Best Night Out Ever!

by Zoe Sherrin B.Bus, B.Nat, Lismore Australia

Recently I attended The School of the Livingness/Universal Medicine end of year celebration. It was an amazing night of people coming together, having so much fun celebrating our-selves and each other.

There was a diverse array of performances, all special in their unique expression: from classical singing to ultra cool and funny rapping sisters, to an all male choir, plus other awesome singers, musicians, songwriters and presenters. Each performance so different, yet had the common thread of expressing their true self. As an audience member it allowed me to feel the freedom of expressing the truth of me. I had so much fun listening, sharing food and dancing. It felt great (and funny) to ‘strut’ my moves on the dance floor, to dance with no self- judgement or feeling that others were judging me.

The night was truly amazing and so different in feeling to “Christmas time” celebrations in which I have participated in the past (especially waking up clear the next day, with no regrets from alcohol-fuelled foolishness). I felt the freedom to just be who I am, no holding back, no judgements, not needing to please others or fit in – how glorious is that?… Certainly something to celebrate!

It was a beautiful night, and the thing is, it does not just last for one night – a peak at the end of the year. This joy in connecting with the world in such a loving way is part of our daily lives.

So I would like to say a big thank you to Serge Benhayon, Universal Medicine and me – for opening up to the possibility that life can be supportive and joyful in our modern world.

231 thoughts on “Best Night Out Ever!

  1. “I felt the freedom to just be who I am, no holding back, no judgements, not needing to please others or fit in – how glorious is that?… Certainly something to celebrate!” Beautiful Zoe to share the celebration of the joy and love that is Universal Medicine.

  2. Being at a Universal Medicine celebrations showed me how you can party without alcohol. Something that was a bit strange for me. At first I had feelings of self consciousness as I had been used to the alcohol giving me false confidence, but by the end of the evening this was forgotten as I strutting my stuff along with everyone else. It was a great experience.

  3. The Universal Medicine celebrations are an awesome and confirming way to celebrate ourselves and each other with no stimulants in sight! What is seen and felt is pure joy and isn’t just about the event – it is a marker for everyday life.

  4. Universal Medicine celebrations are definitely what I choose to attend these days. They are very supportive, and fun, fun, fun. There is no alcohol, everyone brings a plate of food that is supportive for all. There is dancing and laughter, there are children and people of all ages. It feels light and everyone is there for each other. A wonderful experience.

  5. I love your point that true joy does not need to be for one night only, or reserved for special occasions, but that there can be a permanence to it and you can wake up with it the next morning and the next morning.

  6. We have been so conditioned into thinking that to have a great night out that it has to involve alcohol, drugs or other forms of distraction. What I love about going to celebrate with Universal Medicine is that there is no need for any of this as I can simply be myself and that is enough. I am enough as I am. We are all enough as we are. This allows so much freedom and fun to occur and a true celebration of all that we are and all that we live. What an enormous relief this is as well as being so much fun.

    1. So true Elizabeth, there are so many pictures, images of what a ‘good’ time looks like, when in truth there is nothing more fulfilling that to be our natural selves and celebrate the fact.

  7. No doubt about it, Universal Medicine celebrations are a lot of fun, there is the freedom of truly being yourself with others which is enormously refreshing and another bonus is you wake up feeling fresh and energised the next morning, no different to any other morning. UM definitely has the ‘best parties eva’.

  8. I love the celebrations, they are days where we all share our joy with each other. They are just extensions of how we live our daily lives, with an opportunity to share it with many people together. There is no judgement no criticising, no alcohol no drugs. Just all of us I in our full present having a great time.

  9. So many people the world over are finding it difficult to deal with life yet the students of the Way of the Livingness are reporting that their lives have improved massively and that the joy they now feel is something that is constant throughout their day. It is definitely worth investigating the work of Universal Medicine and why it is working so well.

  10. Beautiful to read an account of true celebration, of ourselves and others equally, and of our connection to all. A far cry from the bleak desolation of cold nightclubs with its harsh deafening music, drug-fuelled interactions and, predatory energy — but we can reintroduce a new normal – one that celebrates and confirms who we are, rather than continue assaulting ourselves with everything we are not.

  11. The Universal Medicine celebrations are always so much fun, without the usual ‘throwing caution to the wind’ and abandoning ourselves for a night of excess – which has been my experience in the past. The celebration ends with every brain cell in tact and a feeling of having expanded more for having been there.

