A Different Kind of Sunday Session

by RB

It was only 3 years ago, on a Sunday afternoon, that I would be at the pub; listening to live music, drinking a beer or glass of wine after having smoked a joint before leaving the car. I would feel anxious about being there, worrying if I looked good, nervous if guys talked to me, and really quite uncomfortable… but, to avoid feeling all of that, I would just get stoned and have another drink. I would eat junk food as it was easy and cheap. I wasn’t really enjoying myself, but it’s what everyone else was doing, so I thought that I should be doing it too. I did not know any other way.

Last Sunday was so very different, so relaxing, and I enjoyed every moment. I spent my Sunday arvo doing a session swap with a fellow esoteric student. We shared ideas on how to be more responsible with our savings, we discussed healthy recipes, and I shared what I had learnt at a recent workshop with Chris James. We were both connected with each other, listening and expressing, taking the time to fully listen to what each one of us was saying. We both laughed and had a great time.

Thanks to the courses that Universal Medicine has presented, I have learnt so much. What is so great is that instead of just learning, reading and gaining knowledge, I have been able to connect to me again, and make this connection my way of life. The connection to me has been created by my taking the time to tune into my body and feel it – rather than ignoring my body and its loud signals, and living life based on what ‘everyone else is doing’. I no longer need to do certain things at the expense of my body, just to fit in to what society considers normal, even if it is quite harmful.

Now I do know another way, and I wouldn’t want my life to be any different. Being present, aware, drug and alcohol free is what makes me feel so great today.

328 thoughts on “A Different Kind of Sunday Session

  1. We try hard to fit in with friends and life, and however much we kid ourselves that we are having fun it still leaves us with an empty feeling, and a feeling that there has to be something more, lovely to read how you started making true connections and how that changed how you felt, when we drop the bravado of life and make it about connection the whole world opens up.

  2. Meaningful interactions are worth their weight in gold. I know that the reason I went out and partied so much when I was younger was to chase some kind of friendship and intimacy with friends and guys alike. Sometimes it worked and I felt like I had so much fun out, that it proved I was close to the people was I parting with. In the end though, when the tough times came, my friends never pulled through. I was always left feeling empty and sad. I am so glad I am able to experience a new and clean way of spending my time now, one that does not leave me hungover or regretful.

  3. To be able to express yourself to another in honesty and openness, with no holding back is a great gift you give to yourself and those you spend time with. Thank you RB for sharing the real you.

  4. I used to dread Sunday nights as the work week loomed ahead. I would often drink alcohol in an attempt to feel better. Now I look forward to Sunday evening as it is a time when I connect with others and prepare for the week ahead.

  5. Connection with oneself is everything. In connection, there are things you can do and things you would never try. The latter are things that are harming in one way or another.

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