Best Night Out Ever!

by Zoe Sherrin B.Bus, B.Nat, Lismore Australia

Recently I attended The School of the Livingness/Universal Medicine end of year celebration. It was an amazing night of people coming together, having so much fun celebrating our-selves and each other.

There was a diverse array of performances, all special in their unique expression: from classical singing to ultra cool and funny rapping sisters, to an all male choir, plus other awesome singers, musicians, songwriters and presenters. Each performance so different, yet had the common thread of expressing their true self. As an audience member it allowed me to feel the freedom of expressing the truth of me. I had so much fun listening, sharing food and dancing. It felt great (and funny) to ‘strut’ my moves on the dance floor, to dance with no self- judgement or feeling that others were judging me.

The night was truly amazing and so different in feeling to “Christmas time” celebrations in which I have participated in the past (especially waking up clear the next day, with no regrets from alcohol-fuelled foolishness). I felt the freedom to just be who I am, no holding back, no judgements, not needing to please others or fit in – how glorious is that?… Certainly something to celebrate!

It was a beautiful night, and the thing is, it does not just last for one night – a peak at the end of the year. This joy in connecting with the world in such a loving way is part of our daily lives.

So I would like to say a big thank you to Serge Benhayon, Universal Medicine and me – for opening up to the possibility that life can be supportive and joyful in our modern world.

242 thoughts on “Best Night Out Ever!

  1. I love this, I often chuckle about what the best night out for me is now. When true joy is celebrated it’s the best night out ever.

    1. I agree Kim, I went out last night and came home feeling tired and drained because the environment was unloving. I allowed myself to feel the consequences of my choices and am learning to be more discerning. I have experienced when true joy is felt in a room, where true celebration takes place and now I know what is loving and what is not.

      1. As with most things in our lives, when more love is built in the body we can withstand and not be effected by what is around us. We also become more discerning of our choices, just as you have described is happening.

  2. Walking into a group or a room full of people where we couldn’t feel an ounce of judgement is the most amazing feeling. Universal Medicine events is the only place I feel totally safe to be myself. I am starting to slowly bring this trust into other areas of my life more and more. Being more open and loving to people feels so natural and easier to do, whereas in the past I would not have felt this way.

  3. Showing us that true joy comes from a living and that it is not a ‘day’ or ‘moment’ experience, but one of constant choice of re-alignment with one’s body and being and the joy that comes naturally with it..

  4. There is nothing better than enjoying a celebration with a whole heap of friends, and then waking up the next day feeling as fresh and alive as you did the day before. I love being able to enjoy myself now in alcohol free environments where the people there aren’t trying to out perform each other. It’s actually the most natural thing in the world.

  5. I love how the celebration wasn’t a peak and then you felt rubbish the next day but was a fun expression of joy that came with you into the next moment.

  6. The wonderful gatherings and celebrations that are held at some Universal Medicine events are possible simply because of the great joy in those attend. That joy can’t help but be felt on a giant scale!

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