Don’t poke Holes in the Air, the Seagulls might Trip Over

I remember as a child pointing in the air and someone saying to me, “Don’t poke holes in the air, the seagulls might trip over.”

I was recently reminded of this during an online Esoteric Yoga session. I have found that Esoteric Yoga sessions can really support me to build a relationship with my body and to reconnect to the natural stillness that exists within – a must for my busy lifestyle.

This yoga session happened to take place in my car as I was in between meetings, so I had pulled over to a quiet spot facing the beach, pulled out my laptop and completed the session by Skype with an Esoteric Yoga practitioner.

So here I was in my car, and as I was a bit caught up in the momentum of the day, I found myself talking really fast. The practitioner asked me to close my eyes and supported me to re-connect to my body, feeling my feet, my ankles, my legs, my buttocks on the seat, my back, my shoulders and neck, and then my head.

Within minutes I could feel the racy momentum I had been in drop away. I slowly connected to being with my body and the world around me expanded.

The practitioner then asked me to put my seat belt on, while holding the quality that I had just established in my body. It was like chalk and cheese compared to how I would normally put my seat belt on.

As I completed this gentle movement, that saying came back to me and I got that we can move in sync with the world, or we can move against it.

I found myself doing a very familiar movement that felt in sync in the world – which was a rarity because I normally don’t do it in sync; one could say I had made quite a few holes in the air!

My normal mode is usually one with very little conscious presence, in autopilot, and quite often I rush the ‘house leaving’ or ‘car starting’ part of my day. If my childhood saying was true, I would be “poking a lot of holes in the air,” and for sure, the seagulls in my neighbourhood would be on crutches more often than not!

But not this time: the energetic quality that I had established meant that I put my seatbelt on with such ease, one could even say with grace, and definitely it was in flow with the world. I don’t think the seagulls would have even batted an eyelid!

So continuing with this hole theory, have you ever watched someone in high emotion walk into a room – did you notice that a disturbance can be felt, ripples can be made, and that holes could be created?

I remember when a good friend of mine was dying. We were surrounding his bed during his final days, and I watched the effect of how different nurses would enter the room. Some would enter, take in the mood of the room, be in sync with what was going on and go about their duties. They graced the room. Others did not do that; they almost barged in and did what they had to do, then barged out again, leaving an out-of-sync feeling in the room.

I was then filled with a deep appreciation for Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine practitioners and modalities because they are inspiring so many people to look at the energetic quality in which they are living their lives.

We all do trillions of activities throughout our lifetimes, but how often do we stop and look at how we are doing it – what energetic quality and what impact are we having on the world around us?

It is not what we do, but it is how we do it. Do we stop and ask ourselves ‘how’ do we talk to ourselves and to each other? How do we walk into a room? How do we put the bins out? How do we send an email? How do we hold ourselves at work? How do we do the dishes? How do we put ourselves to sleep? How do we respond to critique?

These are good questions to be asking ourselves and I have found the presentations and healing modalities of Universal Medicine certainly help me to understand energy and what quality I undertake many activities in.

Are we creating holes or are we maintaining the natural rhythm and flow of the world around us?

I appreciate that I now have a new marker as to how to put my seatbelt on – I might not remember every time but it is there.

Showing me how to put fewer holes in the air!

By Sarah Flenley, Woman and keen observer of life, Cairns, Far North Queensland, Australia

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581 thoughts on “Don’t poke Holes in the Air, the Seagulls might Trip Over

  1. In this world we live in, a world we move through in our day we have a choice in every moment: “we can move in sync with the world, or we can move against it.” If we move in harmony with the world we cannot but leave a trail of harmony as we move for those who follow. But if we choose to move in total disconnection to this natural harmony, and to ourselves, there will only be one outcome, a lot of holes for those who follow, whether seagulls or not, to trip over and probably fall into. It’s always our responsibility as to what we leave behind us.

  2. The way we move reflects the quality of energy we are aligning to, impacting the quality of presence we live with and bring to every moment and every interaction we have in the world, and also determines the quality of our imprints.

