The Ripple Effect of the Benhayons

I have met the Benhayons once, on my first Universal Medicine Livingness workshop, in June 2016. My memories from this initial introduction go as far as the-never-experienced-before most delicate feel of Miranda Benhayon’s hands, and the undoubtable warmth and openness of Serge Benhayon.

During this course I didn’t get any huge revelations, no eureka moments from the ‘skies’ telling me “this is it, you’ve found truth!” No, nothing revelatory here, just another seminar to expand on some knowledge.

And yet, for the first time in years I could walk into a very large room full of people and not compare myself to just about every single other woman in there, not feel self-conscious about my size, or for the first time since I can remember, listen to somebody present for longer than a minute without completely blanking out and going into a daydream. Pretty cool eh? And for me – revolutionary.

I was first introduced to Universal Medicine by my boyfriend and then his mother. Two incredible people who have supported my growth like nobody else, with deep honesty, love, and appreciation for me and all that I bring. Two people who don’t hold back when it is time to tell me that I need to pull my act together, or who deeply care for me in my most vulnerable state. The same two people who responded to my poisonous jealousy of their relationship with “okay, let’s talk about it” and “you need to deal with this” without ANY judgement, resentment, or dismissal, just understanding.

Michael Brown & Viktoria Stoykova
Michael Brown & Viktoria Stoykova

Dragana Brown
Dragana Brown

Since my introduction to Universal Medicine, whilst researching the organisation I came across dozens of articles, videos, websites etc. accusing Universal Medicine of being a cult; even people in my life who I believed to have had the most solid relationship with, flipped 180 degrees and began to oppose everything that was unfolding before them and the remarkable self-loving choices I was bringing into MY life. I was accused of being brainwashed, gullible, a follower.

But my question is, how can I be brainwashed if in every presentation by Serge, in his books, each article I read, and conversations I have with those who study with Universal Medicine, I have found that these people I am meeting think like me, that we have the same views on life and our understandings built on the same or similar awareness? How is this a cult? By this logic, pretty much every celebrity fan and sport club also has to be called a cult.

My experience is that people, especially those close to us, start to respond and often react in different ways when we introduce changes into our lives, especially when the changes no longer align with their way of living. Yet to me, the more intimately I started to get to know myself the more it all felt like everything I had learnt and lived up to that point had been a massive bubble of lies that was now bursting in front of my eyes. The convenient relationships and the die-hard habits of life were starting to crumble down; the beautiful smile I had mastered to perfection in order to keep the ‘always positive’ and ‘happy’, ‘good girl’ mask was starting to wear out.

Reality was beginning to kick in and I was no longer choosing to avoid it. My thirst for truth, meaningful relationships and deep connections paved my path to the home of the Browns where I was presented with an opportunity to further explore and connect deeper with everything I had already known was inside of me, but did not have the confidence or the self-worth to express to my friends, family, or anyone around me.

With the support of the Brown family, Universal Medicine Practitioners, and the Universal Medicine student body I am able to stand here today as a young woman and embrace the fact that I do feel, always have, and always will feel Truth.

All of these people have been inspired by the fiery love of Serge Benhayon and without even knowing me, Serge and the Benhayon family have brought truth, love, and honesty into my life too, that they so unreservedly and selflessly bring into the lives of countless others. If this isn’t proof of the fact that we are all equal and that every one of us can bring out the great in others, I don’t know what is.

How amazing the ripple effect of the Benhayons!

By Viktoria Stoykova, Student, UK

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563 thoughts on “The Ripple Effect of the Benhayons

  1. It is absolutely amazing to feel there are people who understand us, that they know the feeling in our hearts and some have expressed what we also know, and together we support each other in returning deeper to what is felt and expressing more of what is felt. And it is even more amazing when we know every single person in this world is no different from us, and that we all understand there is truth within our hearts, and we are all supporting each other to return deeper to this truth and to express it. This is simply beauty.

    1. Yes, that’s very true Adele. Starting to embody the fact that we are all equal, not because we can all do the same things but because we are all from the same source is something just so profound.

  2. The qualities that Serge Benhayon lives and shares so openly with everyone equally would be the most contagious energetic qualities that I’m absolutely appreciative of being exposed to.

