Journeying Across the World with Serge Benhayon

My husband and I have recently completed a three-week overseas trip from New Zealand, but this has probably been a very different experience than for most overseas travellers.

The initial purpose of this trip was to visit our son and his wife in Belgium, but we always felt there to be a deeper purpose for this adventure. How we live has changed immensely in the last 10 years, largely because we have felt the natural integration of the Ancient Wisdom teachings into our life. These teachings have been shared by Serge Benhayon through the many Universal Medicine courses and presentations that we have attended. These changes are not prescriptive as a result of Serge’s teachings or presentations, but are the result of choices we have made to deepen our connection to ourselves, our families, the wider community and to God.

We feel there has to be a purpose in everything we do that supports us to always go deeper in our awareness and our relationships and it was no different when we planned this overseas journey.

Our gratitude to Serge Benhayon is immense and his worldly presence impacted on so much of our holiday planning, as I have shared below.

From the outset, we knew we wanted to bring purpose into our travels and not just have a ‘comfortable,’ indulgent holiday. For this reason, we planned our holiday around people and the connections we would make rather than the sights we were going to see.

  • We started our trip in Australia, completing Part One of Esoteric Connective Tissue Therapy training with Serge Benhayon. We came away from this course with a greater sense of ourselves and the learnt skills to be able to provide treatments of this therapy and share what we experienced within our clinical practice. We were able to have a few minutes of personal sharing with Serge at the end, which is not always a typical situation at workshops or conferences whereby the presenters can appear unattainable. It is difficult for me to describe the love felt from this gorgeous man, simply what he shared with us was so extraordinarily ordinary and real that we both felt totally met in those moments.
  • While in Australia we stayed with a student of Universal Medicine in her home, as well as meeting many more students at the course that provided opportunities for us to chat about our daily living and possible ways of being more open to ourselves and others.
  • We travelled to London and were met at the plane by an amazing woman, who I had connected to through a Universal Medicine nursing support group, although I had not previously met her in person. We spent two nights in London where we had personal healing sessions at an Esoteric Healing Clinic. My nursing colleague then drove us to Somerset where we stayed at the Lighthouse, a beautiful bed and breakfast facility located in the countryside.
  • We were invited to dinner both nights by students of Universal Medicine and their families – we had never met these students before. The conversations had at the dinner table on both evenings were stimulating, enlightening and joyful, and totally without awkwardness. Our conversations barely touched on the mundane such as the weather, but rather we talked about aspects of our living and what we were bringing to the world through our work. The food was nutritious and simple but very tasty, and water was the desired beverage.

As our travel continued, we could feel the imprints of what Serge Benhayon has presented over the last 18 years in the lives of everyone we had met up to this point. The tranquillity and stillness and the total acceptance and love we felt from my nursing colleague, the beautifully prepared food, to how our rooms were presented at the Lighthouse and the very warm welcome from everyone, all had the hallmarks of lives lived with care and a loving presence.

  • We spent ten days staying with our son and daughter-in-law in Belgium – our first visit. In the first two days, some tensions appeared between my daughter-in-law and myself, which significantly affected the harmony in their home. This unsettled and distressed us both as we knew that this was not how we wanted to live together or be with each other. We were both able to express honestly how we were feeling and this allowed a deep healing for both of us. Without the wisdom of relationships which Serge has bought through to us we may not have had the understanding that love is greater than any hurt we may be individually feeling. Through the expression of these hurts we were able to move forward and not feed into the picture of dissension being a normal way of being between in-laws. For the remainder of our time with them we could all feel a sense of community in our living and a gradual deepening in our relationships.
  • We then had a short time in the Netherlands, staying with our daughter-in-law’s parents. We had met them via Skype and the relationships between us had deepened over the last 2 years with regular Skype contact. The ease we felt when we were with them may have been hard to explain for many, but we knew that we had possibly met in lives gone by and that the similarities in our lives today were not there by coincidence. It is also no coincidence that our children have constellated together from opposite sides of the world.

Our holiday has been truly amazing and totally enjoyable. We have learnt much about ourselves and our patterns of living and can feel that there are some changes to be made now that we are back home again

It is because of Serge Benhayon and what he is sharing with the world that we have met and shared experiences with this amazing network of people on our travels. Regardless of the country we were in we could feel a oneness with all the people we met, including shop assistants and tram drivers. This oneness is not exclusive to students of Universal Medicine nor is it based on our living perfect lives, but rather on human beings meeting each other with love, understanding and an acceptance of where we are all at on our life journey.

How Serge Benhayon lives and what Serge presents is global in nature and it was this universality we felt on our holiday.

Thank you, Serge, for the true understanding of how life works.

Published with permission of my daughter-in-law and her parents.

By Anne Hishon, New Zealand

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346 thoughts on “Journeying Across the World with Serge Benhayon

  1. Holidays are often seen as an opportunity – people often say ” I need a holiday” because we need to check out of the tensions of day to day life and seek a relief. But the example of living with purpose you offer, would make every single day one of joyful connection, no holiday ‘needed’, simply a beautiful opportunity to explore and physically be with people further afield.

  2. I always felt vacations are about going home rather than leaving home, and you have described that in your trip of going home to our Truth, our purpose in life. It feels much more fulfilling.

  3. I am constantly amazed by my ability to reach out to people across the world and connect with people with ease and openness, its true community and it’s amazing to be a part of

  4. The amazingness of connecting with others truly and globally is so beautiful and something Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine are showing us in a true way how to live in the brotherhood and oneness in the world, supporting us to see and allow this in our lives naturally and the appreciation of this that is the key also.

