Self-Love and Inspiring Love in Another

by Gina, Brisbane, Australia

Often self-help workshops can be perceived as being money-spinners. Well, recently, for $5, I attended a presentation about Women’s health. It explored how women’s often punishing schedules, juggling a myriad of roles including carer, mother, partner, employer or employee, are affecting their overall health and well-being. The presentation proposed the consideration to self-nurture and self-love as a possible means to address vitality, energy levels, and feelings of overwhelm.

The example given was to consider how much time we spend getting ourselves ready in the morning. I realised I got dressed, cleaned my teeth then brushed my hair whilst my car was warming up and the garage door was being opened. At the same time, I had been having huge issues with getting my 3 1/2 year old daughter dressed; she refused to do it herself or let someone help her. Recently, we’d been leaving the house with her in her pyjamas because it all just got too hard.

So I endeavoured in a gentle, no-expectations way, to get up earlier and shower and dress before starting to get breakfast and lunches under way. I would make sure my breakfast was ready with the children (and not gulped down 5 mins before I was leaving) – so I was fully dressed spending time with my kids – who had cooked the breakfast whilst I was finishing getting ready.

After a few days, I realised my daughter had instigated and dressed herself each morning of that week. WOW!  I could instantly feel the responsibility we have to show our children that by loving ourselves we in turn teach them personal responsibility and love towards themselves. They may have heard me many times speak with hollow words – “loving yourself is the most important thing” – but in that week they got to feel it for the first time and you could feel the increase in fun and joy in the home as a result.

A few weeks later we moved home. Our move was split over two days. On the first day, I got up and believed that because there was so much to be done there was not any time for a shower or any part of my new self-nurturing morning routine. So I put on some old, daggy appropriate ‘moving’ clothes and started my day. By 7am, I felt overwhelmed and had shouted at each member of my family for being lazy louts. My husband and I went about the day with very little dialogue and communication as a result of my rudeness. The next morning, I got up and this time paused before I launched into the day. Maybe I do have time for myself – so I showered, blow-dried my hair and dressed in clothes that were practical but still made me feel nice about myself. The day ran smoothly and we even had fun and a few laughs as we engaged with each other in our new home.

The presentation I was referring to above, that has supported me to connect to experiencing what I am sharing in this article, was delivered by Natalie Benhayon from Universal Medicine. I’ve attended quite a few events over the last four years. I could write much more about the benefits and support I have gained from attending these events but have chosen on this occasion to describe just one of them, because in its simplicity it encapsulates what Universal Medicine offers. For $5, I got to understand and feel how to embark on working with a self-esteem issue I’d previously paid psychologists high fees for, with little outcome.

The practical tools offered by Universal Medicine have supported me to discover for myself a way of living; to be able to manage and enjoy the busy lives we all have, and a chance to help me cope with and understand all the pain and hurt I see in other people’s lives and world eventsThe example I have described shows the essence of what Universal Medicine shares with us – by taking more consideration of ourselves and care to look after ourselves, we then invite the opportunity of bringing more love into our lives, which is shared and felt by those around us.

I am understanding as each day goes by, the more I am dedicated to loving myself, and making self-loving choices, the less drama there is in my life, the more flow there is in my life, the more joy my children express with and the calmer my husband is. I am experiencing the more loving I am with myself, the expression of all of those around me is also more loving.

This is never perfect for me, but just as I was able to reflect on what happened when I forgot to look after myself on the day of my move, each day I now reflect on how my treatment of myself has influenced the day’s events.

Thank you to Universal Medicine for sharing with me the simple science, that by my committing to bring self-love into my morning, my love-tank is filled and love is then what I have to offer to the day, and to all those with whom I share it.

383 thoughts on “Self-Love and Inspiring Love in Another

  1. It is simple, in the process of getting ready and taking care of ourselves we build a foundation for the day. During the process if we focus solely on getting ready and let go of any tensions and to do lists, we get to feel a steadiness, which is then easier to maintain during the day. If we don’t do that, if we don’t have the foundation, we fall through the cracks and are up and down all day long trying to come out of them.

  2. The amount of sharing of practical ways of living by Universal Medicine is astounding, and when I look back it all started with being gentle, as self-love was too huge a step from where I was at.

  3. This is so powerful what you have shared here and so simple in how we are with ourselves affects all others and our environment. Gosh just the change in your daughter says it all, let alone the other examples. This morning I could really feel this is still one for me to learn … or should I say do .. to love me and consider me in all I do.

