Journeying Across the World with Serge Benhayon

My husband and I have recently completed a three-week overseas trip from New Zealand, but this has probably been a very different experience than for most overseas travellers.

The initial purpose of this trip was to visit our son and his wife in Belgium, but we always felt there to be a deeper purpose for this adventure. How we live has changed immensely in the last 10 years, largely because we have felt the natural integration of the Ancient Wisdom teachings into our life. These teachings have been shared by Serge Benhayon through the many Universal Medicine courses and presentations that we have attended. These changes are not prescriptive as a result of Serge’s teachings or presentations, but are the result of choices we have made to deepen our connection to ourselves, our families, the wider community and to God.

We feel there has to be a purpose in everything we do that supports us to always go deeper in our awareness and our relationships and it was no different when we planned this overseas journey.

Our gratitude to Serge Benhayon is immense and his worldly presence impacted on so much of our holiday planning, as I have shared below.

From the outset, we knew we wanted to bring purpose into our travels and not just have a ‘comfortable,’ indulgent holiday. For this reason, we planned our holiday around people and the connections we would make rather than the sights we were going to see.

  • We started our trip in Australia, completing Part One of Esoteric Connective Tissue Therapy training with Serge Benhayon. We came away from this course with a greater sense of ourselves and the learnt skills to be able to provide treatments of this therapy and share what we experienced within our clinical practice. We were able to have a few minutes of personal sharing with Serge at the end, which is not always a typical situation at workshops or conferences whereby the presenters can appear unattainable. It is difficult for me to describe the love felt from this gorgeous man, simply what he shared with us was so extraordinarily ordinary and real that we both felt totally met in those moments.
  • While in Australia we stayed with a student of Universal Medicine in her home, as well as meeting many more students at the course that provided opportunities for us to chat about our daily living and possible ways of being more open to ourselves and others.
  • We travelled to London and were met at the plane by an amazing woman, who I had connected to through a Universal Medicine nursing support group, although I had not previously met her in person. We spent two nights in London where we had personal healing sessions at an Esoteric Healing Clinic. My nursing colleague then drove us to Somerset where we stayed at the Lighthouse, a beautiful bed and breakfast facility located in the countryside.
  • We were invited to dinner both nights by students of Universal Medicine and their families – we had never met these students before. The conversations had at the dinner table on both evenings were stimulating, enlightening and joyful, and totally without awkwardness. Our conversations barely touched on the mundane such as the weather, but rather we talked about aspects of our living and what we were bringing to the world through our work. The food was nutritious and simple but very tasty, and water was the desired beverage.

As our travel continued, we could feel the imprints of what Serge Benhayon has presented over the last 18 years in the lives of everyone we had met up to this point. The tranquillity and stillness and the total acceptance and love we felt from my nursing colleague, the beautifully prepared food, to how our rooms were presented at the Lighthouse and the very warm welcome from everyone, all had the hallmarks of lives lived with care and a loving presence.

  • We spent ten days staying with our son and daughter-in-law in Belgium – our first visit. In the first two days, some tensions appeared between my daughter-in-law and myself, which significantly affected the harmony in their home. This unsettled and distressed us both as we knew that this was not how we wanted to live together or be with each other. We were both able to express honestly how we were feeling and this allowed a deep healing for both of us. Without the wisdom of relationships which Serge has brought through to us we may not have had the understanding that love is greater than any hurt we may be individually feeling. Through the expression of these hurts we were able to move forward and not feed into the picture of dissension being a normal way of being between in-laws. For the remainder of our time with them we could all feel a sense of community in our living and a gradual deepening in our relationships.
  • We then had a short time in the Netherlands, staying with our daughter-in-law’s parents. We had met them via Skype and the relationships between us had deepened over the last 2 years with regular Skype contact. The ease we felt when we were with them may have been hard to explain for many, but we knew that we had possibly met in lives gone by and that the similarities in our lives today were not there by coincidence. It is also no coincidence that our children have constellated together from opposite sides of the world.

Our holiday has been truly amazing and totally enjoyable. We have learnt much about ourselves and our patterns of living and can feel that there are some changes to be made now that we are back home again

It is because of Serge Benhayon and what he is sharing with the world that we have met and shared experiences with this amazing network of people on our travels. Regardless of the country we were in we could feel a oneness with all the people we met, including shop assistants and tram drivers. This oneness is not exclusive to students of Universal Medicine nor is it based on our living perfect lives, but rather on human beings meeting each other with love, understanding and an acceptance of where we are all at on our life journey.

