Sea Shells and the Winds of Change

New Year visitors to the coast were noticeably absent from the streets – possibly melting in a corner somewhere, or indoors making use of the air conditioning systems. The red and yellow surf life-saving club flags were indicating no lifeguards on duty. The beaches were closed. The days before this one had been blisteringly hot with high oven-heat temperature and winds increasing – at times gusting to almost cyclonic conditions – blowing all that was not tied down across the streets and along the nearby foreshore. The tropical low system came in from the north, impacting much in its path.

The inclination was to stay indoors during the latter part of the day and wait until the winds had abated. What wisdom were these winds endeavouring to impart to us, perhaps to be heard by the ears of the heart. Surely there must be a reason, a true purpose for us all to be aware of. Later that day watching from my balcony, one could occasionally see the effects of swirling debris being carried in a cyclical motion, ever-expanding movements upwards until finally dissipating, causing mischief, mayhem and fraught with potential bodily harm to any unsuspecting person out on the streets.

An earlier choice that morning to venture out for a moment saw me as the recipient of a heavy and multi-barbed pine frond stabbing me in the big toe of my left foot that drew blood – and I wondered at that. Was there something for me to ‘read’ from that supposedly little ‘incidental accident,’ something for me to understand from a deeper level perhaps – apart from the obvious decision to return indoors?

It was as though the winds were orchestrating a clearing of my mind, a cleansing and a discarding of the flotsam gathered over time that had been filed away… perhaps for a thousand lives. These windy conditions were reminiscent of the Australia Day weekend a few years earlier when we moved into this apartment more than 20 stories up. As we unpacked our boxes of household items we experienced the high-rise apartment block actually moving as we watched in wonder as debris flailed and swirled around the building: so interesting to see the possibility of confirming the new and discarding of the old, making way for another step along the path of return home.

Could it be that my Soul deemed it an opportunity at this time to bring to the fore held and past memories, behaviours, patterns or experiences that I carried with me into this incarnation? Is it possible to conceive of the idea that perhaps on my arrival this time around, I brought with me a package in the form of energetic residue simply to be discarded at a later time? Why?

What was the energy behind these natural weather events endeavouring to share with humanity? Could there be a higher purpose that was yet to unfold? Are we born to this earth plane with a set of blueprints so to speak, from a previous time? The questions beckon – how did I pass over last time? Had I cleared my hurts for example, did I serve until my last breath or did I experience that last life as insular and self-absorbed, in separation to who I truly am at my divine core, and perhaps choosing a life of ‘individuality’? The winds seem to be stirring something from within.

Surely recent weather patterns are telling us something we ought to have a deeper awareness of, and perhaps the more recent phenomenal night sky lightning events are clearing the way for the joy and freedom of feeling the stillness within once again. Indeed, could these magnificent nightscapes be indicating potentially a ‘lightening’ of our way, if we would but recognise the choice?

I am learning little by little to explore the possibility of another way of viewing Truth, another way of living. Could it be that the Truth is there within us all, already in our inner hearts and as I am also now finding, within the Religion known as The Way of The Livingness?

The beautiful and gentle Esoteric Modalities, such as Connective Tissue Therapy, Sacred Esoteric Healing, Chakra Puncture and so much more that I have experienced during these past years have all played a part in my discarding some of the energetic debris and configurations left by past wayward choices –– and my appreciation for the Gentle Breath Meditation™ as shared by Serge Benhayon is endless.

Entering my later seventies and embracing this process of ‘the joy of ageing,’ it seems that ‘musing’ is often present. I wonder is it now time for me to understand the symbolism of different aspects of these various and extreme weather conditions that are being experienced globally? Is it possible that the offering this time around in this the New Era, via the tool of the Science of Symbolism, has been made available for humanity by this very wise man, Serge Benhayon? I appreciate immensely the platform of Universal Medicine presentations that provide us with the opportunity to experience opening to the deepening of our awareness.

Could it be that this ageless wisdom may re-awaken and enable us to more easily access the innate knowingness of all things being connected… and that our emotions, our patterns, behaviours, ideals and beliefs actually have an influence universally as shown to us through the true symbolism of the world’s weather patterns – from earthquakes beneath the oceans to deep snow events, from wild fires to flooding? And so my musings continue.

The following morning after this particular storm the beaches were closed for swimming or water activities once again, but it was a glorious opportunity for a beach walk of a kilometre or so along the high tide mark, breathing in the magic of the rising sun, huge, round and deep orange from the dust still suspended in the air from the day before. The tide was on its way back in – coupled with and magnified by the roar of a majestic ocean barrelling in with white foaming crests – endless rows of gargantuan waves falling in on top of one another, each close on the heel of the previous one.

The power of the ocean had me reflecting on my seemingly minuscule physical human presence and I began to ponder on my own sense of self as a reflection of all that is in the universe, contemplating my own understanding of the truth of our being-ness, our connection to the stars, our essence, our divine core – and where does all this fit with these tree-stripping winds of yesterday.

Could it be that at our centre we are of the stuff of the universe, the oceans and all of the geology of the lands? Are we indeed made up of the particles of it all? Is it possible that passing through us, the fabric of our humanity is the space that comprises God’s all-encompassing Love? One ponders many things while walking along an almost ravaged seashore, being aware of not standing on the myriad of sharp edged broken shells. These shells have travelled far, and were left behind from the reefs having been denuded from anything that was not strongly connected to its foundation. It seems to be a metaphor for life really: are we, am I, “strongly connected to my true foundation”?

Stepping through the small mounds of sea grass and shards of kelp fronds, some with their now flimsy root system still attached, was as if I was exploring a treasure trail, finding large broken pieces of ‘baler’ shells, scallop fans, and pieces of very large shells that age reflected the lustre and luminescence of years of being smoothed by a tousled sea bed and the salty water.

