A Different Kind of Sunday Session

by RB

It was only 3 years ago, on a Sunday afternoon, that I would be at the pub; listening to live music, drinking a beer or glass of wine after having smoked a joint before leaving the car. I would feel anxious about being there, worrying if I looked good, nervous if guys talked to me, and really quite uncomfortable… but, to avoid feeling all of that, I would just get stoned and have another drink. I would eat junk food as it was easy and cheap. I wasn’t really enjoying myself, but it’s what everyone else was doing, so I thought that I should be doing it too. I did not know any other way.

Last Sunday was so very different, so relaxing, and I enjoyed every moment. I spent my Sunday arvo doing a session swap with a fellow esoteric student. We shared ideas on how to be more responsible with our savings, we discussed healthy recipes, and I shared what I had learnt at a recent workshop with Chris James. We were both connected with each other, listening and expressing, taking the time to fully listen to what each one of us was saying. We both laughed and had a great time.

Thanks to the courses that Universal Medicine has presented, I have learnt so much. What is so great is that instead of just learning, reading and gaining knowledge, I have been able to connect to me again, and make this connection my way of life. The connection to me has been created by my taking the time to tune into my body and feel it – rather than ignoring my body and its loud signals, and living life based on what ‘everyone else is doing’. I no longer need to do certain things at the expense of my body, just to fit in to what society considers normal, even if it is quite harmful.

Now I do know another way, and I wouldn’t want my life to be any different. Being present, aware, drug and alcohol free is what makes me feel so great today.

409 thoughts on “A Different Kind of Sunday Session

  1. Thanks RB as we can absoulutely be “connected with each other, listening and expressing, taking the time to fully listen to what each one of us was saying.” And this one point is so simple but at the same time different to what is normally going on around us when we have lost the connection to our essences and thus are faking-it to seem to be interested in a conversation.

  2. “I have been able to connect to me again, and make this connection my way of life.” Universal Medicine offers a session that can turn your life around.

  3. The courses and workshops that are presented by Universal Medicine offer a different way of looking and interacting with life. It is not about gaining knowledge, but understanding ourselves and the part we all have in life. When we start to connect back to our bodies the temptation or hooks to look outside of ourselves to compare, judge or fit in dissolves somehow, and we are left to just be ourselves. This is when the vitality and joy return and is the start of the most exquisite relationship that we could ever have. It starts with ourselves first.

    1. Yes, connecting with ourselves is foundational, ‘I have been able to connect to me again, and make this connection my way of life.’

  4. The truth from our body is more powerful than any testimonial or recommendation. The enormity of not needing stimulants or depressants to engage in life is something we should truly appreciate because it seems it is no longer the ‘norm’.

  5. It feels to me that by connecting to that ‘inner beauty’ that that inner beauty then gets to spill out and shower the world. It is an expansiveness that seems to keep expanding.

    1. Alexis I love the word that you have used to describe our inner beauty that ‘spills’ out and showers the world. This is what is so different about the religion of ‘ The way of The livingness’. It is a way of living that cannot be contained but naturally spills out and showers the world with love without anyone having to do anything at all, but just live the love that naturally resides within us. No university degree required just a willingness to live the truth of who we are.

  6. “Living life based on what ‘everyone else is doing’” – if this is what most us are doing, then what is it that is being lived here on earth, I wonder.

  7. Making connection a way of life is such a simple exercise once we understand that we have to unplug all those old ways that have being manipulating our ill behaviours.

  8. Same! Same! no different, as I also would checkout and obliterate myself so as to not feel what my body was sharing, and similar to you the Universal Medicine events have opened my heart and eyes to what life is all about. It is extraordinary how simply living from our essence and feeling that connection makes a world of difference.

    1. Living connected to ourself, our essence, is an honouring of ourselves, ‘Being present, aware, drug and alcohol free is what makes me feel so great today.’

  9. The connection with yourself is not a thing that can be given to you, it’s a relationship that is developed and lived. Only if we cherish that relationship, can it grow and blossom. When this relationship becomes the most important thing for us, then all else starts to take a different form.

    1. Yes, it means we often have to flip a lifetimes worth of indoctrination! We have negated the importance of looking after our body so it is healthy and well in favour of seeing it as a vehicle for us to abuse with things that harm it. I have seen how illogical that is over the years because as much as I think I am willing, it is seemingly so hard to undo the old patterns of indulgence.

      1. Yes, but that is only if you are constantly making it about you having to change those patterns, when the truth is that all you have to do is change the energy which you are used to using. If you try to break old patterns, with the same energy as the one that established them – you will never be able to, because you’ll just go around in circles. However, if you change the energy, you won’t even have to break the patterns because they will naturally not be part of your life.

  10. Up until Serge Benhayon started presenting the Ageless Wisdom to humanity, we could say that we did not know any other way as the lies had become a living reality.
    Now we have a choice but what really ticks me off is that even if we have made a decision to make the changes and return once again to God, there is an energy that will go to any lengths to stop this from happening. Once the choice has been made in my opinion we should no longer be interfered with. But what it does show me is that we are held within a consciousness that does not want to lose its grip because then it will have no power over us.

  11. Reading the first paragraph brings me to my teenage years. Moments of doubts, insecurity, shyness… hanging on with people, but not really enjoying the moment because I was very dependent on what others may/would think about me. Alcohol was a perfect relief, like an antidote that made me feel ‘better’ but not really happy. At that time I was not even aware of what I’m sharing here, I just did what everyone did. Today having new role models in my life is a blessing. Each person who I met by attending Universal Medicine workshops inspires me in some way or another to appreciate who I am for the beauty that lies inside me and which I forgot about for so long. I had no idea about who I really was and today I know about my depth and delicateness, about the way and the quality I can bring in my day… with no perfection, but an openness to embrace all of me, mistakes and all. There is so much to appreciate and embrace about the changes we all are making, step by step, supporting and inspiring each other to live the light we are. Living today is a blessing, an opportunity to learn and evolve daily, till my last breath.

  12. Such a simple way to share the amazing changes that you experienced R.B. Like the worm transforming into a butterfly, to opening up the wings and flying high. Thanks for sharing

  13. When we seek things outside ourselves to make us feel great, they may offer momentary relief but that is all, because true contentment and joy come from within, and the tension and anxiety we feel from not being true to ourselves never goes away, no matter how much alcohol and junk food we drink and eat in an attempt to dull our awareness.

    1. Agreed Alison, the numbing ways never worked, and reconnecting to our essences fuels a deepening joy that brings an appreciation of all life offers from that place of deep stillness, which is never “outside ourselves”.

    2. Connecting with ourselves, being present, supports us like nothing else, ‘I have been able to connect to me again, and make this connection my way of life.’

  14. I sometimes ponder on how many people appearing to have a good time at the local pub or night out are actually having a good time. When you take drinking and drugs out of the equation, you get to feel that it isn’t so great and doesn’t improve you life one iota. There was a reason for wanting to dull what you can feel, just to keep up with what everyone else is doing.

    1. Trying to fit in, and go with the crowd, is usually at our own expense, ‘I no longer need to do certain things at the expense of my body, just to fit in to what society considers normal, even if it is quite harmful.’

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