The Magic of God in Nature

I had just come into the local supermarket to do my weekly shop. As I came through a door thinking about something else that had just happened, something caught my eye. I stopped and looked, and here was a real live tiny little robin sitting on top of a till. It made me stop in my tracks and forget all about my thoughts.

I felt so much childlike joy and amazement watching this beautiful little bird, and I wanted to share it with the world.

I stood and watched as this delicate and joyful little bird made me smile. It felt like it was there just for me. It stood still for a while, then hopped to another till, and stood still again before it hopped to another and flew off. I watched it fly over some aisles, then up to the roof. It was amazing to watch this little bird fly across the store. 

I felt that this beautiful little bird reflected the magic of God and stillness, which reminded me of the stillness that is in me and brought me back to the presence in my body and away from my thoughts.

It also made me appreciate the magic of God in life, and how much I love simplicity and the little details.

Here was this beautiful little bird in the most unexpected of places, just doing its own thing, simply being itself, in its beautiful, amazing and delicate presence, and not bothered by what was going on around it. Some people noticed, many people weren’t aware, but this little bird was not bothered, it was just there.

I saw a security man notice it and said to him with such childlike joy “It’s a robin!” The amazing thing was, when he told me that he’d seen it before, I could feel myself getting pulled into the thought of “Will it get out?” and I actually asked him this question.

But as soon as I said those words I could feel I had gone into my head, my body felt tight and tense, so I stopped and came back to me, simply appreciating the magic of God, the gift from heaven and the joy that I felt.

The magic of God is everywhere, even in the most unexpected of places, just there for us to see or feel.

Funnily enough, I never saw the little robin again… 

That was until about a month ago when I was walking through the supermarket and what should fly past my feet, with its wings spread out wide, but my little friend the robin.

Then, upon my return the following week, I felt to go down an aisle, and there on the end was a beautiful collection of china mugs, with the most delicate deer painted on them. As I had a look to feel whether I really wanted one or not, guess what caught my eye…. yep, you guessed it…. the robin. But this time it was not flying around or sitting on a till, here it was on a mug, the only mug at the very end of the shelf that had a beautiful robin painted on it – and yes, I bought it because I knew it was there just for me.

So every day now, when I open the cupboard door, I smile when I see this beautiful robin looking at me. It reminds me of my delicateness and of the magic of God and the playfulness in nature, and in me.

Inspired by Serge Benhayon, Natalie Benhayon and Universal Medicine.

by Gyl Rae, 37, Scotland

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791 thoughts on “The Magic of God in Nature

  1. Life is so magical once we start to open ourselves up to it and allow ourselves to see more – including everything that we don’t want to see. It’s only when we’re truly willing to see everything that we get to see more of the joy. If we’re constantly holding back, in protection, and afraid of getting hurt, we’re so shut down that it’s hard to see anything beyond that wall of protection, beyond our hurts. Letting go and opening up, life – and the joy and magic of it – starts to flow again.

  2. There is something oh so beautiful about nature, and it is not so much the visual splendour but the energetic emanation that envelopes us. One of the best ways to understand our own connection when we have lost a marker as to what that truly means is to study nature, but not as something extrinsic, but rather as something that is constantly reflecting back to us a reminder of who we truly are.

    1. The outer beauty is but a reflection of the inner light, specifically placed to rein us back in from a life lived in shadow.

  3. Super-lovely Gyl, thank you! It is quite magical where and how God can show his hand. It feels like the robin was not only reflective of the joy you felt in witnessing the magic of God in an unlikely place, but a confirmation of your own sweet, joyful robin-like essence. And that’s part of the magic – reading what presented to us.

  4. During my walk, I stopped to listen to the birdsong and looked around for where it was originating from and there was a robin sitting onto of a road sign, only a tiny distance from where I stood. It continued to sing loudly and beautifully and just kept looking me right in the eye, not in the slightest bit concerned that I was less than an arm distance away from him. What a joy as we continued this mutual appreciation for several minutes!

  5. We all have ways of looking at nature and this blog while at times I found parts difficult to read, highlighted to me the awareness of what we see around us. Do we take things like nature for granted and dismiss it as a part of everyday or do we take the time to breath it in, to read it more deeply? It is amazing what we can see and read from the most simplest thing around us, if we choose and how this supports us to keep our head up and not get to locked into what we are doing.

  6. What is interesting in this scenario is that we could either perceive the robin as you have Gyl, a reminder to bring our playfulness into the seeming ‘chores’ of life or we could read it as this quality of ours being trapped in a consumerist world, as symbolised by the supermarket and the fear of the bird not being able to escape. Either way it is one and the same gorgeous reminder to allow ourselves the freedom to express what is so natural for us to express, the delicacy of our love.

  7. There is Magic of God around us constantly, we just have to be open to see it, and see it with our hearts, and then to feel that what might look normal to the eye actually has a beautiful message in it for us.

  8. The magic of God is everywhere if we care to notice. Regardless of the season there is much to appreciate and celebrate when I go out for a walk.

  9. Recognising that we have this constant communication available to us allows me to accept that we’re for ever supported by God, “The magic of God is everywhere, even in the most unexpected of places, just there for us to see or feel.”

    1. This is true and always to be appreciated – that we are never not receiving communication from the Universe and reflections of our Godliness.

    2. I completely agree the magic of God is everywhere, we just need to allow ourselves to see. It is only more recently that I started to feel and connect to this magic, before I am sure it was ther,e but I was never with my body to recognise it.

      1. Gosh Amita, just feeling this some more, when we say the Magic of God is everywhere it is everywhere – even in our own bodies and movements, to be observed and appreciated too.