  5. Travelling is a beautiful opportunity to meet people in all their diversity due to ethnicity, culture, nation, religion.. and nevertheless recognising the sameness in all of us, the core of love within.

  6. How we are in the world affects everyone all the time, what if we were to plan every day as you planned this holiday Anne? It matters not where we meet our neighbours or people the other side of the world, our physical presence is irrelevant when it comes to energy.

  7. Our purpose is people and connecting with them to help us all support and grow. All the other parts are just the window dressing of the world. Holiday, work, party or funeral – it’s always about us choosing to evolve. Thank you Anne.

  8. I take Serge Benhayon in my pocket everywhere I go – and when I am wearing something without pockets, he is still therein my heart.

  9. Travelling can prove to be a great opportunity to learn and evolve as we step out of our comfort zone and are faced with new and often challenging situations that are not so easy to control as they may be in our own home.

  10. A beautiful sharing of the amazing love across the world and the sharing of this from the imprints of Serge Benhayon and the global community as a result.

  11. What a beautiful sharing and what strikes me is the quality of truly meeting another. As you describe, at the start of your journey how truly and deeply met you felt in your conversation with Serge Benhayon. When you are truly met like this, you not only meet the other person, you meet yourself and then as you move on you bring yourself to others and meet them too.

  12. This is such a beautiful and confirming way to show the impact of Serge Benhayon’s work and what he has presented… a global family opening up to one another… very remarkable and all of our natural way.

  13. We learn so much about ourselves and others if we are open to seeing everything as a reflection. One cannot blame a reflection or make it wrong, as it only exposes something about ourselves that needs attention.

    1. Thank you Matilda for highlighting this aspect of the student community. As this global-and borderlessness that can be felt in the way we naturally connect to one another, proves to me once again the ridiculousness of the borders people tend to put up around countries, cultures, skin colour, languages, rich and poor and developed or undeveloped to name a few.

  14. All around the word – Beautiful Anne! – and this is what we take to everyone around the world.- and so it becomes the new normal.

  15. ‘It is because of Serge Benhayon and what he is sharing with the world that we have met and shared experiences with this amazing network of people on our travels.’ I have had the same experiences travelling to Australia and other parts of Europe, meeting some truly gorgeous new people and also deepening my connections with those that I know. I have just come back from a short stay in Brighton and had the delight of staying with someone I only met in passing, but who I now consider a friend.

  16. “As our travel continued, we could feel the imprints of what Serge Benhayon has presented over the last 18 years in the lives of everyone we had met up to this point.” If only one man can do this, to leave these lovingly imprints in in so many people, what are we then able to do as a student body as we are with so much more.

  17. This is a beautiful example of the fact that we can feel at home anywhere. If we stay with ourselves and bring care to everything that we do, we create a loving space to step into rather than leave it all to chance. The people we meet are then a reflection of the care we have given ourselves.

  18. To truly know that love is greater than any hurt is an enormous blessing. We may hold this as an ideal though to actually see this truly lived, such as with Serge Benhayon, is truly inspiring.

  19. We can learn so much about ourselves wherever we are – only today I was saying that as I recollect standing in the shower at different times in my life, whether a huge marbled bathroom on holiday, or a modest shower over the bath in a modest home, the point is the stop moment to be with myself and to clock how I feel inside. That is what really matters and what comes with me.

  20. The nature of Anne’s trip is the antithesis of why most people travel and go on vacation. Typically we are trying to escape or ‘get away from it all’. But how can we possibly get away from a life we are living in, no matter if we are at home or abroad? It feels much more supportive to approach life from the standpoint of engaging fully, being yourself, and seeing that it is a giant school for our evolution.

  21. I have been to New Zealand three times myself and only to visit and meet people, and I have never felt like I missed out on something because I haven’t visited the beautiful nature or any other important part of NZ (yet). The beauty of New Zealand is anyway clearly felt without going on special trips.

    1. Yes, I like that Lieke. Traveling is so much associated with seeing places and everything there is to see and visit, but do we truly take in and feel the beauty that is there or are we onto the next thing already.

  22. So often people use holidays to stop and relax and enjoy the scenery, but I know for myself when I have a holiday like this it feels like a waste of time and there is little or no personal growth. I can feel from your visit to Europe that you and your husband didn’t play it safe and so came back with more than a few memories. “Our holiday has been truly amazing and totally enjoyable. We have learnt much about ourselves and our patterns of living and can feel that there are some changes to be made now that we are back home again”

  23. I was looking at the sky this week, feeling big sky, small world, we get so distracted by what is happening on the surface of this planet and neglect the grandness we come from; space, light, universality. Serge brings all of that because he lives it and does not live small but grand. This is so inspiring, to live the true power and wisdom of universality and not be blinkered by what we have created on this small planet.

  24. “Journeying Across the World with Serge Benhayon” – is journeying across the world in the understanding and buoyancy of love…Which makes any trip however long, short or geographic stretch, worth the everything that it is.

  25. An incredible sharing and a beautiful template for how we can interact with people all across the world with the same connection and love

  26. This journey log book is beautiful to read and very inspiring to bring the focus to connection and relationships – so different to any other travel guide, where places and what to do is the focus.

  27. Traveling is about connection and relationships, in doing so it highlights to all of us what connects us, not what separates us.

  28. It is beautiful to read Ann, how this holiday appreciates and values the connections and relationships you had along the way more than the sites or countries you visited.

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