Golf with God… A Dream

I decided the other day to go and play golf: due to adverse weather conditions I had not played for some time and was really looking forward to a game. As I approached the first tee, suddenly I heard this voice behind me, asking if he could join me for a game. I said yes, of course, and introduced myself to him, saying my name was Mike; we shook hands as he said his name was God! 

I teed off and hit my ball 200 yards, slightly to the right, then God teed off and hit his 350 yards straight up the middle! I watched in disbelief as it occurred to me that maybe he is God. As we walked down the fairway, I asked if he had a family and he replied “Yes, everyone is my family”…

I pondered on this as we walked down the second fairway, once again a short distance to my ball and a long, long way to my playing partner’s. Out of the blue, God asks me what I thought was wrong with the world

I thought, why is he asking me?… but then I replied “Many things – there are too many wars, widespread racism, general hatred, total disregard for one another, corruption on a grand scale fed by man’s greed for power – in fact, man’s utter inhumanity to each other, and that is just for starters.”

As we continued around the course, (after 3 birdies and an eagle, making God 10 shots up after 4 holes), God asked me to explain what I meant by some of my statements. With regards to racism, I said,

“No matter what colour a person’s skin, or how we look, we are all human beings; we may be different on the outside, but inside we are all alike, we all bleed red blood and feel pain and sorrow, but like everyone we all yearn to love and be loved.”

“And speaking of wars, what have we learnt over the years? – NOTHING!! Once war was sticks and stones, then bows and arrows and then guns, now it is weapons of mass destruction. When will people learn? When will we learn? We even have people blowing themselves up in your name, God, killing innocent people… but for what 
genuine reason?”

By this time we are walking up the 18th fairway (with God now 37 strokes in front, but who was counting) when He turns to me and says,

“Thank goodness for UNIVERSAL MEDICINE
 where people of many races, nationalities and age groups from all walks of life have got together to look at the way forward in brotherhood; supporting each other to change their outlook on life, accepting responsibility for all intentions, thoughts and actions, learning from past mistakes to be open to everybody, being loving and understanding to all… letting people know there is another way to being LOVE and HARMONY in this world.”

Finally, as we walk off the 18th green God says “We should do this again sometime, and see how we have progressed in our thoughts, love and understanding for each other, no matter what our differences.”

I look round to say thank you by inviting him to join me at the 19th hole for a drink, but no one was there – God was gone.

Or was He?

By Mike Stevenson,happily retired after 38 years flying with British Airways, living in Sandhurst UK, married to Stephanie, still travelling the world but now as a passenger.

This blog was inspired by a comment in response to: Writing in a Journal and the Power of Honesty

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827 thoughts on “Golf with God… A Dream

  1. I so relate Mike, as God is also the green keeper so he Knows every lay-out back to front and every step we take should be in this consideration ,as how we walk is felt not only by God but everyone else.

  2. God can take many forms in our dreams, we just have to be wise enough to discern whether it really is God or could it be something else.

  3. If we walk with our Inner-heart or Soul-full-essences, which are one and the same God and Universal Medicine will be with us, so thank you Mike as I appreciate that God keeps his hand in at many areas of life.

  4. Honestly, I have to wonder where we would all be if we didn’t have Universal Medicine offering a different prospective to life. If we were to be completely honest with ourselves and each other, nothing is truly working. In fact we could say that if it wasn’t for Modern day medicine we would be in a complete mess, there would be no escaping the rates of illness and disease, it would really be in our face.
    Universal Medicine is offering humanity a different way to live, one where we are much more aware of ourselves and our responsibility to ourselves and all others. It is then our choice which life style we prefer.

  5. “letting people know there is another way to being LOVE and HARMONY in this world” An invitation and responsibility of all who are students of The Way of The Livingness presented by Universal Medicine..

    1. Absolutely Mary, Our-divine Soul-full-essences shares so much when we reflect the Deep-humble-appreciative-ness that we all can live. And that transparent living way is typified in the Students of The Livingness.

      1. A simple walk to the first tee and how we move will be felt and in that, we understand appreciation as being the knowing, we are more than physical, and as a divine being in understanding, this is our responsibility. Or we are responsible for everything and this is sacred and thus Sacredness is the responsibility for everything.

  6. We are so one family…does not matter colour or gender etc, we are mixed up in our particles, our genes and to separate us is absolutely luscious. Countries lines are written by people, they are a created idea not the truth of who we are.

