Being a Student of Life

What if we saw ourselves as students of life – a student that never saw anything we did as wrong but actually an opportunity to grow, to deepen, to expand?

How would life be if we just saw it as a plethora of opportunities? From opportunity comes learning and with learning we soon enough realise just how much more there is to learn, to master.

What if life was all about the many opportunities to master our own heart? And with that there can be no ‘better than,’ or wrong or right, but only what feels true and then the learning of what does not belong with that truth.

What if we saw ourselves as always being a student, a student of life, one that can never actually graduate per se, but one that was on a continuous journey of learning?

Life presents many situations to learn from and it is how we are with those learnings that is important.

Being a student of life and truly seeing ourselves as such, makes it all about learning, and with this, judgment on self or others has no space. Just as a baby who is learning to walk – it stands, it falls, it stands, it falls and it keeps going. Never does that baby judge itself about the fact that it has fallen, but he or she is constantly part of the learning to take steps.

How would everything in life be for us all if we all chose to be this way in life, letting our heart lead the way, embracing learning and being a forever student?

By Johanna Smith, Bachelor of Education (Major Special Needs, Minor Psychology), Graduate Certificate of Early Childhood, Studying Diploma of Counseling, Esoteric Complementary Health Practitioner, Woman, Teacher, Mother, Wife and Friend

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1,055 thoughts on “Being a Student of Life

  1. What I love about reading these blogs is that there is an opportunity to grow and understand life at a deeper level. We have completely misrepresented the words truth and love and so we are all on a journey to rediscover the truth about love and truth, because it is only by bringing true love and knowing truth in all its glory that will change our waywardness. We could say we are wayward because we have lost the true meaning of these words.

  2. Being judgmental takes away our studentship and thus when we are ‘non-imposing’ (Love) on our-selves we start to evolve as it eliminates the judgement and comparison we can get into. So if you think it, it the thinking creates the ownership of the thought, so we are imposing that upon ourselves, remembering that what we are thinking is what we are aligned to, therefore deepening our relationship with our essences is the most divine thing we can do for our evolution.

  3. Being an observer of life is so different from getting emotionally involved and entangled. Standing back gives us the opportunity to see what is playing out in front of us and that we do not have to react to situations. It has taken me some time to get to this settlement with myself and others but it is by far the best was to be.

  4. When we think we have reached a point where we have nothing to learn we are very lost indeed and even now on the whole what we are currently predominately learning I would say we are capping ourselves as with our learning we are not including or learning from or with multidimensionality.

  5. Pondering on what being a student of life means feels very settling in my body, as if it opens up the possibility that there is something about life beyond the pushing and striving, trying to get somewhere. Life then becomes like an open book that allows ongoing communication with God.

  6. Johanna, this is a great question to ask, it is only now in my 60’s that I can honestly say that I have given myself an opportunity to grow and deepen my awareness. Become that student of life and if I hadn’t met Serge Benhayon I would have wasted yet another life feeling sorry for myself because of all the mistakes I have made. Playing the victim of life is such an easy way to abdicate any responsibility it seemed so easy to blame others rather than take any responsibility for my part. What a total cop out!

  7. Being a student of life has us observing rather than taking on what is happening…..this allows us space to discern and, as you say, follow our heart.

  8. The more I deepen my approach to life as being a student of life, so too am learning to walk again like a baby in life.

  9. ‘a student that never saw anything we did as wrong but actually an opportunity to grow, to deepen, to expand?’ This is a wonderful way of being. It brings a new light to life and an appreciation that every moment is an opportunity to learn a lesson that’s been waiting for us to learn and expand from.

  10. Being a student of life enables a certain level of observation that supports a level of participation in life, rather than being at the ‘mercy’ of it and being dragged by unwanted currents that we don’t seem able to stop.

  11. In every experience we have we have the opportunity to learn – it is our choice whether to embrace that learning or not.

    1. Suse I’m finding that some experiences come around again as another opportunity to deepen, or that I didn’t quite get the first offering of learning. This shows me there is no bottom of the class, no dunce, just a continuous opportunity to grow and expand. to me there is no other education worth having than this gorgeous way to live.

