Life’s Classroom

by Chrissy, NSW, Australia

… A little flashback to when I first stepped into a room at Universal Medicine… a little awkward in myself, shoulders rounded, eyes averting a confident gaze, a little defensive even… Sidney Poitier’s students in “To Sir, With Love” for some reason come to mind…

… And now, and slowly over time and still ongoing, as a result of what I have chosen and allowed for myself… I am in a Universal Classroom with “To Serge, With Love” (I know, can’t help myself… gotta be playful)…

… And what a classroom this is…

  • Where the students enter freely and the energy seems strangely familiar,
  • Where the teachers stand amongst us, not before us,
  • Where the subject matter is brought by us and includes us all,
  • Where the format is often playful, and never divisive,
  • Where there is always an invitation to share and an opportunity to reflect, if we so choose,
  • Where the only material we bring is the ‘baggage’ we all come attached to, and carry with us,
  • Where one voice is heard by many hearts,
  • Where some of us bring truth and some of us bring love, but we all leave having had the opportunity to be touched by both,
  • Where our only study is to simply listen to our inner heart,
  • Where the only homework we ever get is to take THAT which I ALREADY know I am and be that reflection in life’s big classroom… a classroom that only divides us if we separate from self…

699 thoughts on “Life’s Classroom

  1. “Where the format is often playful, and never divisive,” Brilliant. The truth doesn’t have to be serious, and we can enjoy evolving and returning to soul without it being a heavy or arduous process, especially in the era we are in now and the different energy. Division is so common, but it’s actually unity that settles us, being in harmony and brotherhood – which as you share begins with a full connection to our true selves and no division away from our soul.

  2. It has been a blessing to learn that life is full of lessons. It can be very tense and miserable living as if I arrogantly know it all or have some illusion of perfection. Thus rejecting the lessons before me. It’s much more humbling to be a student of life.

  3. People with confidence can seem very intimidating for people without confidence but the truth is, if it is true confidence then it holds everyone as equal not one better than the other, therefore the person who is withdrawing and holding themselves less is the person who does not have confidence. We are masters of flipping the responsibility and blaming another for having confidence. Spoken from a body and from a well worn path!!

  4. Actually what I am noticing more and more is that we are all teachers/students. We all have a slightly different aspect of the same topic of conversation and it shows me that we all need each other and one is not more important than another. This is a huge teaching as I have not come across this anywhere else. Certainly not in the corporate world where there is a very strict pecking order or hierarchy even though the management will tell you otherwise.

  5. “Where one voice is heard by many hearts” A beautiful line Chrissy, it reminds me that we all come from the same source and if we align to Soul we bring the one love and truth

  6. ‘Where the teachers stand amongst us, not before us,’ – to me the ultimate expression of equality within learning and a classroom I definitely want to be in!

  7. This school is about living and is living. When we see this school separate and away from life, then we reduce it to the usual confinement where being right, playing roles, achieving targets etc. comes enacted.

  8. As corny as it sounds life is meant to be our constant classroom. Each and every environment, each and every interaction, every relationship, indeed every moment is an opportunity to learn, to deepen, to experience, to gain understanding and increase our awareness. The fact that it’s not for so many of us is a reflection of the fact that we have a very blinkered view of life, one that we have conjured up out of what is not true.

  9. To walk into a classroom and not be imposed upon is huge, absolutely colossal because the intention of so many educational institutions is to load students up with information or more accurately to overload students up with information. And what this does is that it smothers the unlimited wisdom and knowledge that we all already have, making many of us feel inadequate, under-qualified and at times downright stupid. As you have so rightly said Chrissy, true education is about leading students back to the vastness that they already are.

  10. The Universal Medicine student body is a very beautiful classroom, there’s humility, fun, honesty, vulnerability, people sharing all their beauty and people sharing their weaknesses and difficulties, each person unique yet all are committed to love.

    1. Very well said and true Melinda, it is a place where it is safe to express how one is feeling and not feel judged. To me it’s not about education as we have come to know education which crushes people. But an absolute knowing of who one is, where we come from and what is needed to get back to what is after all is our birth right.

  11. The “Universal Classroom” which Serge Benhayon has re-introduced to the world is the most amazing classroom I have ever been in. It is not a classroom that has set times and a set curriculum, but one I live in, in every moment. Nothing is expected of me, but I do have a responsibility for everything I do and everything I say, as does every other one of my ‘classmates’. This is one classroom that I would have loved to have been offered the key to as a child, as I know my life would have been very different if I had been.

    1. It is an opportunity to see how borderless responsibility is and to consider that learning is also borderless. I will be a student till the day I pass over and I love the fact that I will be taught by teachers of all ages and experiences. There is unlikely to ever be a dull day in that classroom!!

  12. A room full of equality and respect where every voice is heard. That sounds like my kind of classroom. I have been attending Universal Medicine’s presentations, workshops and courses for over 12 years. It is indeed a very beautifull space to learn and grow in.

  13. How major is it to feel that Serge Benhayon is standing with us as an equal and never looks down on anyone? This is a foundation for us all to understand, as it does away with any judgement of another!

