Being a Student of Life

What if we saw ourselves as students of life – a student that never saw anything we did as wrong but actually an opportunity to grow, to deepen, to expand?

How would life be if we just saw it as a plethora of opportunities? From opportunity comes learning and with learning we soon enough realise just how much more there is to learn, to master.

What if life was all about the many opportunities to master our own heart? And with that there can be no ‘better than,’ or wrong or right, but only what feels true and then the learning of what does not belong with that truth.

What if we saw ourselves as always being a student, a student of life, one that can never actually graduate per se, but one that was on a continuous journey of learning?

Life presents many situations to learn from and it is how we are with those learnings that is important.

Being a student of life and truly seeing ourselves as such, makes it all about learning, and with this, judgment on self or others has no space. Just as a baby who is learning to walk – it stands, it falls, it stands, it falls and it keeps going. Never does that baby judge itself about the fact that it has fallen, but he or she is constantly part of the learning to take steps.

How would everything in life be for us all if we all chose to be this way in life, letting our heart lead the way, embracing learning and being a forever student?

By Johanna Smith, Bachelor of Education (Major Special Needs, Minor Psychology), Graduate Certificate of Early Childhood, Studying Diploma of Counseling, Esoteric Complementary Health Practitioner, Woman, Teacher, Mother, Wife and Friend

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743 thoughts on “Being a Student of Life

    1. I love that it is a never ending learning also. There’s something very humbling about never getting to an end point and the knowing that love can always deepen this expand.

  1. This reminder came at the right moment – it is easy and seemingly normal, a default position, to get caught up in our faults and shortcomings and totally forget that we don’t think and act like that when we watch how a baby learns to walk, i.e. by making the same moves, falling over untold times, picking themselves up and making another move.

    1. We can learn a great deal about how we can be in, with and through life by observing small children and remembering that that was once us.

  2. “Life presents many situations to learn from and it is how we are with those learnings that is important.” the great point raised here is how life is not something that we have to know all the answers about, that we have to have perfection and never be wrong. In fact what is beautiful here is that life is about ever-evolving, growing and learning.

    1. Well said Kathleen. When I was at university I remember observing many people just bunking off. It was like it was cool as you could do that and no one would tell you off and you wouldn’t get in trouble like you did at high school. I always wondered what the point of it was. It’s the same in life. We’re here to learn and evolve and if we bunk off it’s just going to take so much longer.

  3. I feel this is really important for us all to remember that we never stop learning and that everyday is an opportunity to truly learn from and heal old and ill past patterns, behaviours, beliefs, ways etc. For me I feel the last week has been a real fast track for learning and I deeply appreciate how I am willing to be more honest about things in my life, particularly how I am both with myself and with others.

    1. This is beautifully said Vicky and relates to my experience too. It is worth appreciating how honest we can be and how much of the old can dissolve as a result.

  4. Never seeing anything we do as wrong – I wonder if this could be misunderstood as license to do anything, as it need never be wrong?

  5. If we raised our children to know that there is no wrong it would go a long way to remove judgement and comparison in this world; of self and of others. We would all become students of life with the learning that is offered to us when we have done something that many would consider to be wrong, replacing any feelings of failure and self-condemnation

  6. We think that we stop learning when we leave school but everyday is a school day, as we continue to experiment on our selves through our life choices and live out the consequences. We can either choose to recognise and welcome this perpetual journey of deepening our awareness and connection, or invest in ways to resist this inevitable and forever unfolding path of learning.

  7. As children learning to walk we seem to live with greater appreciation of the steps we take and this attitude supports our natural evolution. A return to the innocence we had as children may serve us well.

  8. I find that accepting that there is always something to learn to be humbling but in that humbleness there is openness to great wisdom. It seems very probable to me that we are more wise in a state of great humility than when we are lost in the arrogance of what we think and believe we know.

  9. Not judging ourselves as bad or wrong for making a mistake leaves space for growth, evolution and expansion. When we stay stuck in the rut of self flagelation we’re holding ourselves back from moving on from it, and we keep ourselves small and capped. Life is constantly presenting us with opportunities to learn and deepen our awareness of how we are in it, with ourselves and with others, with the invitation to always go deeper.

  10. There is so much magic to feel in the learning that happens in everyday moments throughout the day when I choose to notice and appreciate it. The more I do the more unfolds.

  11. ‘Being a student of life and truly seeing ourselves as such, makes it all about learning, and with this, judgment on self or others has no space. ‘ So true Johanna – there is no right or wrong what so ever, everything is about truth in expression and how that evolves us. Making life an interesting, observational and playful study is important, rather than ‘getting things right’.

  12. This week I fell ill, very hard to take as it stopped me doing the things I know I should do. But also a learning, because the illness reflected to me, that I really have to deepen to distinguish the difference of a choice coming from my mind and what my body needs. The choice from my head ran my body down, which created the opening for the illness. A learning.

    1. This is a wonderful practical example of what it is to be a student of life Willem. Our body is our greatest and most potent teacher. It will be of enormous assistance to the human race when this wisdom and intelligence is a natural part of our education system.

    1. Absolutely – ‘Living life without right and wrong eliminates guilt.’ – alongside with shame and doubt and all the other self bashing activities of ours.