  3. I love this line – “connect deeper with everything I had already known was inside of me, but did not have the confidence or the self-worth to express to my friends, family, or anyone around me.”

    Because what you are connecting to is something deeply known inside of you and it is through these presentations of Universal Medicine and the incredible love and steadiness of the Benhayons, that is allowing you to express and re-connect to this. The presentations/Benhayons are not bringing you something you don’t already know, but showing you a way of living that enables you to live it and express it.

  4. The ripple effect of the Benhayons is truly amazing. That I can walk into a room of over 200 people at a Universal Medicine retreat and feel the love and acceptance of all of who I am is a miracle. 200 people and no friction. 200 people going to have meals together and I sit with people from across the globe as if I have known them all my life because I feel at ease and met for who I am and I meet them for who they are. This is incredible. And what’s so beautiful is that this is then taken out into the world and lived with everyone who is met so they get to feel the harmony of how we can actually all live together. It’s not some utopia, this is real and happening.

  5. Viktoria, I love what you share when you say we are all equal and that every one of us can bring out the great in others… this is possible when we connect with and live our greatness, which will inspire others to be great, just as you and many thousands of us have been inspired by the Benhayon’s.

  6. Thanks Viktoria, it’s very true that there is an amazing ripple effect around the Benhayon family, and that all who have been inspired by them go on and inspire others.

  7. A beautiful sharing of true support, to openly discuss the big issues in life such as jealously doesn’t even come close to being warning signs of a cult. In fact instead of withdrawing from life, as most people associate with cults, it is actually fully engaging in life and being willing to expose the big and little issues.

  8. I love this article Viktoria – especially this sharing about your boyfriend and his mother: ‘The same two people who responded to my poisonous jealousy of their relationship with “okay, let’s talk about it” and “you need to deal with this” without ANY judgement, resentment, or dismissal, just understanding.’ This is indeed a fairly rare scenario to be part of! A moment of pure love, understanding and evolution.

  9. Claiming our divine right to be who we truly offers others an opportunity to trust in life that there is another way to live if they so choose to embrace responsibility and live with an open heart.

  10. Sometimes when we start to make more loving choices for ourselves and break the rut we have been living in it makes others uncomfortable and they react – for it opens their eyes to their own rut and patterns they are been driven by.

    1. Yes, but we have to be understanding towards them because that can be very hurtful. We can’t judge people who choose self harm, jealousy, competition etc. because they too are love, they too are divine, and one day they will rediscover that.

  11. It is a priceless feeling to be confirmed that the truth we knew in our hearts as kids and were asked to shelve, is the whole and real truth and it is really all that matters in life. The permission you feel when you meet the Benhayons, to let out what you know is true, creates a massive ripple effect in your life. It allows you to question and discard all the false layers you were made to feel were needed to survive. This then offers another reflection to everyone you meet, and so the ripple ever widens.

  12. I totally agree. The ripple effect is enormous. I have been inspired no end by the steadiness of each member of the Benhayon family. I don’t like to see them as better than me but rather enjoy their reflection of what is possible. The fact that they do not live by society’s rules, and simply live what is true for them individually is not something I’ve experienced growing up and assures me that it’s possible and more importantly, actually normal and natural, as opposed to the other way which is allowing society to dictate our every move.

  13. We are all capable of inspiring another to bring out their greatness – and so this happens when we live the greatness to the best of our ability, and is called being a role model. Of course living anything other than as a true role model may inspire another to make choices that are not supportive for them, and here in lies the responsibility. Thank you Viktoria for sharing your experiences and inspirations.

  14. Beautiful Viktoria! The Benhayon family are in the Livingness of the truth and that ripple effect is getting bigger all the time. We all leave a ripple effect as we grow and open more and more to the love and truth of who we are within.

  15. It is so interesting to see who reacts when you start to bring simple moments of loving choices into your life. I had to take responsibility for how many games I had played over the years. But changing to a more loving way is a no brainer.

    1. It is very interesting to observe those around us who react but as I learn to see it for what it is the less I react to their reactions. It becomes clearer and more obvious the energies that are at play as I claim more of who I am and the qualities and values I am here to bring.