      2. Thank you Rosanna, you make a great point about the Magic of God being inside us as well and there to be appreciated.

  10. Gyl, what a wonderful reminder this robin is, ‘It reminds me of my delicateness and of the magic of God and the playfulness in nature, and in me.’ I love how nature reflects to us our true nature, I often see with little birds how joyful and free they are, how very sweet they are and it is lovely to be reminded that this is my true nature too.

  11. Yesterday evening I took myself off for a walk just before it got dark, it was a warm and still Spring evening and the birds were trilling in the hedges the Snowdrops were giving way to the beautiful Daffodils, and shyly peeping through the grass in the hedge were some white violets and for me this is such a stop moment to just appreciate the absolute magic of God and to listen to the birds singing a renewing of life, another cycle another opportunity, we are given so much, but I know for myself I have not taken everything that has been given to me to evolve, but God doesn’t give up he constantly shows us all our grandness and beauty reflected in the beauty of a beautiful Spring evening.

    1. Thank goodness for nature, it’s a constant reminder of the true beauty of God in a world that can feel quite ugly at times. Your beautiful comment has reminded me of how much nature has given me, and also the Magic of God I feel when I see little children.

      1. Melinda I agree “nature is a beautiful reminder of the true beauty of God in a world that can feel quite ugly at times”. It just a great confirmation that nature is around us all the time supporting us in every moment.

  12. Nature offers healing and healing is being present in the body and appreciating the magic of all we truly are. Simply beautiful.

  13. Gorgeous, light and playful – such is the magic of God that is endlessly reflected to us in every moment.

  14. Yesterday when I was walking with the dog, something made me look down to myself and there it was a tiny ladybug just on my chest walking towards my inner heart to stay there for quite a while. I just melted and enjoyed this light and simple present from heaven.

  15. We are never alone and always supported – this is the message nature constantly brings to us. Sometimes we are aware of the messages and sometimes we are in our heads or lost in a story we have created. This is a simple reminder that when we are present there is much being presented for us to be held in.

  16. You have definitely and very tangibly shared your experience of what it feels like to feel this Robin, which was there for you to reflect your Joy and Playfulness. And this Magic of God events happen to us constantly, we just have to be open and feel them and read what they mean for us.
    Thanks Gyl.

  17. Gyl this is such a feel good blog, it makes you stop and appreciate the magic that is around us in our everyday. Beautiful, thank you.

  18. Gyl it is beautiful when we stop to appreciate the magic of God, just yesterday I was at funeral Ceremony and when speaks where on, a small feather just floated in front of me and then it went floating across the room towards the coffin, in that moment it just made me smile. I could feel the magic there too.

  19. What a beautiful experience. I love the reflections birds offer. For example the deep joy of the streak of blue that is a Kingfisher ‘skating’ over the surface of a river or lake. They remind me of the joy that is innate within us all.

  20. “It also made me appreciate the magic of God in life, and how much I love simplicity and the little details.” It always brings me so much joy and childlike wonder when we capture these little moments of our days. It feels so precious and beautiful and shows just how much we can learn in these moments is we take the time to enjoy what is there to be shared.

  21. The magic of God is all around us blessing us with little stop moments of joy whenever we choose to see them.

  22. This is such sweet story – thank you for sharing it! I love the reminders that we get through the magic of God, so much can be communicated in this way when we are open to receiving it…

  23. Being willing to expand our awareness enables us to read and enjoy the magic of god moments in nature in every detail and to understand what these messages are communicating to us.

  24. Within every small task lays the greatness of God, if only we choose to see and thus breathe the essence of who we truly are.

  25. Nothing can drown out the beauty of nature like thoughts! We can be so stuck in our minds and completely unaware of the beauty that surrounds us. Gyl the tiny robin sounds like a gorgeous little messenger, and even the mug was your take home symbol of the beauty of this bird. I’ve been in situations before too where I’ve been consumed by an incident and then something has happened in nature which has brought me back to my body and out of the whirl of thoughts.

  26. I’ve just started a new job and have been noticing how I have been calibrating what I’ve been saying, not only that but the way I move too, in order to be accepted and liked. As a result I’m now feeling quite sick which I’ve only just realised by reading this blog, so thank you Susan for the reminder of how harming it is when we hold back from being our full and glorious selves for any reason.

  27. What his blog reminds me of is the oh so gorgeous but equally the not so gorgeous sights from nature. Who likes seeing a dead animal on the side of the road? Or a plant, tree or animal getting into a situation where it is placed in the likelihood of illness or death such as in a drought? Nature cannot be viewed on one level alone though. Sure one animal or a few are likely to die but the benefit is for the balance of the whole and this is the surrender and understanding of all of nature.

  28. How absolutely gorgeous; experiencing the childlike joy, amazement and the Magic of God in a supermarket.

  29. exquisite Gyl. The moments like this where we can be stopped in our tracks by nature reflect to us the beauty that is also inside.

  30. Nature is indeed all around us and often in the most unlikely places. How delightful your blog is Gyl. I get such pleasure out of seeing that little Robin in my mind’s eye!

  31. Beautifully shared Gyl thank you, the beauty in nature and the magic and joy we feel is but a reflection of what we bring to each other.

  32. I can so relate to that little mental linearity that tries to interrupt the amazement and appreciation we feel and spherically relate to when we get a glimpse of divinity. Well done for coming back to yourself to appreciate even more of what you were experiencing, and to bring even more.

  33. ‘The magic of God is everywhere, even in the most unexpected of places, just there for us to see or feel.’ So true Gyl, and not for us to react to, but to appreciate, celebrate and embrace.

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