Life’s Classroom

by Chrissy, NSW, Australia

… A little flashback to when I first stepped into a room at Universal Medicine… a little awkward in myself, shoulders rounded, eyes averting a confident gaze, a little defensive even… Sidney Poitier’s students in “To Sir, With Love” for some reason come to mind…

… And now, and slowly over time and still ongoing, as a result of what I have chosen and allowed for myself… I am in a Universal Classroom with “To Serge, With Love” (I know, can’t help myself… gotta be playful)…

… And what a classroom this is…

  • Where the students enter freely and the energy seems strangely familiar,
  • Where the teachers stand amongst us, not before us,
  • Where the subject matter is brought by us and includes us all,
  • Where the format is often playful, and never divisive,
  • Where there is always an invitation to share and an opportunity to reflect, if we so choose,
  • Where the only material we bring is the ‘baggage’ we all come attached to, and carry with us,
  • Where one voice is heard by many hearts,
  • Where some of us bring truth and some of us bring love, but we all leave having had the opportunity to be touched by both,
  • Where our only study is to simply listen to our inner heart,
  • Where the only homework we ever get is to take THAT which I ALREADY know I am and be that reflection in life’s big classroom… a classroom that only divides us if we separate from self…

587 thoughts on “Life’s Classroom

  1. What a gorgeous reminder that we are all responsible for our life and learnings:
    ‘Where the only homework we ever get is to take THAT which I ALREADY know I am and be that reflection in life’s big classroom… a classroom that only divides us if we separate from self’
    That once we separate – we are the only ones who make a division.

  2. It’s gorgeous to be a student of oneself. We are our greatest and most humble teacher – it is up to us if we choose to listen to the inner wisdom of our bodies and let go of what gets in the way of accepting that communication.

    1. Yes to this and the celebration of the fun and revelations to be had when we are students of ourselves… curious and investigative. My relationship with my body just gets more and more interesting the more I ‘listen’ to what it has to say and then live informed by its guidance.

  3. So beautifully expressed thank you “Where the only homework we ever get is to take THAT which I ALREADY know I am and be that reflection in life’s big classroom… a classroom that only divides us if we separate from self…” I am a forever student.

  4. So simply expressed. What I love about the teachings of Universal Medicine is that they are not rules or guidelines, but simply tools to access the wisdom that we all equally have inside of us. There’s no reliance on these teachings to access this wisdom, since we can all access it through we live, but they can help us identify what gets in the way, and get to it more easily.

  5. Yep, that sums it up and remembering that this is how we learn, through the grace of love and truth presented by our fellow brothers and sisters.

  6. The classroom that you describe here is the real deal, one where evolution is the subject and truth and love its methodology.

  7. One of the things I notice about true teachers is that they always have a teacher themselves and never act alone. Hence a true teacher never proposes that he or she is better than anyone else for they too have another or others who are supporting them in what they need to learn…no different to everyone else.

  8. This is all so true! Thanks for expressing it so I can gain a deeper appreciation and live this in my life more consciously because these classrooms are there all around us if we choose to live this way.

  9. Thanks Chrissy. Lovely to come back to this and feel how much I am taking on Life’s lessons, and like you feeling appreciation for how and for what I am being responsible, and how as we open up to more love and truth life becomes richer and more joyful.

  10. This is a very beautiful blog appreciating what any student of Universal Medicine holds very dear. Our ‘lessons’ are really unlike anything available in the big classroom of life. What I am appreciating is how strong the pattern of the all-knowing teacher filling up the empty vessel students with knowledge. It creates an inequality and passivity in students that carries through life to any time we are learning something new. It feels amazing to start from the knowing that we are already full and wise and equal.

  11. What a lovely blog, thankyou. One of my favourite lines “Where the teachers stand amongst us, not before us”, this is so true, thankyou for sharing all the things you appreciate about Universal Medicine, their workshops are special experiences and your points ring true for me too.

  12. There is another way for us to learn and remember things that doesn’t follow being told and trying to recall. It sees you as already knowing it all and the dedication is for you to return to that knowing. It doesn’t see you in age, gender or ability but sees you in expression. It doesn’t come from right and wrong but simply from confirmation. You aren’t marked on your answers but supported to consistently see more. This is an education in a different way, a true education that doesn’t sit itself above you but brings you in, welcomes you as an equal and knows that with you we are all greater, The Way of The Livingness.

  13. This is the classroom of the future, for it is our ancient past – a sharing of wisdom, pouring forth equally from both students and teachers, rather than a bombardment of knowledge we are expected to recall on demand.

  14. ‘Where the teachers stand amongst us, not before us’ – as a teacher and a student, I know the significance of this and it is a world changing approach that has our equality at its core.

  15. This feels so light and true and this is the way I would love to come back to be educated by in the future and therefore, it will be what I commit to live each and every day, to see the lessons and accept the true education of The Way of The Livingness.

  16. A classroom where the teacher stands amongst the students, and yet values no less his or her authority and values no less the authority of each student…this is a rare thing to encounter, but a blessing indeed when one gets to be a part of it. I have experienced this too with Serge Benhayon and the Universal Medicine presentations. I love the feeling and am deeply touched by someone being here to remind us of true teaching and all of us being students, forever.

  17. I am loving re-reading your blog and more than 3 years on its so perfectly positioned and a great reflection for what we all experience at Universal Medicine events, something that gives us a moment to take stock and then take to life who we truly are, seeing each moment as part of our learning and unfolding, forever students of our soul and of life.