  12. Being a Loving Student of life, we must then also include death or passing-over, as we have a responsibility to live in such a way and to remain connected to our essences until our last breath.

  13. I love being a student of life! Living life with this approach has taken the pressure off and allows for a truer expression and expansion. Before choosing to become a student of The Way of The Livingness I lived with an expectation that I had to ‘know’ it all, with mistakes being seen as a flaw or failure and lesser than. I find being a student of life allows for a much more gentle, loving way of caring for myself and others bringing a harmonious flow that permeates into all areas of my life.

  14. Forever student – such a beautiful word. Humility, honesty, commitment, and no end point or an enticing picture of perfection to aim for – so not like how we have been educated.

  15. I love this; ‘What if we saw ourselves as students of life – a student that never saw anything we did as wrong but actually an opportunity to grow, to deepen, to expand?’ This should be the philosophy in all schools, universities and workplaces – how very different we would all feel then.

  16. I re-read this today as I had a dream about my eyes having a healing last night and today feel there is so much more to see in life than I have allowed myself to see. I realise there is an expectation of perfection or of getting it right that clouds what I see which it is time to let go and therefore also let go of the reaction to what I am actually seeing. If there is a reaction, there is an expectation and there is no allowing of others to be where they are at or for me to be where I am at.

    1. Expectations are funny things because I’ve had a judgement of people and that they’ll let me down, or that they’ll be horrible at the turn of a hat. Being open to life and what it offers without expectation is being on the front foot – so when people are themselves I get to feel the joy; and when they’re not, I still get to feel the beauty of who they are, who God is and appreciate the learning before me. Sure sometimes I react, but I know this attitude is the one that keeps me living life in full.

    2. Lucy what you have shared is very wise to let go of reaction and I would also say to let go of wanting to be right. To know there is no right or wrong just a learning. This takes all the pressure of wanting to be right or get something right.

  17. I loved what you have shared here, we are all students of life and we are forever students too. We are constantly learning, constantly growing, constantly changing.

    I love the example of the baby, it doesn’t care whether it falls every time it’s learning to walk, so we just need to bring it back to the simplicity of this in our own lives too.

    Once I didn’t consider myself a student of life, but what else am I then if I am not evolving constantly?

  18. I love this; ‘Being a student of life and truly seeing ourselves as such, makes it all about learning, and with this, judgment on self or others has no space.’ Being a student of life brings back the lightness and joy, it stops us having to be ‘right’ and stops all the trying – for we know that we are learning from everything that happens and that there is no perfection.

  19. “What if life was all about the many opportunities to master our own heart? ” I love the simplicity of this line it brings focus to what we are really here to do and dissolves all the complications of life we have hung onto for aeons.

  20. How could we ever think we know it all? Not only is that extremely arrogant but also life would be very dull and boring. We definitely need to learn more spherically though about the Universe and energy .. everything Universal Medicine teach.

  21. We can learn so much from kids who just get on with it and try things without judgement. Yes this inspires me to be a student of life – always open to the next learning.

  22. Seeing everything we seemingly do wrong in life as an opportunity to learn, and not giving ourselves a hard time about it makes life so much less stressful and way less exhausting.

  23. Reading this made me more aware of just how much we associate learning and education with the classroom, yet things like our relationships, including the one with ourselves, our choices and decisions, learning from mistakes and even the basics about energy and knowing the difference between Soul and spirit, we don’t treat as learning or education. As you say, being a student is not just for the classroom but everywhere we go and in every aspect of our life. Also reading this ‘What if life was all about the many opportunities to master our own heart? And with that there can be no ‘better than,’ or wrong or right, but only what feels true, and then the learning of what does not belong with that truth.’ I could see just how much we go into the ‘wrong’ and ‘right’ when it isn’t about that at all.

  24. I find when I am being gentle on myself and understand that I am a student of life, then I am less likely to judge myself or be hard on myself for making mistakes and this also applies to how I relate to people. If I understand and embrace the fact that we are all a student of life, then it is impossible to seek perfection.

