The Ripple Effect of the Benhayons

I have met the Benhayons once, on my first Universal Medicine Livingness workshop, in June 2016. My memories from this initial introduction go as far as the-never-experienced-before most delicate feel of Miranda Benhayon’s hands, and the undoubtable warmth and openness of Serge Benhayon.

During this course I didn’t get any huge revelations, no eureka moments from the ‘skies’ telling me “this is it, you’ve found truth!” No, nothing revelatory here, just another seminar to expand on some knowledge.

And yet, for the first time in years I could walk into a very large room full of people and not compare myself to just about every single other woman in there, not feel self-conscious about my size, or for the first time since I can remember, listen to somebody present for longer than a minute without completely blanking out and going into a daydream. Pretty cool eh? And for me – revolutionary.

I was first introduced to Universal Medicine by my boyfriend and then his mother. Two incredible people who have supported my growth like nobody else, with deep honesty, love, and appreciation for me and all that I bring. Two people who don’t hold back when it is time to tell me that I need to pull my act together, or who deeply care for me in my most vulnerable state. The same two people who responded to my poisonous jealousy of their relationship with “okay, let’s talk about it” and “you need to deal with this” without ANY judgement, resentment, or dismissal, just understanding.

Michael Brown & Viktoria Stoykova
Michael Brown & Viktoria Stoykova

Dragana Brown
Dragana Brown

Since my introduction to Universal Medicine, whilst researching the organisation I came across dozens of articles, videos, websites etc. accusing Universal Medicine of being a cult; even people in my life who I believed to have had the most solid relationship with, flipped 180 degrees and began to oppose everything that was unfolding before them and the remarkable self-loving choices I was bringing into MY life. I was accused of being brainwashed, gullible, a follower.

But my question is, how can I be brainwashed if in every presentation by Serge, in his books, each article I read, and conversations I have with those who study with Universal Medicine, I have found that these people I am meeting think like me, that we have the same views on life and our understandings built on the same or similar awareness? How is this a cult? By this logic, pretty much every celebrity fan and sport club also has to be called a cult.

My experience is that people, especially those close to us, start to respond and often react in different ways when we introduce changes into our lives, especially when the changes no longer align with their way of living. Yet to me, the more intimately I started to get to know myself the more it all felt like everything I had learnt and lived up to that point had been a massive bubble of lies that was now bursting in front of my eyes. The convenient relationships and the die-hard habits of life were starting to crumble down; the beautiful smile I had mastered to perfection in order to keep the ‘always positive’ and ‘happy’, ‘good girl’ mask was starting to wear out.

Reality was beginning to kick in and I was no longer choosing to avoid it. My thirst for truth, meaningful relationships and deep connections paved my path to the home of the Browns where I was presented with an opportunity to further explore and connect deeper with everything I had already known was inside of me, but did not have the confidence or the self-worth to express to my friends, family, or anyone around me.

With the support of the Brown family, Universal Medicine Practitioners, and the Universal Medicine student body I am able to stand here today as a young woman and embrace the fact that I do feel, always have, and always will feel Truth.

All of these people have been inspired by the fiery love of Serge Benhayon and without even knowing me, Serge and the Benhayon family have brought truth, love, and honesty into my life too, that they so unreservedly and selflessly bring into the lives of countless others. If this isn’t proof of the fact that we are all equal and that every one of us can bring out the great in others, I don’t know what is.

How amazing the ripple effect of the Benhayons!

By Viktoria Stoykova, Student, UK

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667 thoughts on “The Ripple Effect of the Benhayons

  1. It is Magic to feel that the Love that has been shared opens the door for us all equally to live this same level of Love as it ripples out to us all through those who re-align to their Essence, Inner-most, Esoteric or Soul. (As these are all one and the same!)

  2. I love this blog, and revisit it very often. The sharing comes after only one meeting with Serge Benhayon and a couple of months living with Michael and Dragana Brown – three incredible people who have touched my life in the most magical way.

  3. It’s so very simple what Serge Benhayon is offering via Universal Medicine, it’s a loving way of life honouring ourselves and others – and your blog shares this in full Viktoria.

