True Reflection, The Way of The Livingness & The 5 Elements of God

Have you ever looked at a magazine, pictures on the Internet or on TV, and felt truly inspired?

By ‘feeling truly inspired’ I mean, did you feel the beauty and grandness you were seeing, reflecting to you what is actually within yourself? Or did you cringe and feel yourself shrinking by the massive amount of comparison and inaccessible ideals these images can bring up?

When I looked at magazines I only received the message that there was something out there I still did not have (and I may never have), but that I needed to achieve to be able to feel myself as equal to this.

I never ever felt inspired by any of the pictures I used to see; instead I always felt how I was reduced to being less.

Today, skimming through lifestyle magazines I see empty eyes and hardened bodies, squeezed into ridiculous outfits in far too massive houses with furniture that makes me feel oppressed, selling me something that feels completely empty, loveless and simply grey.

I cannot hook into the emptiness of glamour anymore and I no longer believe that there is something I need to have or achieve. Instead I now feel the space in between, the bigger picture of life and our true Divine origins.

I started to see the world for what it truly is and that we are living a massive lie, but at the same time I know that there is another Way – a very beautiful Way that brings us all back to our Divine origins.

This Way, The Way of The Livingness, I learned through Serge Benhayon and his amazing extended family, who live equally with everybody who accepts the amazing reflection they are offering.

Today Universal Medicine and the absolutely amazing student body are offering the world a reflection of our truth and I am absolutely grateful for the fact that wherever I am, I can go to some of the absolutely inspiring websites and get a true reflection of who I am.


When I go to the website and look at this particular picture of Miranda Benhayon and Serge Benhayon, it is the deepest inspiration for me to feel the love I have inside.

Serge Benhayon & Miranda Benhayon
Serge Benhayon & Miranda Benhayon

When I look at this picture I never ever feel that they have something I have not. I feel confirmed in the amazing joy and love I have for myself and in my relationships with others. I easily reconnect to the beauty and love I share with my husband. I do not see them; I see myself and everybody in this picture and the amazing love we are.

It is not a picture that reduces me to the three dimensional aspects of life, inviting me to go into comparison of what someone has that I do not.

It is a picture that invites me to feel the world in its five dimensions and the fact that we are so much more than just human beings. It invites everybody to feel beyond human love and connect to the only true love – the Divine Universal love that is who we truly are.

What Miranda and Serge Benhayon reflect never stays still; it offers a constant evolution and we are all invited to walk that path, equally so.


On the I see myself reflected in the gorgeous Alison Greig and Desiree Delaloye and their dedication to truth.

Alison Grieg | Universal Medicine FACTS
Alison Grieg

Desiree Delaloyee | Universal Medicine FACTS
Desiree Delaloyee


On the I see myself reflected in the joy of Tony Parkes and the student body and the deep connection of Julia Manglano Bosch and Dana McDonald.

Tony Parkes
Tony Parkes

Julia Manglano Bosch & Dana McDonald
Julia Manglano Bosch & Dana McDonald


When I go to the student blogs,,,,, and, I can feel the evolving harmony of people living in brotherhood and expressing towards one purpose – truth.


When I go to and look at Michael Benhayon, I can feel the Divine stillness of God residing inside me and when I listen to the tunes I feel the true movement of this stillness in my body.

And when I go to Natalie Benhayon reflects to me the sacredness, delicacy, fragility, stillness, joy, love and harmony I am when I embrace my nurturing nature of being a true woman.

Michael Benhayon
Michael Benhayon

Natalie Benhayon
Natalie Benhayon

And when I go to I have the whole world and its true wisdom right in front of me and any picture and all the writing reminds me constantly of who I truly am; and by looking at Sandra Schneider and Monica Gillooly I am reminded that true sexy is the new black!

Sandra Schneider & Monica Gillooly
Sandra Schneider & Monica Gillooly

And this is only a tiny aspect of all the amazing websites out there that offer the world true reflection!

Rachel Andras
Rachel Andras

I am in deep appreciation for these amazing reflections that we bring into the world, paving a true path for humanity to walk in evolution.

Deeply inspired by Serge Benhayon and the 5 Elements of God!

By Rachel Andras

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875 thoughts on “True Reflection, The Way of The Livingness & The 5 Elements of God

  1. I have never really stopped to consider all of the websites you’ve mentioned here, but it is very true that what they offer us is out of this world. Whenever I want to understand something i always go to these resources because i know what’s shared on there will come from an experience, from somebody who’s been there & done that. I will get a level of understanding based on energy, rather than a shallow, 2 dimensional lecture. Thank you to everybody who puts in the work to ensure that these websites are not only present, but hold the quality and integrity that they do.

  2. ” I can feel the evolving harmony of people living in brotherhood and expressing towards one purpose – truth.” It’s a beautiful quality harmony, it’s very dear to me and something I am often aware of. When I am around people or nature, I know I am a part of everything and everyone and I have an affect, and my purpose is then to be my divine soulful origins. Once I am in harmony with myself I am in harmony with everyone and everything.

  3. Very beautiful Rachel.
    Clearly expressed from the heart.
    And so true. The world is blessed with the offering of so much that supports us back to express love, light, harmony, joy, truth.

  4. Love, truth, joy, harmony and stillness brought together by connecting to the Soul and feeling the divinity of who you are.

