A Different Kind of Sunday Session

by RB

It was only 3 years ago, on a Sunday afternoon, that I would be at the pub; listening to live music, drinking a beer or glass of wine after having smoked a joint before leaving the car. I would feel anxious about being there, worrying if I looked good, nervous if guys talked to me, and really quite uncomfortable… but, to avoid feeling all of that, I would just get stoned and have another drink. I would eat junk food as it was easy and cheap. I wasn’t really enjoying myself, but it’s what everyone else was doing, so I thought that I should be doing it too. I did not know any other way.

Last Sunday was so very different, so relaxing, and I enjoyed every moment. I spent my Sunday arvo doing a session swap with a fellow esoteric student. We shared ideas on how to be more responsible with our savings, we discussed healthy recipes, and I shared what I had learnt at a recent workshop with Chris James. We were both connected with each other, listening and expressing, taking the time to fully listen to what each one of us was saying. We both laughed and had a great time.

Thanks to the courses that Universal Medicine has presented, I have learnt so much. What is so great is that instead of just learning, reading and gaining knowledge, I have been able to connect to me again, and make this connection my way of life. The connection to me has been created by my taking the time to tune into my body and feel it – rather than ignoring my body and its loud signals, and living life based on what ‘everyone else is doing’. I no longer need to do certain things at the expense of my body, just to fit in to what society considers normal, even if it is quite harmful.

Now I do know another way, and I wouldn’t want my life to be any different. Being present, aware, drug and alcohol free is what makes me feel so great today.

372 thoughts on “A Different Kind of Sunday Session

  1. What a great contrast – normal, because everyone else is doing it; or normal, because the body feels settled in that.

  2. So great to appreciate the changes in our lives that listening to our body and making loving choices bring, where once we lived with self abuse as our normal which seems so abnormal, to honouring ourselves as our new normal.

  3. I used to use alcohol as a respite from my life. I no longer need it as I have embraced my life and the responsibility it comes with.

  4. I also used to go along with drinking and smoking, and at pubs, to fit into the group I was part of, yet as with you didn’t really enjoy it. So, I would have more of the same to override that deep sense I had that I was not honouring myself. Through Universal Medicine I have been inspired to explore more of that deep sense that was always present, and have discovered that in developing a loving relationship with my body, not only do I have a far greater understanding of who I am, but I love who I naturally am and no longer need to abuse myself to fit into any group, or do anything other than honor what feels true to me.

  5. We say that sheep have little intelligence because they follow, but isn’t that exactly what humanity does? We have based our lives on what everyone else is doing and we consider this normal. But I feel we follow like sheep but we consider ourselves the superior race! How can it be intelligent when we trash our bodies to such an extent that illness and disease is so rife in our society?

  6. Feeling great is amazing and should be cherished, simply and dearly and with great appreciation, because in feeling great you are also being all of you, and this in itself is what makes life so beautiful.

    1. So true Shami – ‘Feeling great is amazing and should be cherished…’ as this is our ‘normal’ and through us living and reflecting this more and more, it once again will be.

  7. If we stop running away from the horridness of what we feel, in time we can start to see beneath the mess is joy. Numbness wipes everything out. What is unpleasant to sense is there for a reason too, infact to inform and support you. Thank you RB for your sharing here.

  8. Not going along to anything that doesn’t feel true and appropriate for our own well-being is the most wonderful honouring feeling in the body. Something I wasn’t aware of before Universal Medicine, but now can’t leave home with-out.

  9. Going along with what everyone else is doing can be very subtle and play out in sneaky ways. Walking and living to our own rhythm is quite a different thing.

  10. This sure is a different Sunday afternoon. After all the thing we love most is connecting to people, and I also thought that being in bars, drinking, was the way to go. We seek it, but all the things we then do, like drinking alcohol, smoking, actually take us further from what we truly want.

  11. Thank you RB – it’s crucial to appreciate with every last one of our cells where we have come to. Thanks to the relentless perfection and ceaseless analysis, we are raised to adopt we often see the issues and downfalls we have. But focusing on this is pretty much the same as drinking the booze and smoking the drugs you mention. If we are not backing ourselves and appreciating everything we are and have said yes to, we are continuing to abuse our body in the most toxic way. We don’t need to attend ‘critics anonymous’ we can just let it go, and change today.

