A Choice to Heal by Choosing Love

by Michael Goodhart, Vermont, USA

I’d like to share some experiences I’ve recently had that I feel were made possible by applying some principles that I have learned through my participation in Universal Medicine workshops and Esoteric Healing sessions. The main point being that our lives are greatly the result of the choices we make in every moment, and that if those choices are loving ones, we can heal patterns that may otherwise repeat themselves in order to show us where attention is needed.

When I first came to read Serge Benhayon’s books and commenced taking some courses I was very much in my head about the work being presented and began using some of what I had learned in an intellectual way with my friends and family. I knew in my heart that I had finally come to a True Way of Living that I had been looking for my whole life – but had been applying the teachings in the same way I had with the myriad of New Age spiritual modalities I’d delved into previously. That is, I was merely repeating the words and principles I had learned. However, this is not at all what Serge had presented to me in the first place. He has always provided a truly different approach in that if we are to really change our world in a positive way, we have to LIVE these principles of love and start feeling from our inner hearts and bodies – not just our heads.  That being said, I recently made the choice to reach out to members of my family and friends who I felt I had gotten off on the wrong foot with when I first set out on this new way of living. There had been some things that were said that initiated a separation and breakdown in communication as I thought I was re-claiming myself – but was going about it in a way that pushed some people away, instead of just being me and letting them be inspired by that, if they chose to.

So, one day recently I decided to simply make a phone call or write an email to four different people that I felt fitted into the category described above. I just honestly told them how I felt about them, avoiding a big story or gushy apology but also taking responsibility for my words and actions in the past.  Each conversation or letter was based on only one important message… LOVE.  I just chose to open up, forget any past negative emotions that had been projected towards me, and focus on connecting with each person. Even though I tried to hold no expectations, to my delight each one resulted in a super positive response and in some cases, a true healing for both of us – as well as other connected people.  I was amazed at how simple it was, and wondered why I had waited so long to act on my feelings. Perhaps I had come to a point where I realized that I had been holding back my love and was holding on to being right instead.  Through my continued inspiration from Serge Benhayon and UniMed events and students, I’m starting to gradually see my life and what occurs in it as a direct result of my choices. This time around, I’m choosing LOVE, and it’s feeling more and more like me every day.

315 thoughts on “A Choice to Heal by Choosing Love

  1. A love story Michael! I’m going to try this .. “I just chose to open up, forget any past negative emotions that had been projected towards me, and focus on connecting with each person.” Once you fully commit to something with a simple intention of choosing love .. love will be what it is you’re committing to. If you hold onto an outcome or expectation you will diffuse the quality of love.

  2. Well done Michael. Being open and honest with others, as you say it had gotten off on the wrong foot when you made some changes in your life, which gave you both the opportunity to bridge and heal your relationship. What others do with that opportunity is their choice.

  3. Society craves connection. Fact. Love is so rarely expressed that people are thirsty to be met and be heard. When you express and open up yourself, it invites the space for others to do so also, and hence the power of true expression and why the dark forces that wish to keep separation alive and active in the world want it crushed immediately.

  4. There is a far more harm felt when we hold back love than we realise, simply because we do not realise how much love we generally all hold back.

  5. Yes our barometer can be Love, is it or is it not? If yes then act, if not renounce. Our days become less cluttered with the debris of self doubt, regret, blame, issues, in fact any emotion, which distract us from living life fully. Love what you share about your relationships.

  6. Such a beautiful example of the healing power of love. Being able to let go ‘of being right’ and allowing ourselves to be vulnerable and deeply honest is the first, and very big step, in this wonderful healing process.

  7. I think that is the essence of what being esoteric is all about, simply being yourself, and it’s hard to resist anyone being just themselves, it radiates a sense of trust and familiarity that is beautiful to feel.

  8. We can choose, or not, to see to what extent we exercise our right to make choices which are totally consequential for us. When we choose to do so, awareness comes right into the next choice.

  9. “Perhaps I had come to a point where I realized that I had been holding back my love and was holding on to being right instead.” I had never seen it quite like that before but it is very true. Standing firm in the belief of being right will stop any love coming through, and no one gets to feel the reflection of love that is so missing in this world today.

  10. So amazing to feel how the way of love is that it offers healing and truth, and does not right the wrongs.

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