What do Religion and God Truly Feel Like?

Growing up I have felt a lot of different things in the mainstream institutionalised religions of today – Christianity, Catholicism, Buddhism, Islam, Judaism etc. – like the energies and emotions in their buildings, the temperature, the colors, the people, the furniture, which all made me feel quite small and insignificant at that time. When I saw the other people in these religious places, they were seemingly not noticing these things, even though they were so obvious to me. This made me feel like what I felt was not true and confirmed the feelings of being small and alone.

I had the most physical experience with Catholic churches, attending funerals or visiting them whilst being on holiday, and these are some of those things I remember clearly:

They always felt cold
• They always felt very big and imposing
The colors were often dark and grey
• The seats would be very hard and uncomfortable
The place felt sad and heavy
• I did not like the music – the big church organs especially were very imposing and would make me feel sad
The priest would say very complicated words.

I know now I came to associate the word religion with these experiences of coldness, hardness, piety, contraction, hard work and most of all, feeling unworthy and guilty.

It wasn’t until I listened to a presentation by Serge Benhayon about the religion called The Way of The Livingness that I felt that there was another and true meaning for the word religion. What I formerly took on as religion was not true religion at all.

What I felt when attending these presentations by Serge Benhayon was totally different from my experiences with the Catholic churches.

I observed and felt:

• A warmth in the room physically, but also energetically
• Openness
• Joyfulness
• Simplicity
• Love and care
• Equality between the presenters and the audience
• Integrity lived in every moment of the day
• Seeing the importance of everything
• A feeling of not being judged and of being equal with everyone in the room – basically a feeling of coming home to myself and my whole family.

I am slowly coming to the understanding that God is in everything, yes in us too, and not above us judging, as I felt from my experiences as a child. I especially see and feel God in nature and the beautiful messages I receive. Now these messages are not letters as such but things like a beautiful leaf just landing before my feet, finding a tiny feather on my shirt, the sun making beautiful patterns and rays of light in the sky, a certain animal crossing my path just when I needed to see it and so on. I can also see God in my eyes when I look in the mirror and other people’s eyes when I meet them because, if I am honest, such beauty can only be divine.

True religion is about reconnecting with our essence, which is pure and divine. Then all the activities which re-connect us to this essence are religious. So this means that many things in our life can be religious and that these activities are not restricted to being in a church or praying.

For me, going for a walk can be religious when I am connecting more with myself, my essence and the beauty around me. Exercise for instance, is a way to connect to my body, to feel my body and how I feel at this time. Am I tired? Do I feel vitality? Do I feel how gorgeous I am? These honest questions support my connection with myself so for me, this is religion. Also a simple loving ritual and a rhythm I have developed that supports a lasting connection with myself, such as lighting a candle in the evening and some incense before going to bed so I can wind down for a goodnight’s sleep, is being religious. And I could go on…

This is what God feels like to me and it makes it clear to me that the mainstream institutionalised religions as mentioned above are not true religion as they did not support me to live in a truthful way with integrity – simply walking my talk, even when nobody is watching – nor did these mainstream religions support me to connect to myself and what I know is truth, love and joy. The only true religion I have found that offers this is The Way of The Livingness.

To me this shows that we should always discern if a word like religion or God is used and lived in its true meaning, or if it has been reinterpreted over time.

So, how does God feel to you?

By Lieke Campbell, Belgium

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560 thoughts on “What do Religion and God Truly Feel Like?

  1. It certainly felt as though God was absent in the catholic churches of my childhood; cold, damp, imposing and scary are words that come to me. And as long as the belief is that an intermediary between God and His people is needed, this will not change, no matter what is done with the texts, the decorum and the garb.

  2. Lets do stand for the truth that we are and instantly we know who God is and what our religion is. Thank you for opening up what is so natural to us – God”s Love. We instantly know.

  3. Simplicity is never a word that I would have associated with religion before but when I consider it, true religion is very simple, because it is just about connecting with another and ourselves.

  4. “nor did these mainstream religions support me to connect to myself and what I know is truth, love and joy. The only true religion I have found that offers this is The Way of The Livingness.” I echo this 100%

  5. “….. institutionalised religions as mentioned above are not true religion as they did not support me to live in a truthful way with integrity – simply walking my talk, even when nobody is watching….” very true Lieke, hence I got very disillusioned with main stream religions because of the hypocrisy I witnessed there. .The Way of the Livingness is however a true religion. The messenger for our times lives in a way that has integrity, truth and love at his core.