Walking forward gently with purpose, I was in awe of the fact that the very sand that I was walking upon was made up of millions of these shells ground down and now supporting my every footstep. Not a whole shell was in sight that morning. As I bent to pick up a large central and solid portion of an Australian East Coast Melo Amphora Baler Shell, I allowed my fingers to feel the delicateness, and smoothness, fascinated by the lustre and patterning.

As I continued to walk my walk on the firm sand, marvelling at the sound, majesty and the unfathomable volume of the waves, I was reflecting on a time aboard a cruise liner when all passengers were confined to the interior of the ship for 4 days. Sipping tea in the cafe on Deck 5, sitting by the large window we were occasionally seeing beneath the ocean surface. We were crossing the Bering Sea from Kodiak, Aleutian Islands in far Alaska across the ocean on our way to our new port of Vladivostok, experiencing the awesomeness of the 20 metre plus waves, and now remembering the choice that we had made on booking our cabin to be close to the centre of the ship, the fulcrum point and not on the oscillating bow or aft areas.

I am learning on so many fronts that making the choice of being close to the centre, the core, connecting to our own core, our heart centre in every breath, can prepare us more lovingly to offset any effects of ‘battering’ that may suddenly erupt.

Contemplating on how this day’s beach walk seemed to share a moment of revelation, feeling how it can appear externally that we may be supposedly beaten and battered by the very life that we have lived or are living but on reflection, with clearing and healing, now feeling these supposed trials are often a result of past choices and movements that we have made. Pondering on the awareness that at our very core, in our inner heart, we are not battered and beaten, there is not concern, despondency, self-doubt or unworthiness, but absolutely a knowing there is only connection to Love… solid, consistent, an immovable foundation.

As shared at some of the Universal Medicine presentations, it would appear that these emotions, many of which I have experienced, and that we may recognise as unworthiness, self-doubt, despondency etc. have unwittingly been choices made that now seem to be nothing short of a dishonouring of who we truly are at our heart centre. Just as I was contemplating this, in front of my feet was the most beautiful core of a large shell – spiral in divine design, strong, beautiful, and smooth to the touch.

Feeling and understanding in that moment that at our core, in my own essence, which is not separate from the one-ness of the entirety of the universe, I sensed a reflection of the true beauty of who we are, who I truly am. Pondering on this revelation, there in the sand was exposed yet another core of a similar shell – seemingly to affirm my gentle musings. It felt so clear that in answer to my contemplating during this morning’s walk, truly feeling the Magic and Song of God, confirmation was offered in a handful of these beautiful spiralling cores of what were whole shells not so long ago with a living creature residing harmoniously in their underwater environment.

On reflecting on the beautiful form of the anti-clockwise coiling movement of these shell cores, I was reminded of an image that was shown to me recently that portrayed a magnificent spiral staircase – the work of which was attributed to the skill and master-craftsmanship of Leonardo Da Vinci. I felt the inspiration of the spiral effect, as though we were being invited deeper within to a place of surrender and stillness that surpasses any human experience, in one-ness with God once again.

I am finding endless wealth, an abundance of true riches in the stillness of who we truly are, when the choice is made to be aware of our multi-dimensionality and our connection to the all, even in what some may see as incidental things such as seashells and the winds of change.

By Roberta B. Himing, Student of Life, Gold Coast, Australia

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335 thoughts on “Sea Shells and the Winds of Change

  1. Roberta – this is simple, beautiful and makes absolute sense; ‘connecting to our own core, our heart centre in every breath, can prepare us more lovingly to offset any effects of ‘battering’ that may suddenly erupt.’

  2. ‘I appreciate immensely the platform of Universal Medicine presentations that provide us with the opportunity to experience opening to the deepening of our awareness.’ Yes, life is all about awareness and for me learning to embrace this, even the bits that at first seem ugly.

  3. Roberta I love hearing the wind and feeling the wind too, all the different sounds it speaks to us as like howling, whistling, blowing, blustering, roaring, rushing…there is much that the wind communicates and also much it does too as we can so often feel through the familiar saying “blowing out the old cobwebs”.

  4. When we feel the weather and what is coming our way, we can see that nature also reflects how we have been living. The earth starts to release all that is dumped on it.

  5. ‘Pondering on the awareness that at our very core, in our inner heart, we are not battered and beaten, there is not concern, despondency, self-doubt or unworthiness, but absolutely a knowing there is only connection to Love… solid, consistent, an immovable foundation’ When we realise this and feel it in our body it supports us through difficult times – also knowing we are never alone and that we can ask for more support at any time allows us greater confidence and a deepening of that inner knowing.

  6. Although I never have experienced a tropical storm, I do know the clearing qualities of heavy autumn and winter storms. The clear sky and clear environment afterwards are a joy to experience. But it is not only the material debris that has been cleared, more so it is the mental debris we tend to clutter in our commonly shared space that is cleared. A clearing we enjoy most.

  7. Life should be as reflected by the core of a shell, spiralling inwards to finally come to the core of our being.

  8. Yes weather patterns are certainly an indicator of what is happening in the world – and a call for us to be more aware of what it all means – what sort of clearing is happening and why there needs to be a clearing in the first place.

  9. Life ‘comes to life’ and is so multi-dimensional when we start to wonder about things like a palm frond stabbing us in a toe. The idea of accidents just happening or even a punishing God being behind all accidents and incidents turns us into victims. Whereas when I consider what a situation means, I get to understand a deeper aspect of myself and life.

  10. I find the wind, does offer a ‘clearing of the mind’, as does walking in the wind. I love the support that nature offers us.

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