Spirit or Soul? Learning The Difference Through Serge Benhayon

Only in recent years through the teachings of Serge Benhayon have I learnt the difference between spirit and Soul and felt this for myself.

I’ve always known that we had a spirit and a Soul and that we are so much more than just our physical bodies, I just didn’t really understand the difference between them – why both, I used to wonder? No one else seemed to have the answer either. Through being a student of Universal Medicine, I now know there is a very real difference in the contrasting energies of the spirit or Soul.

Back in the 80’s I became interested in many diverse alternative therapies and ‘Spiritual New Age’ pursuits from a personal growth perspective, as I was searching for ways I could improve my life.

I wanted everlasting happiness, the ideal relationship, lots of money, the perfect job and a wonderful social life with lots of friends.

There were so many books and spiritual new age courses out there telling me it was all possible, and I never doubted that because I knew that life wasn’t about fate or luck.

My spiritual quest continued and pretty much dominated my life and way of being up until 6 years ago. I didn’t once stop to consider why I wasn’t getting the results that I wanted; I just felt driven to keep on searching – feeding myself with knowledge and seeking to make some sense of life.

I eventually began to question all the so-called ‘experts’ out there who had many conflicting opinions on life and energy.

I noticed that many were not great examples of what they were offering or promoting. I observed that many who practised energy healing were living less than healthy lifestyles and relationships, including smoking, over-eating, drinking alcohol, taking drugs etc., which seemed to be in contradiction to what their modality was promising to provide. None of this made sense to me.

The time came when I began to look for truth and I knew that I couldn’t rely on anyone ‘out there’ to give me this as everyone had differing versions of the truth.

I realised that I needed to feel for myself what the truth about life was/is.

Not long after, I attended a workshop by Chris James from Sounds Wonderful about voice work and he mentioned Universal Medicine and a man called Serge Benhayon. This was a life changing moment. After attending the first course with Universal Medicine and listening to Serge Benhayon speak, I knew that my search was finally over.

For the first time in my years of searching, Serge Benhayon was the only person to deliver some hard-hitting facts about life and energy. I could feel that there was nothing in this for him but a simple love for humanity.

Never before had anyone given me the simple facts about the two types of energy we have a choice to align to – prana or Fire, spirit or Soul—prana being the energy of the spirit and Fire being the energy of the Soul.

This was a massive revelation to me and I recall reeling with shock as I felt the truth of this. There was a huge part of me that didn’t want this to be true! This one energetic fact changed everything and I knew that life would never be the same again! Through a simple technique Serge Benhayon shared called the Gentle Breath Meditation, I was able to feel for myself the difference between spirit and Soul. Having now re-connected to my Soul through my inner-heart I felt the love that I am which had previously eluded me.

It was here that I felt a huge distinction between true love and emotional love.

It was a revelation that I didn’t need to fix myself, and no longer did I need to give my life some meaning through endless spiritual pursuits. Everything I needed was right here inside of me and all I needed to do was re-connect and live from there. Simple! This was a very humbling experience as I felt I had been completely taken in by the lure of the spiritual world.

I had been identified with my hurts and seeking to avoid feeling these at all costs – hence all the distractions I filled my life with. In contrast with this energy of the spirit, re-connecting to my Soul and learning to live from there feels simple, expansive and more real as I let go of trying to improve myself and dispel all of the beliefs I have subscribed to along the way.

I’ve learned that the bridge back to my Soul is through Self-Love and this has meant learning to feel and respect what my body needs rather than overriding it in favour of self-indulgence and disregard.

With the continued loving support of Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine practitioners, along with my commitment to true healing, I am learning to be honest and take responsibility for the choices I make and how I choose to live. I have learned to embrace life again and through Universal Medicine’s no nonsense and very practical presentations I am now taking more care of my body – eating what suits me, doing gentle exercise and choosing to visit my doctor if the need arises.

I’ve stopped looking ‘out there’ and I’m learning each day how I have a choice in each moment – will it be spirit or Soul? It really is that simple!

By Heather Hardy, Workshop Manager, Worthing, West Sussex. UK

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1,098 thoughts on “Spirit or Soul? Learning The Difference Through Serge Benhayon

  1. Improving is a word associated with the Spirit. It is about investing in this plane of life. Soul opens the door to what is immanent to us permanently, hence to life beyond this realm. Two very different words; two different worlds.

