True Reflection, The Way of The Livingness & The 5 Elements of God

Have you ever looked at a magazine, pictures on the Internet or on TV, and felt truly inspired?

By ‘feeling truly inspired’ I mean, did you feel the beauty and grandness you were seeing, reflecting to you what is actually within yourself? Or did you cringe and feel yourself shrinking by the massive amount of comparison and inaccessible ideals these images can bring up?

When I looked at magazines I only received the message that there was something out there I still did not have (and I may never have), but that I needed to achieve to be able to feel myself as equal to this.

I never ever felt inspired by any of the pictures I used to see; instead I always felt how I was reduced to being less.

Today, skimming through lifestyle magazines I see empty eyes and hardened bodies, squeezed into ridiculous outfits in far too massive houses with furniture that makes me feel oppressed, selling me something that feels completely empty, loveless and simply grey.

I cannot hook into the emptiness of glamour anymore and I no longer believe that there is something I need to have or achieve. Instead I now feel the space in between, the bigger picture of life and our true Divine origins.

I started to see the world for what it truly is and that we are living a massive lie, but at the same time I know that there is another Way – a very beautiful Way that brings us all back to our Divine origins.

This Way, The Way of The Livingness, I learned through Serge Benhayon and his amazing extended family, who live equally with everybody who accepts the amazing reflection they are offering.

Today Universal Medicine and the absolutely amazing student body are offering the world a reflection of our truth and I am absolutely grateful for the fact that wherever I am, I can go to some of the absolutely inspiring websites and get a true reflection of who I am.


When I go to the website and look at this particular picture of Miranda Benhayon and Serge Benhayon, it is the deepest inspiration for me to feel the love I have inside.

Serge Benhayon & Miranda Benhayon
Serge Benhayon & Miranda Benhayon

When I look at this picture I never ever feel that they have something I have not. I feel confirmed in the amazing joy and love I have for myself and in my relationships with others. I easily reconnect to the beauty and love I share with my husband. I do not see them; I see myself and everybody in this picture and the amazing love we are.

It is not a picture that reduces me to the three dimensional aspects of life, inviting me to go into comparison of what someone has that I do not.

It is a picture that invites me to feel the world in its five dimensions and the fact that we are so much more than just human beings. It invites everybody to feel beyond human love and connect to the only true love – the Divine Universal love that is who we truly are.

What Miranda and Serge Benhayon reflect never stays still; it offers a constant evolution and we are all invited to walk that path, equally so.


On the I see myself reflected in the gorgeous Alison Greig and Desiree Delaloye and their dedication to truth.

Alison Grieg | Universal Medicine FACTS
Alison Grieg

Desiree Delaloyee | Universal Medicine FACTS
Desiree Delaloyee


On the I see myself reflected in the joy of Tony Parkes and the student body and the deep connection of Julia Manglano Bosch and Dana McDonald.

Tony Parkes
Tony Parkes

Julia Manglano Bosch & Dana McDonald
Julia Manglano Bosch & Dana McDonald


When I go to the student blogs,,,,, and, I can feel the evolving harmony of people living in brotherhood and expressing towards one purpose – truth.


When I go to and look at Michael Benhayon, I can feel the Divine stillness of God residing inside me and when I listen to the tunes I feel the true movement of this stillness in my body.

And when I go to Natalie Benhayon reflects to me the sacredness, delicacy, fragility, stillness, joy, love and harmony I am when I embrace my nurturing nature of being a true woman.

Michael Benhayon
Michael Benhayon

Natalie Benhayon
Natalie Benhayon

And when I go to I have the whole world and its true wisdom right in front of me and any picture and all the writing reminds me constantly of who I truly am; and by looking at Sandra Schneider and Monica Gillooly I am reminded that true sexy is the new black!

Sandra Schneider & Monica Gillooly
Sandra Schneider & Monica Gillooly

And this is only a tiny aspect of all the amazing websites out there that offer the world true reflection!

Rachel Andras
Rachel Andras

I am in deep appreciation for these amazing reflections that we bring into the world, paving a true path for humanity to walk in evolution.

