‘Time, Space and All of Us, Book 2 – Space’ by Serge Benhayon… Not Just a Purple Book

Recently I started to read a book called Time, Space and All of Us, Book 2 – Space written by Serge Benhayon. This is the ninth purple book, all of which have been written by Serge Benhayon, and it now sits with the others on my bedside table. Sometimes I read through a whole book bit by bit and at other times I feel to select a book and just read a couple of paragraphs or pages. Every time though, something is there as an offering for me to connect to, consider, feel, reflect upon and ponder. I find these purple books beholding of the depths of wisdom and grandness communicating the Universal laws and truths; a grandness I know we are all a part of.

Just before this book arrived in the post, I had strongly felt to start re-reading the very first book that Serge Benhayon released in 2006, The Way It Is – A Treatise on Energetic Truth, one I have cherished and owned since 2007. The divine and absolute beauty of all the purple books is that each page, each paragraph, each sentence carries many dimensions of understanding. So re-reading the words in these books for a second or third time has often felt like I am reading a completely different book. I understand this to be because of the fact that these books break down the ‘consciousnesses’ that keep us held or trapped from feeling and living all of who we truly are. When I re-read parts of these books often my unfolding, my awareness, my understanding has shifted, developed and deepened from the last time I picked that book up.

These books lovingly support my body to access and be with the love of the Soul; my livingness supports me to let go of confining beliefs and ideals and be open to the deeper dimensions of truths these purple books have to offer. This then allows me to see parts of myself and life that I was not able to see before – or more specifically understand previously – even though it is technically the same configuration of words I am reading. And because of this element, this very amazing element… these books are in fact timeless.

When the new book arrived, I decided to read a little bit of each book every day. I am not normally someone who reads two books in the same time period, but I thought why not? – I actually feel to read them both. When I wasn’t long into each of them something amazing happened one morning when I decided to read half a page or so from each of these purple books – one that I had for nine years and one that I had for only a few days. In the paragraph that I read from each book on the same morning, it was the exact same point that was being expressed.

I found this to be yet another example of the divine magic that we are supported with and surrounded by; and something that I needed to read, hear and feel that day. It was perfect for me to read the same revelation in each book as it provided me with the clarity and reminder of the power of my choices and responsibility in life, for it felt to be of the truth I know. Looking back in further reflection on these readings from that day, it was actually the beginning of quite a large process for me to let go of constraints that I had been choosing in my life, and further claim that which resides within, waiting there to be expressed out.

In my newly purchased book, Time, Space and All of Us, Book 2 – Space by Serge Benhayon, still in the Author’s notes I read:

“If you read these words free of any reaction you will read the revelation, the fact that to sustain a way of life that is many times much less in knowledge and wisdom than one truly is, there has to be a way of life that constantly denies it, in fact, its every move and way of being must be one that sustains the creation that suppresses the grandness. If the denial and at times forceful resistance were not the case, the vast levels of awareness, intelligence and wisdom would rush back in so to speak, for they are all there just suppressed by the outer force that is keeping them tucked away.” (p. 32)

And in the book The Way It Is – A Treatise on Energetic Truth by Serge Benhayon, that I was re-reading and have had for nine years, I read:

“The spirit world exists in a plane which is impulsed by the Pranic Consciousness. It is a plane of pranic vibration which can only be sustained by the constant involvement of one’s energy from another. This explanation is of great importance and with this knowledge, and rightly understood, it can be said that it is an illusion. For an illusion is ‘that which cannot exist without the constant energy of motion.’” (p. 29)

From these words I read, I was gracefully reminded that the glory of divinity is powerfully burning within me always ready to be expressed – that I am already everything before I do anything: furthermore, if I do not feel this then I am allowing others or myself in some way, shape or form, to hinder this natural divine communication and the living stillness to be felt in my body.

On the day I read these two passages I was reminded that the tensions in life can come from challenging situations or from relationships with others, and even the relationship we have with ourselves; and that these tensions which are felt in the body, even though can seem big at times, are actually small compared to the grandness we are from and hold within.

I see these tensions as a blessing and a reminder of things that I have been choosing that go against what is natural, such as when my body feels in a rush, a little racy or anxious inside; it reminds me that I have been in a drive and not been present with my movements to support my body to feel surrendered, supple and appreciative in my day. Or when there is a superficial feeling in a relationship, then this reminds that I have not been in enough connection, consideration and depth with that person.

When I am not taking responsibility for the quality of my movements, making sure I am with the one thing I am doing in any one moment, then I am actually feeding the tension that gets in the way of me feeling the flow of my natural stillness and connection with others. When I am in this flow it feels like my body, my relationships and my day have a harmonious feeling of everything working in divine rhythm and order.

We are Sons of God first, well before we do anything. As a Son of God first, what I do – the quality of energy I choose – is my choice and responsibility; the gift of free-will. By remaining present with my body, keeping my mind with the movements of my body, expressing and moving in a way that is in connection to the grandness we are all from, is a reflection of the ‘truth’ of who we all are, and is always accessible by all.

By Johanna Smith, Bachelor of Education (Major Special Needs, Minor Psychology), Certificate of Early Childhood Education, Complementary Health – Esoteric Practitioner, Student of Counseling Diploma

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511 thoughts on “‘Time, Space and All of Us, Book 2 – Space’ by Serge Benhayon… Not Just a Purple Book

  1. Johanna, the last paragraph will accompany my day. A double reminder to stay focussed to my movements. Thank you.

  2. “Time Space and All of us inspired me to focuss on the fact that because of the movement of the earth I am moved and as such can focuss on deepening the quality of my own movements.

    1. What a lovely inspiration to come to, I love how life is all about the quality of movements we make first and foremost.

      1. I am really appreciating the power of movements and how just observing more and moving can completely change the energy at play.

  3. I am loving this book, my understanding of Space is expanding everyday, like the Universe. To consider the vast stupendousness from whence we came is hard to grasp and yet simple and phenomenally powerful.

    1. Me too. It’s gorgeous to read a page or do and take that into the day and play with what is offered. It’s like a workshop each day.

  4. I agree these books are magnificent. When we begin to understand life as energy and that many of the casual little or nice things we do actually contributes to the energy of events that we consider awful in the world, we start to understand that in every moment there is a massive responsibility, and that every single choice, movement and thought counts.

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