‘Buggism’ and The Science of Symbolism and Reflection

One of the myriad of teachings from the Ageless Wisdom is The Science of Symbolism and Reflection, a truly Divine Science that is a joy to behold and to be a student of daily. This living Science presents the truth of how everything in life offers multiple points of reflection of aspects of what we truly are, and how to firmly set and sustain our footsteps upon our Path of Return to Soul, Divinity and God. This Science has also reconnected us with how Nature is one boundless aspect of this ‘physicalised’ voice of Our Father constantly communicating His Love and Wisdom to us, beckoning our return, our evolution back to Him.

We have experienced many instances of this Divine Science in our lives. 

One example of this communication from Nature was a confirmation of my work as a primary school teacher several years ago when a female koala lodged herself in a tree outside my classroom. The environment had no habitat and no food to sustain her, yet she fiercely resisted several attempts to relocate her. Eventually she was moved several miles away back into her natural habitat. One reflection of the koala is that of a deep level of integrity with regards to parenting, so this was a gorgeous confirmation of my work and one that also called for a deep appreciation from within me for the choices I had made: I too had moved away from the country of my birth into an environment where I initially had little support and subsequently became a teacher (a type of parenting). This was a very beautiful confirmation of this movement from the Living Science of Reflection and one that had me boggling about the omniscient, ever-present Love of Our Father, God.

Another significant kingdom in Nature is the insect kingdom. We were both amazed to discover that there are 10 quintillion insects -10,000,000,000,000,000,000 – alive on this planet at any one moment in time (1). We realised that for every one of us in human form, there are 200 million insects, each of them potentially reflecting something to us. This gave us a sense of the magnitude of the potential for Divine communication and reflection through insects.

However, there is a fly (!) in this divinely appointed ointment: Buggism.

Buggism is a term we have playfully coined to indicate a prejudice towards many species of insects worldwide and even towards specific insects, very much in the way that racism is a prejudice that can be applied to races of people or to a specific person.

We have observed within ourselves and within those around us this same quality of prejudice toward some types of insects and bugs. Our world is in the grip of an epidemic we have called Buggism – both a prejudice against some insects and a refusal to see and accept the reflection offered by them. As with so many aspects of life, we delineate some insects as ‘good’ and as reflecting our positive qualities, whilst others are seen as ‘bad’ because they reflect something negative or simply something we don’t want to see or let go of. If we see a butterfly, we are more than open to accepting the confirmation of our innate delicateness, but a cockroach or fly presenting themselves and indicating that we need to look at where we have been in disregard, often stirs up only reactive thoughts of instant extermination and a movement towards the insect spray. It is certainly natural for us to be repulsed by some insects as they are showing us that we have allowed in an unsavoury or unfavourable energy. Hence why we will say yes to a bee and no to an earwig and so it goes on. However, in truth, all of these reflections are potentially communications that offer the opportunity to evolve. If we refuse the awareness, regardless of the presenting quality, we are shooting ourselves in the foot.

As a case in point: for most of us, bed bugs evoke revulsion and the reaction of recoiling and an association with poverty or uncleanliness. We assume they are one of the ‘bad’ insects …  What is the Science of Reflection communicating via these bugs that perhaps we don’t want to hear? Simply – disregard: the internal poverty we are stubbornly holding onto instead of connecting within and accessing the wealth of our inner Divinity. Why is it that we reframe the insects’ message as being bad – often arousing shame, horror and avoidance when, in Truth, they are simply reminding us that we are so much more than we are feigning to be? Is this not a loving message in Truth? 

One of us recently had a direct personal experience with bedbugs.

Rather than recoiling in line with the dominant mindset, I realised it was as an opportunity to address the root cause by applying the Science of Reflection. It was an enormous offering to reset everything in my life that was in disregard of the truth of what I am. Not only did I re-evaluate every article of clothing and piece of furniture, I also got the message to re-evaluate everything about how I live; how I care for and conduct myself, outwardly and inwardly. I spoke with a long-time exterminator about bedbugs being attracted to those who are in self-disregard. He instantly agreed that this felt true to him and shared that he has often witnessed this in the phenomenon where one partner in a relationship is bitten, but not the other.

