From Christian Belief and a Good Christian to Finding True Religion

When I was a child I was raised with a Christian belief, an evangelical and baptised catholic. My father wasn’t an active catholic but I could feel the destructive behaviours he used. As a consequence of his catholic upbringing he acted often out of guilt and shame. And so his decisions for himself and our family members did not stem from love.

My mother was raised evangelical, and my grandmother, a dedicated and ‘good’ Christian. Their Christian belief seemed to give them a comfort somehow, and a feeling that they were ok and life was ok.

In contrast to my father, my grandmother and mother were more consistent in their belief… they went regularly to church and seemed to be more balanced and harmonious within themselves. So my learning was that the evangelical system was good and the catholic was difficult. As a consequence, the different belief systems created separation in the family – not in an open battle, but very hidden, and constantly harming.

In my striving to also become a good Christian, I pushed myself to believe what my family and the church members believed. I wanted to be one of them, to belong to the church group and receive acceptance and recognition.

As part of my Christian belief and upbringing, I was taught that God was a being outside of me and I needed to ‘be good’ to win his love… and I needed ‘to do’ something in order to earn his love.

I was looking for security – to be accepted in heaven and on earth. The problem was that the secure feeling, “now I’m ok and accepted”, only appeared in short moments. My feeling of insecurity remained and even got worse.

On the other hand I had a deep connection to something true within me:
I had a different understanding of God… and one that did not always match the Christian belief I was raised in…

It never made sense for me that Jesus was not married. My feeling was that God loves everybody equally and that his love is not restricted to those who believe that Jesus is the only way.

I had and still have a deep connection to nature where I feel the reflection of God always – in contradiction of finding him only in a church.

Feeling so differently to what the Christian belief system was telling me gave me the impression I was strange. Thus my searching in the outside instead of trusting myself made life more complicated; I felt torn into two pieces. To not feel whole was a normal state for me.

Through choosing to constantly not trust me and my inner feelings, and instead to trust in something else which is not me, I ended up being ill.

My body was hard and numb and I felt very frustrated and exhausted.

At that time I came to know Universal Medicine.

The presentations of Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon have allowed me to re-connect to myself. I have begun to trust my inner feelings once more. I have started to connect back with myself. My body has now recovered and I am learning to feel deeper and deeper who I am in truth.

I am constantly becoming more and more aware of what is truly going on and thus make choices out of love. This way of living creates feelings of joy, richness and preciousness in my body.

By Kerstin Salzer, Germany

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345 thoughts on “From Christian Belief and a Good Christian to Finding True Religion

  1. I think it’s great to recognise when we are overriding what we truly feel in order to instead seek recognition or acceptance from others, to fit into a group by just enjoining whatever the predominating energy is rather than being there or being with others whilst also being true to who we really are or really sense.

  2. The truth is that we do already belong, to a divine magnificence and a oneness that is Gods love, as this is in essence of who we are. As Sons of God our relationship with Him is ever-present and accessible through being and surrendering to our connection to our Soul. As when we live guided by the impulse of our Soul we then live religiously with whatever we do, and this quality of Livingness is equally accessible and available to each and every one of us regardless of our culture, race, gender or age.

  3. We have a deep seated need to belong, which is only apparent because we have separated from the whole we are from – hence the pull to know something is wrong. We go searching for who ‘we’ are, all the while we are waiting for us to come back and look inside where we are waiting all along! It is a silly story when you consider how far and wide and how much money we have spent on our quest to find ourselves!

  4. Yes it is all the different ideals and beliefs that keep us from knowing the simplicity that we can connect with our divinity in ourselves and thorough nature easily if we just choose to.

  5. ‘I had and still have a deep connection to nature where I feel the reflection of God always – in contradiction of finding him only in a church.’ I know I never felt God in a church, as the famous saying goes ‘The Kingdom of God lives within you’, when you connect and live this truth you feel what true religion is.

  6. “Through choosing to constantly not trust me and my inner feelings, and instead to trust in something else which is not me, I ended up being ill” – this is a fact very much worth studying. We have an increasing number of people being unwell even though they may deny and/or accept how they are feeling is the normal. I can definitely resonate with this through a feeling of tightness, contraction, hardness that gives me an immediate feedback that I am not in my fullness.

  7. God loves us regardless of who we are or how we act. In the past people were told that God was judgmental, and many lived in constant fear. God loves unconditionally and the only person I know on earth who lives that also ( but maybe without perfection) is Serge Benhayon, the Director of Universal Medicine.

  8. Telling children they won’t go to heaven if they are naughty ( as I was ) – what a set up, resulting in ‘good and nice’ children who grow up to be anything but true – to themselves or to others. The hypocrisy I witnessed in various church communities was all about showing yourself to be of value in public, but what went on behind closed doors was somewhat different.

  9. Living according to these ideals and beliefs sounds very complicated and that to me exposes how it can not be true. Truth is simple, straight forward and easy for everyone to apply if they are willing to do so.

  10. Whenever we act from fear, guilt or shame our relationship with life is an emotional reaction which is not aligned to the truth of our innermost.

    1. Beautifully said Jenny – living in connection to our love within is living in truth and with God, and when we live this way, our way is one that is truly religious.

  11. We all deep down have a deep connection to something true within us, this truth, this divinity is what will eventually lead us all home.

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