  2. Learning about the difference between spirit and soul is a calling for us to take responsibility for all the choices we make thereafter. When we are ignorant of the difference we are at the mercy of, and hooked in by other people’s choices.

  3. I have observed that when one lives from their soul there is an utter consistency with truth and love in their life. Not with perfection but a deep dedication to honouring this truth -there are no ‘out’ moments in other words. When someone lives from spirit it is the complete opposite and is easily exposed by the lack of consistency and dedication to the truth they talk about.

  4. It can be a confronting thing to face, that in everyone in this world, all the time, there is this ongoing battle between the spirit part of us, and the whole that is divine. With our friends, our family, our work colleagues – no matter the nice words they might say, we need to feel the truth of where they are actually coming from, every moment, ever. day. And what about us as well, are we actually ready to admit, that so often we are choosing and doing things that truly are not soul inspired? For what you show here Heather and our life backs up, is we’re selfish and separated so much of the time, but in realising this we offer ourselves the chance to reconnect and come back. We can do it any time.

  5. I remember the first time I found out the difference between spirit and soul I was in shock, I wanted to get rid of my spirit once and for all. But that proved to be futile, as we cannot brush under the carpet what we don’t want to see until we take the responsibility that what we don’t want to see is also our own choice and creation, and therefore, to be aware of this and accept our own choices, to stay with feeling the consequences of these choices would open up a way for us to choose truly again. We cannot skip any steps and there is a lot to be honest about, to nominate and also to re-correct from our choices, but every day this process is inspiring no matter how challenging it may feel, because the purpose of it is clear, it is to return to soul and to love.

  6. ‘I have learned to embrace life again and through Universal Medicine’s no nonsense and very practical presentations I am now taking more care of my body – eating what suits me, doing gentle exercise and choosing to visit my doctor if the need arises.’ I feel the same as what you’ve shared here. I didn’t realise how much I was not embracing life, instead treating it as if it was the biggest burden ever given to me and walking around like I carried the universe. Boy do I feel a lot lighter nowadays.

  7. If you ever think the the spirit can offer any true healing, you are in illusion. Hard hitting but the truth that we all need to and ought to be brought up with.

  8. It would be amazing if we were taught the difference between Soul and spirit as children, how different life would be for us all if this was spoken openly about and taught at school from a very young age.

  9. I used to use these terms interchangeably – Spirit – Soul, weren’t they? But of course they are not, but I have learned this through not only listening to what Serge Benhayon presents, but ‘feeling’ the truth of what he has presented on this topic. I have felt what it means to be lost in the energy of the spirit and then what it feels like to align to the light of our soul, very very different.

  10. It is so easy to get caught up in the spiritual quest which only offers a quick fix to life with no evolution at all, it is only until we can let go of that which has hurt us that we can start to feel the truth from our soul and how we can live in the flow of the universe.

  11. Everything I needed was right here inside of me and all I needed to do was re-connect and live from there. ‘This simple truth, available to all, eludes many. Not until we know and understand this for ourselves can we begin bring order and purpose to our life.’

  12. If a so-called healing quest does not ask us to take responsibility for the choices we have made to get to the place we are, this ‘healing’ is not coming from our soul. Nothing can just be fixed – healing means arresting the ill energy that created the wound, the ill way of being in the first place. Sweat lodges, chanting, meditating for hours if not days on end, and wailing out our emotions amongst many other things I have witnessed and participated in, just take us deeper into the illusion that we have healed, while all along the hurt we carry is further ingrained into our being.

  13. ‘For the first time in my years of searching, Serge Benhayon was the only person to deliver some hard-hitting facts about life and energy. I could feel that there was nothing in this for him but a simple love for humanity.’

    Bingo, bingo and bingo, Heather! This was my response too. Thank God the ‘search’ was over, thank God for common sense presentations that finally made sense of ‘life, the universe and everything’, and yes – Serge Benhayon is the real deal.

