Thought for Food

by Frank Tybislawski,  Brisbane, Australia

I would like to share what I discovered through my recent sessions with a local Universal Medicine practitioner.

While I knew my diet was quite good, I had to admit that how I digested and reacted to the food was irregular. It seems like a simple process, one we have lived with (one way or another) since day one, yet food can be an issue throughout one’s whole life. I knew what tasted nice, I knew what didn’t taste nice, I knew what reacted with my body, so why then did I feel so up and down after eating? There had to be more to this and I needed to examine what that was, and why.

My practitioner and I discussed food and eating habits; most of our discussions centred on how certain foods felt when I ate them. For example, I already knew that a glass of milk caused severe pain, but I came to realise that other foods also had reactions in my body, perhaps in quite subtle ways which were easy to overlook. My focus throughout was to be very honest and feel each and every reaction to all the different foods I was eating. Another point discussed several times was that I often ate because it was that time of day, eg. breakfast time, so I must have breakfast. When I was asked if I was genuinely hungry on those occasions I had to say I was unsure – on some occasions I was, but on other occasions I definitely wasn’t.

The process then was one of self-reflection; firstly to be honest and ask myself, am I genuinely hungry? If the answer was no, then I had to determine why I was wanting to eat… was it to dull or override another feeling? If I was genuinely hungry it was then the time to consider exactly what I felt like eating, and how much I should prepare and eat.

Another factor also came to light; was I eating something just because it tasted nice and therefore made me feel nice? The unfortunate answer was sometimes yes, and I got to feel this quite strongly on one occasion. I knew I was genuinely hungry and was contemplating what to have for dinner. There were a few options available – a quick re-heat of some left-over chicken curry, I could steam some vegetables and have some fish, I could defrost some soup, and there were others. My first thought was the chicken curry (a typical dinner meal), quick and delicious, but that suddenly didn’t feel right. It then just came to me that what I really wanted was a green salad (a typical lunch meal); it would require more preparation, but it really felt like what my body was asking for. I made the salad like I have numerous times before with the same ingredients, but I have to say it felt more satisfying than it usually did, and I felt great after eating it. This was a pivotal moment, as I experienced an entirely different approach to the whole hunger/eating regime.

I haven’t got all the answers and I also know that this is an ongoing process which needs to be continually reviewed. Foods that suit me now may not in the future, and foods that I have dismissed previously may actually be beneficial now, or at some point in the future. What I now realise is that food is a daily choice which I actually need to consider every time I decide to eat, not just treat it as an automatic response to hunger.

1,102 thoughts on “Thought for Food

  1. I agree, ‘What I now realise is that food is a daily choice which I actually need to consider every time I decide to eat’. What is my body truly asking for?

  2. Food is a medication, and can be used for many reasons, like dulling or stimulating ourselves. Our relationship with food is a great barometer of our relationship with self.

  3. There are many established rules out there around food about what’s healthy and what’s not. But if we listen to our body perhaps it has something different to say. Every process in each person is very unique and our diet is refining itself as we develop a more honest and loving relationship with our body.

  4. What I love about the approach to food you described is that it’s far from strict but and ongoing process of looking at why, how much and when do we eat and how this is very much related with how we feel.
    After reading you I feel inspired to look at the effects of certain kind of food that I was not questioning but actually feels not right for my body anymore.

  5. Eating can be supportive at times but others, if I’m honest, it’s an escape, an excuse to not go deeper, to not feel the vulnerability or even the glory of feeling the simplicity of just being with myself…It’s quite interesting to look at some food patterns and how these affects my mood, my level of vitality and wellbeing, how different I may feel after eating sugar or carbs…it’s time to explore all of this by listen to my body, trust it and honour it.

  6. I am gradually learning to discern when I feel hungry for food or is my body telling me it is hungry for something else.? A deeper connection with someone or myself perhaps.

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