It seems we reserve this word for gross acts of violence, shootings, bombings, cyber attacks etc. by what we consider to be extremist groups. Clearly very obvious evil at play.

However, is there at play much more extreme and wide spread forms of terrorism every day, right before our eyes, that we have chosen to be blind participants of? Subtle they seem, but not so subtle once exposed and seen.

Institutionalised Religion comes to mind as one form of extreme and an almost universal form of terrorism, subtle as that ‘terrorism’ may be.

Religion in its current bastardised understanding in essence exists to separate humanity; designed to control and “support” only its membership. This subtle yet successful global divide is one point in question.Yes we are to support but the moment it is for one’s own kind, it is separation.

Should it not be a full support for all equally without having words or teachings that clearly divide? Of course true religion is about the re-alignment to the All that is love; and love has no borders or divide.

This was the original basis of teaching of all the major religions until they were bastardised for the gain of a select few, and the masses without discern and grasping at hope and with what they felt may supply them with the truth and brotherhood they know exists, gave their power away to.

Not all that institutionalised religions say represents the truth, true brotherhood, true love and the true joy that we all are in our essence. In fact, it can be said with a catalogue of historical evidence that they are devised to separate humanity, except in my experience “The Way of The Livingness” via our inner heart.

By Kevin Doyle

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762 thoughts on “Terrorism

  1. ’Is there at play much more extreme and wide spread forms of terrorism every day, right before our eyes, that we have chosen to be blind participants of?’ – yes there is, and those subtleties condition people from a very young age and I could feel this in the Hindu religion I was growing up in. One of the pressures and guilts I often felt, was not performing the morning divas (lighting a small cotton wool ball shaped into a wick soaked in ghee – purified butter) and burning incense. If I followed this, then I was seen to be a ‘good’ religious person, otherwise I could feel the frowning and disapproval by my parents.

    The Way Of The Livingness is my religion now, no expectations, no outcomes, no agendas but to truly bring us back to who we are – from the Oneness.

  2. One day we will all wake up to the fact that there is more terrorism in the seemingly benign acts of charity than there are in the cruellest war. This may appear to be a radical statement but not so when we consider that there is a greater evil (the absence of true love) in ‘the good’ then there can ever be in ‘the bad’ and this is simply because such charitable acts, while seemingly well intentioned, do nothing to heal the divide we all feel when living in separation to our Soul, but rather take us further away from this connection in the guise that we are making the world ‘better’ when really all we are doing is drifting further away from true union. At least with war the violence is visible. If we are immersed in ‘doing good’ (as many religions are) then we are twice blinded because we are not able to see what is going on beneath the surface due to the chosen illusion that all is well.

  3. The one and only evil is when someone is not connected to their heart and leaves the door open for lovelessness energy to enter, as we are love by nature, not being that love and being connected to our love inside, is an assault to our body, hence an opening where other energy (lovelessness) comes through.

  4. We can so easily separate ourselves from another and that in itself is an act of terrorism. Imagine trying to police that?

  5. Great point, what leads to terrorism is separation and how many little things in the world promote separation? I think the answer is many, many! From religion to fashion magazines – could we all be contributing to what we hate in the world much more than we realise?

  6. Thank you for drawing the connection between terrorism and organised religion. Despite religion meaning our relationship and reconnection with God, organised religions currently foster separation. This is between religions, between men and women, gay and heterosexual, even between sects within the one religion. Some religions have specialised in striking fear into their parishioners, with threats that they will go to hell. All this certainly is terrorism and a far cry from the original intention of true religion.

  7. Yes if terrorism is violence with a political view behind it, the separation that is caused by current religions is definitely terrorism. If we look at the history of many religions there has been (and still are) a lot of wars and desolation because of them.A true religion has at its core ‘the re-alignment to the All that is love; and love has no borders or divide.’.

  8. Anything that creates an us and them and fostering fear or even doubt in another could be classes as an act of terrorism. Makes me wonder if I still hold myself in any group/s away from others.

  9. Yes it’s true. Organised religion is both an obvious and subtle form of terrorism like you say Kevin. Once we look beyond the front cover of the book we realise it’s just a ploy to keep group A from talking to group B etc etc. It’s just not what humanity is truly about.

  10. Under the banner of religion, many hate crimes have been and are still being committed daily. How is it that people can be murdered due to their belief in another religion and the world stands by and lets it continue. The ethnic cleansing which is occurring against Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar is a prime example of this.

  11. True religion unites and when this union is compromised in any way shape or form we can not name it religion but as what Kevin shared, we have to call it by its real name and that is terrorism.