How Serge Benhayon lives and what Serge presents is global in nature and it was this universality we felt on our holiday.

Thank you, Serge, for the true understanding of how life works.

Published with permission of my daughter-in-law and her parents.

By Anne Hishon, New Zealand

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408 thoughts on “Journeying Across the World with Serge Benhayon

  1. Finding our way around the world with the most Loving students is an amazing experience and as we get to be with so many loving people who support and in no way impose on us, Thus True Love.

  2. The absolute best person to journey across the world with ‘Journeying Across the World with Serge Benhayon’ and I really appreciate how if I travel, it now has to be with or for a purpose. I feel am only just at the beginning stages of doing this but love how my body feels responsive and full with love when I do.

  3. The Amazing-ness of life when we openly share from our Essences, Inner-most-hearts / Souls, and as life starts from this connection and deepens our honesty with each other, so that the absolute Harmony we can share and live is astounding but at the same time becomes normal.

  4. It’s a truly glorious story, thank you Anne. What’s been highlighted is instead of a holiday being used to escape life, when life is lived with self care, self love and connection to oneself then the holiday becomes an opportunity for more of that – it’s the difference between existing and evolving. This is also a wonderful gem of wisdom, a true foundation for life – “the understanding that love is greater than any hurt we may be individually feeling.”

  5. It is through the teachings of the Ancient Wisdom that we are able to gain a deeper understanding of ourselves and our relationship to the universe and the part we have to play in the wider scheme of this vastness of space. In many ways we are not as intelligent as we like to think we are. I have come to understand that our knowledge is very superficial and cannot be at all compared with the limitless wisdom of the universe which we seem to ignore, and this will be our undoing as is already evident by the increase in illness and disease within our society.

  6. Do we freak out when we find ourselves being so naturally open and connecting with others regardless of who they are? Like, we are able to go beyond the country, the language, the family, the culture etc., but when that happens we somehow feel like we can’t quite believe that we are, and make it a rarity so it is inconsistent, at least so that our ‘normal’ stays constricted and yearning for more – because I know from experience that this change in our posture can happen in a blink of an eye.

  7. I have noticed that Serge Benhayon makes himself available to talk to any and everyone who attends these events before, after, during and in breaks – it is quite amazing how he can present all day long and talk to people at every break and never seem to need a break or moment himself. I have seen Serge make himself available to others in this manner consistently since the first event I attended in 2004.

  8. When we connect in love we are all family, regardless of whether we have met before, or where in the world we live.

  9. This does not happen often, around the world where people who barely have met, meet and greet or have dinner with. I feel this is a true sense of community. We are about people and without people we cannot prosper.

    Most family holidays turn into disasters with someone being upset by another. Yet Anne you were able to address the tension and love was the key to continuing with the relationship.

    Serge Benhayon has offered this to us all and it is unto the individual to decide whether they wish to remain as they are or to make a change in their living, everyone has a choice and the will to do as they like – it is that simple.

  10. A holiday filled with PURPOSE not just to see the sights but to embrace and enjoy the quality of each and every connection made along the way, What a journey what an inspiration. This could catch on.

  11. Its beyond words the depth of understanding that is commonly felt after living and experiencing the wisdom imparted via Serge Benhayon. The realisation upon realisation is an endless opportunity to grow and grow walking in the clarity of just how much love there really is around us and within US. “Without the wisdom of relationships which Serge has brought through to us we may not have had the understanding that love is greater than any hurt we may be individually feeling. “

  12. I love what you are saying here Victoria about being at home within ourselves so that no matter where we go we are at home so to speak.

  13. Im discovering how lovely it is to go to new places and to take all of myself there, with a sense of purpose rather than using it as a time to ‘switch off’.

  14. I agree your trip would have been completely different had you never met Serge or been associated with Universal Medicine. It is wonderful to know such love exists and is what the future holds for us all when we truly see that living without it has never worked and never will.

  15. Oh my how our lives are enriched and made more meaningful when we have the Ancient Wisdom teachings in our life.

  16. ‘We feel there has to be a purpose in everything we do that supports us to always go deeper in our awareness and our relationships’ True Anne and when you take purpose with you on your holiday, it is a completely different holiday as you have showed us here. We are setting new standards in everything and everywhere by the way we choose to live our lives.

