Being a Student of Life

What if we saw ourselves as students of life – a student that never saw anything we did as wrong but actually an opportunity to grow, to deepen, to expand?

How would life be if we just saw it as a plethora of opportunities? From opportunity comes learning and with learning we soon enough realise just how much more there is to learn, to master.

What if life was all about the many opportunities to master our own heart? And with that there can be no ‘better than,’ or wrong or right, but only what feels true and then the learning of what does not belong with that truth.

What if we saw ourselves as always being a student, a student of life, one that can never actually graduate per se, but one that was on a continuous journey of learning?

Life presents many situations to learn from and it is how we are with those learnings that is important.

Being a student of life and truly seeing ourselves as such, makes it all about learning, and with this, judgment on self or others has no space. Just as a baby who is learning to walk – it stands, it falls, it stands, it falls and it keeps going. Never does that baby judge itself about the fact that it has fallen, but he or she is constantly part of the learning to take steps.

How would everything in life be for us all if we all chose to be this way in life, letting our heart lead the way, embracing learning and being a forever student?

By Johanna Smith, Bachelor of Education (Major Special Needs, Minor Psychology), Graduate Certificate of Early Childhood, Studying Diploma of Counseling, Esoteric Complementary Health Practitioner, Woman, Teacher, Mother, Wife and Friend

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926 thoughts on “Being a Student of Life

  1. Perfectionism can be a real hindrance to learning, it’s stifling in the way we can judge ourselves for doing something ‘wrong’ and also if we have a picture of how we think we or things ‘should be’ then it stops us from being open to sensing what is really needed…

  2. Living as a student of life, brings a lot more understanding to life – of yourself and of the world around you. Attending Universal Medicine events (in person or via webcast) gives you the tools to bring that understanding with space, and love.

  3. Mastering our-own-heart or inner-most which is the esoteric is key in returning to the true Love we all are – with no one having any lesser Love than another so life simply becomes all about our choices.

  4. Everything is a lesson, we have disconnected from our innate knowing so much that we have to re-learn everything and everything that happens is because it is a lesson that may not have been embodied yet.

  5. How beautiful would life be if we actually took this approach? The self-condemnation and judgement would absolutely vanish.

  6. I am aware that the inner critic is very strong and that I have huge expectations that I hold myself too which get in the way of appreciating all that I am. Seeing myself as a ‘Student of Life’ feels so confirming, deeply caring and nourishing and also supports me to release the wisdom that I hold within to express to the world. The realisation that we can hold ourselves back (or in) lifts the self imposed weight from our shoulders and opens the doorway to everything that is already there for us to share.

  7. Something I learned more about today from a Universal Medicine presentation was how powerful our conversations can be in either lowering our state of being and entrenching us in old ways, or raising us up and supporting us to evolve. With this deeper awareness of the importance of every word and gesture in our interactions, I am looking forward to making this a focus of my learning this week and beyond.

  8. A child learns from every movement they make. Once we learn to talk, ‘why’ becomes one of our most used words to learn and probe deeper. College students may ask a ‘why’ a handful of times. When we fit ourselves, as gear in the machine of life, how often do we ask why? There will always be things we don’t know; we only need to ask!

  9. “How would everything in life be for us all if we all chose to be this way in life, letting our heart lead the way, embracing learning and being a forever student?” Life would feel amazing. No room for hiding, holding back, delaying or procrastinating.

  10. I felt this this morning how we tend to see life as a ladder and the higher we are up the so called ladder the better or more advanced we ‘think’ we are. The beauty is there is no ladder, no point to reach or get to, as we are always constantly unfolding, learning and evolving (or not!).

  11. Being a student comes loaded with an image of what is that all about. This image tells us that a student does a series of things to accomplish a series of things that make our life ‘better’. The body is by-and-large not part of the equation of being a student. That is why it is so neglected. Yet, the body is our best instrument to learn everything about the most important subject: life.

  12. Slowing down so we can feel our connection to the divine essence that we all come from, is a great way to be able to observe life and the many various lessons we all go through. So stillness is a great tool that started with the Gentle Breath Meditation and being-still is too big a step from the racy world we that we mostly live in, which brings in the gentle-ness as our bridging first step.

  13. I have realised lately that when I react to a situation and judge or criticise myself and/or another person, it instantly shuts down the learning on offer. It is only when the reaction dies down that I am able to learn from the experience and feel settled about it. I am learning to develop this detached, student of life stance and it certainly brings more clarity and lightness to any situation. Let’s face it, we are not perfect or meant to be, so we may as well enjoy all we are here to learn.