    1. Beautifully said Lucy. It astounds me that I never thought about this prior to being exposed to the way Universal Medicine celebrates. It was only through seeing and feeling what was possible that I was able to open my eyes to the possibility that there is another way.

  12. ‘This joy in connecting with the world in such a loving way is part of our daily lives.’ These celebrations never leave you feeling empty or lonely. Like you say this joy stays with us and is shared with everyone.

  13. nothing beats a true celebration! mostly celebrations are thought of as wild nights, parties, alcohol-fuelled, nonsense the events – but why is that worth celebrating for? when that is the very thing that is killing us as a society.

  14. I can confirm how true it is to celebrate everyday and at the end of the year we can confirm coming in a new cycle. In that new cycle we will just meet new moments in which we can choose to evolve or do them as the year before. For me the true celebration is every moment I am challenged by a situation in which I make a more loving way to deal with it then the time before.

  15. Zoe, I love how you have talked about the celebration not being limited to just one night. This does not mean that the music plays 24/7, but rather that the internal celebration (which is essentially our deep connection and appreciation of ourselves and the other) does not ever need to cease. Celebration is in letting ourselves be who we are, no pretenses, and letting it all out, no holding back, each and every moment. And this is something that we can keep working on all of the time, as it is forever deepening.

  16. Can you imagine that we no longer need the desire of love by Christmas – but that love comes from within ourselves every single day, when connection to our hearts is made, and so we can be love and actually be in connection with family, friends, people every single day! There is something very true about that. Universal Medicine is complete and so are we when we connect to who we are.

  17. I remember as a child having to sit out in the back of the toilets to escape the noise of music at parties because I would always without fail get a splitting headache. However since partying at Universal Medicine events to Glorious music, I never get a headache, never feel hung over or exhausted or gotten home only to regret the nights choices – I always feel super joyful and connected to the family and friends around me – its amazing.

  18. Yes I remember my first Universal Medicine celebration and it was incredible. I have partied pretty hard in my times and and many nights on a ‘high’ and ‘in love’ with those around me.

    But this was completely different, I was feeling the love that I am, I was feeling the love that everyone else is/was, I was feeling incredibly connected to humanity, I was feeling the spunkiness and sexiness that I am (and that list could go on!), and I danced by sexy behind off on the dance floor – AND I was sober.
    Completely sober. And completely and utterly ME.

    Yep I am with you Zoe, an amazing celebration to bring all of me too (and not be writing myself off) and to be with others who are also bringing all of them too – not in perfection – but in joy.

  19. “It was a beautiful night, and the thing is, it does not just last for one night – a peak at the end of the year. This joy in connecting with the world in such a loving way is part of our daily lives.” I look forward to the day when all of humanity connects to this joyful way of living.

  20. I love the fact that just about every night now is my best night ever. This is what happens when we live true to ourselves.

  21. I was at this end of year celebration and have also attended many more, and what I love is that it is a celebration of everyone and everything we all already are. They are so much fun but in truth many live this every single day… and this is just a confirmation of that.

  22. Celebrating the love that we all innately are is always going to be a great night out! Only requirement is to be yourself.

    1. Yes or a great night in :). There can be a lot of pressure or expectation on certain celebrations being a particular way to be considered great, and yet in truth when we are simply being who we naturally are and connecting with others there is no greater joy.

  23. I truly love Universal Medicine celebration events they are just as you say, no judgement, able to just be yourself, to dance and have fun, listen and celebrate others talents, dress up and yes no alcohol which is so cool as it clearly shows we do not need alcohol to have an awesome and joy-full time ✨

  24. Yes Universal Medicine events are quite fun, free from the harmful effects of alcohol. A fabulous display of harmony and joy.

  25. Thank you Zoe. I attended a work Christmas party yesterday and it happened to fall on the same day as the Universal Medicine end of year celebrations. I had a wonderful time at my work Christmas party and although everyone around me was drinking I did not feel I needed alcohol to feel social or have a good time. I don’t feel I missed out on the Universal Medicine celebration either because it is through these presentations that I have learned to take the party with me each day.

  26. I got a similar realisation during one of the sermons when we celebrated a young baby girl’s birth. The amount of love that took over the room was so overwhelming it brought tears to my eyes. How blessed is this beautiful little girl to be welcomed to the world in such love, rather than the torturous and exhausting ceremonies that we have created which are nothing more than a showcase of wealth and social status.