  6. Ah it’s so wonderful feeling what religion feels like in truth and the brotherhood among people. I have experienced this every course I’ve attended at Universal Medicine and it’s something I take back out into the world as my normal, the openness and love we can all share between us when our stuff – beliefs, judgements etc, get in the way.

    1. It is deeply beautiful, I love that we know God instantly with babies, they are the constant reminder that life is miraculous and divine.

  7. Churches are not warm and inviting places at all, I agree they are cold, dark and archaic I have never liked them. With so many more homeless people these buildings could be turned into homes .. now that would be about true love, service, brotherhood and community. We do not need a building to connect to our innate essence and the divine.

    1. Yes Vicky turn all those awful buildings into useful places to offer shelter all year round. God is within our hearts never should be sought outside ourselves.

  8. Gorgeous Lieke, that is pure gold. So is the question well posed as I have experienced the same: ‘..nor did these mainstream religions support me to connect to myself and what I know is truth, love and joy.’
    It is by God that we feel our union, not by a building, regime or set of rules (to feel better). It is in one’s heart, that is why the way we live is our religion, hence why The Way of Livingness makes so much sense for me.

  9. I Love to feel Our God. Its an act at any time I immensely enjoy. GOD is in the simplest of things. The other day I was feeling much and was not totally accepting what it was I was feeling. I was talking on my mobile phone to a very close friend at the time who I deeply trust to share, be intimate, open and transparent with all my feelings. I was driving my car to work and had just parked. A bee landed on my windscreen and was flapping to stay in the same position on my windscreen but eventually slid down and was caught by my wipers. It was super cute. I know nature is the magic of God. I felt what it symbolised and I instantly expanded and felt amazing. The magic of God changed my life in such a big way that it is for me to still live the message that was given to me that day. God to me feels always expansive.

  10. I really like this little part of a sentence “simply walking my talk, even when nobody is watching”. It struck me how rare it is for us to live in this way, with the same dedication to love as when someone is watching. The ease that comes into the body when there is no on/off switch is amazing and would be well worth studying scientifically so there is an evidence base that could support others. In the meantime, it is worth being our own science experiment and seeing if it is something your body responds to or not.

  11. I love the way you have said it is time to look at words and see how they feel for us, regardless of how they have been used and accepted by the society of today. I would not have a bar of religion and felt incredibly let down by God for most of my life as I felt the cold hardness of the church, and the lack of integrity between spoken word and lived experience. Having re-connected with both words now, I see it is in our livingness that we come to know the amazingness we are held by and in equal measure its absolute simplicity.

    1. Yes, I’d never have expected to come to re-connect with the words religion, or God because I’d felt the cold hardness of both in the religion of church and its dogma. Now I’m coming to feel the inner warmth of both and know that the more I live my connection with both the more these words will convey the warmth we are connected to when we choose to be.

      1. Well said, connect to the word, bring it into the livingness of that word and how does it feel. If it feels cold and dogmatic then walk away. There is no need to belittle others, it is simply not for you.

  12. What I have found most profoundly inspiring through The Way of The Livingness is that it confirms that everything we seek is already within us, is in fact who we are, including our direct and very tangible relationship with God. As such being religious, in the true sense of the word, is our innate way of being for with every breath the opportunity is given to deepen and expand this divine relationship with who we are, to connect to and express our Godliness through how we live.

  13. I think it’s great to relate religion back to a feeling or sense from within us that we have as so often it seems to just be about mental beliefs and ideals or images or what we think or are told religion has to look like or how God looks or is rather than connecting with the true wisdom and intelligence we all have access to in connection with our whole body…

  14. During a time last year of feeling particularly steady in my connection to me I felt a beautiful and consistent sense of space within me – as though every cell contained the space of the universe within. This space wasn’t empty; it was/is full. The space within me is God. So if God is within me, my body, then it makes sense that I too am God. As are we all.

  15. Indeed, look into another’s eyes and feel our natural interdependence, divinity and absolute equal-ness in essence.

  16. Growing up I never felt pulled towards religion, or god. To me it was hocus pokus told by old people to keep us conformed. Yet, I did not deny the fact of a greater power – I have always felt the presence of love in my surroundings. And with that knowing, it was easy to accept what was presented by Serge Benhayon.

    1. Yes Viktoria, I know that too, that inner knowing and connection that there is more to life than just the physical and so much more powerful than the current religious institutions allow mankind to be.

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