  7. A beautiful blog. Perhaps the world is exactly how it needs to be? A reflection of how we live and showing us the consequences.

    1. Absolutely Christoph, as we live so to do we reflect, so more of our divine-Soul-full-essence, and the forever deepening Love, that this essence brings needs to be lived to share and reflect another way.

  8. This is one of the best blogs I have ever read : raw, touching, so pure and absolute in truth. Thank you Mike, in love with the vibe of where thie blog (energy) comes from.

  9. The beholding love of God is constantly on tap as it resides within us and is available to us in all situations, if we but choose to connect, to feel and to embrace it.

    1. I am opening to this more deeply, not just the what is not, that I notice, now I am feeling more deeply the rich, silky holding of God and the heavens, the stillness is boundless.

  10. It is through Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine that my relationship and connection with myself and others has completely changed, the more accepting and loving I am in how I hold and value myself is reflected in the quality of relationship and connection I have with others including God.

  11. Thank you Mike, when I saw the title I had to read it! It’s truly up to each one of us to change the world, and this starts with ourselves and our own return back to love and to living from our soul.

  12. Dear Mike, deeply touching your very intimate chat with God and your deep understanding and appreciation for Universal Medicine; confirming and igniting me even more by the simplicity and light-heartedness of a fellow brother.

  13. God walks with us always – be that to the shop at the corner, round the Golf course, on our way to work, or climbing a mountain. Do we notice? Do we take the opportunity to check in with this richest of resources?

    1. True, Simon – God walks with us all the time, everywhere we go… but this can be easy to forget when we get engrossed in the physicality’s of life. Perhaps we need to change our focus?

  14. How often do we obsess about the state of the world and ignore our inner wars. The outer is but a reflection of the inner. Are we still warring with ourselves or have we tamed the spirit that wants to keeps the fight with our true selves alive and pulls us away from our innate Godliness.

  15. It is pretty nuts that we’ve got to a place where we just accepted that war is ‘normal’, and is something we read in the papers and see on our screens pretty much every day. The world, and humanity, is not in a good place, but we seem totally resigned to accepting it as ‘just the way it is’ – or wanting to escape from it. What Universal Medicine presents is a way to be in the world, see it in full, know who you are, and deal with whatever is before you. No escaping, no hiding, just down to earth practicality and commitment to life and people.

  16. The truth is, without the friends I have met, the workshops I have been to and the courses I have undertaken through Universal Medicine I would not have known how I was living was less than who I was. Crazy to not know yourself. Yet society does not tell you that you are magnificent just as you are, instead it tells you how to better yourself and make yourself into a worthwhile member of society. Un-peeling layers of untruth and ‘make-up’ to get back to the simple truth of who we are – now that is a foundation worth building on.

  17. Definitely – Universal Medicine presents another way of living in this word of ours. How I am living, how I express what I express is deeply inspired by what I received from Universal Medicine, and I definitely feel closer to God because of that.

  18. Love rereading your blog Mike, as it always brings up something different, this time it reminded me of how when we let go of competition, or even trying we are able to achieve so much, as reflected by God here who hits the ball straight down the fairway with no effort, picture or expectation, there is always so much we can learn from each other and especially God.

  19. A beautiful blog Mike, and some great questions too, God is always there for all us, and as we realise our own responsibilities in life we realise that every choice matters, as what we do effects everyone not just ourselves.

  20. This piece of writing is stunning. Pure gold. My favourite part is how God left you to make the changes that you could see need to happen. He did not promise to do anything for you, to solve or to save. He simply asked you what you could see and then said, ok, lets talk again later and see what happens next. So amazing.

    1. ha ha yes, I hadn’t clocked that. He was not imposing at all was he?! He simply posed the odd question or two and said let’s see what happens next. It is us who have got ourselves into this mess, and now we can see what mess we are really in, it is for us to get ourselves out of this mess. Not a hard job – unless we choose to make it so.

      1. Yes the same for me too. A perfect example of the unconditional love of God, of beholding love.

    2. Shami thank you for your comment, it highlights the responsibility we all have to acknowledge that yes we do know what is wrong on the world, and then what do we need to do about it? It’s not about waiting to be saved but reconnecting to the love within each one of us and then living that together. And, knowing that God is always there to support us on our return together in every moment.

    3. God gives us space so we get to walk the coarse of our own making and thus learn to drive straight down the middle as we have seen all the distractions on the sides.

  21. Yes, Thank Heaven for Universal Medicine. I really would be very different today if it wasn’t for the inspiring workshops, talks and events I have been privileged to attend.

