Miranda & Natalie Benhayon – Sacredness of the Way they Move  

I first started hearing the word sacredness through attending presentations by Universal Medicine. Although my woman’s body seemed to remember this word, my logical mind was telling me that I didn’t have a clue what it meant! There was such a contrast between the distant yet clear knowing in my body and the way I was living and moving, which was largely devoid of this sacredness. Where to start when waking up a giant? This is where female role models who live this sacredness play such a significant role. Perhaps surprisingly, it isn’t in anything they say. It is the way they move. My whole-body seems to drink in what I see and I feel and in an instant, I know the sacredness within a woman.

There are many women who have inspired me over the years. One of these amazing role models is Miranda Benhayon. What I have observed in Miranda’s movements may seem simple or even mundane, yet the effect of the beauty and divinity in her movements is quite profound.

One memorable example of this was when I realised that I had never seen or heard anyone swipe a credit card the way that she did. Normally when I am at the shops and my card is swiped, there is a rush and harshness to the movement, and the sound feels like nails on a chalk board! Whereas when Miranda does this same movement, there is no rush; there is absolute presence and purpose. Instead of harshness, there is a sound that is in harmony with every cell in my body and the whole of the Universe. It is like music to my ears and it leaves me feeling deeply at ease.

I am also very inspired when Miranda is on stage singing or presenting. Her voice is so rich, steady and deep. However, it is what I see in her movements that keeps me spellbound. There is such a grace and elegance to the way she holds herself on stage, whether poised on a seat or standing, that reminds me of a true way of being. One of the things I love the most about seeing Miranda Benhayon on stage is the way she holds the microphone.

There is such a delicateness and femininity to the way each of her fingers is deliberately placed. There is not an ounce of gripping, hardness or tension in her hand or arm. The harmony and perfection of the angles that her fingers and wrist create, instantly creates space within me and I experience a sigh of surrender throughout my body. The divinity that I know inside me is there before my eyes – I am observing heaven on earth.

Woman holding a microphone and singing, with eyes closed
Miranda Benhayon

The other woman who has been a significant role model in my life, and for thousands of other women, is Natalie Benhayon. She consistently reflects sacredness as a woman in every movement and gesture, without an ounce of apology or holding back. Natalie Benhayon is pure sacredness – proof that it can and needs to be lived in every moment, by every woman. If you want to experience the joy of observing Natalie, I would recommend visiting Esoteric Women’s Health (one of the many amazing women’s projects she has initiated) and watching the video “So Lovely”.

From the steady groundedness of each step, to the delicateness of the touch of her fingers, you can feel she is completely with her body and honouring the sacredness that is within her. There is nothing that can lure, distract or tantalise her away from the preciousness and magnificence of what she feels.

Natalie has one particular movement, which although seemingly very simple, touches me deeply and has a profound effect on my body – and that is the way she closes and opens her eyes. Normally I would call this blinking, but it seems like an insult to use such a short, sharp word to describe a movement that holds such a timeless beauty and sacredness. If you consider it, how often have you been stopped in your tracks or even noticed this movement in another person? Never or rarely? Instead of the rushed, abrupt or functional way that most of us close our eyes, Natalie takes her time. In fact, this is what I love the most and it is delicious to feel. It is like time itself stops. And if you feel the depth of sacredness within you, why would you rush or dishonour that feeling?

Upper body shot of woman half turned towards the camera and smiling
Natalie Benhayon

Although the way that Miranda Benhayon and Natalie Benhayon express sacredness is different, their movements carry the same message.

There is absolute dedication to keep feeling and appreciating the depth within themselves and move in a way that reflects heaven. This allows us to see and feel unfathomable beauty, stillness and grace. With this firm commitment to sacredness, they refuse to be moved by anything life or society tells women they need to be. Observing and appreciating these amazing role models over many years, I now know how natural and powerful sacredness is, and that it can be expressed in every movement.

By Fiona Lotherington, Team Leader, Complementary Healing Practitioner, Registered Nurse

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642 thoughts on “Miranda & Natalie Benhayon – Sacredness of the Way they Move  

  1. I can feel a depth of stillness that is so profound that I do not want to step away again, as for far too long I have lived in nervous energy which has taken its toll on my body. The women in the Benhayon family have shown that there is another way to live in stillness, and reconnecting back to the stillness has to be the best experience of my life.

  2. To see divinity in another you must have divinity within yourself or you would not have any idea of what you are feeling or looking at. Why do so many people go to Paris and while there go to view the painting of the Mona Lisa? Could it be that they are reminding themselves of their sacredness as they file past the painting that exudes sacredness? We have an inbuilt radar that constantly seeks the reflection of sacredness to remind us who and what we are… sacred.

  3. Until coming across Universal Medicine I never understood the power that people have as role models. What women like Natalie and Miranda can inspire, and many other women and men too, just blows me away with what is possible.

