What do Religion and God Truly Feel Like?

Growing up I have felt a lot of different things in the mainstream institutionalised religions of today – Christianity, Catholicism, Buddhism, Islam, Judaism etc. – like the energies and emotions in their buildings, the temperature, the colors, the people, the furniture, which all made me feel quite small and insignificant at that time. When I saw the other people in these religious places, they were seemingly not noticing these things, even though they were so obvious to me. This made me feel like what I felt was not true and confirmed the feelings of being small and alone.

I had the most physical experience with Catholic churches, attending funerals or visiting them whilst being on holiday, and these are some of those things I remember clearly:

They always felt cold
• They always felt very big and imposing
The colors were often dark and grey
• The seats would be very hard and uncomfortable
The place felt sad and heavy
• I did not like the music – the big church organs especially were very imposing and would make me feel sad
The priest would say very complicated words.

I know now I came to associate the word religion with these experiences of coldness, hardness, piety, contraction, hard work and most of all, feeling unworthy and guilty.

It wasn’t until I listened to a presentation by Serge Benhayon about the religion called The Way of The Livingness that I felt that there was another and true meaning for the word religion. What I formerly took on as religion was not true religion at all.

What I felt when attending these presentations by Serge Benhayon was totally different from my experiences with the Catholic churches.

I observed and felt:

• A warmth in the room physically, but also energetically
• Openness
• Joyfulness
• Simplicity
• Love and care
• Equality between the presenters and the audience
• Integrity lived in every moment of the day
• Seeing the importance of everything
• A feeling of not being judged and of being equal with everyone in the room – basically a feeling of coming home to myself and my whole family.

I am slowly coming to the understanding that God is in everything, yes in us too, and not above us judging, as I felt from my experiences as a child. I especially see and feel God in nature and the beautiful messages I receive. Now these messages are not letters as such but things like a beautiful leaf just landing before my feet, finding a tiny feather on my shirt, the sun making beautiful patterns and rays of light in the sky, a certain animal crossing my path just when I needed to see it and so on. I can also see God in my eyes when I look in the mirror and other people’s eyes when I meet them because, if I am honest, such beauty can only be divine.

True religion is about reconnecting with our essence, which is pure and divine. Then all the activities which re-connect us to this essence are religious. So this means that many things in our life can be religious and that these activities are not restricted to being in a church or praying.

For me, going for a walk can be religious when I am connecting more with myself, my essence and the beauty around me. Exercise for instance, is a way to connect to my body, to feel my body and how I feel at this time. Am I tired? Do I feel vitality? Do I feel how gorgeous I am? These honest questions support my connection with myself so for me, this is religion. Also a simple loving ritual and a rhythm I have developed that supports a lasting connection with myself, such as lighting a candle in the evening and some incense before going to bed so I can wind down for a goodnight’s sleep, is being religious. And I could go on…

This is what God feels like to me and it makes it clear to me that the mainstream institutionalised religions as mentioned above are not true religion as they did not support me to live in a truthful way with integrity – simply walking my talk, even when nobody is watching – nor did these mainstream religions support me to connect to myself and what I know is truth, love and joy. The only true religion I have found that offers this is The Way of The Livingness.

To me this shows that we should always discern if a word like religion or God is used and lived in its true meaning, or if it has been reinterpreted over time.

So, how does God feel to you?

By Lieke Campbell, Belgium

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455 thoughts on “What do Religion and God Truly Feel Like?

  1. What does God feel like? A powerful warm and holding love that never stops being there and loving us.

  2. Within each of us is a pristine, precious essence, so pure, so exquisite, so glorious – the home we all yearn for. We can devote ourselves religiously to rekindling this essence, having it bathe us from the inside out – or we can devote ourselves religiously to hammering ourselves further and further away. What quality of religion we choose is up to us.

  3. God is simple. Why did it become as cold and as complicated as a government bureaucracy? Just so that we could stay individualised and in the Big Chill of the human spirit.

  4. The religion I grew up with and The Way of The Livingness religion that I now belong to are like chalk and cheese. One preached about love and was loveless in its livingness and the other lives love and reflects back to all how it can be lived by all.

  5. One of the greatest joys I’m discovering is connecting to the true meaning of the word religion through “The Way of the Livingness”. It opens up the true love we are and part of, brings into understanding our connection and equality with God and expands everyday livingness to include humanity and the universe as one.

  6. Our Livingness is the way for us to stay focused on The Way so that what we live is to be in every moment, and is a movement towards God. For being with our divine connection is the way to be in our own Livingness, and by our will we then can be connected to multi dimensionality as part of our Livingness, which is all in the presentations The Way of The Livingness. This is all so simple and is only ever done to the best of our ability then we can never be in judgement or self critique.

  7. Through ‘The Way of The Livingness’ it has been beautiful to realise that feeling connection to God is the most natural thing in the world.