  12. Yes RB it is amazing what can happen if one can choose to connect back to the body . . . it is the greatest gift we can give to ourselves.

  13. Practically everything in society presents harmful behaviours and activities as ‘normal’ yet, “Being present, aware, drug and alcohol free is what makes me feel so great today” – that is true normal. And, “Now I do know another way, and I wouldn’t want my life to be any different.”

  14. Yes listening to and looking after our bodies is the best medicine ever and so much more fun and interesting than drugs and alcohol. Perhaps if we made it illegal or charged for it, it would be more popular!

  15. “I wasn’t really enjoying myself, but it’s what everyone else was doing, so I thought that I should be doing it too.” Something we all fall for, that that what the majority does and all the trends and things on offer must be the answer to our happiness. But it is not, and I am forever grateful for all that Universal Medicine presents and teaches, showing another way to live where we are reminded of the true love and deep care that lives in all of us.

  16. ‘Thanks to the courses that Universal Medicine has presented, I have learnt so much. What is so great is that instead of just learning, reading and gaining knowledge, I have been able to connect to me again, and make this connection my way of life.’ So true RB, true education, from the inside out.

  17. Absolutely, how can one be present and aware when one numbs oneself with alcohol or drugs? You cannot it is impossible. Coming to appreciate that being present and aware is far more fun than being doped up is a great step forward and one that you would never want to unlearn.

  18. The so called normal life is actually very abnormal to the body who has to deal with the abusive effects of drugs and alcohol, now as we bring self love into our everyday lives we are in effect creating a new normal that will one day be lived far and wide.

  19. We all have developed habits, be it drinking alcohol, using drugs or various styles of abusive eating to name a few, in order to deal with the hurts we are feeling from not being met in person but mostly for not being loved by ourselves in the first place.

  20. I remember those Sunday sessions, thinking back, I religiously went to the pub every Sunday arvo. I was committed to this way of life and at the time, I thought that this was what I was supposed to do, as it was normal right? Naturally, we want to be liked and fit in and to do that you have to be normal. When I discovered that the results of doing what the masses did, would make me a statistic in the rapid rise in illness and disease, I began to question how valuable “normal” was to me and weather I would want this life for my future kids? Enter, Universal Medicine, a modern revolution that makes self care, a normal part of a rich and full life. Now my Religion is about clearing my way, so that I am deepening my relationship with myself and in turn with God or Love, even if the word God makes people uncomfortable.

  21. Only by truly starting to like ourselves do we begin a relationship/connection with ourselves. When we choose to take drugs or drink alcohol or do/eat anything that takes us away from ourselves, we don’t really like ourselves very much, or we have chosen to like something else over our bodies.

  22. There is another way of living that what the so called normal life shows us. We can enjoy each other’s company without alcohol, rich foods, or drugs. We can be together joyfully without sport or movies to engage us. We can be ourselves in a way that is very precious and loving.

  23. Doing things just to fit in is a common one. How often do we over-ride what we are feeling and just go along with things to avoid a reaction from another?

  24. One of the most wonderful things about attending Serge Benhayon presentations is there is a window into a new way of living, a way that is different to the norm most of us have experienced. I would have had no idea this other way of living, this true way of living that is so joyful and harmonious were possible had it not been for Serge Benhayon.

  25. To be able to feel like you again – that is everything. Living simply, not needing to fit in, and following the cues from our body, is our natural way of being that we know so well, but have temporarily forgotten.

  26. Yes I recalled the Sunday sessions when I lived in the UK. The norm was whilst
    Sunday dinner was cooking, the afternoon was down the pub for a few drinks, sometimes so many that the dinner was a blur, I feel I wasted many of my Sundays. Yet when I worked on a Sunday, I would pick my previous partner from the pub, things would look so different, I felt different being around people who were drunk but unfortunately I never questioned it as I felt the odd one out – a cycle I didn’t know how to get out of.

    Since living in Australia, Sunday drinking stopped and I certainly don’t miss it. Since leading up to Universal Medicine workshops, and having regular sessions with Universal Medicine practitioner, the whole normal socialising has been turned upside to downside.

    For me the norm is being sober 7 days a week for 365 days, no matter the occasion, weddings, funerals, public holidays, Easter, Christmas and the list goes on.