  12. The word terrorism brings up great fear and hatred for many across the globe, but do we not experience seemingly sinister abuse situations in our everyday? It is our choice to take a moment to look at the part we may play within this and see how the way we move, express and live can bring great truth to the all and shift the paradigm for what responsibility truly means. We can all diminish separatism and abuse to initiate a more honest and open path to living a life that not only holds us all but supports us to be within our days and that then expresses a truly religious life from our loving movements made.

  13. A very succinct and concise history and explanation of how institutionalised religion came to be – borne out of the original premise of religion being about the ‘re-alignment to the ALL’ and then having been bastardised for self-gain. This is a reflection of much – of taking something so precious and twisting it to be the entire opposite of what it is.

  14. ‘Yes we are to support but the moment it is for one’s own kind, it is separation.’ This is seen across the globe not only in religion of course but in culture, nationality and education. There is much to look at. It is worth taking a step back to re-evaluate and to turn the finger back on ourselves and begin to eradicate any beliefs or indeed any ideals that we may still have that get in the way of us feeling that we are all equal and that we would wholeheartedly support any member of the human race from the stillness of our inner heart, without sympathy nor investment of any kind but with alignment to truth, harmony and love, joyfully so.

  15. Institutionalised Religion has had a free reign of terror for many centuries now. Surely it is time to address what we have allowed.

  16. ” it can be said with a catalogue of historical evidence that they (man-made religion ) are devised to separate humanity, except in my experience “The Way of The Livingness” via our inner heart.” I agree.
    It seems to me that the “Terrorism” that some man-made religions inflict on people, especially children, is shocking and can have some very sad and long-term consequences.

  17. A great exposure Kevin, that for me highlights just how much we have allowed and accepted the subtle degrees of terrorism to be normalised in our society and as such in our lives. We are indeed responsible for what we have allowed to develop, and it certainly does come back to the marker of reading, feeling and discerning if what is being presented represents the truth and the love that represents us all. For if we hold true and live the principles that are led from our inner-heart we negate the need for terrorism of any degree, as the way of the inner-heart represents that way of brotherhood, the way of truth and love, the way of us all.

  18. Thank you Kevin, you highlight a great point here ‘Institutionalised Religion comes to mind as one form of extreme and an almost universal form of terrorism’. It’s crazy the way so many have turned a blind eye to the subtle and not so subtle corruption that many Religions seem to consider quite ‘normal’.

  19. Beautiful Kevin – as the world needs honesty to undo the evil brought and created by us. For instituitionlized religion is the absolute act of separation of mankind. Not only in human flesh but of our energetic true source (the essence of where we all come from).

  20. I agree Kevin and also feel to add that our movements form a pattern and or rhythm for our lives and how we live it, showing us that terrorism is not just felt and seen from distant parts of the world but it can also be a quality in which we ourselves feel and move in.

  21. Yes Kevin I agree , I know for myself that as a child I felt terrorised by the Roman Catholic religion when at the innocent age of 5 years I was told I was a sinner and I committed crimes against God. I also felt terrorised by the fact that my parents agreed with this terrorised organisation the Roman Catholic Church.

  22. Religion is a movement back to the love that we are. It is that which binds us together as we return to Soul. Any thought, word or act that does not hold true to this cannot in essence be religious but merely that which exists to knock us off this path.

  23. Institutionalised religion’s grip on so many is based on terror. The terror of dying and having to pay for in the afterlife. So, the use of terror is at their heart and so many fall for it and end up doing what they could not have done otherwise.

  24. I agree – terrorism is not just about bombing or shooting, it is about annihilating others in the name of its own righteousness, and I can feel how I employ a dose of this same energy when I judge someone.

  25. Institutionalised religions were founded on the reinterpretation of what the true messengers and teachers spoke and lived, for all to see and be inspired by. And thus, a true religion would also have to be open to what is next while not pandering to but being responsive to or ahead of present times.

  26. Yesterday I was listening to a radio program about the great partition 70 years ago when India split to become India and Pakistan. Hundreds of thousands were killed; it’s horrifying that war and such brutality can come in the name of ‘religion’ when in the eyes of God we are all equal.

  27. “…… true religion is about the re-alignment to the All that is love; and love has no borders or divide.
    This was the original basis of teaching of all the major religions until they were bastardised for the gain of a select few,” So true Kevin. Until we wake up and are able to discern energetically what is going on in many areas of society we will be able to be hood-winked by those who have power – the major religions being no exception – as the men who promoted them picked and chose tenets that fitted their ideology.

  28. A great blog, thank you Kevin for sharing, I was brought up a Catholic but in my twenties it came to my attention the stories about the dark ages and the roll the church played in the dreadful atrocities that were carried out all because another believed differently. I was absolutely horrified and deeply saddened that the church I loved could do such terrible things, from that day forward I never entered that religion ever again.