  14. When we stop looking, we become so much more than we have ever imagined ourselves to be, but it is not from seeking that we come to this point but from stopping. When we stop and feel the truth of who we are, we know we are all that we have been looking for, already within, and to take the steps to come back to this truth is the most precious and wisest choice one can make.

  15. I used to think the spirit and the soul were the same thing and like you knew absolutely that we had one….But until I met Serge Benhayon I hadn’t understood the difference. It’s like saying the ocean and the beach are the same thing, but they surely aren’t…. one is a mass of water and one is on land made of rock and particles of sand. Yes, they meet and interlink on the shoreline, but in texture, vibrancy and makeup they are very very different.

  16. I used to feel exactly the same as you … and wonder why both with Spirit and Soul and what was the difference. And yep no one had the answer just their own variations and beliefs and most of them where to do with spirit. It was not until I met Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine that the truth was truly known. This should be something we are all aware of from very young. Indeed we might know and feel this just not have the knowing confirmed.

  17. This was lovely to read today and great for me to reflect on my connection with Soul and what energy am I predominately living in. Reading this again I also felt just how much attention/focus is given to spirit in the world and very little truth to Soul. This in itself exposes in what energy we are living in. Great to see this and also to feel what we are trying to avoid. Thank Goodness for Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine.

  18. Heather you have really summarised the foundation of Serge’s work here so well. Having been on the spirituality/ New Age/ enlightenment wagon myself for some years, hearing all the conflicting information, outlandish promises, rah rah, and half truths, it’s quite an amazing experience to not only receive the truth so simply from Serge, but to also feel the truth within my own body with tools such as the Gentle Breath Meditation. Serge has shown me how truth comes hand in hand with simplicity, and that it’s already within us all equally.

  19. When I read your very normal list of the things you wanted in life – great relationship, lots of money great house great job what struck me was what was absent is relationship with my soul and god if that was our most treasured goal in life we would be so content and heartened with what this life was for we would want for nothing. We literally are focussed on the things that will never sustain us.

  20. Learning the difference between spirit and soul through Serge Benhayon’s presentations brought me clarity and an understanding as to the meaning of life and the way things are within our world. I also learned the true meaning of responsibility and the importance of choosing wisely all my choices. This has been the best gift ever, and one I appreciate deeply.

  21. Understanding the difference between soul and spirit allows us to see events in life in a very different way and takes the emotion out of life.

  22. Thank you Heather for sharing the difference between Soul and Spirit, for many years I wondered what the difference was and if they were one and the same. I now know the vast difference between the two energies. When I first heard Serge talk, a part of me knew I had come home, to me, to truth, but another part just wanted to run out of there. It took all my strength to stay and choose truth.

  23. Understanding what the truth is about life for yourself is magical, because you are the truth of your life and therefore this journey is marked by an ever deepening relationship with yourself, whereupon love is found to be full and plentiful, it is in fact in abundance within you.

  24. It is only until we stop looking for answer outside of ourselves and start looking within, that we realize that there is something that is precious in us all, and that is our soul – our connection to that which is divine.

  25. When I first heard Serge Benhayon talk about the difference between spirit and Soul it was a ‘light-bulb’ moment and I felt this was a vital missing piece in understanding the purpose of life.

  26. The only true healing we as spirits in human form can embark on is to begin the return journey to the love and light of our Soul. All other forms of ‘spiritual healing’ only seek to incarcerate the etheric spirit further in its chosen separation from the whole that is the Soul it has withdrawn from.

  27. So simply that it shows us at times how we can go into resistance to such simplicity, and that is revealing to us that we have a spirirt and Soul and that when we are in the resistance we can tell we are connected to our spirit ( prana).

  28. Heather I feel what has been shared is where many people are at, searching for ways to improve their lives and I was one of those statistics. I always thought it was about my spirit, soul didn’t exist and unaware of prana and fire and how the two differed.

    Once I started to receive sessions from an Esoteric Practitioner did my body respond differently to the sessions. I was so hungry to know more, I started to attend the presentations and workshops by Serge Benhayon and never looked back. This was the missing link and I know this is the coming home healing my soul had been searching for.

  29. It is so true that there are a lot of conflicting angles or beliefs on energy and on life, with what looks like a lot of the information coming from all the various and different books on the subject.

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