The Magic of God in Nature

I had just come into the local supermarket to do my weekly shop. As I came through a door thinking about something else that had just happened, something caught my eye. I stopped and looked, and here was a real live tiny little robin sitting on top of a till. It made me stop in my tracks and forget all about my thoughts.

I felt so much childlike joy and amazement watching this beautiful little bird, and I wanted to share it with the world.

I stood and watched as this delicate and joyful little bird made me smile. It felt like it was there just for me. It stood still for a while, then hopped to another till, and stood still again before it hopped to another and flew off. I watched it fly over some aisles, then up to the roof. It was amazing to watch this little bird fly across the store. 

I felt that this beautiful little bird reflected the magic of God and stillness, which reminded me of the stillness that is in me and brought me back to the presence in my body and away from my thoughts.

It also made me appreciate the magic of God in life, and how much I love simplicity and the little details.

Here was this beautiful little bird in the most unexpected of places, just doing its own thing, simply being itself, in its beautiful, amazing and delicate presence, and not bothered by what was going on around it. Some people noticed, many people weren’t aware, but this little bird was not bothered, it was just there.

I saw a security man notice it and said to him with such childlike joy “It’s a robin!” The amazing thing was, when he told me that he’d seen it before, I could feel myself getting pulled into the thought of “Will it get out?” and I actually asked him this question.

But as soon as I said those words I could feel I had gone into my head, my body felt tight and tense, so I stopped and came back to me, simply appreciating the magic of God, the gift from heaven and the joy that I felt.

The magic of God is everywhere, even in the most unexpected of places, just there for us to see or feel.

Funnily enough, I never saw the little robin again… 

That was until about a month ago when I was walking through the supermarket and what should fly past my feet, with its wings spread out wide, but my little friend the robin.

Then, upon my return the following week, I felt to go down an aisle, and there on the end was a beautiful collection of china mugs, with the most delicate deer painted on them. As I had a look to feel whether I really wanted one or not, guess what caught my eye…. yep, you guessed it…. the robin. But this time it was not flying around or sitting on a till, here it was on a mug, the only mug at the very end of the shelf that had a beautiful robin painted on it – and yes, I bought it because I knew it was there just for me.

So every day now, when I open the cupboard door, I smile when I see this beautiful robin looking at me. It reminds me of my delicateness and of the magic of God and the playfulness in nature, and in me.

Inspired by Serge Benhayon, Natalie Benhayon and Universal Medicine.

by Gyl Rae, 37, Scotland

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868 thoughts on “The Magic of God in Nature

  1. Robins have a natural playfulness, they magically appear, and then fly forward a bit, waiting until you walk next to them again, only to repeat this as if they are playing with you.

  2. As you have shared Gyl, appreciation of God and understanding we are more than human brings, our attention to these magical moments that confirm our divinity, and that we can all live with a Deep-humble-appreciative-ness from our essences or “child like joy”.

  3. ‘It also made me appreciate the magic of God in life, and how much I love simplicity and the little details.’ I sincerely love those moments too that offer profound communication that speak directly to the heart.

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