Life’s Classroom

by Chrissy, NSW, Australia

… A little flashback to when I first stepped into a room at Universal Medicine… a little awkward in myself, shoulders rounded, eyes averting a confident gaze, a little defensive even… Sidney Poitier’s students in “To Sir, With Love” for some reason come to mind…

… And now, and slowly over time and still ongoing, as a result of what I have chosen and allowed for myself… I am in a Universal Classroom with “To Serge, With Love” (I know, can’t help myself… gotta be playful)…

… And what a classroom this is…

  • Where the students enter freely and the energy seems strangely familiar,
  • Where the teachers stand amongst us, not before us,
  • Where the subject matter is brought by us and includes us all,
  • Where the format is often playful, and never divisive,
  • Where there is always an invitation to share and an opportunity to reflect, if we so choose,
  • Where the only material we bring is the ‘baggage’ we all come attached to, and carry with us,
  • Where one voice is heard by many hearts,
  • Where some of us bring truth and some of us bring love, but we all leave having had the opportunity to be touched by both,
  • Where our only study is to simply listen to our inner heart,
  • Where the only homework we ever get is to take THAT which I ALREADY know I am and be that reflection in life’s big classroom… a classroom that only divides us if we separate from self…

616 thoughts on “Life’s Classroom

  1. I have read this blog before, but this time this line stood out more than the others, ‘Where the teachers stand amongst us, not before us’. This is so true and never have I experienced this anywhere else.

    1. Indeed Julie, that has never been my experience before too. From the teacher standing besides you, I get to understand that I already know everything because I have lived it before, I only have to remember it and get acquainted with it once again.

    2. That is a great line to pick out. Yes it is true there is an absolute equality between students and teachers. Never any holding another to be less in any way as we all experienced to our detriment in the educational systems we attended.

  2. This is beautiful Chrissy ” Where the teachers stand amongst us, not before us, ” I have been witness to this on all occasion in the classroom.

  3. “Where the only homework we ever get is to take THAT which I ALREADY know I am and be that reflection in life’s big classroom… a classroom that only divides us if we separate from self…” What a gorgeous reflection indeed Chrissy and one that takes no effort, tension and or stress and we don’t need to hand in any assignments, pass any tests or cram for an exam, we simply bring who we are to every move we make and be that in our day to day lives. Beautiful, simple and oh so much fun.

  4. Lovely Chrissy, the classroom of life without demands but only with opportunities to grow and evolve back to a way of being and life we have left behind, long, long time ago.

  5. Thank you Chrissy, I have learned so much since beginning studying with Universal Medicine, from Serge when he presents, as well as from the many students who attend the presentations. It’s such a joy to continue to deepen my understanding of myself, of others, of communities and society at large, of nature and of the universe and our place in it all. The truth that is shared is equally within us all.

  6. Chrissy you wrote such a wonderful blog! I am part of this life´s classroom as well and I have to admit that I am absolutely interested in every lesson I had learned and will learn. For me that is the best classroom ever!

  7. Sometimes it seems we think that we exist in life’s hotel, where we can expect to be waited on with an endless supply of good food and entertaining times. We expect to be treated with love and respect by everyone who’s there, championed and celebrated for our every move. Yet life is not a 5 star room we have checked into, but a space for us to learn and grow and evolve in. It’s time we stopped seeing the world as our God given right, that should be delivered to our plate but started to see we are meant to earn our keep by consistently learning and teaching.

  8. The lack of inequality at Universal Medicine events is due to the movements of the group. These are movements which do not wish to create inequality but rather to live in equality, which is a beautiful experience to be a part of.

  9. Life’s class room should be playful indeed. Serious in its playfulness. If we take ourselves serious in this class room, we take away the love we should encounter ourselves learning the lessons on offer. Than we stay contracted and love will not come out the way it can, and then we are not able to let the love in.

  10. Ah now that was a great confirmation of how The Way of The Livingness students are continually learning and deepening our connection to our Soul and expressing this out in our worlds. That this beautiful way of living is a simple choice to keep coming back to our core essence and to let this be our teacher.

  11. A Universal School that I’ve discovered, wagging or having a sickie only means I’m holding back truth and love from myself and everyone else.

  12. ” Where the teachers stand amongst us, not before us, ” I love this part and its so true of all universal medicine’s presentations. Thank you so much for sharing .

  13. Every moment is an education, an opportunity to go deeper, and learn the true nature of who we are – or we can snooze through what is being presented and carry on as we are, repeating and recycling past behaviours. The only issue with this choice is the consequences are dire. Thank you Chrissy for this beautiful description of the universe’s University.

  14. The feeling of the the whole room in ANY Universal Medicine event is one that is truly lovely, completely unimposing and where all are held equally. This should be how it is everywhere were go. I particularly like what you shared here ‘Where one voice is heard by many hearts’ and agree it is also a space where anyone can express what they feel and are listened to by many without judgement. It is a room where everyone is the student and anyone can be the teacher but Serge Benhayon, hands down wins the most AMAZING teacher … world teacher in mine and many others eyes.

  15. It’s the best classroom ever – you are given the space to feel you, to be you and from there you can make a true choice as to how you want to live.

  16. “Where the subject matter is brought by us and includes us all” – This really defines true education, when a subject can be explained and taught in a way that is accurate, detailed and with authority, but relatable to everyone, the bigger picture and open for discussion/forever expanding on what’s already been founded.

  17. Brilliant Chrissy, never, anywhere else does any homework given to anyone have the understanding that we already know it by the reflection in life’s big classroom. This homework is simply to be ourselves in full.

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