What a Day… with Serge Benhayon

Recently I was preparing to attend the annual Universal Medicine UK retreat. I had extra leave so travelled down a day earlier so I could have a group session with Serge Benhayon.

I have been to these group sessions in the past and have been blown away by the true deep wisdom, love and healing that is offered.

The session was no different in that Serge was on fire (as he always is), bringing forth such healing and profound universal truths. Just feeling back to this and what he brought I feel so totally blessed and honoured to be in such a presence, as seeing this truly beautiful man is like having a meeting with heaven.

This man is the real deal: He, like many soulful servants before him, is humble, unbelievably wise and full of great love. Many melt in his presence as his love for everyone equally is so hugely felt.

Everything this man said resonated with me and I was left understanding myself more and knowing that I too – like everyone else – have access to this great power and divinity, yet have not chosen it for myself and instead have got caught up in the drama of life, which creates issues along the way. Serge Benhayon is a living example for not getting caught in drama, instead devoting his life to humanity and true service.

Serge presented on the science of Kurukshetra and the battle between light and darkness, and that this battle happens inside us well before any outer conflict is seen. When we fight who we truly are we are at the mercy of disturbances around us because there is already disturbance inside us. We need to learn to not fight our own light, our own divinity.

This session along with all the others I have attended is astounding. The miracle that Serge Benhayon offers is not just for those attending these group sessions but the whole of humanity as when he speaks, he speaks and grounds it for all – never is it about just those who can make the session.

I can spend hours just writing about Serge and the deep healing this man offers: for sure he will go down in history as one of the greatest soul-full teachers and philosophers of all time.

As the future unfolds, the truth of this extraordinary, ordinary man will become apparent – no one will be able to deny the Love that Serge Benhayon has brought to humanity. 

Serge Benhayon is the eternal observer, all his movements expand back to the Universe, his legacy and love will live on timelessly: deeply blessed are we to have such a teacher at this pivotal time in history.

Serge Benhayon | Founder of Universal Medicine
Serge Benhayon | Founder of Universal Medicine

By Samantha, UK

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443 thoughts on “What a Day… with Serge Benhayon

  1. Serge’s reflection of truth, of love and of steadfast commitment to all is a constant inspiration – just as his unending absolute service to all of humanity is inspiring that we too can learn to bring that same level of love and service to all equally.

  2. ‘When we fight who we truly are we are at the mercy of disturbances around us because there is already disturbance inside us.’ When I read this I suddenly thought of all of the wars that are going on in the world… and it made me realise that all of these wars continue because of our own internal fight within ourselves. Such is our responsibility to claim our own Light back.

  3. Beautifull testimony .. Serge Benhayon is indeed one of the greatest Soul-Full teachers and Philosophers and then some! How blessed are we to have him here?… very ✨

  4. Beautiful Samantha, I absolutely agree, ‘deeply blessed are we to have such a teacher at this pivotal time in history.’

  5. Serge Benhayon is the All-in-One and history will attest to it. He represents an amazing turning point in human history and has brought The Ageless Wisdom in a way that has never been available on earth before. His contribution and service to humanity are as yet widely unrecognised but it is only a question of time and he will be seen and esteemed for who he truly is and what he represents.

  6. I am very inspired by Serge Benhayon because knowing that what is possible with consistency of choices, we hold all the responsibility to empower and to inspire.

  7. Observing the battle between the light and darkness within ourselves from the reflection of the world around us is something we all have to master and understand.

  8. It may sound cheesy to say Serge Benhayon is ‘the real deal’ but hearing these words actually touches me very deeply. There are so few people who are the ‘real deal’, who live what they speak about and can be counted on to be consistent and loving without fail. People like this restore our faith and trust in humanity and stop the worldwide pattern of giving up on each other.

  9. We are truly blessed – as you share everyone is equally blessed, by all Serge Benhayon offers. I can feel that our own choice to accept the light of the soul is to be humble to the truth that this is the source of true wisdom and love.

  10. A truly inspiring man is Serge Benhayon and what he reflects to all is that from our bodies we have an abundance of love, truth and wisdom to uncover and when connected to can open up a world of possibilities to learn, move and explore ourselves in a way that deeply supports these reflections. Thank you Serge Benhayon and thank you Samantha.

  11. The disharmony in our current way of living is a direct reflection of the battle within. We are in enormous tension with the fact that we do not express the fullness of love and light that we have access to and our bodies are designed to express. As we return to a more self-loving way of being, this battle is not one that needs to be fought but one that needs to be surrendered to as the light of our Soul is given permission to express all it is.

    1. A beautiful comment Rachael, and it brings life back to the simplicity of our relationship to ourselves, and that this is the basis for taking true responsibility in life. When we are in harmony with our love and the qualities of the soul we can let go of the battle with the way the world is, and of needing it to be a certain way. We then, knowing we are the soul in all its magnificence and beauty, can get on with serving humanity in love.

  12. Thanks Samantha, this is very true “Serge Benhayon is a living example for not getting caught in drama, instead devoting his life to humanity and true service.” There is much to learn from this because living in the reactions to life and emotional turmoil doesn’t serve us or those around us, and that there is something greater for us all to live by being surrendered to our Soul and in true service for humanity.

  13. Serge Benhayon is the living example that we live beyond the human constraints and express the wisdom of the Universe while maintaining a very normal, real and dedicated life of service.

  14. Deeply touching Samantha. To feel the love and care Serge Benhayon brings to all is amazing, and he does so without fuss, with great humility, humour and absolute realness – it is such a blessing for us all he is here, and that he never holds back his love no matter what. He loves all to the ends of the earth and beyond, and he shows us that we are from a great and infinite love and that we are here to live and express that love.

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