  25. I love being a ‘student of life’ and know that I have been one from my first day in this life and will be one until my last breath. The education system tried to mould me into what a good student should be, but the knowing that a true student is an endless student of the whole of life exposed this moulding as the lie it is, so I continued to live the truth.

    1. Ingrid I agree with you the education system moulds us all to be the same as we have all had access to the same regurgitated information. Whereas being student of life breaks the mould so that we can feel and observe life and thereby feel the richness of it.

  26. Life is a constant learning. We walk through much in a day let alone a life time. We are presented with many opportunities to learn the same thing over and over. Whether we choose to learn or not to learn, we all are students of our own lives.

    1. Jennifer I agree with you we are presented with many opportunities in life to learn the same thing over and over from different angles. I have felt this myself when there is an offering to not react to something I can feel triggers me into reaction. We are given a stop moment in a split second which allows us to sit back and just observe rather than instantly react. We have lived many lives in reaction so there is a lot to relearn, so it makes sense to be gentle with ourselves and not to give ourselves a hard time.

  27. I’ve recently realised when we focus on getting things right in the outer world, the details of temporal life, we miss the point that life is actually healed by us being who we are. I know I have experienced huge anxiety around doing things in the right way and getting everything correct, wanting to do a good job, etc, but it’s more powerful for humanity for me to be me, to bring my soulfulness to all I do. That’s what brings true change. Yes, by all means let’s take care of temporal details but know that true success is living all the love I am and bringing that to each day as consistently as I can. I’m clocking on with God in my day 

    1. Yes I love that, what if we are trying to get right a model that does not value who we are, where we are from or what we are made of? What if it does not value Love in all its simplicity?

  28. ‘Experiment, dare to make mistakes, please learn’ I needed some encouragement but now I know and live more and more that it is not about controlling and making rules but an endless opportunity to learn in a light and playful way

    1. It’s a great message “dare to make mistakes” as there is usually so much pressure, fear and anxiousness about getting things ‘right’.

    2. I love that being playful is part of life and I understand that being controlling and following rules of right and wrong is no fun at all.

  29. The dictionary tells us that you’re a student when attending school or University or studying a course or diploma etc. But also shares that a student is someone who has chosen to study a particular subject/s because of their interest in it and then spends time learning about it. So why do we consider ourselves only to be a student when in a classroom environment with a teacher standing up front. Just as you have shared here Johanna…… ‘What if we saw ourselves as students of life – a student that never saw anything we did as wrong but actually an opportunity to grow, to deepen, to expand?’ What a different world it would be if we all embraced…… Being a Student of Life.

  30. Every day life presents us with new lessons to learn and we can either surrender and learn or resist and reject the learning.

    1. So true Elizabeth. The lessons are endless but how often do we take notice of them? How amazing it would be if every child was raised to understand the wonderful opportunities they are offered in every moment, to know and to grow from these lessons, but at the same time being aware that it is always a choice. But who wouldn’t want to say yes to learning that which supports them in this world?

  31. I wonder if we make plenty of mistakes and can even call them wrong. The key may be not to engage or indulge in bashing ourselves as that creates a double bind – we feel less than great, therefore make mistakes, then we are down on ourselves which makes us feel worse, therefore making mistakes etc. That cycle needs to be stopped and it is easier not to be down on ourselves than to stop making mistakes.

  32. Every situation in life we absolutely are offered an opportunity to learn from it, what is great is that I am starting to see the power of embracing the learning and what is offer instead of being in the determination of thinking I need to get everything right.

  33. With this openness, much unnecessary tension, judgment and comparison would be dropped and a natural curiosity together with a joy of exploration and learning can flourish. Without this openness all we can at best expect is a fulfillment of some pictures we already have, i.e. remaining in the past and no true learning or expansion.

  34. Furthermore, a true student does not aim to be ‘right’ and avoid being ‘wrong’ as many of us are conditioned to behave, they simply hold steady to what is true and learn from this the moment something enters the equation that does not match such truth.