  4. It’s not until we experience someone moving in and with their sacredness that we discover that for the majority of us this is not our experience. Society has molded women to become hard and to compete with men. Some can out compete men in their hardness as we use hardness like amour plating to get though life as best we can. So watching how someone moves and knowing innately that you are watching heaven on earth shows me that we do know heaven, we have just lost our connection to it. Reconnect and everyone including men can walk with stillness and grace.

  5. This is something I am seeing more and more in how I have lived, in that I would hear a word and think about it mentally …. or not think about it at all and just let it completely wash over me, or ignore it! What I am starting to understand is what my relationship with that word is, e.g. sacredness, what does this mean to me from my body, because I have to start with where I am at with it rather than what another thinks, otherwise I have nowhere to go/explore this from … have no foundation at all with that word, energy or vibration. It is great to not only appreciate our qualities and what we hold or bring, but others as well ✨

  6. The way we move says everything about us. I had a conversation about this with someone the other day, in that you can tell where a person is at in how they move and their movements. We are more aware than we realise.

    1. Vicky, I would also say there is so much detail in the movement, and the detail is our personal relationship with God and what I’m discovering is that there is no need to rush as the intimacy is so exquisite, why would we rush something so glorious?

  7. ‘The harmony and perfection of the angles that her fingers and wrist create, instantly creates space within me and I experience a sigh of surrender throughout my body.’ I so get this. Such delicateness and power at the same moment. I’m so inspired in a world where I thought one could only be hard to survive, she shows in her movements there is another way that’s so beautiful. I realise there is no need to be seen, no posturing needed like I see in mainstream singers. What’s shown here is harmony for all.

  8. ‘The divinity that I know inside me is there before my eyes – I am observing heaven on earth.’ So true. And we each are divine but how often do I connect with this? Well, today I was in a group of perhaps 26 people and I took a moment to look around the room and all I saw was beauty in them all. It was very lovely.

  9. Wow are these ladies amazing, they totally rock. Beautiful, sexy, sassy and super in tune with themselves and the universe.

  10. To me a great reflection from both Miranda and Natalie that there is no striving to be something or someone. There is such sense of them just being themselves without any need for ‘airs or graces’ which is such a joy that immediately makes one at ease.

    1. I agree with you Jonathan they move with a deep sense of knowing who they are and where they originate from… Heaven. Thank heaven that we have such reflections on earth that remind us where we come from too.

  11. ‘One memorable example of this was when I realised that I had never seen or heard anyone swipe a credit card the way that she did.’ Making the ordinary, even the most usually forgettable, mundane moments out of this world amazing but also everyday ordinary amazingness.

    1. Yes, this is a great example of how both these women are so graceful in everything they do and by doing so the living inspiration they are for us all.

  12. Thank you Fiona, this is an amazing read on a very pertinent topic. The thing about movement is it doesn’t lie, we could hear someone talk about sacredness, or be considered a role model, yet the truth of the quality of how they live is there in the movements. This is also a great line about Natalie Benhayon and sacredness “There is nothing that can lure, distract or tantalise her away from the preciousness and magnificence of what she feels.” I look forward to the day when I too am this steady in my sacredness, and I am deeply inspired by Natalie to get there.

    1. Melinda Knights I agree with you. What the world is being reflected is the magnificence of their movements. We all have this ability for great love as it is what we are made up of, although most of us are totally unaware or if we become aware, go into reaction by not believing that untainted love can be and that these women are showing us all what true love moves like and so we make up excuses as to why we cannot allow that same love to reflect through us and put up the barriers to keep out such absolute grace and beauty.

  13. The beauty of these two women touches the heart – I remember meeting Miranda for the first time and how that moment has stayed with me until today and probably will forever. Her ever so delicate hands in a handshake, and warm smile greeting me, are truly and very deeply touching. I was gobsmacked that a woman can have such delicate hands. From those around me I have always witnessed a hardness, the skin of their hands feels like it may not have been moisturised even if they did, there’s a thickness to the skin that is almost like a protective layer on top of what they may consider sacred. But in that handshake, it did not feel like Miranda had that layer of protection, her delicacy was there – open and obvious for all to see. And that quality brings ease to those around and in front. Perhaps that is the quality we are looking for in others? Perhaps that is the quality we ought to adopt in ourselves in order to have that effect on others.

    1. ‘…her delicacy was there – open and obvious for all to see’ so true and what also strikes me is her strength. Now that’s a combination that blows my mind. How is such delicacy and strength possible together? Such grace it’s hard not to stare!

  14. Wonderful reading the appreciation about Miranda Benhayon and Natalie Benhayon. It is a real blessing to have true role models that inspire each of us to reconnect to and express more of our own innate divinity.

    1. Yes, such a blessing because there are very few women living their innate beauty and sacredness without any doubt or apology. Instead many women are chasing false substitutes which are external. The competition to accummulate more of what’s external without any appreciation of ones innate beauty that just needs to be embraced.

      1. I love the way you have expressed it: “women living their innate beauty and sacredness without any doubt or apology.” That sounds so gorgeous, powerful and sexy in its true sense.

  15. What a turn around from believing sacred to be something outside ourselves, to knowing we are all equally sacred and can return to this quality when-ever we choose to.

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