  4. The honesty of this blog is remarkable, there are so many things that happen when I attended that course in June for the first time. I was touched by the openness Serge Benhayon had towards me, without ever meeting me beforehand he treated me like we had known each other for years. Without ever meeting me before that workshop, my questions and queries were answered without hesitation. He is a remarkable man, one of dignity, honesty and respect.

  5. We don’t want anyone to rock the boat of our comfortable life by pointing out that we are stuck in a rut of our own making, going round and round in ever deepening circles on a planet that we are not supposed to be on. And so you get called a guru, pedophile, murderer anything really just to shut you up from exposing the rot we are all living in, and offering a way out of.

  6. This is really lovely Viktoria, you have simply returned back to the essence of you and discovered many commonalities with a group of people. The Brown family have treated you with respect and love honouring all that you are, and asking you to step up when you dropped from your natural amazingness providing opportunities to grow with their love and understanding. You certainly are an amazing woman Viktoria and I look forward to you continuing to blossom.

  7. I appreciate your honesty in sharing about your jealousy – it takes courage to do that because it can be a big ouch covering many hurts.

    1. We like to pretend that jealousy, comparison and the likes do not exist. We puff our chest and say “never will i be jealous of another who is doing well” and though despite our words may speak it, our actions are louder and the self-fury when engulfed in jealousy is more clear than any word can portray.

  8. I never met more plain common sense than with what is presented by Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine and on top there is the proof in the pudding when meeting those who truly live it and not just regurgitate the words and knowledge, ie. the Benhayon family and others who have chosen to be authentic (not perfect) in regard to living truth are the inspiration that keeps me going to live what I know to be love, truth, realness, brotherhood…, everything that makes perfect sense to everyone as it is of the same source we are all coming from.

  9. It is very special how one can walk into a large room with hundreds of people at a Universal Medicine event and all feel as one regardless of shape, age, size, gender, job, or previous experience – pure magic and yet why is it not like that everywhere?!

  10. Knowing and loving yourself more. Sounds pretty cool to me. How can that be labelled as a cult? It currently seems that labels are all to easily given out by people and calling the students of Universal Medicine is another one of them. So does that mean that every student of every university or college is also in a cult? Where is the logic and common sense in this.

    1. Vicky that’s a great observation
      ” So does that mean that every student of every university or college is also in a cult? ”
      As you say Where is the logic and common sense in this.

  11. And the ripple effect keeps going. We are all ripple-affecting everyone around us. And sometimes, no exchange of words is needed. We reflect what we live, whatever that is. Words can be used to manipulate but we know what is true.

  12. Love actually being lived is something most people have never seen. It sounds arrogant, but I know this to be true, because most people are motivated by emotional versions of love that are heavily influenced by what is sold to us in movies and advertising, stories etc., so to actually see and experience true love it stands out.

  13. To walk into a room and not go into comparison or insecurity as a woman is astounding. It’s not until you get to feel the absence of a force like comparison that you actually appreciate how big this difference is. The ripple effect of this is that you are awakened to the harmony that is possible between people, and this can be felt as a possibility for others too.

    1. Yes, there is a tremendous solidness and steadiness that can come from knowing what we bring to the world and how each person’s unique expression is needed and vital to the whole.

  14. It is true people don’t like change especially if it does not align to what is accepted as the way most of society lives. The crazy thing is that the way that the Benhayon family live, offers us the answers to most of the issues that we have in life, yet we prefer to keep our heads in the sand because we don’t want our comfortable boat to be rocked.

  15. How amazing the ripple effect of anyone living in connection to thier soul. It’s what will change the world as we know it.

  16. The entire Benhayon family reflects the fact that we can live with love and truth and this has a huge effect on everyone who encounters them because it reminds us of something that we already know but may not be living in full.

    1. It sure does. They have shown us and show us how we all can be with each other. I have never felt excluded from their family in any way and never felt them to be above me or anyone, rather the opposite. It is amazing how welcomed I have been.

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