Spirit or Soul? Learning The Difference Through Serge Benhayon

Only in recent years through the teachings of Serge Benhayon have I learnt the difference between spirit and Soul and felt this for myself.

I’ve always known that we had a spirit and a Soul and that we are so much more than just our physical bodies, I just didn’t really understand the difference between them – why both, I used to wonder? No one else seemed to have the answer either. Through being a student of Universal Medicine, I now know there is a very real difference in the contrasting energies of the spirit or Soul.

Back in the 80’s I became interested in many diverse alternative therapies and ‘Spiritual New Age’ pursuits from a personal growth perspective, as I was searching for ways I could improve my life.

I wanted everlasting happiness, the ideal relationship, lots of money, the perfect job and a wonderful social life with lots of friends.

There were so many books and spiritual new age courses out there telling me it was all possible, and I never doubted that because I knew that life wasn’t about fate or luck.

My spiritual quest continued and pretty much dominated my life and way of being up until 6 years ago. I didn’t once stop to consider why I wasn’t getting the results that I wanted; I just felt driven to keep on searching – feeding myself with knowledge and seeking to make some sense of life.

I eventually began to question all the so-called ‘experts’ out there who had many conflicting opinions on life and energy.

I noticed that many were not great examples of what they were offering or promoting. I observed that many who practised energy healing were living less than healthy lifestyles and relationships, including smoking, over-eating, drinking alcohol, taking drugs etc., which seemed to be in contradiction to what their modality was promising to provide. None of this made sense to me.

The time came when I began to look for truth and I knew that I couldn’t rely on anyone ‘out there’ to give me this as everyone had differing versions of the truth.

I realised that I needed to feel for myself what the truth about life was/is.

Not long after, I attended a workshop by Chris James from Sounds Wonderful about voice work and he mentioned Universal Medicine and a man called Serge Benhayon. This was a life changing moment. After attending the first course with Universal Medicine and listening to Serge Benhayon speak, I knew that my search was finally over.

For the first time in my years of searching, Serge Benhayon was the only person to deliver some hard-hitting facts about life and energy. I could feel that there was nothing in this for him but a simple love for humanity.

Never before had anyone given me the simple facts about the two types of energy we have a choice to align to – prana or Fire, spirit or Soul—prana being the energy of the spirit and Fire being the energy of the Soul.

This was a massive revelation to me and I recall reeling with shock as I felt the truth of this. There was a huge part of me that didn’t want this to be true! This one energetic fact changed everything and I knew that life would never be the same again! Through a simple technique Serge Benhayon shared called the Gentle Breath Meditation, I was able to feel for myself the difference between spirit and Soul. Having now re-connected to my Soul through my inner-heart I felt the love that I am which had previously eluded me.

It was here that I felt a huge distinction between true love and emotional love.

It was a revelation that I didn’t need to fix myself, and no longer did I need to give my life some meaning through endless spiritual pursuits. Everything I needed was right here inside of me and all I needed to do was re-connect and live from there. Simple! This was a very humbling experience as I felt I had been completely taken in by the lure of the spiritual world.

I had been identified with my hurts and seeking to avoid feeling these at all costs – hence all the distractions I filled my life with. In contrast with this energy of the spirit, re-connecting to my Soul and learning to live from there feels simple, expansive and more real as I let go of trying to improve myself and dispel all of the beliefs I have subscribed to along the way.

I’ve learned that the bridge back to my Soul is through Self-Love and this has meant learning to feel and respect what my body needs rather than overriding it in favour of self-indulgence and disregard.

With the continued loving support of Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine practitioners, along with my commitment to true healing, I am learning to be honest and take responsibility for the choices I make and how I choose to live. I have learned to embrace life again and through Universal Medicine’s no nonsense and very practical presentations I am now taking more care of my body – eating what suits me, doing gentle exercise and choosing to visit my doctor if the need arises.

I’ve stopped looking ‘out there’ and I’m learning each day how I have a choice in each moment – will it be spirit or Soul? It really is that simple!

By Heather Hardy, Workshop Manager, Worthing, West Sussex. UK

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1,152 thoughts on “Spirit or Soul? Learning The Difference Through Serge Benhayon

  1. ‘…I just didn’t really understand the difference between them – why both, I used to wonder? No one else seemed to have the answer either.’ This last year in studying I’ve heard many interpretations of what spirit is and what soul is, all very varied. I so appreciate the understanding I have built from having heard the presentations of Serge Benhayon. These presentations simply opened the door to the possibility of knowing the difference. I have said yes to knowing them both and expanding this awareness as each day passes.

  2. To get to know and arrest the spirit and its wayward ways is to deepen our connection to soul through self-love being lived, a way that was first introduced to me through Serge Benhayon. I have not looked back as I continue the journey of loving the self more deeply in my day.

  3. When Serge presented the difference between spirit and Soul I remember wondering ‘Why has no one explained this to me before. It explains everything.’