  14. I am so grateful to be in Life’s Classroom where we all learn and grow from the teachings of the Ageless Wisdom, reminding us that this wisdom already resides within us.

  15. Love the fact we don’t need to bring big amounts of homework and books to the class…just US and the baggage we bring is more than enough. It makes sense, because everything is already within.

  16. Beautiful Chrissy, your sharing reminds me how the presentations from Universal Medicine used to be for me as well. It is never serious, mysterious or separative, but inclusive very open and playful. Every time that I attend a class like this my heart opens and expands, it’s definitely a very supportive and life-changing experience every time.

  17. That is exactly how the room is at a Universal Medicine event … every time! You described this perfectly. I wonder if these bullet points were given to cities, towns, young people, old people, schools etc., would they see this as dangerous or inspiring? Inspiring I think ✨

  18. To open up to what we already know is such a confirmation of our grandness.
    We are not just a physical body. We are beings with a temperary physical body to complete life on planet earth to return to our soul.
    The simplicity in how Serge Benhayon brings the teachings about the Ageless Wisdom to us makes it reachable for all of us.

  19. And that’s how it can be, if we live connected to that essence which resides in all of us, we live us in the world and it’s our only job; everything else comes from that foundation.

    1. Yes, imagine if we all knew that right from the start – our only job in life is to live from our essence, life would be very different. Instead we are told we have to mould ourselves to be what ‘society’ deem is acceptable and therefore de-value some absolute gems who don’t fit the mould.

  20. True Life education. One such stand out (from many) for me was the retreat of a few years ago where we explored and exposed to the depth of what jealousy is and how it plays out in our lives. When in our everyday lives do we ever do this? or when in our everyday lives that discussion like this are really supported. Having an deeper understanding of this really does assist us to evolve as people and bring a greater understanding of what goes on for others.

    1. I love the sound of this classroom and I am already in one, Universal Medicine, one amazing classroom that I never thought would be possible to attend and now it is here open to everyone.

  21. “Where our only study is to simply listen to our inner heart,” SO true Chrissy. Where every event can be an opportunity to deepen our relationship with ourself, others and with our soul.

  22. Universal Medicine has set the standard for what a classroom can and should be like. Being held as equal, that we are all teachers and students at once, allows everyone to open up and express and explore forgotten territory.

  23. Chrissy, what you have written is brilliant lighthearted, but oh so true we all live in Life’s classroom. I particularly resonate to the fact that we are all carrying baggage from many lives which we are very attached to, but are actually causing us a lot of harm as the baggage is not who we truly are, yet it has become so familiar it is difficult to let go because what would life look like if we were to let go? From my own personal experience life gets to be very simple and less complicated and in this there is more space.

  24. ‘Universal classroom’ – I love that term; it really captures what Universal Medicine offers as well as what life actually is, hence it is time to be a student of one´s universal life and explore the wholeness of who we are.

  25. Beautiful words and love the classroom, I particularly loved your line “Where our only study is to simply listen to our inner heart,” thank you.

  26. “… a classroom that only divides us if we separate from self…” – that´s a crucial point, whatever the forces that intend to divide us, in the end it is us who give in to it and thus separate from the truth we know ourselves to be and thereby allow the forces to have the upper hand. Who then is actually in charge and holds the real power, he and she who give in to the imposition or the energy imposing on us? As unfair and overwhelming as it may be at times, it is up to us to learn how to deal with it by staying true to ourselves.

  27. I love this classroom. It is so different from the schools I went to before. Could not have dreamed that there will be love in the classroom. That I will meet true love which I list so long, so many lives to live.
    God came to me to support me back to me.

  28. This is absolutely so beautiful Chrissy. If ever you were going to sell The Way of The Livingness, this is it right here! The fact is you don’t need to sell it. It naturally inspires, as these words articulate.

  29. It’s an illusion to segment our lives into situations where we are open to learning and situations where we are not, and it’s impossible for anything to be ‘irrelevant’ because there’s always something to observe.

    1. Really appreciate what you share there, how there is never a moment where we can’t be observing ourselves and life and learning and how compartmentalising ‘learning’ into just certain areas of our life doesn’t make sense.

  30. True Doug, for if we don’t live what we learn and from this awareness learn to refine and commit to continually evolve the foundations of our everyday life we will always struggle.

  31. If we all considered life as a classroom in which we have the opportunity to learn and grow from every single experience we have, I have a feeling society as we know it would be completely different to the world we have presently created, as it would both heal and transform on so many levels.

  32. I would never have thought that such a classroom existed until coming to Universal Medicine with Serge presenting all that you have described above, it is heavens classroom here on earth, embracing all of humanity.

    1. Yes, and in that equality there is no one ‘better’ or ‘lesser’ for what they know or are aware of and all hold a responsibility for what we reflect and role model to one another…

  33. Universal Medicine presentations are like no other school room or class that I have ever been in. There is no knowledge to remember, simply a re-connection back to that which is already known within.

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