  27. Wonderful Zoe, yes this is a real and totally enjoyable alternative to Christmas celebrations. In fact who needs Christmas to celebrate like this?!!

  28. It’s great to be able to celebrate without feeling the need of alcohol or being anything other than our natural selves and as we strip away all the pretences, the hurts, needs and investments throughout the year we naturally become lighter and brighter and more joyful every time Christmas comes round.

  29. ‘Each performance so different, yet had the common thread of expressing their true self.’
    This is a beautiful observation that makes me think of the fact that we are all so unique in our expression of who we truly are. That God has not made our expression to all be one in the same, yet the quality that is offered to us all is totally equal.

  30. Hear hear to not waking up regretting the over-indulgences of the previous night. I love my life free of alcohol.

  31. That would be the best thing, for the celebration to ignite in ourselves the feeling that celebration can happen every day of the year if we choose it. Not that the event is it but more a confirmation of what is already happening within ourselves.

  32. “to the possibility that life can be supportive and joyful in our modern world”….this is a concept that you don’t hear very often. Life is so often portrayed as something to ‘get through’, ‘endure’, ‘wait till the golden age’ or something that you need to be ‘fulfilled in’, ‘happy in’ and either way there are a myriad of products to help us endure or fulfill. What I love about Universal Medicine and their practitioners and presentations, is re-connecting to the fact that life is actually quite simple, supportive and joyful and that is only the beginning. And they present The Way of The Livingness which brings practical and simple ways to bring this into your life so you can live the real you and live in a supportive and joyful modern world. Worth checking out I reckon!

  33. A simple blog but it was quite a profound experience- to be yourself in a large group of people without any stimulus to numb you- that’s not that common nowadays but an amazing experience to be with people in this way.

  34. A lovely blog of celebration of life as an everyday occurrence. Thank you Zoe for bringing you to the world :).
    I add my appreciation to Serge Benhayon for showing us all about living with joy in our modern world
    “So I would like to say a big thank you to Serge Benhayon, Universal Medicine and me – for opening up to the possibility that life can be supportive and joyful in our modern world”.

  35. Zoe, there is something so immensely precious in our “freedom to just be who [we are], no holding back, no judgements, not needing to please others or fit in”, and it is one of our best gifts to ourselves and the rest of the world! Thank you for expressing your appreciation of this and what Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon has brought to us, and thank you for the wonderful reminder this morning to keep the wonder and celebration of ourselves and life happening on a day to day basis!

  36. I just got back from the Universal Medicine 2017 Vietnam retreat and felt exactly the same way about the big party we had there Zoe. I ended up on stage dancing away – something that would have been unthinkable for me in the past. But here I wasn’t self-conscious at all simply because I knew that everyone was having a ball, celebrating me, celebrating them. And you are so right, this is not a one-off but an appreciation that can dance on in our everyday life if we let it.

  37. Universal Medicine celebrations are out of this world. There is nothing more enjoyable than being with people who are not afraid to be themselves.. and sober!

  38. There aren’t many places where you can do and feel all of that without a skerrick of alcohol of drugs or imposing music. Now that’s something to be celebrated!

  39. I totally agree that the best celebrations are when we simply enjoy being with each other, you don’t need any entertainment or stimulants or a banquet, you just need is people.

  40. Beautifully expressed Zoe. When we make everything about one life our celebrations are no different to taking out the garbage. It is how we feel within ourselves that makes true celebration possible, anywhere, anytime.

  41. One of the thing that really stands out to me about these Universal Medicine end of year bashes, is the freedom. Most parties are stiff until everyone has had a couple of drinks but at Universal Medicine parties, everyone is so confident:, its like being in your lounge room with all your friends and weirdly that is not because I know everyone, the vibe is just so family and loving. You don’t have to prove yourself or try, its like what I imagine a gathering was like in the villages once upon a time, lots of people from different ages and walks of life coming together to laugh, dance and sing.

  42. “As an audience member it allowed me to feel the freedom of expressing the truth of me. I had so much fun listening, sharing food and dancing. ” To be able to come together to celebrate with each other who we truly are with no holding back, is so much joy and fun together, a true celebration of our brotherhood.

  43. Universal Medicine celebrations are an opportunity for all to share equally in the joy of being together and appreciating each other and all that is presented to us through the Ageless Wisdom.

  44. Universal Medicine celebrations, are celebrations where everyone is free to be themselves, without the need for any stimulants, alcohol or drugs.

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