Responding to the Call

by Joel L, Western Australia

I have heard the term ‘Responding to the Call’ in a few different settings…..

A leadership group I have been a part of used it; I have heard mainstream religions use it; I have also heard the term used at Universal Medicine. It has been my experience with the latter where I started to truly feel what this is asking of me.

Before Universal Medicine, ‘responding to the call’ meant to do something that someone asked of me from within that group. If an alumni of the leadership group called me, I would be obliged to ‘respond to that call’ because of our shared alumni status, regardless of whether I knew them or not.

But I am learning that these ‘calls’ I used to get from people (often latterly phone calls) are quite different to ‘the call’ that comes from that much deeper place within. Responding consistently from that deeper place within is now my daily study. I find it’s not about waiting for ‘the call’ to do something big or grand, but about discerning if those things I feel/think just ‘have to get done’ are coming from that deeper place within, or if they are coming from a neediness within me.

Writing these blogs has been a particularly interesting exploration of this learning.

In moments of stillness I have some insight into what ‘might be’… it’s not ‘a voice in my head’, or outside me for that matter… it’s like a seed from within – a feeling – that if I don’t second guess what it needs to be, becomes its own flower. And, if I don’t get excited and try to open the flower bud before its ready, it opens in its own time and in a magical way… For me, this is how I experience the call. Not just in writing, but in most things.

Recently, I was reading some of the comments from one of my blogs and thought, ‘I’ve got to write another one’. But this was coming from a neediness within me to replicate what I had done (dare I say recognition played a part). It was not a true call. In that moment, I decided what the flower would be and I wrote and wrote and wrote until I forced it open… and, when I finally stopped – what I read and felt wasn’t nice.

I am learning that when I act from my own ideals and ‘needs’ I somehow minimise the potential of any given exchange, expression and experience before it has even begun. At the same time, I cannot just ‘leave it to the fate of the universe’, because then I take me out of the equation. There is something about being neither the controller nor the victim of life – being willing to express what I feel in each moment, combined with not forcing or second guessing what is there to be expressed or created. The result is not always fireworks or brass bands, but joyful and beautiful nonetheless.

So, when I respond to the call within and am able to navigate away from my own needs or beliefs about what life should be; then I am witness to magic… not really its owner, not its creator but more its midwife, welcoming it into the world. 

593 thoughts on “Responding to the Call

  1. This is magical to be aware of .. just what it is your response is to what is front of, knowing that how will your response be if it includes all of humanity and the universe. It opens up the state of play to not just your ‘lunchbox playground” and brings purpose. Small or big if it is a moment of being in response either going deeper or confirming what is already there I reckon is a great start to responding to the Call.

  2. Your blog Joel is leaving me pondering on how much we either try and control life, or get trapped in the blame, unfairness or victim role that is so easy to get caught in.

  3. The call, ie. what is called for (by humanity) may not even be in the awareness of the ones making the call, they may even argue that they don´t relate to it, dislike it or resist the response that offers them everything they deep down wish for but deny to know for themselves. Responding to the call may not be appreciated by those who have put out the call and actually are in need of a true answer/reply. That´s when the messenger is ‘killed’ in order to ignore the message.

  4. I really appreciate this idea that we are the midwife of what is needed in any given moment as it takes the need for ownership out of the equation. It ensures we are working to a common purpose.

  5. “not really its owner, not its creator but more its midwife, welcoming it into the world. ” when self gets out of the way, what we can birth forth can be truly inspiring for all humanity.

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