  8. “The Way of the Livingness’ makes God tangible and accessible and very real, all other religions I know keep him on a pedestal and only accessible for a few.

  9. There is such a stark difference to how I was brought up with organised religion to what I know is true religion today. Being religious is not being scared as a child of God seeing us doing naughty things and judging us for them – with this type of indoctrination is it any wonder that we develop lack of self worth and guilt.

  10. I have visited many countries with different cultures and likewise explored many differing religions. I had not, until now, realised that the buildings of worship, without exception, felt cold to me even if in very hot countries in the tropics, and even when teaming with people there was an emptiness. When there are lots of helpers busily organising and making sure everything runs smoothly, I have observed that the emotional outpourings and silent neediness can mask this emptiness.

  11. This is a beautiful blog Lieke, you have described religion in it truest sense. True religion is re-connecting to the Divinity within, our very essence. . . and being religious is the movements we make to ensure that connection.

  12. It all comes back to feeling. How I feel within my heart is all that I would trust. There are many things in the world that would attempt to convince us that what we feel is not important, but that is the only marker and anchor in my life that has truly offered me empowerment. By trusting in myself first, this trust becomes much more apparent in my external world reflected back from others, but at the same time, this marker of trust and confirmation allows everything that is not true to stand out like a sore thumb, so life becomes a lot more simple.

  13. Religiousness, being religious, for me is a communion with more than the self, when I am with the All, more with universal order and not preoccupied with my own agenda, that is religious, this is how I walk my path, with no perfection but with an inner knowing that we are all connected and responsible for our part, concerning love and truth.

  14. To truly surrender to qualities such as intimacy, transparency, letting ourselves be seen – well that would simply be divine as often these things are talked about but rarely our every day experience.

    1. I agree Harry – speaking about these things is on the increase in society but not as may people actually live them. It’s awesome to observe those that do and feel the pure inspiration to let go of more of what is not.

  15. The quality in the room when Serge Benhayon presents is quite remarkable. As is the feeling of connection to God when in nature or simply via your own body. For me religion is simply connecting with myself, which then connects me with God and everything. Being in a church never supported me with this level of connection.

  16. I never liked the word religion either, but for me it was because I had travelled the world and seen so many different versions and how much hate and war is initiated all because of religion and that totally put me off it all together until I learnt about its true meaning and now, my whole take on religion has changed and I can appreciate how truly religious I naturally am.

  17. It is such a quantum leap from where God was to me as a child (up on high judging me as a weak sinner) to where God is now for me (in me, all around me, giving wonderful support) . This understanding alone is a world apart in the true sense of religious teaching.

  18. Oh those seats are so so hard and uncomfortable. So many years of Catholic school and going to church on the weekend, squirming through the long complicated words of the sermon, on those so uncomfortable seats.

    1. Words can tell us that we can have love even on uncomfortable seats but our body speaks clearly that love has to be incorporating of everything, from the chairs, to what is presented, to the temperature of the room etc. It all matters.

      1. Totally Lieke (and Sarah), everything matters. This love and care for self and others is sadly lacking in our lives and the churches are a symptom of the way we are already living. I have to go and work in people’s homes sometimes and it is surprising to me (no critique intended) that there is no heating in the home at all in mid-winter and that the chair I must occupy is very hard. I always ask for a cushion and people are always very willing to give me one. Now I will have to get focused on the heating!.

  19. There is one thing in common with all the institutionalised religions, and that is that they all impose their own beliefs on the way to understand God when in fact this can only be achieved through our own connection within and our interconnection with the all.

  20. I have often found I go into some sort of internal anxiety to avoid feeling the presence of buildings, of people and of how we behave. It’s natural to be aware but takes some adjusting once we begin to see that the essence of God within is not reflected much in the external world.

  21. How does God feel to me? Good question! To be honest I hadn’t felt God for a long time, though deep down I knew He was there. I discovered I had renounced God – believe it or not – in a past life and this was still with me. Now I can feel God as a presence when I am in my body, all round me, which gives me tremendous tranquillity. I feel so much support, and this feels like only the beginning of allowing God to be in my life.

  22. Beautiful Lieke, we go through life using so many words, being vocal about what we see – but how often do we actually take time to describe what we feel? We might spend ages describing a food, but why not equally elaborate about a place or space? The fact is everywhere and everything has its own energetic flavour and taste. This is what we live with every day so why cut off and ignore our senses anymore? To inform and educate, understand and illustrate, this is what our feelings are for.

  23. Love what you have shared here Lieke and it is certainly pertinent for all. What strikes me as very starkling about how humanity has generally seen life is that religions are supposed to offer the answers to the things of life we don’t understand and don’t add up. And this is so because we all know that God is in truth absolute and everything should add up. But no religions have offered this even though they have been round for a long time and today we are no better now that when the instutionalised forms of religion were not there to start with. So what is going on? The Way of The Livingness has been the ONLY religion that has offered me a way of understanding life that not only is simple and makes sense but equally feels true deep within.

