Appreciating Esoteric Practitioners – I move with ME!

I have been a Student of Universal Medicine for nearly ten years and with the support of the presentations of Serge Benhayon, The Ageless Wisdom and the whole student body, I have discarded many of the ideals and beliefs that had me living a lie that kept me from who I truly am, and in-truth where I am truly from.

Today, in my body, I live something that I could not have imagined ten years ago – as it was nowhere within my then conscious awareness. So how does someone who did not have this understanding, this potential in her conscious awareness become to not only have it in her awareness but to become someone who lives it with an authority? …My only answer is Reflection – reflection of movement.

By reflection I mean what I tangibly saw and felt from others ­– in the way they moved, how they walked, in the way they spoke, in the quality they held their body in, the way their clothes were assembled with care on their body, how tender their touch was, how engaging their eyes were, how light they seemed to be in their discussions, how much care they took with themselves and with others, in the way they related to others and with me – was something that felt a very true way of being, yet something I had not witnessed in my life before attending my first Universal Medicine presentation by Serge Benhayon. I was able to feel the holding power of this reflection that I was witnessing. I felt it from them and I actually felt different within my body when I was around these true reflections. Reflection was the only thing that started to break down the consciousness that I was holding and supported me to see/feel the hardness I was carrying.

Initially, witnessing the many reflections from Serge Benhayon, the whole Benhayon family, Esoteric Practitioners and the Universal Medicine student body, allowed me to feel that there was more, and that what I was living in my body at that time was not the truth of who I was and am. Over the years these reflections have continued to inspire me and also expose little pockets that do not belong with the grandness of who I am. The power of reflection is that it is a tangible living proof, which for me spoke to every particle in my body saying – this is also who you truly are.

Today I now live this reflection – I live me. And I know that through the way I am with the quality of my movements, that I too provide and inspire others to remember the light they are from, just as I was once inspired. Through others I got to see there was something deeper, precious and beholding which was very natural that I was not living and connecting to. The reflections I received from Serge reminded me of this and started me on my journey to reconnect to the grandness within. This journey has been amazing – not always smelling of roses and at times it was very uncomfortable to feel what I had been choosing for myself, but a journey I would not trade for anything. The rejoining to the love of my Soul is my sole purpose in this life – in truth the purpose of every incarnation, and nothing feels as joy-full.

I fully appreciate the reflection of all the movements that Serge Benhayon, the Esoteric Practitioners and the whole student body offer. Over the years, in reclaiming myself as a walking living Son of God, rebuilding my body to be one that my Soul can have full access to express the love and truth of who we truly are, I have come to have a strong understanding of how important our movements are and just what it is they are reflecting.

Our movements have the power to reflect our multidimensionality and the grand intelligence we are all from.

I have supported myself to feel my body more deeply, deepen the presence in my movements, know the delicateness and tenderness of me and appreciate the amazing qualities I bring to life. Through the modalities offered by other students of Universal Medicine I have been able to deepen my connection to myself and my movements. No matter if I participated in a sequence of sessions or just a one-off here or there, every session offered me another key, a learning, a new marker that only that practitioner was able to provide at that point in time. This is why I am forever humbled and grateful for the unique ‘qualities’ that every human being is designed to bring in life, including the following practitioners:

  • With Danielle Pirera in Harmony in Movement, I learnt to focus on particular areas of my body during a movement, letting myself feel all that was there and what was happening as I slowed each movement down.
  • With Karin Becker in Sacred Movement, I have learnt to feel my connection to my body and my sacredness and moving with this connection during the healing movements.

The reflections of each practitioner and my participation in their programs have supported me in unfolding, surrendering, letting go of entrenched patterns, rebuilding, re-imprinting and deeper connection with all sorts of ‘true’ movements, I now bring a truer way of being to my everyday life – in the way I walk, do chores, the way I exercise, the way I prepare things, the way I clean, the way I drive – every facet of my day. And this all supports my body, which then supports the way I am with all those I relate to and everything I do in this world to also hold the same amazing quality. And so the ripple of Reflection continues…

Published with Permission of the Esoteric Practitioners named in this blog.

By Johanna Smith, Bachelor of Education (Major Special Needs, Minor Psychology), Certificate of Early Childhood Education, Complementary Health – Esoteric Practitioner, Student of Counselling Diploma

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713 thoughts on “Appreciating Esoteric Practitioners – I move with ME!

  1. I have come to understand that it is the power in our reflection that changes everything, not what we say or do. For example, I can say I’m sorry but if that genuine feeling of being sorry is not in my movements then my reflection will not carry the conviction of being sorry. And we can all feel when someone is genuinely sorry for their actions or not, we may not verbalise it to them but we do feel it.

  2. I have found the same that it’s been the reflection of others that has woken me up to the fact that there is another way of living that is more joyful and harmonious. Now I am also that reflection for others.

  3. Bringing our awareness to the way we live, which is first with deepening our relationship with our breath and thus the decency and respect we can equally share with everyone is the start of a living-reflection that becomes our normal standard and this is felt by everyone we connect with on the simplest level of expression and interactions..

