What a Day… with Serge Benhayon

Recently I was preparing to attend the annual Universal Medicine UK retreat. I had extra leave so travelled down a day earlier so I could have a group session with Serge Benhayon.

I have been to these group sessions in the past and have been blown away by the true deep wisdom, love and healing that is offered.

The session was no different in that Serge was on fire (as he always is), bringing forth such healing and profound universal truths. Just feeling back to this and what he brought I feel so totally blessed and honoured to be in such a presence, as seeing this truly beautiful man is like having a meeting with heaven.

This man is the real deal: He, like many soulful servants before him, is humble, unbelievably wise and full of great love. Many melt in his presence as his love for everyone equally is so hugely felt.

Everything this man said resonated with me and I was left understanding myself more and knowing that I too – like everyone else – have access to this great power and divinity, yet have not chosen it for myself and instead have got caught up in the drama of life, which creates issues along the way. Serge Benhayon is a living example for not getting caught in drama, instead devoting his life to humanity and true service.

Serge presented on the science of Kurukshetra and the battle between light and darkness, and that this battle happens inside us well before any outer conflict is seen. When we fight who we truly are we are at the mercy of disturbances around us because there is already disturbance inside us. We need to learn to not fight our own light, our own divinity.

This session along with all the others I have attended is astounding. The miracle that Serge Benhayon offers is not just for those attending these group sessions but the whole of humanity as when he speaks, he speaks and grounds it for all – never is it about just those who can make the session.

I can spend hours just writing about Serge and the deep healing this man offers: for sure he will go down in history as one of the greatest soul-full teachers and philosophers of all time.

As the future unfolds, the truth of this extraordinary, ordinary man will become apparent – no one will be able to deny the Love that Serge Benhayon has brought to humanity. 

Serge Benhayon is the eternal observer, all his movements expand back to the Universe, his legacy and love will live on timelessly: deeply blessed are we to have such a teacher at this pivotal time in history.

Serge Benhayon | Founder of Universal Medicine
Serge Benhayon | Founder of Universal Medicine

By Samantha, UK

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495 thoughts on “What a Day… with Serge Benhayon

  1. Everything that Serge Benhayon lives is for the love of humanity, in order for us to resurrect who we are to live together as the Sons of God that we all equally are. The more we deepen our relationship and connection to who we are in essence, the more love we live, bringing the needed change to the dishonouring standards that keep us from evolving and living the multidimensionality that we all are born to live.

  2. ’When we fight who we truly are we are at the mercy of disturbances around us because there is already disturbances inside us’ – I can feel the enormity of this statement and observing the repercussions within in me when I allow disturbances to disturb me. There is more to learn about myself and refine and comfortable with who I am and what I bring.

  3. ‘seeing this truly beautiful man is like having a meeting with heaven.’ Serge Benhayon offers love to all he meets without favour and offers truth for us all, always and ever, even at the expense of his own vilification, and that’s the thing, he never holds back on the truth of the love we are all from and never sees anything less than that truth. Meeting him is meeting a love that is enormous, exquisite and forever holds you in the knowing that you too are equal to that love, that you too can live and be this.

  4. Thank you Samantha for this strong claiming of what in the future will be known by all to be the absolute truth- that is that Serge Benhayon is a master of masters, with a love for humanity so massive it can barely be comprehended. This blog allowed me to go a bit deeper in my appreciation for all that Serge has provided for us, and feel a little more of the love inside me that is the same love that Serge has shown the world.

  5. We are deeply blessed to have this man with us in our presence right now in history. I cherish every opportunity I have in front of him and how it feels to be held in his atma and feel the depth of my clarity while I look back on my life and call out what is not true.

  6. Only a few appreciate what Serge Benhayon is bringing through for mankind but very soon the whole world will understand, yes indeed, he is the real deal. A philosopher for our past, present and future.

  7. What is extraordinary now is that we have so much recorded that cannot be polluted, perverted, or corrupted,… Words that will be there to guide humanity on their path of return.

    1. So true cjjames and these blogs and comments are all part of the library of resource for the generations to come.

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