Deeply inspired by Serge Benhayon and the 5 Elements of God!

By Rachel Andras

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835 thoughts on “True Reflection, The Way of The Livingness & The 5 Elements of God

  1. Love this Rachel, and this is how we should all present ourselves, our businesses, families and lives, whether its on a website, book or greeting card it should be a total reflection of the joy and love we live!

  2. I agree these photos are deeply inspiring, they make you want to grab life with both hands and never settle for anything less than what you can feel is possible.

  3. Hear hear to all you have presented Rachel. Any image that does not reflect to us the truth of who we are, only incarcerates us further into a deeply embedded illusion that will not let us receive the full package of our majesty by way of deliberately controlling the images our eyes see. Hence why it is so important to retrain ourselves to see with the eyes of the heart and truly feel the truth within any image that presents itself to us – is it inspiring us to be all that we are or is it trying to influence us to be something/everything we are not?

    1. It is interesting what you mention Lianne. I know from the past that I for instance could be caught by an image from an advertisement and how luring they were, but now, with this true reflection of the 5 elements of God, I feel inspired and not tempted or lured in any way as these reflections do fire up so to speak that what is in me too and frees me from the imprisonment I was in that was maintained by the false images that are constantly presented to us on every corner of the street, so to speak.

    2. Well said Liane Mandalis. We are called to “retrain ourselves to see with the eyes of the heart and truly feel the truth within any image that presents itself to us…”
      As Rachel has shared about how she view images in magazines, etc., in the past, we engage in so much here without conscious awareness – ‘drinking it in’ if you will, and allowing ourselves to be poisoned by industries and influences that would have us ever-hooked into the need to be more.
      When we are all, already, complete and amazing.

    3. Thank you Liane, reading your comment gave me an even deeper appreciation of what my and others true, soulful reflections mean in a world saturated by images that offer no truth and in fact confirm our reduction away from divinity.

  4. When we don’t have an awareness of the five elements of God nor an appreciation of how these qualities can not only form the foundation of our day but nourish our development as human beings both individually and collectively, we leave ourselves open to and at the mercy of the pictures that come from all angles in the world we have created that only serve to undermine us.

  5. Beautiful to feel how the 5 elements of God are reflected in these amazing photos which ask nothing of us but confirm that we are all of this as well and offer us the opportunity for connection if we choose to take it.

  6. We now have more ways of communicating than ever and so much of what is out there leaves us feeling less than in comparison to some unattainable ideal. Thank you Rachel for celebrating and confirming the myriad ways that Universal Medicine and the student body are offering inspiration and reflection to all.

  7. When you consider the footprint it is actually pretty awesome isn’t it. There are reflections of love everywhere. The world can make us fear, doubt, live less and these reflections say no – don’t buy into that – be you – you are here to reflect that love to the world and here is how you be and live that.

  8. Beautiful examples of the 5 elements of God, very palpable in these photos. Thank you Rachel and for the links to the websites also.

  9. “I do not see them; I see myself and everybody in this picture and the amazing love we are.” True inspiration where everybody counts and is blessed by our living way, where life is about the all of us and not about the individual.

  10. It is such a blessing that these reflections of truth are spreading the world and by that do become more accessible for all who accept these to be inspired by and from there become more and more, in a ripple effect.

  11. It is only when you break free from the drive to achieve what you see in magazines that you can see the emptiness and hardness in the bodies of the models. Once you can see this you know this is not something to aspire to. Before that time, you only see the parts that reflect to you that your parts are not measuring up! Images like these create tunnel vision where you lose your sense and valuing of your whole self.

    1. Yes Fiona, we need to break free of these magazines. They are imposing, empty of true content. They appeal to the person aspiring to be something they’re not, and will always be left wanting. To be confirmed of our true worth is a rare thing and Universal Medicine offers this. In all its on-line platforms, books, workshops and presentations it powerfully re-affirm the 5 elements of god: love, truth, joy, harmony, stillness. With these we are inspired to stay true to ourselves.