  5. So powerfully shared Rachel. There is so much for us to be inspired by to explore living who we truly are in essence, the power of who we are as Sons of God. The more we are open to surrendering to living in connection to who we are within, we naturally imprint this plane of life with the reflection of God.

  6. Love, truth, Joy, Harmony and Stillness, the five elements of God are tangibly manifested in this world by many people openly living and sharing it and are not just some dead words on a piece of paper.

  7. In many ways the images that are presented to us in the media or in advertisements mostly tell us that we need to be in a certain way or have to possess something in order to be accepted and appreciated participants of our societies. Actually that we are not good enough of who we already are.

  8. Such a joy arises in me when I re read your blog full of love Rachel and to go on the websites you’ve mentioned and get inspired by the loving reflection that is offered to the world. Everyday it is a true blessing to be part of this amazing Student Body of Universal Medicine and to get inspired by Serge Benhayon and the Way of the Livingness.

  9. Thank you Rachael, I agree with this all. I am in appreciation of what we are capable of bringing to eachother when we live our true way. Thank you for expressing this.

  10. These are the websites that I regularly visit, and I must say I have gotten used to them, but really, we do have something very special here, a world apart from what the rest of the media both online and in print presents and represents.

    1. By visiting these websites regularly and to learn that it is very well possible to live this natural expression in our lives, the other websites I visit or magazines I read stand out on their lack of substance and to me only live on the lack of connection people do choose to live with.

  11. I love the equality in which every single human being on the planet can express these 5 qualities of God once they reconnect to their soul. The photos are all gorgeous!

  12. That photo of Serge Benhayon and Miranda Benhayon says it all, an amazing reflection of divinity and immense love and truth shining back at me.

  13. With so much to choose from on the internet, I choose to come to these sites just to see love, truth, joy, harmony and stillness. I wouldn’t have known what any of those words meant and how the meanings could be translated through a picture, a piece of music or words had I not taken a moment to contemplate a deeper experience than the one I had taken as my normal.

  14. So truly inspiring to come across this morning – absolutely gorgeous – thank you Rachel.

    1. Yes Elaine and it shows us how beautiful we are as a collective when we walk in truth together. No matter age, background, culture, path on life.. I love that simplicity.

  15. A beautiful blog Rachel, a true reflection of what each and everyone has to offer each other when they are connected to true love.

  16. Our lifestyles are crucial for the overall well- (ill-) being we say yes to. We have a crucial choice: either to make part of our lifestyle to become something we are not following an image of what we can be, or to be all what we already are.

  17. Gorgeous Rachel – I love reading this as it is confirming in my choices of how I now choose to live compared to how it was before I met Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine and discovering the 5 Elements of God.

  18. I couldn’t get past the first photo = of Serge and Miranda. Wow, so much love – inward, outward, for each other and for all.

  19. Totally gorgeous and honouring Rachel. A wealth of beauty, joy, stillness, love, harmony and truth.

  20. The five elements of God , A true and beautiful reflection and sharing with the love and quality shown and lived in the photos of everyone and the sparkling of God in their eyes that says everything.

  21. There is one part which is in recognising that there are the 5 elements of God, and then there is accepting that these elements can be lived. That there can be gloriousness on earth without being in the illusions of life on earth. This, I find to be one life’s great challenges – to live in truth, love, joy, harmony and stillness amongst the illusion that pervades all around us all of the time.

  22. In society, we are missing true inspiration, and we tend to look to the movies, film stars, athletes and the like. Everything outside of us, but true inspiration calls us to feel the same qualities within us and see that we are the same.

    1. A life of Glamour has certain hooks – the big houses, nice cars, exotic holidays…there is nothing wrong with any of these things but when done seeking a glamorous lifestyle they are often empty. When they are a product of the riches we live internally then they have a fullness which equally applies to any home or car.

    2. I agree Julie, without inspiration we are missing purpose. We are basing life more and more on the outer world, and not on the values and qualities we have within that can form our foundation for cohesive and harmonious communities. Without these life is empty, because it’s void of who we truly are.

  23. I couldn’t have agreed with you more Rachel, magazine, TV and any forms of world media are truly not inspirational.

    I am totally with you with the 5 elements of God, these stories, testimonials, truly inspiring role models that I do not give my power away to, are inspiring. There is no judgment, no impositions, it is a true reflection of how I can be too. Now that is how I want to live my life.

    1. I love that – ” we simply have to live just one of them in full and our evolution is guaranteed as they all lead us to God”. And when we live one of them, the others are all a part of it. Living truth means we’re also in joy, harmony, love and stillness because truth is all of that.

  24. These elements of God is all we truly need. And to remind us of that, these websites are absolutely amazing invitations to reconnect us to the qualities of these elements.

  25. Thank you Rachel, as you say – I am absolutely in full agreement !
    Quoting : ” It is a picture that invites me to feel the world in its five dimensions and the fact that we are so much more than just human beings. It invites everybody to feel beyond human love and connect to the only true love – the Divine Universal love that is who we truly are.”
    The world is rich with connection to who we are – without it is simply meaning nothing. Hence it is a deep blessing to be part of connection again by my own free will and to be walking with those who choose to do so too.

    1. This is divinely expressed; that the world is rich with connection to who we are: a depth of love that we each hold within us. While there’s so much chaos and destruction in the world, at the same time it feels as though there has never been so much love that is so obviously, palpably felt, experienced, accessible and available- to us all, and equally so.

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