Serge Benhayon – A True Role Model

James Nicholson
James Nicholson

We are bombarded by so called ‘role models’ in the media. These men and women have achieved some superiority or greatness in a particular avenue of life they have given focus to and excelled at. Yet often when we delve past the surface the entirety of their existence does not stack up, as other areas of their life suffer.

Growing up I yearned for a true role model, a person who was the real deal, who held the same integrity and quality in all aspects of their life and with no ‘put on’. Someone I could be inspired by. I knew the way people were living was not it but I did not know any other way.

I have known Serge Benhayon since 2003 and never once have I felt he was putting any of it on. Everything Serge presents he has lived. Serge has not held back with what has needed to be said, even if at times it has been tricky and I would say difficult.

When I have gone astray from honouring and truly caring for myself (and there have been many times), since knowing Serge he has been there; he has never once minced his words or dumbed them down for me. He has given them to me straight and it was always exactly what I needed to hear… without fail.

I have never once felt an ounce of judgment from Serge. This is remarkable in itself. For someone to tirelessly listen to all my ‘head talk’ yet be there fully with a loving tender presence, seemingly without any effort, is unheard of in everyday life – and remember I have known Serge for over 10 years. And I am only one of thousands.

At Universal Medicine courses or presentations Serge always has a queue of people wanting help or support with something. Serge, without fail, has time for everyone. He never rushes a moment with a person. He isn’t looking over your shoulder seeing how long the line is, but rather is focussed and gives his full undivided attention and presence to the person he is talking with. It is extremely hard to do; give it a try and you will know what I mean. When we are talking with another person are we actually truly there for them, or do we have a hidden agenda underneath, an agenda that wants something for us and if we don’t get this, we switch off and aren’t interested? I certainly have done this.

Serge Benhayon | Universal Medicine
Serge Benhayon

It is with the sheer amount of love Serge Benhayon holds for each and every one of us – that enables this unreserved dedication to humanity. This should be celebrated and something for us all to be inspired by. Serge Benhayon is no different to any of us: he has simply chosen a truer and fuller level of expression, one that serves humanity, not self.

I know there has been a lot defamation written in the media about Serge Benhayon, his family and Universal Medicine, but none of it has stuck and this in itself is testament to the integrity and truth Serge lives by. The media hungers for exposing stories but in this instance have missed out on the greatest story of them all – a man living lovingly and inspiring everyone he meets to be more of themselves and to be more naturally loving. This is nothing inherently special as we can all do it, and be the same, but it should be celebrated as very few among us are willing and choosing to do this.

By James Nicholson, Design Consultant, Frome, England

609 thoughts on “Serge Benhayon – A True Role Model

  1. Our role models of today generally are championed because of the success they have achieved one way or another. However, what we do not take into account enough is the quality of the success that we are championing. Generally, many have achieved certain feats or goals in one aspect of their lives that appear to be extraordinary but is the quality of life they live one of true fulfilment, of true settlement, of honouring themselves and others equally, of true decency and integrity through and through, and how they live is then a reflection of this? Serge Benhayon is a role model in many ways of how a true role model offers inspiration to all equally to be and live the full potential of who we are, so that we too can be role models for all those who yet have not realise the greatness they are is also waiting to be lived.

    1. Very well said Carola, true success is achieved in all areas of our lives and cannot be isolated to any one area otherwise we have the highs and lows which have no true settlement. When we can bring our all to every area of our lives we know that what we do completes, with nothing lacking and so the settlement comes. Serge Benhayon is a great role model for this as his focus remains the same regardless of what he is doing, everything matters and everything we do affects everything we do. So the way we are in one moment directly affects the way we are in the next.

  2. ‘Everything Serge presents he has lived.’ Very true James, Serge Benhayon is so inspiring because of the strength of his livingness, he doesn’t talk at you with knowledge, he walks his talk and when he presents you can feel how solid and unwavering is his commitment to truth and love.

    1. I completely agree Anna. It is interesting how so often most of us speak with knowledge about how we want or wish things to be rather than actually living what we know 1st and then speaking with the authority of the lived experience. As you say Serges ‘solid and unwavering is his commitment to truth and love’ is something that is evident to all and very inspiring.

  3. It feels like we’ve been championing and celebrating wrong kinds of role models all along. It’s not about being perfect, but what I can feel is how we’ve wanted to be met by someone who we can completely trust – someone who unconditionally loves like God does, but having that hanging almost as a condition for us to say yes whilst actually given up on that possibility which can actually serve as an alibi. Saying yes to what is truly true is part of taking responsibility.

    1. I agree Fumiyo and love how you say ‘Saying yes to what is truly true is part of taking responsibility.’ So often we can think of responsibility as a role or a doing but it is simply saying yes and then being obedient to the love, without needing any picture or it to look any way.

  4. Hear hear to all you share here James. Serge is the most consistently loving man I have even met. Observing him brings the awareness that the love he lives is possible for us all. What a wonderful thing for us all to know and what a wonderful world we could have if we all chose it equally.

  5. We are all role models in one way or another so the question is what role are you modelling? One that heals or one that harms? One that evolves, inspires and serves all or one that serves another purpose?

    1. Serge Benhayon is a true and loving role model. I have observed him closely since 2004 and been inspired and empowered to embrace a way of living such that I myself have now become a true and loving role model. It is incumbent on each of us to be aware of what we are reflecting and the power of that.

    2. That is a great question Nicola and one worth pondering on. Even when we think no one is watching us someone usually is and so in every moment we can either inspire another to return to living the love they are or to simply continue on with the struggle with no other seeming way possible.

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