Any research I did presented ‘how difficult it is to get rid of bed bugs, even with pesticide’ but my husband and I decided to use a natural pesticide while ‘listening to the messengers’ and making the required changes. In a very short time, the bed bugs were gone.

Their message had been to activate more of what I am. It confirmed that I am far greater than the disregard of not fully honouring myself and where I am at now; that it was time for me to clear that energy from my life, to move past it and expand into greater truth.

Due to the energetic and physical reset, my husband and I are now deeply appreciating the expanded level of support and spaciousness our home now holds us in. And we didn’t even need to move house!

This is a living testimony to what accepting and reading the communication of reflection truly offers – including the ones, like bedbugs, that we completely disparage and avoid.

This experience brought the awareness of how significant it is to connect with the detail of the insects’ reflection – to read where and when I picked them up; the impact point on the physical body; how I felt as I observed them, and even the time of day that the welts showed up. As I did this, I realised that how I had felt about bedbugs in the past had not really been a reaction to the bugs themselves, so much as a reaction to the-pull-to-evolve out of one energy and back into a quality that was closer to the truth of what I am. Without the practical application of the Science of Symbolism, my reactions would have allowed in all manner of false scripts, varying in range from the ugliness of the insects themselves, to believing that I ‘deserved’ my own personal insect plague because of my lack of worth.

Such scripts and stories are a classic ‘kill the messenger’ narrative layered over the purely Divine Science of Reflection. It is these same scripts that arouse the sense of horror and the impulse to criminalise and exterminate the insects without heeding their message of reflection and why they are there.

As an observation, the strategies we use to avoid the reflection of insects are often similar to those we have utilised in our relationship with God, including fabricating narratives to offset the truth of our relationship with Him.

These considerations arise a deeper enquiry about what’s truly at play here. If we are being offered an opportunity to evolve out of a dysfunctional or abusive energy, why do we avoid the reflection and its offering? Is this mindset / attitude confirming what the Ageless Wisdom has long presented: that our lesser mental mind wilfully overrides our divinity and its reflections in any form whatsoever, in utter contempt of the impact these ceaseless, obstinate ruminations have on the physical body? If this were the case, our mental activity would surely feed us thoughts and tales that these bugs are to be despised, ignored and hated at all costs because any response to their reflection is an evolutionary step out of the mind driven mess.

From another profound angle, these considerations also demonstrate how God is so unceasingly constant and consistent in His communication of endless Love for us, so much so that even an insect can be a vehicle to reflect to us where we are at, and what is next for us to take another step back to our true inner quality and essence, and back to Him.

Buggism is a mental ploy, a strategy, to offset this constant offering of Love and the loving call to true responsibility, to be more of what we are in Truth.


  1.  Numbers of Insects (Species and Individuals). Smithsonian. Retrieved 03 July 2021 from https://www.si.edu/spotlight/buginfo/bugnos

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3 thoughts on “‘Buggism’ and The Science of Symbolism and Reflection

  1. This is a brilliant read… playfully but seriously opening our eyes to the way we dismiss the heavenly sign posting constantly on offer through others, nature, life itself… thank you both.

  2. When we truly look into the fabric of life, there is an amazing richness to every single moment and interaction. Everything comes complete with everything you could ever want to know about love. Yet we have adopted a way of cruising through with blinkers on that allows us to pretend we are blind, when we are constantly informed and supported to see the truth. This really ‘bugs’ me when I realise how I have done it, and inspires as this blog does, to live with blinkers off and antenna up and aware.

  3. I love this article and have noticed myself how quick off the mark I can be when ‘exterminating’ a spider or some ants rather than pausing and allowing the revelation and symbolism to unfold and heed the message.

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