  24. The is much that is called religion but in truth describes what religion is not – some very well known mis-truths are recorded at the opening of this blog. It’s up to ourselves to discern and choose true religion. The Way of The Livingness introduces and expands on this understanding so simply for everyone.

  25. I had the same experience with church when I was little. It didn’t really make sense and made me wander away from the preciousness I felt within myself. BUT it’s never to late to resurrect that connection.

  26. If I am honest I have always known there is a God, a higher being, the Creator or whatever even though there was a time I said I didn’t because I never felt him in the religions I had experienced as I felt a lot of the same things that you felt about them Lieke but now knowing that God can be felt everywhere, in space, in nature, in each other it all adds up to what feels like truth which can’t be found in some old building with a cross on the top of it.

  27. ‘We should always discern if a word like religion or God is used and lived in its true meaning, or if it has been reinterpreted over time.’ When we do that we see the falsity of what has not been lived.

  28. ‘To live in a truthful way with integrity – simply walking my talk, even when nobody is watching.’ It is when no one is watching that we can often be fooled into thinking it’s okay to let slip, but who are we fooling? Ourselves, for regardless of who is watching we make an imprint that can last through time and space.

  29. ‘This is what God feels like to me’:
    He is the air that goes in and out of my lungs
    He is in the air that sits outside of my body that touches my skin and sits in between each strand of hair
    As I move my hand, my fingers, my body, it moves through God’s body
    He is next to me and all around me when i make choices to argue with my loved ones
    He is next to me and all around me when I am short with people
    He is next to me and all around me when i remember that he is next to me and then I choose to come back to his breath in my body
    He is the body I live within even though I forget he is the body I live within
    His is the love that supports me each and everyday even though I may fail to recognise that truth.
    Thank you God for your stupendously vast unending eternal holding and support that is so exquisitely tender.

  30. Any religion that has a bad and good, right or wrong, in or out category, indicates to me intolerance, and not a holding of all of humanity. The Way of The Livingness is inclusive, equal, truth-full and full of love these are words that resonate with me.

  31. It is funny the way you describe how, for example, religious buildings felt to you. I felt those things too but just took them for granted. Like feeling in awe of a building was something I thought that was normal, and I even sought it. Now I know that God does not want to make us feel small, building buildings like that is not just what true religion is. A building should support equality.

  32. We all do have an essence, we can feel it, it has no words, it is with universe, it’s stillness is beyond anything else we know on this planet, connected you can never be alone, it burns bright and it can never be broken or tarnished by anything we experience on the planet. This is what we can reconnect to if we chose to, this is what is with God, of God. This is a universal angle of life that brings our experience of life out of the grind of not only what we see but brings back what we feel; this is something we often neglect.

  33. What I love about The Way Of The Livingness is the simplicity, no complication.. to connect to God is to connect to you, through our inner heart, from here love is abundant, uniting and is us all.

  34. We can feel God in everything we do, it’s a feeling of settlement and contentment with ourselves – absolutely beautiful feeling that nothing can compare to and I have longed for, for a very long time. Thank you, Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine for bringing this to our chaotic planet!

  35. I love that God and religion is about a relationship from the body, you need no building or anyone else to tell you that it is real or not, you can feel it, it is in the stillness inside, in a gentle touch, in the sparkle in someones eyes, no need to look anywhere else, it is within us.

  36. I love the question at the end inviting us to ask ourselves ‘How does God feel to you?’ Instantly I know that my connection with God can be deeper and I can feel in my body how I have turned away from the truth I know. Recently, particularly this morning, I have felt how I am not living the truth I know which is great to feel as because I can feel this I can heal it. Also I can feel the bastardised picture/image that the church holds of God has subconsciously been with me .. that God is this male like energy to be feared and outside of me. This could not be further away from the truth as I know God or the Divine to be a love that is beyond words or limitations but very true, present and real, non imposing and very beholding. My relationship with God is still and will always be forever unfolding and forever deepening just as my relationship with myself is .. the two are together. This was healing for me to write.

  37. ‘I know now I came to associate the word religion with these experiences of coldness, hardness, piety, contraction, hard work and most of all, feeling unworthy and guilty’. Same for me Lieke, especially feeling unworthy and undeserving to receive God’s love and I can feel just how damaging that was and how heavy that was to carry in my body.

  38. God is not cold, imposing, hard or scary.. these can only be an outer manifestation of someone else’s interpretation which is so categorically the opposite of what he truly is.

  39. I love your observations Lieke, when you have been to a presentation or workshop with Serge `Benhayon. I have felt all these too and is very different from the oppressiveness, coldness and separation I feel when I go in most of the churches in the UK. I walk past an Abbey on my way to work and all I can feel is the coldness and opulence of the time that had no real care for the people around, just the need to show the wealth of the Church.

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