  17. There are students of The Way of the Livingness all over the globe, which is gorgeous. Connecting with others who have chosen to live with energetic integrity and energetic responsibility is very inspiring.

  18. It’s beautiful how you made the purpose of the travel about the quality of connection with everyone you met and not just about sight seeing.

  19. “We feel there has to be a purpose in everything we do that supports us to always go deeper in our awareness and our relationships and it was no different when we planned this overseas journey” – without the intention of purpose, and purpose itself, there is no point.

  20. I have the first book that Serge Benhayon wrote ‘The way it is’ with me on an overseas trip. I have read this book many, many times and each time I read it, what I can feel is my expansion and a deeper understanding, its as though what is written is alive within the pages. When I first read this book, to be honest I struggled to understand, or actually to stay awake long enough to read a page. I agree with Serge Benhayon when he writes
    “We call ourselves an intelligent race and this may be so, but what intelligence are we intelligent about”
    I don’t feel we are that intelligent at all when we fight among ourselves, when people are starving and yet we spend more money defending our countries then we do on the people we are supposedly defending, so that they are starving and living in poverty. This makes no sense to me and I don’t feel its a very intelligent way to be. So have we fallen for a level of intelligence that is way below our actual intelligence which doesn’t come from our minds but our bodies?

  21. I just did a little trip visiting other students of Universal Medicine and it was the same experience as you shared. I had never met these people before but there was an openness, love and ease with living together that showed how we could all be living one day with each other.

  22. The tools to deal with life in a loving way, you get offered in Universal Medicine are very simple and powerful.

  23. I never go anywhere without the teachings of The Way of The Livingness which is downloaded onto my computer and IPhone and a Purple book. These are the mainstays of my travel bag, Passport, Driving license, Universal Medicine, done.

  24. I used to ‘love’ travelling in my 20s – seeing new places, meeting different people and eating new foods! But now when I look at beautiful holiday destinations, I can’t feel any pull to go there, and what’s missing is purpose. When I travel now it has to have a purpose beyond myself.

  25. Coming to another esoteric household in whatever part of the world is always a beautiful experience, since we get to know first-hand other angles to our common quest.

  26. How much of our life do we spend talking about the weather? What would the world be like if we switched instead to sharing what we feel in energy? I feel the shift would be big.

  27. Thank-you Anne for sharing your journey. It is wonderful how much love and harmony we are reflected back to us when we are open and accepting of all others. So much more purpose to your holiday than ‘just’ having a holiday.

  28. What a way to travel Anne, and how inspiring to feel like the world is your home with all the connections with others along the way … this is how we can be.

  29. My last break from work also was planned around connecting with friends and family and this was a beautiful way to celebrate and deepen what I cherish in our relationships. Whilst the setting might have changed each time and I enjoyed reconnecting with different landscapes, the purpose was always about the connections with others.

  30. Even when I travel and don’t meet any other students, I carry with me a way of life that supports me where ever I go. I realised today, whilst on a business trip and sat with my colleges discussing their sleepless nights, how the presentations of Universal Medicine have supported even in the most seemingly mundane and simple aspects of my life – I travel with the same rhythm I have at home, bringing a candle, incense, aspects of my wind down routine that put me into a rhythm that my body knows well and sends me into a restful sleep with ease.

  31. Hi Anne, thanks for sharing this new-way-how-to-do-a-holiday. In a true way of living there is only purpose and expansion, which is accessible to everybody. Comfort and indulgence in the end satisfies nobody.

  32. Thank you Anne and family, the love and care you experienced by those inspired by Serge’s work is a hallmark of The Way of the Livingness – the life of the soul in earth. And what a great gem of wisdom to share, to have “the understanding that love is greater than any hurt we may be individually feeling.” I had goosebumps reading about your relationship with your in-laws and how the relationship between each family’s children was constellated.

  33. Regardless of race, culture, or religion we are all the same within. This is nowhere more apparent than when traveling and learning we all face the same challenges in life, and ultimately desire the same things.

  34. This is a good one for me to read as I have five days off and going to a very hot country so it will be had not to lay around and do nothing after I have been working extremely hard.

  35. Beautiful Anne, you have shared how it is possible to live with this purpose and in harmony, it is not some out of reach nirvana, but very simple choices about being honest and open to others and what the world brings.

  36. This is evidence of the fact that what truly unites us is love. It is grander than nationality, culture, belief, ideal, concept or anything else from this world simply because love is grander than anything of this world.

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