow in. There is a source of energy that we align to and when we make this an everyday understanding and something that we keep at the forefront then we are more likely to connect to what we know is true, our Soul.

  14. To support inviting my wayward spirit back to be once more in alignment with the soul, I have found it supportive to understand and work with it by likening it to an individual, arrogant teenage joy-rider that does not care one iota for the harm it causes to anything, nor cares what it crashes or destroys as long as it continues to stimulate itself enough to put up barriers, reactions, excuses and justifications to keep itself distracted from returning to love and enjoying playing the game of irresponsibility! Playfulness and lightheartedness are supportive in the changes.

    1. Beautifully expressed, Stephanie, for likening our wayward spirit to a teenager is a very useful and supportive approach to understand one’s unloving behaviours and insecurities.

  15. I can feel the difference between the two, Soul and spirit and I know I prefer to be with my Soul more than anything and as much as I haven’t perfected it, it is continually being offered. The Soul offers such love that nothing comes in the way, the purity is immeasurable and divine from inside out.

  16. In every moment we have the choice to reconnect to our Soul and live from our essence instead of being caught up in the trivialities of a spirit led life. What amazes me is how often I still choose to allow myself to get pulled away from my own divinity, but your blog is a beautiful reminder of the awesomeness that awaits us all when we choose to return.

  17. Through living my life now more from my soul rather than my spirit it has become more simple straightforward and fulfilling, when life becomes complicated it is a great reminder to reconnect back to soul.

    1. There is no information and insight that is more profound and life changing than the difference between Spirit and Soul and the way each of these impact our life.

  18. A powerful expression and exposure of the difference between spirit and soul. To be living as lesser or from the grandness that we are in our essence.

  19. It is important, in our love for God and in appreciation of his love for us, that we always remain as his equal. This is true love and appreciation.

  20. “There is never anything greater than us at all when our love is brought to it.” I agree Joshua, and in consistently building a solid and steady connection and foundation from the love within our body there is far more flow and quality to our rhythm and our way of life that supports us to handle the situations we face.

  21. It is like living in two absolutely different worlds when living from the Soul or from the Spirit, which you have clearly described, when I am with spirit I feel the push and drive in life and the complication and tension that the way of living brings, when I am connected to my Soul, life takes on an easeful- ness and a flow in its simplicity, with a joy and openness to experience what life has to offer.

  22. There is tension whether we live from our Soul or our spirit – the pull from God to be more of who we are. The difference is in how we experience it – either purpose or pressure depending on where we are coming from.

  23. Great point here Joshua, to live from our Soul is really simple, it is when the Spirit is in control that life gets complicated and it becomes all about ‘me’ forgetting our true nature and connection to this grand love.

  24. A beautifully spacious blog that also allows us to feel the contracting and diminishing way the spirit works in us too, the pride that it holds and the attachment to having or doing more, the disregard and lovelessness.

  25. The contrast you illustrate here is just stunning and so visceral. In spirit’s way, “It feels like the world’s own poles have shifted and I am the centre of it, everything is about me and, I can even convince myself that I am also God’s number one man” – this really stood out for me, as I could feel how I have invested in this way of being. Not pleasant at all, as it feels like the world is closing down on ‘me’ and very suffocating.

  26. I can absolutely feel the difference – when I move as a hungry spirit in the world, grabbing, pushing, crashing around… as opposed to the natural flow that is possible. As Eduardo says above – this is the natural order.

  27. There is a natural way of being that is totally natural for us to live. We have not been educated to know so and to be able to feel it, make it part of our foundations to propel our movements and to return to it. Instead, we have created our own ‘natural’ way of being that above everything else stands out for being truly unnatural to our body and being.

  28. God is a choice we can make in our lives. What comes next, it’s not at our hands to be controlled. The same happens we we choose the individualisation of the Spirit. The trick is that it makes us feel that we are the ‘choosers’ after the first and only choice we make… and we neither control. How we feel in our body is the reference we have to know in which source we are living at each moment.

    1. It’s true Amparo, we think that being individual we are in control and running the show, when in fact whether we are aligned to our spirit (individialism) or our Soul (brotherhood, oneness) we are obedient to an energy – either prana or fire. The difference is that the fiery energy of the Soul is of joy, love, harmony, truth and stillness, whereas the pranic energy of the spirit keeps us locked in the misery and struggle of the illusion of creation.

  29. Knowing the difference between spirit and soul, offers one clarity for understanding the patterns and behaviours we rely on in order to avoid our evolution and to know that we can also choose to live in a way that offers us true settlement in our bodies when aligned to our soul.

  30. Loved the clarity with which you shared your experience Joshua, thank you, the two ways of living are so starkly different with the spirits ways being so deeply embeded within us but this is not our truth but an illusion for when we live connected to our soul we have arrived home, where we can so naturally live the love that we all equally are.

  31. Two sides of my coin, my split personality, my angel my devil, my two faces, all of these sayings and more have been used over the years to describe our spirt and soul. But none have really been instrumental in describing difference in quality, of soul and its counter part, spirit. I am thankful that I had the age old mystery cleared up by Universal Medicine of why I would do some things that just didn’t feel like me and why I had such moments of clarity.

  32. The thing about our spirit that it’s easy to forget due to its/our wayward and harming ways, is that it is a part or our Soul that has turned away from it, but it is still part of our divinity, our oneness, of our Son of Godness. With Love and understanding we can turn it around and bring it back to being whole with Soul.

  33. Thank you for this incredibly clear, engaging and wise blog about how life can be when you live with your Soul and how it can be when you choose not to. I felt my whole body expand when I re-connected to Soul – our true purpose.

  34. What could ever seem more important than feeling the connection to the divine through my essence? While I still might stubble and fumble with spirit ways it is my choice to re-connect back to soul asap.

  35. I do prefer to live with my Soul, that provides me that natural freedom in my way of living that is not there when I live with my spirit instead. Therefore to do it is actually no choice, it is my responsibility to live with my Soul and with that to bring back in the first place human decency and respect as we deserve to live that in our societies once again.

  36. Living with my soul has brought more to my life than I could possibly have imagined. I have heard Serge Benhayon say “I am nothing without my soul”, and having now chosen to live with my soul, I agree.

  37. As I read this I felt myself move from being in the centre making life all about me, to the expansive feeling of oneness and of being part of the whole. Much needed, thank you Joshua.

  38. Beautifully summarised Joshua in relating to the huge distinctions between connecting to our spirit and our soul, it is our free will to choose which one we align to, depending on the true quality and love we are willing to live or not.

    1. As we have free will we think we have a choice but I came to the point that we actually have not. Our human lives are just an experiment of the spirit and I can admit that to me it is a failure. So why would I hold on to it any longer as to me it is not a choice to choose for anymore.

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