  3. When you tune into it, the difference is starkly felt in our bodies of when we move in sync with the world, and when we move against it. I think a lot of the reasons why we over-eat/drink and over-do things is to relieve ourselves of the tension of moving against the world.

  4. Moving in Sync with the world or moving against it – this is such a needed reminder, just like the esoteric yoga session how our connection and our body is essential for the quality of our movements. It is so tempting to play ball with what is happening all around us and ignore this connection with in. Thanks Sarah.

  5. The HOW we go about life is far more powerful than the what we do in life. Reading this was a great reminder and one thing that came to me was “How do I put my shoes on?” something to explore there. Thank you Sarah.

  6. ‘It is not what we do, but it is how we do it’ – is paramount in everything we do. This questions needs to be asked everyday, in every moment, with everything we do or be.

  7. Haha this does make me laugh because imagine if seagulls did indeed trip over when we impose and make harsh ripples of energy in our movements. There would be birds falling out of the sky all the time!

  8. This ‘autopilot’ is something most people including I are living in this world. And when I’ve found myself present in my body I can feel when someone isn’t, it is quite jarring. There is no perfection but I know when I am in autopilot, my body feels completely wiped out and if there is the opportunity, I either need to lie down or do something to bring me back to me. There is much to ponder on about what is written in this blog – thanks for the gold Sarah.

  9. “Don’t poke holes in the air, the seagulls might trip over” is such a beautifully bizarre image that it gloriously captures the impact when we are out of sync with the world.

  10. Just loving the idea of ‘Car Yoga’ sessions – I am sure you’ve started a trend here Sarah. But what a great example of the flexibility of Esoteric Yoga, yoga you can do anywhere at any time; no temple required, no incense burning, not even a yoga mat needed, just you in your full presence. … all the seagulls in the area flying safely in perfect harmony.

  11. When we are aware of how someone can grace the room with the way they enter it becomes clear that the way we move is felt by everyone.

  12. “Do we stop and ask ourselves ‘how’ do we talk to ourselves and to each other?”. The more and more I explore this, the more and more I realise that the way we talk and are with ourselves is either harming or healing. And when we are harming, that is having a devastating impact on the world. I know that when you eat something that is not right/good for you, it has an effect (feel bloated, tired, gassy, put on weight etc…). Well so does saying/thinking something that is not right/good for you. It is incredible harming what we put into our bodies in way of unkind thoughts/speech, I am beginning to get that it is actually way worse than what we physically put in (food/drink). Because we put it in (thinking etc…) and then we walk that around – in our homes, in our workplaces, in our communities. We walk around ‘i’m not good enough’, ‘i need to do more’, ‘does that person like me, am I worth liking’ etc…..there are trillions of these thoughts currently being walked around our world. Would that not have more of an effect than climate change?

    1. Brilliant observation Sarah …no wonder we get exhausted and low when we continue to carry all those statements, that become beliefs, around with us. We could shake them off like a dog shakes water off when it comes out of the pond or the sea and bound about as they do unencumbered by these belittling and totally disempowering thoughts. We do not have to stay in the misery because at every turn we are given opportunities to rid ourselves of it….more often than not it is a matter of saying yes.

  13. When we appreciate that every movement we make is a direct reflection of how we are with ourselves, the quality of our livingness, we realise that it is our responsibility to raise our quality and live in a way that keeps our movements consistent, without allowing ourselves to get out of step with the quality we truly know.

  14. Greatly shared, thank you. A beauty that is in the words and quality described.. an ease, that is which is the quality of movement where we can connect to and live from – every day more and more.

  15. This is a great example of the impact of our movements and a stop moment to appreciate what we offer when we walk into a room. Every movement is clocked, be it in excessive motion or exquisite stillness. All is our responsibility as to what we offer.

  16. As I head out to work this morning I am definitely going to be taking these words with me. “we can move in sync with the world, or we can move against it.” Working with children of all ages is certainly a great learning ground at the best of times but today I am going to be as aware as possible if the day flows more smoothly when I am in sync with what is unfolding around me. I love how life is the never ending classroom.

  17. Thank you Sarah, this is a timely reminder of bringing more conscious presence to all that I do. It is so obvious when someone is out of sync but to look more deeply at how we are moving in each moment is so important.

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