The Magic of God in Everyday Livingness

I have been observing and participating with the Magic of God in my everyday life for some time. So what is the Magic of God? I see it in our everyday lives: it is the amazing way circumstances play out to deliver something we require, or something that would help us, or give us confirmation. It could be a sign, a symbol in nature, an object, a chance meeting or a new opportunity to change our life’s path.

When we learn to take notice of God’s signs, read into their meaning for us personally, then could it be that there are opportunities given to us every day to assist and support us in our life? There can be amazing consequences of having full trust in God and in Divine Timing in our everyday livingness. 

In my experience every moment of my life offers me an opportunity to have this confirmation provided by the Magic of God. I connect to God through my inner heart – a feeling and a knowing that I don’t have to look outside of myself to find God, as it is a knowingness I have from within.

When I trust my connection with God then I know that whatever I need to have, or do, or wherever I need to be, happens and He delivers a moment of Magic. These moments can be as simple as an everyday example of meeting (supposedly by chance) particular people with whom I connect and this ‘chance meeting’ usually unfolds to benefit either, or both of us, in some way or another. It is magical because there are no rules, no beliefs or ideals, just a knowing, and an expression or action results from that knowing.

The Divine Timing comes from knowing when the time is right to take action or sometimes letting go of a situation so it can unfold when all ‘players’ are able to provide the resource for whatever is required.

A recent example of how the Magic of God and Divine Timing unfolded for me was when I was looking to live in a bigger home to grow and support my business. About four months ago I saw a unit for sale and knew that it would suit me perfectly. I couldn’t afford to buy it so I went to the real estate people and told them that if the buyer was looking for an amazing tenant then here are my details.

I then let go of the idea of living in this unit and eventually bought an investment unit at a price I could afford, which also was achieved with the Magic of God and Divine Timing.

About a month ago the bigger unit that I felt would be a perfect home for me became available, with the new owners wanting to lease the property and not live in it themselves. I found this out because I acted on an impulse to pick up a copy of the local real estate paper. I applied and was approved on the same day I inspected it, moving in ten days later. The difference in the rent between my previous rental and the new one is provided by my investment unit, which was settled on the same day as I moved into my new home. The Magic of God delivered my new home and my investment unit in one bundle! But I would have missed it had I not listened to my body.

One may see this as being a set of coincidences; however, for me I feel it is the result of opportunities of how God presents his love and support for us all. And it is ongoing, not just the occasional sign, symbol or even the right house – his magic can be seen and felt in our everyday livingness and I am thankful it has been a part of my life.

This story could go on forever as that is how ‘God’s Magic’ happens in life. Everything I required for expansion in my new home is now with me. It has taken just two weeks to set up my home. These weeks were filled with Magic of God moments that were given for me to act upon the impulses which I know (and feel) have all been as a consequence of Divine Timing – everything I needed was often at half price, or on special and just sitting there waiting for me to buy whatever was required.

With my open arms and heart and willingness to take action, all was provided, thanks to the Magic of God.

I deeply appreciate Serge Benhayon’s presentations on how the Magic of God is a part of our everyday livingness, if we so choose! When we keep recognising and appreciating the amazing resource of God’s love for us, it is never ending!

By Susan Wilson, Esoteric Practitioner, Albury

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855 thoughts on “The Magic of God in Everyday Livingness

  1. Appreciating our most divine connection brings so much magic into our lives, so why would we not be fully Appreciative of our divinity in all we do and feel the magic of our appreciation.

  2. The magic of God is removed from our lives by control, if we want things to be a certain way, we will never see the opportunity that is there.

  3. I know it was no coincidence but the Magic of God that brought me to attend my first presentation by Serge Benhayon, and the Magic just keeps growing and glowing.

    1. Absolutely Mary, this was a level of magical-ity that kept on presenting itself until I finally took up the offering, and similarly the magic keeps on happening or “growing and glowing”, as you have shared.

  4. Every reflection we are offered has multiple layers to its meaning depending on the depth of awareness we are willing to go to and live with.

  5. When we get caught in the emotional rush and push of modern day life it can literally put a squeeze on the potential for us to embrace and appreciate the magic of God in our day – and we may see and feel glimpses of that magic but not nearly the potential that is on offer.

  6. There is something very powerful about listening to and acting on our impulses – we are sensitive beings, and there is a lot of information we are open to all of the time. We don’t need to be using our heads to work it out, when our body is feeling it all anyway… that is what the impulse feels like.

  7. Our Souls are all knowing and when we live guided by the impulse of our Soul, by the truth of our body the more we live the magic of God and are open to see and feel the confirmations of His love in which we are constantly held in.

  8. It is through committing to listening and deepening our quality of connection and awareness to our body that space opens up to see the magic of God moments around us every day. There is always an opportunity to learn and evolve from the reflections we are offered.

  9. I really love a story like this. When I clock the magic of God, my whole day lights up. I just feel so blessed and loved. And God’s love is not sporadic, it is constant and consistent, and it is all about how much I surrender to that.

  10. When our eyes are open to the magic of God moments in life there is richness and depth to being. We are constantly confirmed of the mutidimensionality of our nature, the unseen hand of God at play.

    1. Yes beautifully said Victoria – we are ‘constantly confirmed of the mutidimensionality of our nature, the unseen hand of God at play’ when we open our hearts to love and live the lightness of our Soul.

  11. Very beautiful. But there needs to caution too, and we should always feel into these very non-coincidental things that helping us, because they can also be supplied by the other side.

  12. I love how we co-create the magic of God. For without the depth of magic in things, no matter how small and seemingly insignificant, is the magnificence of you being a part of it. It arrives as a package you were drawing on and shows us how big we are when at times we are ‘thinking’ much smaller — It is a confirmation from the Universe showing Us We Are a part of the Universe.

  13. This is a beautiful reminder Susan of how supported and loved we are by the magic of God and it’s consistent offerings to us all.

  14. Once we start to observe the magic of God, we realise that there is much that we sometimes miss, but when we appreciate our movements we realise how often God is there to give us a helping hand through his own magic.

  15. Very cool to observe all that is occurring around us and see how everything is happening to reflect something back to us, which then supports us to feel and access greater depths of ourselves, others, and universal wisdom, if we choose to. The opportunities to learn and deepen are endless and constant, and when we keep our eyes open and stay awake, we can maximise them.

  16. God is in permanent relationship with us, even if we are not with Him. He talks to us through various means and each of them works within its own way. We may choose to realize that this is happening and the meaning or not.

  17. When I am paying attention to messages form the Devine I feel how rich and supported my life is and we all are.

    Walking on a side walk the other day I realized it was full of mica flecks…
    They were bright like stars despite the dinginess of the cement.
    I felt the message;
    We are all part of everything no matter how dingy our life situations and we still sparkle from inside/from our inner most which can not be tarnished; just like the stars.

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