  12. What a joy to see and feel all these images and feel the appreciation and confirmation from you Rachel. Everything you have shared is another yes to re-awakening and living the 5 elements of the divinity within us and a big no for settling for anything less.

  13. I feel your deep appreciation of truth and reflections of truth in the world and how awesome is it to have so many out there sharing and showing that truth, thank you Rachel, for reminding me of what true reflection is.

  14. The 5 elements of divinity re-confirmed as we move in the world, visit Universal Medicine websites and connect to the wisdom and the love they bring to the world. A blessing indeed.

  15. “It is a picture that invites me to feel the world in its five dimensions and the fact that we are so much more than just human beings. It invites everybody to feel beyond human love and connect to the only true love – the Divine Universal love that is who we truly are.” What amazing reflections and a beautiful appreciation of what we are all being offered by these joyful sharings and the divinity of it all.

  16. When I see the images now available online, of Serge and Miranda Benhayon and now so many more, I am equally blessed Rachel. This is no small thing of which you speak – to actually be offered any form of presentation (visual or otherwise) that does not impose upon us what we ‘should be’, but rather, confirms what is already within, and indeed, shares the true qualities of another. The true power of ‘the image’ is being brought to the fore here – paradigm shifting stuff…

  17. Thank you Rachel for reminding me of the power of reflection, that there are so many soulful people ready to reflect who we each are. And, that we too can choose this and reflect to there the stillness, power, love and grace we are from.

  18. What a beautiful blog to read to bring us back to love, truth, joy, harmony and stillness. How you have reflected the 5 elements of God is stunning and inspirational; it is very much appreciated Rachel.

  19. Gosh I love this blog and all the people in it- they are deeply inspiring in all the ways you have shared and very beautiful.

  20. Such a beautiful blog – thankyou for sharing Raquel. The everyday reflections I see within the student body these days are a testament to the huge inspiration we have all received from Serge Benhayon and his family. It only takes one person to talk their walk and others follow. The Benhayons, world-changers in their movements and reflection of the five elements of God,

  21. We can sometimes take in for granted how different a photo taken of a person in joy is, compared to a model that is being instructed to get something out of its reader. That instruction may be to seduce, to be cold, to look drugged, to look elusive but all of these “looks” or instructed “looks” are for the purpose of sales, they are not at all interested in the well-being of people or promoting inner-joy in society. The goal is in fact to make sure the reader feels that inside that magazine is something they don’t have and that they need to have, so we could safely say that most of these pictures are designed to disempower us and makes us a good consumer. The photos in your blog are proof that a photo can be a powerful tool to capture light and inspire the hearts of men.

    1. Well said Sarah, most pictures in our societies are there to disempower us and too to keep us trapped in the illusion that life is only about this. Have you ever questioned yourself why these images need to be replaced so often? It is needed to keep us trapped in the illusion these images are giving us and therefore have to be constantly refreshed as they have a short selling by date so to say otherwise they will loose their hold. The short selling by date compared to the images presented above, which are timeless and sustainable shows us there are two different energies we have to become aware of. When we will watch the above images in a hundred years time they will still give the same message in which we will be confirmed and inspired in who we in essence are, while the other images will only give us a mere impression of the ‘days in the past’.

  22. What a gorgeous blog to read Rachel, we are so deeply blessed to have these amazing reflections presented to us showing us who we truly are, the divine sons of God, we are the divine sparks of God reflecting and receiving from each other, the love and light we each one carry.

  23. The five elements of God expressed in this world are a blessing for all of humanity as these elements are the aspects of love we crave so much and need like a plant needs water to grow and to flower.

  24. “I cannot hook into the emptiness of glamour anymore and I no longer believe that there is something I need to have or achieve. Instead I now feel the space in between, the bigger picture of life and our true Divine origins” – this is so powerful. To be able to say this in today’s world that is constantly feeding us the message that we are not enough, is so inspiring – that you no longer play a victim of your own need, and your deep appreciation of Truth in itself is a confirmation of that.

  25. Magazines are in the business of promoting/selling to you what you do not have. So, magazines are in the business of selling you that there are things you do not have and ‘need’ to make better your daily experience with life. Yet, the truth is that there is quite a lot that we do have and that what is true about us is hardly news.