    1. It does explain everything, and for me, it really explained that stubbornness that used to kick in a whole lot more. I never got why I would shut down or dug my heels in, react or get anxious. Understanding that it was/is that part of me that is in resistance to living the true love that I am, supports in dealing with issues that arise.

    2. That is exactly what I thought … why has it taken me so long to know this simple yet very important understanding and truth.

  4. I love the simplicity of this; ‘Everything I needed was right here inside of me and all I needed to do was re-connect and live from there.’ I spent many years and much money searching for answers outside of myself when all along everything I was looking for is right there inside of me.

  5. We originated from the One, born into the many and when we forget our true home, life becomes a struggle and we can go searching everywhere but within to find the missing link…our connection to soul.

  6. We all know when someone is angry or frustrated or sad – and we know this because we can feel energy. Nothing more, nothing less.

  7. It is one thing to read about the difference between the spirit and Soul and what it represents but when you truly explore how this relates to how our life is lived and how it impacts the quality of life we live, we can feel first hand and become aware that whatever quality we are living aligned to is what governs the quality of life we live and the depth of love we live with. It is also empowering to realise that the responsibility is always ours as to whether we choose to live life implused by our Soul as is our innate way of being, or in separation to our Soul and impulsed instead by our spirit.

  8. I heard the terminology of the spirit and Soul at church when I was young it was all fire and brimstone stuff. The spirit was the holy Ghost or God and our soul was lost if we did not conform to what the church dictated. I wasn’t convinced by this ideology and rejected it and everything that was anything to do with the word ‘religion’.
    It wasn’t until I met Serge Benhayon many years later that I heard the words spirit and soul and this time what Serge Benhayon expressed made sense, it was something I knew instinctively but didn’t have the words to articulate. So much of what Serge Benhayon presents I say to my self ‘I know that’, its as though there is another part of me that has closed down and I get glimpses of another dimension to myself that I have completely shut down and refused to be aware of that come alive through a vibration in the words that are spoken.

  9. The day that I came to the realisation and understood the difference between spirit and soul, was the day that I commenced my return journey to soul. Thank you so much Serge Benhayon for revealing the truth about the lower vibrational quality of the pool of energy that our spirit is sourced from, and the multidimensional energy which is our soul. With this knowing the type of energy we wish to have flowing through our body is our choice and our choice alone.

  10. “I’ve stopped looking ‘out there’ and I’m learning each day how I have a choice in each moment – will it be spirit or Soul? It really is that simple!” So true – it is simple – and we try to complicate so many things. Yet when we are not with soul we are allowing spirit in – to our detriment and to everyone else’s detriment too.

  11. Appreciating the difference between Spirit and Soul has a foundational aspect that has enabled me to re-establish my connection to God.

  12. Serge Benhayon makes it all very real and practical and honest. I have found that there are a lot of spiritual pursuits that are very mental with no result – but this is different – this is accountable and makes sense and actually presents a healing to the body that cannot be overlooked.

  13. This drive to keep on searching without considering if there are actually any results, is something I have seen a lot of in the spiritual new age, which by my consideration seems to be deliberately set-up this way. So that you get caught up in the search itself, and that when the truth presents that the actual journey of this life is a deepening of relationship with one’s soul, it can be very difficult or hard to accept, because the search has become the journey.

    1. Also the spiritual new age and the searching gains some insights, even if they are mistaken often from a basis of truth, that creates an illusion that one is re-connecting with one’s Soul when in fact it is taking one further away.

  14. Not knowing the difference between spirit and Soul is like looking up at the night sky and not knowing of the existence of stars.

  15. Our body is a great inroad to the soul. It enhouses the soul, so it stands to reason that the greater we care for our body, the more we respect and honour it, the more we really love our body the easier it is for the soul to resonate and express through it.

    1. The body is made up of the same particles as the stars, our body is from the most amazing divine order that we see all around us. The body is our way back to soul.

    2. Yes beautiful to feel Elaine, knowing the body as a vehicle for the soul to express through, our attention is brought to the quality we choose honour and live with in our bodies, and then share with others.

  16. When Serge presented the difference between spirit and soul I realised how the spirit tries to take us away from ourselves, and how the soul keeps us connected to who we are, the Gentle Breath Meditation is a great way to feel the connection of the soul, and every choice we make comes from either fire or prana.

  17. To expand Heather on what you have written about eating what ‘suits me’ I suppose you mean to eat what you feel your body truly needs?
    With true care for the body as a support which also helps us to live in a way that serves all.

  18. Appreciating the difference between Spirit and Soul gives an understanding that seems to make so much sense regarding the Divine and our Divinity than that given by the different religions which seem just intellectual theory.

  19. I’d never heard anyone present on the difference between spirit and Soul with any clarity before Serge Benhayon and to be honest hadn’t really thought about it that much, but when I heard him speak about this it just made such sense and I could relate to it, especially to how we can either be healing or harming in our expression according to where we are expressing from…

    1. Like you Fiona I had not considered the difference between the two prior to meeting Serge Benhayon. I had actually considered them to be synonymous. Learning the difference and how it is not commonly understood explains so much of the social condition that has out-played for centuries.

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