The ‘Purple Books’ Scribed by Serge Benhayon

The first presentation I ever attended by Serge Benhayon, in June 2008, was one of those “never to be forgotten milestones” as I was deeply inspired to make new choices in my life. These choices brought many changes to my daily way of living and I now enjoy a level of wellbeing unknown to me before.

There were copies of some beautiful books for sale at the event, their covers a rich purple colour, with white print highlighting the title on display, which I felt drawn to buy.  

There are several of these ‘Purple Books’ by Serge Benhayon, presenting the Ancient Wisdom Teachings. My copies of them have been read and enjoyed from cover to cover, several times over by myself and others.

I noticed that when my hands were resting on these books there was a strong feeling of an energy emanating from them; how they were simply a joy just to sit and hold, as well as read!

Over the years there have been various times where I have felt a little ‘off-colour’, out of sorts, scattered, with racy and relentless thoughts, in some physical pain or slightly anxious over something. This is when I have felt, “Ah Ha! Time to reach for a Purple Book and just hold it and breathe gently with my feet on the floor.” Without fail, in only a few minutes my mind is calmer, there is a feeling of dropping more deeply into my body and an awareness of the innate stillness within expanding.

Recently my husband was in hospital for emergency surgery; before the operation I handed him one of the Purple Books and suggested he just hold it.

He asked the reason why I offered this to him and what was he supposed to do or feel in just holding a book? My answer was just to hold it between his hands for no reason other than just holding it!

He decided to lower the hospital bed flat and he then put the Purple Book onto his chest with his hands on it. After holding it for just a few minutes, it was very obvious his body was relaxing deeply and he went off to sleep for over an hour, still holding the book.

When waking, my husband was very surprised that he could actually feel a certain “quality of energy, like a pulse” when holding this book.

Over the next few days I simply offered the book to be held whenever he felt cold or tired and, every time, he began to relax, get toasty warm and fall asleep very quickly.

This has continued post operation too. He even read the chapter on ‘Men’ in the Purple book ‘Esoteric Teachings and Revelations’ one afternoon! I playfully commented that these Purple Books could be likened to a teddy bear – like Paddington Bear, being held by a child.

In our home now there is a much-used phrase, spoken in a very affectionate and joyful way, regarding these glorious Purple books.

When it feels like the time to reach for a Purple Book, to read or to hold, we ask…

“Hmm . . . where is Paddington?!”

It is now seven years since my first meeting with Serge Benhayon. Over this time I have continued to be totally inspired by the consistent way of love, dedication and humility that this ordinary man and his family live, reflecting to us all that there is a more simple and joyful way to live as we deepen the relationship with ourselves and others.

Naturally I still love reading and re-reading these inspiring Purple Books and enjoying the deep wisdom that Serge Benhayon continues to share through them.

By Stephanie Stevenson, Amazing Woman, Esoteric Practitioner, Home-Keeper, Grandmother,  Sandhurst, Berkshire, UK

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734 thoughts on “The ‘Purple Books’ Scribed by Serge Benhayon

  1. I take a Purple book with me when I’m traveling. What is fascinating about reading them is that I may have read the book two or three times, but I always seem to come across something and say to myself I don’t remember reading that. It seems the book expands as we expand our understanding of life.

  2. I have had a similar experience, one night when I couldn’t fall asleep – tossing and turning, racy thoughts running, I thought to myself: “Well, I can’t fall asleep at the moment so I may as well just read a little”. As soon as I reached out for one of the books, I felt the calm in my body, and before I knew it I was ready to fall asleep – magic!

    1. Normally I sleep easily and deeply, however if I have woken up and found it hard to go back to sleep I would read some of a purple book to support my settlement and returning to sleep.

  3. Thank you Stephanie. Such a simple way to bring one back into one’s body, easily and effortlessly. How fortunate we are to have the truth and wisdom of Serge throughout his books.

  4. Thank you Stephanie, it’s a joy to read this again and feel the love, sweetness and playfulness you express with your experience of the books. Serge’s Purple Books are a beauty-ful gift to humanity, I also enjoy the ebook versions which I can access on my iPad. Whenever I open them up to a random page there is a supportive quote or section that relates very much to what I currently am learning. What’s also inspiring is to feel that we all can equally access this beauty that Serge writes from, and bring forth truth and love from our soul for humanity in whatever form we feel impulses to share it with. Being touched so deeply by Serge’s books brings enormous purpose to return to soul.

      1. Dear Lorraine, there used to be ebooks, but there are only the paper version of books now by Serge Benhayon.

  5. I love the play-full-ness of your blog! The Way of the Livingness brings any teachings into practical application which is the most empowering and healing opportunity.

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