I Wanted to Belong to Life

I wanted to belong to life so I looked around at what was on offer.

“Join me” . . .  said the sporting club, we will cheer for you and you for us, we will leave it all on the field and you will learn to be your best. So I joined and belonged to everyone – but not to me.

“Join me” . . . said the religion of my parents, we will eat, drink, pray together; you will be part of a community that has thousands of years of history to belong to. So I joined and belonged to the community – but did not belong to me.

“Join me” . . . said the fiction writer, you will be swept away by my stories and have things to discuss with those around you, so I joined and had stories to tell – but none my own.

“Join me” . . . said my friends, we will drink together, party together, have meals at fancy restaurants and get up to mischief in the small hours of the morning, so I joined and belonged with my friends – but not with me.

“Join me” . . . said my partner, we will start a family, you will be Dad, I will be Mum and we will be parents, partners and lovers together, so I joined and belonged to the relationship – but not to me.

I wanted to belong to life but got stuck along the way. I felt frustrated and tired – very tired; I was tired to my bones, tired to a place that all of my efforts amounted to naught and all I was left with were the things that “took the edge off.”

BUT . . . I wanted to belong to life and to begin with, hated what Universal Medicine presented.

Universal Medicine presented it was important to care about me, it said to consider belonging to me before I could really feel belonging with others. It presented the power is in you but that tiredness you feel is the result of avoiding that power . . . I wanted to belong to life but when you are tired, when you are sceptical, this is not what you want to hear.

BUT . . . I wanted to belong to life so I tried what Universal Medicine presented.

It has been challenging at times, it has taken commitment, my life is not and will never be perfect, but I can meet with family and friends and that meeting is what I appreciate more than any food we eat. I can work with clients and the quality of the work can mean more than any pay cheque.

I have a religious way of life that places God and me on equal footing in terms of light and responsibility for the wellbeing of myself and the world.

I have found a place within where I belong that no one else can touch or call into question. A place of humility, a place of sacredness and a place from which I no longer NEED to belong because I am with me always.

I wanted to belong to life but really, really, really wanted, and now belong, to me.

By Joel Levin, Australia

 Joel Levin Joel Levin, is a student of life, himself and The Way of The Livingness. With a deep interest in what makes people and groups productive, effective and joyful to be around.

For the full back catalogue of Joel Levin’s writing, visit: www.joellevin.net

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670 thoughts on “I Wanted to Belong to Life

  1. Awesome Joel, this is true and what a raw and real examples of joining things that in true reality, actually not bring us closer to who we are, but offer us a temporal solution for our missing link – our connection to us, Soul.

  2. Funny how we often convert belonging to submission. I think that’s what happens when we don’t want to bother belonging to ourselves first.

  3. I too did all the above mentioned ‘joining’, except for the sporting club, had some adventures, some fun, some life experiences and learned some lessons, but there was still an emptiness deep inside that wasn’t able to be filled by anything outside of me. When Universal Medicine presented that what I was looking for was actually not outside of me but within, I wondered why, if it was that simple that I didn’t already know and live this? But I gave it a go and am I delighted I did, because that gnawing emptiness has been filled to overflowing with the re-introduction to the wonderful me, the me who absolutely ‘belongs to life’.

  4. Great blog. It is true that we all want to feel that we belong and are accepted and it equally true that others want to attract us into their choices, so that they don’t feel isolated in them. But whilst these things are true, they are not based on living truth but rather keeping each other held by the illusion that rules us.

  5. Love this Joel, I totally hear what you say, life imposes on us the need to belong when in truth there should be no ‘need’, for we all do already belong- we belong to something so very grand and magnificent, universal and majestic.

  6. Before we join any group, religion, philosophy, workplace etc. it serves us well to astutely discern that precise quality of the energetic vibration on offer and how this will be affected or influenced by the part we bring to the equation.

  7. So fascinating that the tiredness we feel is us resisting power -it actually takes a lot of energy for us to behave in a way that it not naturally who we are.

  8. I feel that life is only worth belonging to if it is a way of living that includes the stars and, the movement of the universe that they, and we, equally belong to.

  9. I can so relate Joel to what you have shared, as I continually searched through my life for a place where I could feel I belonged, that search is finally over as I have re-connected back to me and felt the beauty and power in this connection that I used to continually search outside of myself for.

