Before and After the Universal Medicine Lennox Head Retreat

My name is Paul, I am 45 years old. I am a father and have been a postie for the last 11 years. I own my home in Northern NSW and currently I still like a beer, pizza, watching sport on TV, coffee etc. In the last 3 months I started dating an esoteric student who invited me to do the 2017 Universal Medicine Retreat in Lennox Head with her.

Prior to the retreat I was nervous, unsure what was ahead. I had been to a couple of Universal Medicine events and heard stories of people’s transformation – especially my girlfriend Rosie’s past to where she is at now – but wasn’t really sure what the retreat would be like.

On arrival I felt the love between the people that knew each other, big warm hugs going down everywhere I looked. I felt comfortable and I sat down and was open to learning more.

To be honest I struggled for the first two days . . . no caffeine, chocolate, dairy or gluten to keep me going. A bit of a challenge from my normal ways of living. Sitting in the seat my eyes kept closing on me. I definitely struggled but I loved what was presented: all related to why I was struggling in the first place!

I loved what Serge Benhayon shared, especially about the stars and the universe and energy. I became aware of how all of what I have been eating and drinking was suppressing me and making me check out from life and from being the true essence of who I really am.

On the third day I really didn’t want to get up. I needed that coffee hit. I just wanted to stay in bed and be comfortable but I didn’t give up. I started seeing chocolate on all the tables around me, even though there was no chocolate! My mind was playing tricks on me but during the day I managed a beach walk and sleep to recharge, and by the end of it I was feeling clearer and loved opening up more to what was on offer.

The Esoteric Yoga complemented the work so well. I could get back into my body; such a simple exercise but so powerful that anyone, any size can do it. I felt so connected and clear afterwards.

It was lovely to meet some new people, and be supported with the right foods to keep me on track for the week.

Serge Benhayon and Natalie Benhayon are truly inspirational people and I am glad I made the decision to do the Universal Medicine Retreat and I know that this is really just the beginning.

I realise this journey comes from within and feel grateful I have been given the proper tools to be the true divine person I was at birth.

By Paul

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605 thoughts on “Before and After the Universal Medicine Lennox Head Retreat

  1. Very gorgeous to feel you express from the honesty of your body Paul. It is very refreshing to feel someone talk this way. Just you sharing this alone in they way you did allows another the space to feel and be in the honesty of their body also.

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