Life’s Classroom

by Chrissy, NSW, Australia

… A little flashback to when I first stepped into a room at Universal Medicine… a little awkward in myself, shoulders rounded, eyes averting a confident gaze, a little defensive even… Sidney Poitier’s students in “To Sir, With Love” for some reason come to mind…

… And now, and slowly over time and still ongoing, as a result of what I have chosen and allowed for myself… I am in a Universal Classroom with “To Serge, With Love” (I know, can’t help myself… gotta be playful)…

… And what a classroom this is…

  • Where the students enter freely and the energy seems strangely familiar,
  • Where the teachers stand amongst us, not before us,
  • Where the subject matter is brought by us and includes us all,
  • Where the format is often playful, and never divisive,
  • Where there is always an invitation to share and an opportunity to reflect, if we so choose,
  • Where the only material we bring is the ‘baggage’ we all come attached to, and carry with us,
  • Where one voice is heard by many hearts,
  • Where some of us bring truth and some of us bring love, but we all leave having had the opportunity to be touched by both,
  • Where our only study is to simply listen to our inner heart,
  • Where the only homework we ever get is to take THAT which I ALREADY know I am and be that reflection in life’s big classroom… a classroom that only divides us if we separate from self…

657 thoughts on “Life’s Classroom

  1. The forever student understands that there is no end to the depth we can go and thus there is no ‘end point’ that must be reached in order to feel a sense of achievement, for each step we take on the path back home to our Soul, is imbued with all the magic of the ‘final destination’.

  2. I have never known a classroom like this in all of my life until I stepped into Universal Medicine. And these qualities you write of, inspire me to bring that with me everywhere I go.

  3. Thank you. It is a beautiful classroom when we choose to learn to co-exist. This is exactly what Universal Medicine supports us humanity with, in the school of The Way of The Livingness.

  4. The opportunity to resurrect, freely explore and deepen our connection to love, to our Soul and how our Soulfulness can be live through our lives is priceless, empowering, humbling and continually inspiring.

  5. I think there’s lots here that would truly support if brought into all our school classrooms and lecture theatres.

  6. I disliked being at school from an early age and I never waivered from my dislike at how damaging our education system is on our bodies. Coming across Serge Benhayon and Universal medicine was the best medicine for me and I love the teachings and presentations, because my body knows that what is being shared with us all, I actually do already know. It is just a matter of surrendering to the fact that my body naturally knows how to respond to every situation if I get myself out of the way. This to me is true education where we do not crush our bodies by letting our minds rule. After all what is the point in having a masters degree in any subject if we have wrecked our bodies to achieve it?

  7. Now this homework “to take THAT which I ALREADY know I am and be that reflection in life’s big classroom” would have not been left in my bag and put off until the last minute, and this classroom would have been one I would have looked forward to every day. I mightn’t have had the opportunity to enroll in this class when I was a school girl but I do have it today and so I am now enrolled until the end of this life and for all the others to come.

    1. Yes Danna so true. We do a massive disservice to our children, ourselves and humanity through keeping our children away from knowing the power and wisdom of the love they are within. As they are in fact our future, and the quality in which they learn and are fostered to live paves the way forth for developing the standards in which we all will be met with in the future.

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