  13. Johanna, I can feel with what you are sharing here that often as adults we can get stuck and think we should know and that we can’t make ‘mistakes’ and if we do we can be very hard on ourselves, whereas in truth we are learning too and giving ourselves and others this understanding will be much more loving, supportive and evolving for all; ‘What if we saw ourselves as always being a student, a student of life, one that can never actually graduate per se, but one that was on a continuous journey of learning?’

  14. Yes, Johanna, the school of life is rich and forever unfolding its awareness, as we return to the true knowing we once had before.

  15. I realised recently how I used to think that one mistake, one slip up and it wiped everything else out, somehow any mistake or loss of commitment or consistency was the end of the road and I needed to bash myself up and then start again. What I am realising is that those mistakes and off moments need to be addressed, looked at etc, but it doesn’t have to stop us from moving forward

  16. Like a baby I surrender to every fall and get up. This is not indulgence to struggle, because there is no indulgence in the emotion of not getting up. It is very simple and neither is there the indulgence in falling.

  17. The beauty of being a forever student of life makes amazing sense, clarity and joyfulness of what is really going on and our ongoing journey in life, allowing a real purpose and expansion, instead of any giving up and self bashing ways and allows the light of our true reflection with honesty.

  18. When I let go of what I think I know and focus more on being open to a new perspective, much can expand in my life and all around me.

  19. We are always going to make mistakes, none of us are perfect so why not take each mistake as an opportunity to learn and love ourselves for our imperfections and all.

  20. Seeing everything as a plethora of opportunities is very supportive and keeps us open to learning. When we can realise there is often no right or wrong, good or bad but choices to be felt, and learning to be had, we can feel very different to whatever comes our way.

  21. ‘How would everything in life be for us all if we all chose to be this way in life, letting our heart lead the way, embracing learning and being a forever student?’ – It would be a fast track to true evolution.

  22. “What if life was all about the many opportunities to master our own heart?” Somehow, I feel my heart is already mastered. It is surrendering to the ease, the openness and the joy that is there in my heart that feels key for me. As this is our natural state, life keeps serving us up opportunities to come back to this way of living.

  23. Being a student of life is something that has changed my life, from needing to be perfect to really appreciate and enjoy each step that life brings. The challenge for me now is often knowing that something is or is not true and then putting that into action with the torrent of what may result. Take difficult situations with people at work, you know something is not true but want to give that person the opportunity to change. As a student of life, I get to appreciate that sometimes I let things go on too long as I don’t want to step into the absoluteness that I know.

  24. Absolutely every single moment is an opportunity to learn. We are surrounded by reflections all the time, and every single conversation and interaction can show us so much. If we go through life with this awareness our lives can be rich and evolutionary.

  25. Life presents many and varied opportunities, some more challenging than others. Its how we approach things, not the result that matter. We can get so sucked in by the ‘wins’ that we completely miss or sometimes even ignore the opportunity that rises through something we may find incredibly difficult.

  26. The grey cloud of judgement we inflict on ourselves all the time is a great distraction away from how incredible we all actually are, and the fact that we are here to learn, not be perfect.

  27. Being open to what life has to teach us removes any potential for anxiety or fear of getting something wrong, as we become more willing to understand and accept the lessons that are presented for us to learn from.

  28. Life is getting so much more true and lighter when we are open to learning and expansion. Simply by being open to receive the intelligence to grow and expand, makes us already do so. It is so simple.

  29. If we look truthfully we can never stop learning therefore every man, woman and child walking this planet is the forever student. The trouble is too much time is spent on what is right and wrong and the different opinions about what this is when it should be all about truth.

  30. I have to question the obstacles we put in our way throughout our life. Are they intentional so that we don’t get to feel just how amazing we are?

  31. I came to a realisation yesterday which in the past would have been an opportunity to be hugely critical and it felt so lovely to feel the lightness and understanding I brought to myself, a new way of reflecting on my choices rather than self bashing which makes life so much richer and enjoyable than the record of self critique that so many of us play.

  32. Being a student of life requires us to be present and ready. If we are abusing ourselves with alcohol, drugs, or numbing ourselves with food or depriving ourselves of sleep, we are not ready to face the lessons that life brings but are simply avoiding them. In these cases life is just too overwhelming. Being ready to be open to the lessons requires us to be fit for life. For this reason it is worth taking care of ourselves.

  33. “How would everything in life be for us all if we all chose to be this way in life, letting our heart lead the way, embracing learning and being a forever student?” I love this, it made me think, reflect and consider that I have areas of life where I embrace being a student of life and other areas where I don’t! I’m going to explore what it looks like to be a student of all my life!

  34. I have been learning to allow my heart to lead the way….it is definitely an unfolding path, no perfection, but I very much know when my heart is leading now, it has a full, expansive and warm quality in my whole body, when I am with my hurt, things feel small, hard and narrow.

  35. Being a student of life takes all the pressure off – we’re here learning and evolving and any thoughts that we should already know everything or be perfect are simply rubbish.

  36. Living as a student of life, using The Way of The Livingness as a key instrument to unearth all our ways that are not supportive for our evolution, then we can heal them and move or expand to our next lesson in life.

  37. ‘How would life be if we just saw it as a plethora of opportunities?’ …We would feel inspired and eager to evolve to the next ,…and the next opportunity.

  38. Being a student of life is a posture of surrender, a willingness to learn everything about what separates us and how to re-unite with what we have separated from.

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