    1. Liane I agree with the holding steady and allowing something to unfold, by not going into instant reaction to something that has happened, holding steady allows for a greater understanding in the unfoldment because we are not trying to control the situation.

  35. Being a forever student of life is a positioning we adopt that allows us to remain open to all that we receive so that the inner world informs the outer world rather than allowing the outer world to shape us externally and mask the deep wisdom, beauty and grace we all carry within us.

  36. For years I was this person who used to believe that life just happened and I became this victim of life, especially when things weren’t ‘good’ and relied on this ‘good’ to make me tick.

    I now live my life from a perspective that life just doesn’t happen any more and I love being this student of life, whether events are perceived ‘good’ or perceived ‘bad’.

    1. I feel that is the lie we have fallen for Shushila that life just happens and we are the victims of it. But if we don’t think then where are these thoughts coming from? Is it possible that we are all being controlled, that if we took back control our lives would be different because we would be in control rather than the unseen energy that gives us our thoughts we act on thinking it is us thinking them. What a huge trick or set up. Is it any wonder we go round in circles going nowhere repeating the same patterns over and over again.

  37. I loved the simplicity of being a student of life, seeing and sewing that everything is ‘actually an opportunity to grow’ and it’s forever expanding.
    I used the word ‘sewing’ as it is like that patch work quilt, its got different patterns and colours and continues to grow. Each patch helps the other patch and they all make the quilt expand, no different to the opportunities we are offered in our lives.

  38. The thing is that we are all students of life in that we are always learning and being shown things whether we like it or acknowledge it or not. To embrace the offered learnings and evolution makes for an entirely different life and experience than to resist or deny them.

    1. I agree Nicola, resisting the learning we are constantly being offered is no fun at all. Embracing being a student of life makes so much sense to me. We are shown the divine magic in our world but we are only choosing to see and live say 1% of it, and completely ignoring the rest.

      1. I guess it is different for all of us. I would say most people do live and see more than 1%. The more we see and live the more we see and live and there does not seem to be a limit.

      2. Chan Ly what a great question what is going on when we are only choosing to see and live such a small percentage of life? This doesn’t make any sense to me.

  39. I have commenced an online 6 week Esoteric Yoga class and the presenter opened with an invitation to view the next 6 weeks to do what you are sharing here. TO be a student of ourselves and of life. To observe and learn more about ourselves. What we do, when we do it, and how we do it. We are already born everything, but we pick up stuff along the way that prevents us from being this everything, so lets have a look at what gets in our way – this stuff. It is a WAY better approach than viewing life through the lens of being right vs wrong etc…

    1. Someone asked me a question recently about my childhood and why I bought into the lie? I had an image of being given a coat that I was asked to put on, I put the coat on and from there everything changed. The coat was impregnated with ideals beliefs, pictures, etc,. So that I wasn’t me any more but became the character that was imprinted in the coat, which became so familiar I forgot to take it off. It’s not until someone comes along and asks why are you wearing that coat it’s not you, that I remembered I was still wearing it, which had prevented me from being myself.

  40. “Being a Student of Life” – as I have been learning, understanding and enjoying these past few years thanks to Universal Medicine Ageless Wisdom Teachings and continue with all this today, studentship is about learning one thing – love, and what ‘to love’ truly means. From this love everything else, our further and future learning is all presented.

    1. Zofia I just wish that as a child I had come across the Universal Medicine Ageless Wisdom Teachings, my understanding is that the presentations are about the science of everything to do with life. The teachings are expanding and allow for a feeling of confidence because life is understood at a much deeper level. There are no ‘F’s’ for failure just a constant understanding and adjusting to the great sciences that make up the universe which is ever expanding and we expand with it. Unlike the education system we have made for ourselves which is controlled, rigid and we are only taught what the powers that be want us to know which our bodies can feel as very limiting, because our bodies are attuned to the expansion of the universe which is why we feel the constant tension as the universe is pulling us all to align.

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