  29. Yes, I agree Kevin, the word terrorism is the word that we all fear but as you point out are so many forms of this that have been subtly weaved their way into society; in some ways they are worse, as they are not recognised for their true separative nature and in some cases are commonly mistaken for “good”.

  30. A powerful blog Kevin, you are spot on, terrorism is a word like ‘abuse’ that we have diminished in meaning to refer only to the most extreme expressions today. And we will never eradicate these extreme expressions we rally so furiously against until we address every last bit of its expression in less overt forms.

  31. Anything in life that divides or separates us as people moves us away from our true nature, whether that be competitive sport, religion, cultural identification, looking out for just immediate family, not living love etc.

  32. Every part of us that would not hold all as equal, contributes to this great divide amongst us, doesn’t it… And also contributes to acts of violence from the ‘seemingly small’ to the more large scale…
    We indeed have a long way to go, in order to no longer seed forth division, hatred, abuse and violence amongst our one humanity, and the restoration of the true meaning and lived way of religion is essential in the process.

  33. Strong article – with many true points, one’s that can expose the evil in our lives. One of them is comfort: keeping quiet, not raise above what is ‘accepted’, not express yourself when you feel to, not let people in your heart, checking out with music, thoughts or food, disengaging from people, putting up a guard to protect yourself etc. etc. There are so so many. Those comforts keep us in a certain level that does not push the buttons or ask us to truly commit to life, hence, we can pretend we are doing a little and that it is enough – whilst actually it is needed for us to do it in full and not hold back on were we can go with this.. The power is beyond our imagine or vision beyond our speech or hearing. Awesome. Lets get to know the truth and expose those comforts right now.

  34. Yes, institutionalised religion makes a mockery of brotherhood and unity. Whenever you present your truth as ‘the truth’ there is separation. In truth, there can only be one truth – how can there be different ‘versions’ of the truth? Truth is absolute: there is either truth, or not truth. Mankind’s goal is to get to one unified truth.

  35. An insightful blog Kevin. We also have the other great terrorist, the one that constantly wants a war with ourselves, bringing disharmony, dwell doubt, fear, separation, loveless-ness and any other thing that is not love.

  36. Institutionalised religion down the ages has always promoted the interests of a few and incited many into wars etc causing untold harm and suffering and continually deepening the widespread sense of separation that now pervades so much of humanity. It is time for them to be held to account for the many acts of terrorism perpetuated in their name down the ages and still continuing today.

  37. I wholeheartedly agree that many institutionalised religions have shown themselves to be ‘terrorist’ organisations. So many people have been killed throughout history in the name of religion but when we look back their murders have had nothing to do with religion and everything to do with self gain, greed and downright jealously.

  38. It may seem extreme at first, but when we see the precious delicacy we are naturally designed to be, we will understand what you say, Kevin Doyle, that anything less than this care and warmth and body awareness is vandalism and an attack on you and me. And when we go against ourselves we go against everybody. So I agree the war on terrorism starts with us, with us all – I don’t want to live anymore with fear and nerves and stress. No more terror.

  39. What you share here turns the coin and shows us the other side that we don’t like to see that much of our lives and society is corrupted, and that Terrorism is much more prevalent than we would like to see it to be. It is coming in many ways and flavours, in religions, companies and organisations, that are here dividing us.

  40. A true and powerful exposé, Kevin. The horrible insidiousness of traditional religion is its ‘goodness’, professing love and all that is good when in fact its actions, through the separation you expose, is the complete opposite.

  41. All of our various traditional religions have differing and even contrasting views indoctrinated into their belief systems, beliefs that govern their follower’s perceptions of themselves, others and world around them. It is these actual beliefs that make people think their religion is superior of which only serves to keep the wider community and humanity separate as fed from the better than less then mentality. But, people are people and are all equal regardless of what religion they believe in for as you have shared so beautifully Kevin, “true religion is about the re-alignment to the All that is love; and love has no borders or divide.”

  42. “true religion is about the re-alignment to the All that is love; and love has no borders or divide.” If we apply this fact to institutionalised religions it exposes the lies and total corruption these are built on and only serve to divide and create mayhem among humanity with the illusion of enlightenment without love or respect of each other’s differences.

  43. Institutionalised Religion comes to mind as one form of extreme and an almost universal form of terrorism, subtle as that ‘terrorism’ may be.’ This is a powerful expose` of what is going on within the perceived ‘good’ of religion.
    Q. What keeps us away from our soul?
    A. Institutionalised Religion – under the guise of taking you there – Institutionalised Religion = Lies

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