  26. Yes, the 5 elements are being openly lived as can be seen by these photos and writings and can be accessed at the touch of a button for those who know there is a true way but who have never been exposed to what’s possible thank you, Rachel.

    1. indeed John, it is a great blessing for humanity that the true version of love has regained its livingness in this world and with that is now accessible to the many.

  27. It is so true Rachel that the reflection available in today’s society generally does not represent who we are in essence, but rather is a consciousness that imposes the belief that we are not enough. Yet within us all is the unifying quality of love that is what truly confirms who we are, and living in connection to this quality is what offers true reflection and inspiration of how we can live our truth, love, joy, stillness and harmony – who we Divinely are in essence.

  28. Seeing these photos and reading your beautiful words Rachel there is no doubt that the reflections of love expressed here show the grandness of love and the divinity we are all truly from.

  29. The blessing we get every time in seeing these photo’s and by reading what is written on these websites is undeniable – the ripple effect we experience from the presentations of one man, Serge Benhayon who started this all in this current lifetime.

  30. Your blog is super inspiring and a fantastic reflection of all the amazing people that are walking along side Serge Benhayon and the Ageless Wisdom teachings. The key five principles Love, Harmony, Stillness, Joy and Truth is absolutely all knowing and Godly. The pictures of everyone on this page sums up and is evidence that these are all possible to live by. Thankyou for the reminder.

  31. It’s easy sometimes to only see the bad bits or the messed up bits of the world, but you are spot on that there is an enormous amount of amazing truth out there too.

  32. It is beautiful to be reminded of the truth within and once again feel that it is not in any way in our true nature to judge, compare or be better than another. And despite what most believe and are familiar with, there is a true way that makes life all about love once again.

  33. Thank you Rachel, truly one of my favourite blogs, whose heart could not well up feeling the appreciation of these many true reflections, and of all we have been given through the Ageless Wisdom as presented by Serge Benhayon. All of the photos bring such a joy to me, it’s such a natural and innate part of being a human to enjoy seeing others blossoming!

  34. How wondrous it would be to see these 5 elements in any and every where in our world. It would be there I am sure as everything in the world is a reflection of how we are within us when we bring it unreservedly in our every day lives.

  35. We have reflections everywhere in human life and it is a great question to ask if these reflections we are receiving are actually inspiring us to be more, or are they crushing us and keeping us small?

  36. Reflections are powerful and can expres so much more than words because we can be easily fooled by niceness and nice sounding words. Reflections may be silent but they speak truth and have no investment in anyone getting it!

  37. I love what you have shared here Rachel. There are so many gorgeous, inspiring websites now. But what I noticed the most is what you see in the photos. There is no projection imposition from the people in the photos trying to be or sell something. There is a simply a deep warmth that invites you to join them.

  38. Rachel, thank you so much for sharing and reminding me what I am very much a part of; The Way of The livingness. And I would not have it any other way, as I have discovered for myself there is no other way. The world is in total chaos out of control and I feel like a small island in the middle of it all. I was with some friends recently and they were discussing how drunk they had got, and up until 11 years ago I would have been joining in with them in what I would have then thought was hilarious tales of being intoxicated with alcohol. As I sat there listening to everyone’s stories I came to the understanding that I wasn’t missing out on the conversation, the one-up-man-ship, comparison. That I was quite content with just being me, and feeling very grateful that I was making more self-loving choices about my health and the way I want to live my life.

  39. Reading this I feel such a strong sense of the absolute equalness there is in truth between every single human being. It is a joy to feel and seriously exposes the ‘way of individuality’ we have chosen over our innate knowing of brotherhood. Thank you Rachel, very inspiring.

  40. Rachel today reading your words again I experienced a new understanding of appreciation and of reflection, thank you.

  41. Love, Truth, Joy, Harmony and Stillness. What a beautiful set of words to live by. The answers are right here for the meaning of life and a way of life.

  42. The magic of the reflection of Love, Truth, Joy, Harmony and Stillness is that they are equal and we cannot feel one without feeling them all.

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