  14. “Being a Student of Life” – for many being a ‘student of life’ can refer or infer that one has not been to university or further studied but rather lived life being savvy to life’s ways. Though the distinction to living life (irrespective of education) is really whether life has been and is being lived with the quality of love, for without love we are a student of a created world full of its tense squeeze; and with love we are a student of our spacious co-created soul. Being a student of life – is living with love.

  15. “What if we saw ourselves as always being a student, a student of life, one that can never actually graduate per se, but one that was on a continuous journey of learning?” How different our education system and indeed our lives in general would be if this were the case.

  16. I love this Johanna! Being a student of Life is so much more acceptable to me instead of feeling that I am making mistakes and seeing myself as ” not trying hard enough”! Thank you I will share this.

  17. The commitment to be a student of life is a commitment to eradicating comparison, jealousy and judgement.

  18. Even considering life to not being about being right or wrong is huge. Right or wrong pegs us one against the other. If we consider everything in life as learning to understand more about ourselves and others, and being open to the fact that there is more to life that we see with our eyes, right and wrong just does not enter. For me learning to observe life is a great lesson in letting go of right or wrong and making mistakes, which means letting go of self-judgment. Not an easy thing when all of how we are brought up and taught does not support this.

  19. A brilliant reminder to be sensible when it comes to life and it’s many lessons – thank you. A baby would never learn to walk if every time it fell over it beat itself up – and we would never let a baby do that, yet we do that constantly to ourselves. What I’m learning is that a splash of appreciation is important, if not vital to maintaining a healthy relationship with our mistakes and errors and more uncomfortable life lessons

  20. The beauty of being a student of life is very empowering to feel and know for ourselves as the forever student and how honest and real we would all become and the expansion that would flow from here.

  21. Simply being able to embrace everything as a learning curve takes all the pressure off us, not needing to be anything or anywhere we are not. Beautiful, thank you Johanna.

  22. As there is no end to growth in a universe that forever expands, we are forever students of what we are part of and contributing to. As we expand the universe expands.

  23. I can see how perfectionism is so harmful, as we can never allow ourselves to make mistakes when we are constantly striving to be something we can never be. This puts ourselves under enormous pressure and strain which inevitably affects our relationships and our health. Perfectionism is what many of us still strive for.

  24. Truly accepting we are students of life gives us permission to make a million mistakes as long as we are honest and get up again and know always we are divine.

  25. I love the fact I don’t need to be perfect and that there’s always more to learn. It makes life worth getting up in the morning for.

  26. As I grew up through school it was commonplace to think, as a student, that mistakes were bad. Yet being a student of life and truly seeing myself as such, makes it all about learning – it would have taken the then pressure off and been a very different place without that judgment and expectations around what we currently class as education.

  27. I am learning to listen to my heart, a continual deepening process, there are no rights or wrongs when I do this, just what feels true. I experience life differently as it is then something I can always learn from, about myself, everyone else, the world and how I live in it.

  28. Taking the need out to reach a final outcome or goal other than living who we truly are, will mean that we will always be learning and a student of life. It also takes the pressure off always being in drive to constantly be improving.

  29. No blame shame or guilt, no right or wrong, just a learning of what is true and what is not. There is a choice.

  30. Great call, it would reduce judgement and self-bashing. There are many layers to this within ourselves that we can be unaware of till we take the time to rest deeply and feel how we are doing what we are doing. If we are berating ourselves for how we are doing what we are doing, but then not changing how we are doing what we are doing, then the self bashing continues because we know we have had an opportunity to change the way we are doing something and stubbornly refusing to do so!

  31. Indeed if we consider that we are a student of life our whole life, we can choose to learn, deepen and expand to our last breath, no matter what our age or developmental milestones.

    1. Allowing ourselves to admit to the fact that we will never have it all worked out and to accept this in the awareness that it is our natural evolution to be consistently learning and growing, we can let go of our self-imposed restraints and blocks. In this awareness, however, I am still constantly caught out by insidious beliefs that still run in my body that prevent me from letting go in full – an indication of the level of where my learning is in truth!

  32. ‘What if we saw ourselves as students of life –a student that never saw anything we did as wrong but actually an opportunity to grow, to deepen, to expand?’ The first line of this blog is the key to acceptance, appreciation and evolution. Simple and powerful.

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