  18. I agree Chrissy, it is so refreshing when we can look at life as a big classroom as we can let go of the images and expectations we place on ourselves and others and just learn to be a student of life where we learn from our mistakes and eventually will get to where we belong.

  19. Best school I have ever been a part of. The whole premise that as a group you cannot move forward until everyone has an agreed understanding is beyond any other platform reached in traditional learning environments. That you already know everything when connected to universal intelligence is the foundation as a student. Hardly the professor and lowly student that we know of at university. I remember feeling how loveless university was and left after a year having really loved learning at school, I just couldn’t reconcile the change in purpose. So wonderful being a part of learning that is about love and truth.

  20. I loved your word play for such a great teacher – ‘To Serge, With Love’. It also can be expressed the other way round – ‘From Serge, With Love’ where the love for humanity is ginormous and the wisdom that is there to be shared with everyone is endless – a classroom where each student present is valued and seen for the amazing person they also are. Who could ask for anything more . . .

  21. Sometimes it feels like I fell asleep at the back of the room and slept through the key things I needed to learn. But what the amazing thing is about this school is you never miss out, the teaching is retold to you in as many styles, and as many times as you need. It’s never too late to open your heart and get that ‘aha’ moment – every day is here for us to learn. Thank you Chrissy for this note and reminder to appreciate the lessons I am currently sitting.

    1. Haha I love your honesty, it’s true I think most of us are asleep at the back of the classroom and so life is constantly finding new ways to teach us the same lesson.

  22. Life is definitely a big classroom made for us to evolve in. We have our ups and downs but we will all come out and graduate in the end! There is no fail in this class!

  23. The lessons we can learn every single day in life are so incredibly rich and valuable, it’s a bit like having access to a never ending pot of gold, or you could say the wealth of learning and growing everyday is one of the most rewarding experiences possible.

  24. And in our on-going classes to discover more and more what being us is truly about and take that more to our everyday life, this is nothing new but so deeply joyful to remember and express again.

  25. Being a student of Universal Medicine is everything that you have expressed and more. My life is transformed as a result of being a part of this and through living what is taught I offer others the same opportunity.

  26. Chrissy the classroom you described is where education ought to be at and our education system is far from it.

    I wasn’t around in the era of the education system when ‘To Sir With Love’ was based on but boy have I got goose bumps just thinking about how I was taught and it is far from Universal Medicine teachings.

    Serge Benhayon only present the truth to us and I’ve often heard him say ‘we are forever students’, I didn’t understand this but over the years I’ve been a student of Universal Medicine, I totally get it, we are forever learning. We are equally a teacher as we are equally a student.

  27. The traditional classroom never suited me, I was always a challenging student at school and although the teachers loved my creativity and tenacity they often struggled to answer my worldly questioning. I would ask the purpose of certain subjects, I would ask why they were inspired to teach? My teachers were shocked that I saw them as my equal but in this they gained great respect for me, still they were unable to deliver a lived way that could lead me out of my self created mess. Universal Medicine presenters and teachers on the other hand have never been shocked at the fact I am there equal, that I can lead from the crowd. Questions are welcomed and answered with a depth that is deeply felt, no curved ball that I have thrown in the 12 years of being a student of UM has ever been unanswered. Plus, the way the presenters move and live is constantly communicating for me to live more of my potential and I am no longer “the mess” I was once.

  28. We live in life’s big classroom every day, and thanks to Serge Benhayon I am fully equipped to be all that I am, develop daily and be a light for others.

  29. When we appreciate who we are we can appreciate when a space is supportive for us, whether that be in the company of another or walking into a room full of people. It is honouring for us each to appreciate ourselves so that we are open to receiving support when it presents to us.

  30. To Serge, with Love indeed! Not to exalt the man unnecessarily, but he is one heck of a teacher and there’s no better preparation for the school of life – a school that 99% of us struggle in, left to our own devices.

    1. Sure you are right Victoria, most of us struggle in life because we have lost that connection with the divine being within. Thanks to Serge Benhayon, the new world teacher, we have the opportunity to rise again to our natural way of being and living in connection with the divine being we are.

  31. The development offered by Universal Medicine is a classroom for life, for anyone who chooses to learn from their own inner wisdom.

  32. This is the classroom that is the true role model for the Education system world wide… imagine if every school modelled itself on this? Our lives and our students lives would fundamentally shift and the world would change to a point of non-recognition… for what would be created? Simply harmony, love and brotherhood.

  33. I like what you bring Chrissy with line “a classroom that only divides us if we separate from self…”. to me it tells me that the separation we experience in our societies and in the world are just the outcome from us not being connected with ourselves and therefore express this same quality of divisiveness in the societies we live in. With that the answer is actually also very simple, and can only be found in building that inner connection with who we naturally are from within.

  34. The willingness to be with ourselves no matter how we are brings back presence and confidence until we make choices that we will not want to not be with ourselves, and so learning in earth school becomes a joy always.

  35. The best classroom ever.
    As my previous schooltime as a child was about the opposite of what Cherise describes, i felt a lot of pressure on me by all the demands.
    In future I am sure there will be a very different way of teaching which honours the student and doesn’t focus on being a so called ‘good’ or ‘bad’ student but on being seen for who we are and our qualities and service. To support it the best way to expand.

  36. Sometimes I take for granted what I have at my finger tips, it is blogs like this that remind me of what an ancient and invaluable classroom that is actually on offer, thank you.

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