Autumn – Nature’s Teacher

As I was walking in our local park recently I could not help but see the huge piles of leaves on the ground – the true expression of Autumn.

I noticed the variety of colours and how some leaves were comprised of different colours. The leaves were all different shapes as they had fallen from different trees.

The leaves had many different patterns etched onto them which formed from the different colours, shapes and textures.

Some leaves looked quite old while others looked freshly fallen. No matter the shape, colour, pattern or age, they all landed on the ground and formed this amazing magical carpet of colour.

You may be thinking – why is this relevant?

I know and feel the reflections of nature often in many parts of my life and know that nature is there to support and confirm me, so I wondered what this pile of leaves could be confirming for me at this moment. The answer was not long in coming…

  • The colours represent the many different ethnicities in the world and how they offer a different perspective on how to live, which may be evident in the food they eat, how they dress, and the traditions that they follow.
  • The shapes represent all the physical differences in our bodies with no shape being more superior than another. Every body carries its own beauty which comes from our innermost and is reflected out for others to feel.
  • The different patterns are our lifestyles which are the result of the choices we make in how we live our lives.
  • The different-aged leaves carry their own individual beauty and wisdom. The younger leaves reminded me of the innocence, the potential and the enthusiasm of youth with their bright fresh colours. Although the older leaves looked wrinkled and were crackly, their prominence in the leaf pile showed the dignity and grace of ageing before they returned to the land on their never-ending cycle of life.

However, it was the entire constellation of the pile of leaves lying on the ground on the same level which held the greatest joy for me, as I realised that it represented just how equal we really are regardless of our colour, shape, pattern of living or our age. The pile of leaves represents brotherhood on earth and this is only possible if we truly accept our differences and understand that although we come from different trees of life, we are all on the same journey, albeit at different stages, as we fully reconnect back to soul.

It is through the presentations and writings of Serge Benhayon that I understand that nature is reflecting truth to humanity constantly, and these reflections help us to understand how we are truly living on earth.

by Anne Hishon, Registered Nurse, partner to Peter and mother to Joshua and Ben.

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480 thoughts on “Autumn – Nature’s Teacher

  1. Autumn, the ease in which leaves fall from the tree, how the tree lets go of the old is something I observe and love to take in. And the differences you’ve described so beautifully Anne are a great reflection for us. Nature is very supportive for us humans if we are willing to notice it.

  2. Whenever I feel the leaves falling to the ground during autumn, it reminds me of letting go of those old patterns and ways of life that just don’t work. And this is quite pertinent with the reflection the leaves bring which all feels like letting go of those things that get in the way of embracing the natural equality and beauty we all are and bring to each other, ourselves and the world.

  3. The magic of God is so magnificent as reflected by the gorgeous colours, movements and patterns of Autumn leaves. I experienced this myself this morning as I rustled amongst the leaves; what a joy. Thank you Anne for highlighting the divinity and joy of Autumn.

  4. Autumn shows us how letting go of the old allows a regeneration process for new growth and new beginnings to occur – and this principle of letting go to allow for the new can be applied to all facets of our lives.

  5. To be with nature and all it offer by way of reflection and symbolism is medicine for our body and wellbeing.

  6. Thank you Anne, I could never tire from the myriad of reflections nature offers us. It speaks a language of love that reminds us of our multidimensional nature in all expressions. It brings richness to life when we receive with our heart.

  7. The reflections in nature are always around us to confirm us and to ponder and learn from. The more awareness we build the deeper we are able to read and understand what is being offered as a reflection.

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