    I would much rather spend a Sunday doing the things I want to be doing then things I don’t know what I am doing once the alcohol takes a hold of me.

  27. After 40 years of virtually daily alcohol consumption I have not touched a drop for 10 years and not had a desire to even once in all that time, so absolute was my renunciation of the poison I had been calling my friend. The very thought of numbing myself in the way that I used to is abhorrent to me.

  28. Sunday’s were a day off, a relax, a treat, a time to catch up at the end of another week etc etc. The problem was that Sunday’s lead to Monday’s and then it was back to work. I remember trying to make Sunday’s last forever and trying to fit as much in as possible which would make Monday’s even worse. It was like the day of the week almost controlled my mood and I still see this around me. Sunday’s are now very different and have a different feel. They still lead to Monday but I take more care on Sunday’s knowing that this day sets my week up and so in that Sunday becomes the week and it brings a different awareness to things. I know what i use to do many years ago on Sundays and it didn’t support me, now my choice is to do on this day like any other day, support myself in what I feel and see and not use it as a day to wipe myself out.

  29. I often have a joke about how my weekends are spent now compared to what they have been in the past. It’s become a life live for other to evolve rather than a life live for others to like me.

  30. Amazing how what we consider a ‘good time’ is completely exposed as abuse when we re-claim a truly supportive way…

  31. It is amazing how many of us do what the crowd is doing but don’t really enjoy it. If we were all honest and admitted we didn’t want to do it, then the pretense and the need to conform would be gone. After living the first 30 years of my life completely to go along with what others were doing, I can say there is nothing like living your life from your body and what is true for you.

    1. The need to follow the crowd and to be accepted is so strong because we live unconnected to our essence, our amazingness. When we connect to this in my experience what the crowd think is irrelevant. They can think what they like, but I know I am ok. Well in fact a lot more than ok.

  32. Living a life free of alcohol is something I greatly appreciate, through attending Universal Medicine presentations I felt supported to stop ignoring the truth about alcohol that I had always felt deep down but I had over-ridden this feeling to fit in and be accepted. I have never once ever looked back after making this true choice.

  33. Gosh that is a completely different Sunday afternoon!!! And sounds so lovely, also really lovely that it involves truly connecting with another person. Years ago my Sunday afternoons would be very similar .. lazy and I would be checked out; now mine are a lot different too. I have just come from a Wellbeing for Women event in London which was absolute gold. Connecting and sharing with other women, appreciating both them and myself (I struggle a bit on the appreciating me part!) which in turn bought a huge confirmation in my body I can feel. It just goes to show our choices our everything and we have the power to turn our lives around completely if we choose. My life is soooooo much more purposeful now than it has ever been and Universal Medicine has been a huge support in helping me with this.

  34. Connection with oneself is everything. In connection, there are things you can do and things you would never try. The latter are things that are harming in one way or another.

  35. I used to dread Sunday nights as the work week loomed ahead. I would often drink alcohol in an attempt to feel better. Now I look forward to Sunday evening as it is a time when I connect with others and prepare for the week ahead.

  36. To be able to express yourself to another in honesty and openness, with no holding back is a great gift you give to yourself and those you spend time with. Thank you RB for sharing the real you.

  37. Meaningful interactions are worth their weight in gold. I know that the reason I went out and partied so much when I was younger was to chase some kind of friendship and intimacy with friends and guys alike. Sometimes it worked and I felt like I had so much fun out, that it proved I was close to the people was I parting with. In the end though, when the tough times came, my friends never pulled through. I was always left feeling empty and sad. I am so glad I am able to experience a new and clean way of spending my time now, one that does not leave me hungover or regretful.

    1. I agree Sarah, in the end we are all looking for intimacy and connection but it can’t be found in a disconnected state – the best we can do is numb ourselves or relieve a bit of tension temporarily but then we end up feeling worse afterwards. The only way as you say is to clean up our act and in fact not act but be true!

  38. We try hard to fit in with friends and life, and however much we kid ourselves that we are having fun it still leaves us with an empty feeling, and a feeling that there has to be something more, lovely to read how you started making true connections and how that changed how you felt, when we drop the bravado of life and make it about connection the whole world opens up.

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