Being a Student of Life

What if we saw ourselves as students of life – a student that never saw anything we did as wrong but actually an opportunity to grow, to deepen, to expand?

How would life be if we just saw it as a plethora of opportunities? From opportunity comes learning and with learning we soon enough realise just how much more there is to learn, to master.

What if life was all about the many opportunities to master our own heart? And with that there can be no ‘better than,’ or wrong or right, but only what feels true and then the learning of what does not belong with that truth.

What if we saw ourselves as always being a student, a student of life, one that can never actually graduate per se, but one that was on a continuous journey of learning?

Life presents many situations to learn from and it is how we are with those learnings that is important.

Being a student of life and truly seeing ourselves as such, makes it all about learning, and with this, judgment on self or others has no space. Just as a baby who is learning to walk – it stands, it falls, it stands, it falls and it keeps going. Never does that baby judge itself about the fact that it has fallen, but he or she is constantly part of the learning to take steps.

How would everything in life be for us all if we all chose to be this way in life, letting our heart lead the way, embracing learning and being a forever student?

By Johanna Smith, Bachelor of Education (Major Special Needs, Minor Psychology), Graduate Certificate of Early Childhood, Studying Diploma of Counseling, Esoteric Complementary Health Practitioner, Woman, Teacher, Mother, Wife and Friend

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1,077 thoughts on “Being a Student of Life

  1. Seeing everything we seemingly do wrong in life as an opportunity to learn, and not giving ourselves a hard time about it makes life so much less stressful and way less exhausting.

  2. Reading this made me more aware of just how much we associate learning and education with the classroom, yet things like our relationships, including the one with ourselves, our choices and decisions, learning from mistakes and even the basics about energy and knowing the difference between Soul and spirit, we don’t treat as learning or education. As you say, being a student is not just for the classroom but everywhere we go and in every aspect of our life. Also reading this ‘What if life was all about the many opportunities to master our own heart? And with that there can be no ‘better than,’ or wrong or right, but only what feels true, and then the learning of what does not belong with that truth.’ I could see just how much we go into the ‘wrong’ and ‘right’ when it isn’t about that at all.

  3. I find when I am being gentle on myself and understand that I am a student of life, then I am less likely to judge myself or be hard on myself for making mistakes and this also applies to how I relate to people. If I understand and embrace the fact that we are all a student of life, then it is impossible to seek perfection.

  4. I love being a ‘student of life’ and know that I have been one from my first day in this life and will be one until my last breath. The education system tried to mould me into what a good student should be, but the knowing that a true student is an endless student of the whole of life exposed this moulding as the lie it is, so I continued to live the truth.

  5. Life is a constant learning. We walk through much in a day let alone a life time. We are presented with many opportunities to learn the same thing over and over. Whether we choose to learn or not to learn, we all are students of our own lives.

  6. I’ve recently realised when we focus on getting things right in the outer world, the details of temporal life, we miss the point that life is actually healed by us being who we are. I know I have experienced huge anxiety around doing things in the right way and getting everything correct, wanting to do a good job, etc, but it’s more powerful for humanity for me to be me, to bring my soulfulness to all I do. That’s what brings true change. Yes, by all means let’s take care of temporal details but know that true success is living all the love I am and bringing that to each day as consistently as I can. I’m clocking on with God in my day 

    1. Yes I love that, what if we are trying to get right a model that does not value who we are, where we are from or what we are made of? What if it does not value Love in all its simplicity?

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