  4. Thank you Johanna, your blog has helped me to realise that there is much for me to appreciate in the many modalities I have experienced with Universal Medicine that have supported me to reconnect to the true essence of myself within, and then learn to remain present with my connection and body, and move expressing the love I am. Pretty amazing.

    1. I have found Melinda that when we do reconnect to our essence and stay present as much as possible, that there then seems to be a myriad of things happening around us seemingly trying to pull us to look out to life and engage with it, rather than look out from within. I often find myself especially with work being enticed out into the doing rather than just being and appreciating the difference.

  5. “I fully appreciate the reflection of all the movements that Serge Benhayon, the Esoteric Practitioners and the whole student body offer. ” I do too. They inspire me with their movements and this makes me aware that my movements can in turn reflect out to others. We have a responsibility when we know the power of reflection.

    1. As Johanna has stated Sue
      ‘Today, in my body, I live something that I could not have imagined ten years ago – as it was nowhere within my then conscious awareness.’
      What you say is then true
      ‘the reflection that Serge Benhayon, the Esoteric Practitioners and the whole student body offer’, is that choice or a different reflection that if actioned brings about a whole new experience, one that is so divine to feel in our bodies, that once felt we want to stay with and deepen.

  6. “Our movements have the power to reflect our multi-dimensionality and the grand intelligence we are all from.” So true Johanna. Last week I saw a student walk into the swimming pool I was already in. It was so beautiful to observe her grace and beauty as she walked down into the water, and she was quite surprised when I appreciated her for what I had witnessed.

    1. What you have shared Sue is very simple but beautiful at the same time, because how often do we truly appreciate other people and all that they bring into our lives which deepens and enriches the very meaning of why we are here on this planet. If we appreciated each more, rather than always seeing the negative qualities or abusing each other, we would all live enriching lives.

  7. Reflection of Movement is a powerful thing. This is also what I have learnt too and would say has been the major thing that has supported me in making true changes in and to my life as well. Reflection of Movement from Universal Medicine and the Benhayon family along with many others. No words are needed. No imposition over another happens or is felt. It is a truly beauitfull science and magic that happens when truth is reflected to another just by them being and moving.

  8. Reading this it becomes clear why we need the reflection of others and more importantly the quality within that reflection helps us to know who we are in truth.

    1. I was in the company of someone recently and for me there was just something about them that spoke of heaven. That they knew a way to live that easily represented heaven on earth. It gave me such a feeling of familiarity that we all have this potential within us and we just need to stop holding onto old ideals and beliefs that keep us stuck in our self-made prisons.

  9. When we truly embrace inspiration, and sense all a reflection offers us, we are given everything in that moment to support us. It is then down to us as to whether we say ‘yes’ and respond in our livingness, or dismiss and resist what has been offered… it is always our choice.

  10. Reflection is our gift from God and without this we would not ever know who we truly are. Serge Benhayon has been my greatest reflection and without his willingness to constantly reflect who he is and how life could be, I know I would not have the awareness to make true changes in my life that now offer a reflection for others….and as you say the ripple of Reflection continues.

  11. As mentioned theres many different people providing the same modality. And each one presents in there own way that reflects to some and not others. I can hear the same thing from one person repeatedly but not get it until another person shares the same from another angle. We are all needed to reflect because who knows who we are that ‘now I get it!’ for someone.

  12. I too appreciate what Universal Medicine, Serge Benhayon and the modalities have to offer. In the few years I have known them, my life has changed to a point where I am discovering who I am more than ever. No other person or modality has done this and that is not putting anyone on a pedal stool either.

    The appreciation has been deeply felt and if I could repeat this again, I wouldn’t choose anything else.

    1. What we have all been given and has been earthed for humanity may take many years for us to fully grasp or understand what has been presented. The future will confirm the ALL that Serge Benhayon IS and has grounded, the absolute truth of who we are. History as shown again and again that the prophet is not fully understood or appreciated until life times have passed, which is a huge shame as much of humanity is missing out on the here and now.

    1. I am beginning to realise the true power of group work where everyone has an input which is used to build a foundation so that the foundation deepens and everyone feels the equality as one. The best part for me is that no one is an individual; everyone is working together for the whole, not the individual.

  13. I think there is great power in the way that we live our life and see others living as you say it is tangible living reality that ‘speaks’ volumes.

    1. I agree Fiona, there are so many little things that I have observed throughout my life that have stayed with me. Ways that people have moved, things that they have said that have left an indelible mark on me. We are all watching each other constantly for signs of the truth and we all recognise truth when we see it or feel it and so yes there is great power in the way that we live our lives because we are either living them with and in truth or we’re not.

      1. I feel what you are saying here is that we have a responsibility to ourselves and each other. That if we know the truth it is our responsibility to reflect this to the world so that no one can say they didn’t know or didn’t get the reflection. We bandy the word love around so that it has lost it’s true meaning but it is also something that we miss dreadfully as we are so starved of this true feeling and so it is possible we watch people all the time to see if someone dares to express it in their everyday movements. It only takes one living and moving in a true way to change the lives of everyone.

      2. The love that we currently say is love is so cold it’s almost reptilian, whereas true love feels like an expansive warmth, a warmth that we have starved ourselves of for eons.

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