  4. This line really exposes the lie of putting others before ourselves and being self sacrificing “…by taking more consideration of ourselves and care to look after ourselves, we then invite the opportunity of bringing more love into our lives, which is shared and felt by those around us.” I have been in both camps, the self sacrificing and the self love. It’s truly amazing to see how the love I live with myself is felt by others and often inspiring them also. The self sacrificing is so depleting and can also end up feeling quite degrading and comes with resentment.

  5. “I am experiencing the more loving I am with myself, the expression of all of those around me is also more loving.” A great reminder that what we put out we get back.

  6. “I am experiencing the more loving I am with myself, the expression of all of those around me is also more loving.” This so true and as you illustrate, Gina, how one is affects everyone else either in a negative or in an enhancing way – it is just a choice of how we wish to be with ourselves.

  7. Love it Gina. Your practical example of implementing the practical tools from Universal Medicine demonstrates how practical and effective they are.

  8. Taking a moment to pause first before jumping into anything gives me an opportunity to feel how do I feel to do this, what do I need and how to keep it simple. I experienced this today, I was busy and starting to get overwhelmed so I went on my lunch break and when I came back I got more done in an hour than I had done in hours because I gave to myself first.

  9. When we ‘forget’ to look after ourselves there can be a big fall out that not only affects us, but can have a significant ripple effect on others too.

  10. Wow how amazing your daughter was so inspired by your reflection. It shows how simple it is to inspire another when we live it ourselves first.

  11. Yesterday someone was asking why so many people are feeling ill these days. We seem to have difficulties just living life and this text shows that there is a simple way and a simple answer but it takes some courage perhaps but more so honesty to really look at what it is we do on a regular basis that might contribute in us feeling good or not so good. .

  12. We often set ourselves punishing schedules cramming in as much as we can that leaves us stressed and racy and feeling like we are always catching up with ourselves. The practical tools presented by Serge Benhayon have enabled me to connect to the real me and understand that my body has a true rhythm and flow, that when I listen supports me to be far more steady in my daily life with the feeling of more space to get a lot done, but from an inner quality that is deeply nurturing and loving.

  13. Great to read this again Gina, I’ve recently been through a challenging period and noticed on some days I didn’t dress myself with the level care I normally take, and it felt like those days were in a kind of slump. It is amazing the quality of energy self care and self love brings to the whole day from simple everyday activities like how we dress ourselves.

  14. It is very true that it is our movements and actions that are heeded by others, especially children, more so than our words.

  15. Thank you Gina, with reference to your daughter’s turnaround, it’s amazing how much is truly communicated by living love rather than when we speak about love but don’t live it. We can never underestimate what our livingness communicates and inspires in another. It reminds me of the simplicity of how powerful our being is, as opposed to anything we can do.

  16. There are many women feeling the pressure of life, overwhelmed and unable to cope and what seems common is we blame the circumstances and people around us, and a ‘change’ made from that place often takes us to another familiar situation of the same quality and we end up feeling there is nothing we can do. We cannot remind ourselves often enough to self-love and self-care as women, and those gatherings where we can be honest and be inspired by others and support each other are very much needed.

  17. A great appreciation to how making simple self-loving choices makes a huge difference to the flow of our day and how we move in it and is a reflection that is deeply felt by others around us to be inspired by.

  18. “Thank you to Universal Medicine for sharing with me the simple science, that by my committing to bring self-love into my morning, my love-tank is filled and love is then what I have to offer to the day, and to all those with whom I share it”.
    I am in whole-hearted agreement with you Gina – if I get caught up in the energy of rush and don’t bring the space to my personal preparation for the day – it is this quality that I bring to everyone and everything – this is totally exhausting. Self-love and self-nurturing in the morning routine brings the energy of inner joy to share with all.

  19. To pause before we launch into our days … simple, and so effective and something we often overlook. When we take that time, to love us first we are then more willing to see the love around us and allow it and we can love others. It’s that simple and something we can all do in every moment, and yes when we muck up, we just simply get back on our ‘love horse’.

    1. Beautifully said Monica. It is quiet empowering to take a moment (even) to simply honor ourselves, as the next move we make is one with greater power, greater connection, and greater presence.

  20. When we disregard ourselves we will always disregard others, this is unavoidable because it is simply how we live with ourselves. Such simple choices can make a huge difference to the quality we feel on the inside, which then allows us to handle life around us.

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