  10. The ultimate union for us to know all that we already are and all that we already belong to be in union with our Soul through which we then know what it is to be at one with God, where we then can live the enrichment of this innate godliness in our everyday lives. When we live in connection to this quality of being we naturally live a religious life.

  11. We have been so invested in human life and there are still things I am attached to but when I feel inside there is nothing that truly can come in the way of me and God but there is some work to be done in honouring this relationship all time and not let anything interfere as this has a detrimental effect on me but also on you (others).

  12. Everything around us is about belonging to something or someone. There is nothing that is about being with us.
    If we look at businesses, are there any or many companies that endorses us to be who we truly are and serve from this? Where I work I see none of this and it is about being like them, driving and striving.
    Allow people to be who they truly are then see how the world becomes a different place to be in.

  13. Just looking at the word ‘belong’ in light of what is shared in this piece and it has just come to me that we are so caught up in the doing of life that we have forsaken how to just ‘be’. Furthermore, as the essence of our beingness is love, we have forgotten how to simply ‘be love’ and this creates a seeming emptiness within us where we crave to ‘belong’, whereas the truth is – we simply ‘long to be’.

  14. Feeling that we belong with others is very tempting. It confirms us in a way in our choices. To feel the energy of US is very moving. But, before belonging to life, we belong to the universe. If feeling the energy of US is very moving, feeling the universe and how we belong to it is the most wonderful experience ever that makes you feel also that the true you is eternal, very powerful and incredibly beautiful.

  15. I love this. Who would have thought that all the things we strive for and want to belong to, in truth we do not need any of them, and that we have everything already just waiting inside for us to connect to. It certainly takes away the trying.

  16. Very true Joel, the fine message here is that wherever we look around will not be enough, because we know that forever depth of love that we come from — and this is found and embraced within us, when we choose to connect.

  17. We can often feel lost in life when we lose the connection with who we are and this is when we are more likely to seek to belong to something out side of us. But what we miss the most is the connection to our essence and our soul.

  18. ‘I have found a place within where I belong that no one else can touch or call into question. A place of humility, a place of sacredness and a place from which I no longer NEED to belong because I am with me always.’ There is such power in this statement. When we connect to this place within and continually reconnect until it feels more normal to be there than anywhere else, then we have a stability and can really be the author of our own lives and live that authority. Very inspiring. Thank you Joel

  19. I was asked last night if I ever get lonely, and reflecting on that I could see that for many years there was a restlessness in me that I often attributed to loneliness. Like you I often ‘belonged to other things’ but rarely to me. Thanks to Universal Medicine, I have been starting to belong to me, more and more and more, and that restlessness is lessening as I connect to me and to God.

    1. Same here Sarah, I also felt the restlessness in my body and so often dislike being on my own because it felt lonely. Now, I have no problems being on my own because I have developed a deeper connection with myself and I feel more connected to people. So, even when I am not with people I know I am still connected to everyone and everything.

  20. Joel what you have uncovered here is where the majority of humanity is at, wanting to belong somewhere in life and its never enough. What we search for is never outside but always within and this is what I’m refining without perfection and this wouldn’t have occurred if I hadn’t met Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine.

  21. Joel, your blogs are always deeply inspiring to read. There are so many distractions continually on offer outside of ourselves designed to keep us away from re-connecting to the Divine Essence within. Universal Medicine offers a return to, rather than, a separation from love.

  22. Joel, I love the power in what you share here, how through everything we want to belong and we think its belonging to all these things that are in the world and yet the depth of truth is that its belonging to us that is what we really truly want.

  23. What is profound : that we are so lost that the demands of life are somehow satisfactionary, but when we actually start to unravel the lies we can see that belonging to life is not it.. There is more, so much more, and this is what Universal Medicine represents. Powerfully so. Thank You. As I am so inspired by that. From now onwards forever..

  24. We like to belong even if it costs us our health. To find out that we just lose at the end, and will never feel true joy and love until we start to be really caring and re-connecting with our body.

  25. I find it incredibly inspiring to consider myself as being on equal terms with God, as being “…on equal footing in terms of light and responsibility for the wellbeing of myself and the world.” It’s not a responsibility I feel I step up to in every moment but it is for sure something that I am working on making much more consistent in my life.

  26. The things we do to our body, because we want to belong are quite harming. This actually gives away that it is not of truth, because the truth would never damage our body.

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