    2. Yes, these reactions show us our weak points. We can talk about people reacting and attacking us, however we always have to see why they are doing that, what in us is causing that behaviour to come our way…

    3. Yes and after time, I have found that many of those who reacted have come to appreciate the reflection of the loving choices I have been making and have started to make more loving choices for themselves.

  16. I have found the same to be true for me that I can wear what I feel to without feeling judged and not ever getting bored. I cannot remember in this life ever experiencing listening to another without checking out at some point and it is not because I am being brain washed but because of the absolute truth expressed from the body and I am simply allowing myself to align to it… no amount of words can describe when I am being confirmed in what I already know.

  17. So many people’s lives have been changed for the better by the work of Serge Benhayon. There is something to study here.

  18. As time passes, I can relate to these blogs on even deeper levels. By writing blogs, we bring through so much wisdom that sometimes we don’t even comprehend ourselves – each time I reread one of the blogs I have written, there’s a new meaning and a deeper insight into my journey.

  19. Having the Benhayon’s in my life has changed everything, I now have a family who are consistently there regardless of what comes up for me and when I seek their support what is shared is spot on every time. Never once have they told me what to do or how to handle a situation, that has always (however hard) been left to me to discern. What I have been given is an opportunity to feel truth, what is true and what is not and from there I have been supported in knowing what is true for me.

  20. The stories of so many in our community are life changing and deeply profound. The healing that I have heard of does not happen in ‘normal’ life, there are situations that some have overcome which would ordinarily leave them bitter, angry and resentful in their old age where the opposite is true. The work of the Benhayon’s is quite simply extraordinary.

    1. Yes Fiona, it’s remarkable! Getting to know different people from the Universal Medicine community has inspired me to commit to going deeper in life, getting to know myself better, and also being more kind, open, and loving towards people all around me – these are transformations we should be shouting about, not just talking!

  21. And by you claiming who you are in this world, and the Truth that you know, you are sending incredible ripples out in the world. Actually, we all send ripples out into the world – and the main question is, what type of ripples are we sending?

  22. it is in fact the proof that we are universal and not individual. By this means: we are One, we are a particle of the Universe.. but the moment we make it about just our part, individuality, we shrink into this 3 dimensionality that is only capping what it wants to see, and no longer the whole truth – the fact that we are multidimensional beings, even when we dont think so.

    1. I love how openly you talk about different dimensions. There is such stigma around this, about people who talk about these things, that they’re weird or out of it – but your clarity and assurance in what you’re saying completely breaks that down.

  23. We are swimming in a sea of energy – how we swim will determine the ripples and not what brand or colour of bathing suit we wear. It is the quality of our actions that count and are felt by all.

    1. Yes, that is very true. And the way we swim affects our abilities to respond to situations. I have noticed that if I allow an anxious energy to build in my body, I physically cannot hold myself when faced with a challenge. However, if I walk at ease with myself then nothing can really get to me.

  24. Yes indeed Viktoria, how amazing is the ripple effect of the Benhayons! We have so much to appreciate in feeling that ripple effect; how blessed we are.

  25. Indeed Viktoria, we have been blessed to receive such a reflection of truth and love as it allows it to be inspired to live with the same level of responsibility and integrity for the good of all.

  26. It is great to hear that you were able to endure the pressure without crumbling. No matter how much mud is thrown at Universal Medicine, one day, it will be clear that none of it has stuck because it is all a bunch of lies. All you have to do is meet Serge Benhayon and his family to know the quality of these people. If you still have doubts, which you won’t, then visit the Clinic that is open to the general public and be blessed by the staff and treated with deep care by everyone you interact with. The student body of Universal Medicine reflects a group of people that are willing to put themselves out there in a way that not only shows the love we all are but the love and commitment we can all have for humanity.

    1. What an amazing contribution Sarah, thank you. Yes, just an exchange of a couple of words with Serge Benhayon or any member of his family can show people the real truth behind Universal Medicine and everything that it presents.

  27. Thank you Viktoria for a beautiful sharing of opening up to the love and amazingness of the Benhayon family so many many lives have been changed by the ripple effect of their livingness. We are so blessed to living in this day and age.