  22. What a gorgeous sharing of true conversations. When we are willing to see the reality of the world, it supports us to know how to be in it differently and live in a way that does not add to the suffering and separation.

  23. This business of being individuals has to be very disorienting to God. We are supposed to work together in oneness, not work one against each other. We have made it about one (self).

  24. Yeap thank goodness for Universal Medicine and it’s simple, straightforward life is Medicine and how you live is Medicine teachings.

  25. This was such a beautifully light-hearted read, Mike, and one that got me to consider more deeply just how much God is with us in every moment, waiting patiently for us to connect to Him and always offering us moments to feel his presence. Also, I would say that Universal Medicine has gotten a ‘hole in one’ when it comes to offering the world a true way forward in healing and moving towards creating harmony on this planet once and for all.

  26. How often do we deeply consider the state of the world today, and what it is we have accepted as normal? For if we were to honestly open ourselves up the feeling the real extent of abuse, violence, hatred, and bullying that exists in our everyday, let alone in the world around us, would we be so accepting that this is the quality of life we all deserve to live? And what about love, and why is it that we have forgone living this quality in our lives? It is what we all crave, and it is this quality that we all rightfully and respectfully deserve to live together.

    1. Yes, the lack of love lived in ‘loving’ jo bloggs family home is so painful when we really stop and think about it.

  27. Gorgeous, touching and humorous blog that shares the love of God in its daily practice, as since we are here on earth, we need to embody and bring the love on earth – by our will and through our bodies. That does not mean neglecting our connection to God, but actually re-establishing it and living in the transparency of love, as we cannot hide anything anyway! The ease and purity of this blog — is profound. That is exactly what truth is and what is in us all.

    1. I agree, our connection is always there so it is important to live transparently and committed to life in full. It is definitely the least complicated way to live.

  28. What ever your golf skills… You are so on the ball there when you are talking about war and wondering if we truly have evolved from that. I agree with you that going from spears and swords to mass destruction weapons is in essence no true change as it is still killing people and we are still not being harmonious and loving with each other. The latter would be true evolution from war.

  29. “Thank goodness for UNIVERSAL MEDICINE
 where people of many races, nationalities and age groups from all walks of life have got together to look at the way forward in brotherhood; supporting each other to change their outlook on life, accepting responsibility for all intentions, thoughts and actions, learning from past mistakes to be open to everybody, being loving and understanding to all… letting people know there is another way to being LOVE and HARMONY in this world.”
    Well said Michael and I love the story thank you.

  30. ‘There is another way to be Love and Harmony in this world’ – there sure is, and we can all be part of this if we so wish to choose and see it.

  31. I love reading this blog Mike, it always makes me smile and realise how far away we hold God, as if we are surprised that he might talk to us -‘what me? Little old me and God?’. But what if he is everywhere always there with you and me? To consider this is to finally admit how supported and blessed we are.

  32. “Yes, everyone is my family”…
 Universal Medicine, bringing the Universal back to humanity and humanity back to the Universe.

  33. “Thank goodness for UNIVERSAL MEDICINE
 where people of many races, nationalities and age groups from all walks of life have got together to look at the way forward in brotherhood; supporting each other to change their outlook on life, accepting responsibility for all intentions, thoughts and actions, learning from past mistakes to be open to everybody, being loving and understanding to all… letting people know there is another way to being LOVE and HARMONY in this world.”
    When I read this part I had joy in my heart and tears in my eyes and thanked Gods goodness for universal medicine and thank you Michael for sharing so lovely.

  34. God is love…and we are made from Him and hence we are in essence love. How far have we come from living this truth in the world?

  35. I would love to play golf in this way too, as it is not about counting the strokes but about how we experience life and how much we are able to express and live a more natural life as being presented by Serge Benhayon and Universal medicine and lived by its many students.

    1. I always found that competition ruined a game of golf. It can be a case of talk and walk in openness and transparency or you can compete and close yourself down to everything that is on offer.

      1. So true Doug, as my little experience with golf is like the latter, where the competition and the act of playing the ball was the point of interest, while there was so much on offer to share with one another. But seemingly we try to void the sharing and the closer contact that then can be built and instead make life about function and how good we are with it.

      2. Actually Doug, we have to put a lot of effort in this pursuit of reducing ourselves from the grandness we naturally are. You can see this in the abusive anxious busyness many people are living in in our societies nowadays.

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