  28. Thank you Viktoria as beautiful and strong as you are.. When we accept and appreciate all the love lived by another – we can not but – stand in truth and appreciation of what is and want to give back in all ways.. This is what I am re-connecting back to as a forever student of The Way of The Livingness.

  29. No matter where we live and what background we are, the love of Serge and the Benhayon family is touching us when we accept the inspiration. I found that I felt for a moment wished I had a family who support me in seeing my truth too and this moment of comparison then reminded me again to the responsibility to live what I wish to see and not wait for the world to do so.

  30. It has been super inspiring and fascinating to observe how the Benhayon’s choose to live and make it solely about truth and love and how this has impacted so many lives. I have also been blown away by the choices I have made and been consistent in them and how people around me have also been inspired. We are all watching and taking things in even if no words are spoken it is clearly felt by all.

  31. To feel and observe the movements of someone living from their inner-heart is a huge healing, as it allows one to establish a deep sense of trust in the world and to be empowered me to make similar choices in line with their own evolution.

  32. Viktoria to feel the ripple effect that you’re speaking of shows the power that each of us have, the difference is the Benhayon’s make life about Love, purpose and humanity and for the most part many of us make life about us – therefore the ripple effects still happen but don’t inspire. What you bring to the table is how simple it is for us to be inspired, change our movements and then be beacons of light that inspire others that life is about love, purpose and humanity.

  33. The ripple effect of the Benhayons, just pondering on this alone I can feel how huge, vast clear and light it is. We may not be able to physically see it (although through projects initiated and the student body within Universal Medicine this can be tangibly and physically seen in how so many people from all over the world are truly healing and turning their lives around to a life of truth including the truth of who they are. Not only this I am continually witnessing and observing in just how the Benhayon family continue to truly evolve, it is deeply inspiring and truly beautiful to see. All with the knowing that absolutely everyone is equal and nothing exclusive but instead completely inclusive to all of humanity .. now that is incredibly cool.

  34. I very much appreciate how I have stumbled upon Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon through a friend – a ripple effect indeed. And your sharing here reminds me that I am now also a part of this ripple, and the ripple is to carry on spreading. I so don’t want to be where this ripple ends.

  35. What is so amazing and deeply inspiring about the Benhayons and the many more who now live under the tenets of The Way of The Livingness, is how incredibly normal their way of living is. We realise that the normal we accepted is nothing short of a gross misinterpretation of the real normal we all do know.

  36. It is beautiful to read of your appreciation and love Viktoria for Universal Medicine and the Benhayon family. It is life changing when we meet people who do not hold back living truth and love everyday, it is deeply inspiring and the ripple affect is felt far and wide.

  37. How we are in the world is incredibly harsh, so when someone or a few begin to make it about love, it stands out like the proverbial sore thumb. It is the smallest of actions that make the largest difference in ways we do not often realise.

  38. A very inspiring testimony Viktoria, of how it is through developing our connection and relationship with truth, we deepen our connection and relationship with who we truly are. What we share with other is then a greater, deeper and more real expression our ourselves. This way of living is not reserved for a select few, for as we all are Souls here on earth it is our right to live who we originally are. The Way of The Livingness as presented and lived by Serge Benhayon and the Benhayon family has reignited and inspired many to return to live the Soulfulness, the truth, love and honesty that we are all born to naturally live.

  39. It’s interesting, you’ve made me reflect Viktoria, on my first encounter with Universal Medicine it wasn’t Serge Benhayon that I especially noticed but the feeling of warmth in the room. I’ve never felt so welcomed and at ease in this world, and yet the hall was full of people I didn’t even know. Years later I’ve come to understand that this is very much to do with Serge. For it’s his movements, actions and words that hold the space and provide a place where people feel safe and can cherish and appreciate each other free of fear. This makes me wonder – what if our greatest achievements and testimonials are not solitary goals but states of grace which everyone feels?

  40. We are constantly being offered a reflection of love and energetic integrity by the Benhayon family, simply through their livingness and we get to feel the immense ripple effects these have on so many people from all parts of the world, for it is within each of us the power to ignite the fire in others on our return to soul.

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