Investments – Where Are You Investing?

Have you ever experienced a time when you have invested in something and then you have held onto it so strongly just because of the amount of money it cost you, or the crazy amount of time you have spent on it?

I know from experience that I have invested money in lots of different things and some of it I knew didn’t quite feel right, even if it sounded right and ticked all the boxes. But because I had invested my hard earned money into it, there was no way I was going to give up on it. I then wanted to prove it was okay because after all, I was going to look like a fool otherwise.

I have also invested in things that didn’t cost me money, but cost me time, and lots of it… at the expense of spending time with my family or friends, or even time for me. So again, I felt like I didn’t want that to be wrong or to accept that just maybe I had wasted my time or I had become caught up in something that was completely wrong.

I have spent time and money, and lots of it, searching in spiritual pursuits, looking for answers, reading self-help books and practising this and that, only to get to a point where I felt like I was completely lost and fooled – in fact, by the information that I had been consuming. Part of me wants to blame the guru, the teacher, the meditation teacher… or anyone else but myself. Now I can see how I made all the choices to seek them out, invest in them and carry on investing in them, even when I had on several occasions an inkling that something just wasn’t right. I remember getting really angry at the thought that I had believed something and trusted someone to only realise that it was all a big lie.

I don’t need to name them all here, but I think you can get the picture.

I have also got my friends into the things I invested in too… so the realisation that I not only led myself astray, but also others, hurt. It really sucks in fact, but rather than own up to it and shed the light for everyone to see, there were times I just kept it in, just so I wouldn’t have to deal with it… but then we all suffer, so no more of that. I feel now that it is better to expose it all and show our imperfections and share with others so we can all learn together because after all, it is really easy for us to get misled or to get caught up in things that really don’t serve us, or anyone for that matter.

How did I get to this understanding? How am I sure that I know that what I am investing my time and money in is working? Well, the truth is, I have trialled and tested, looked at it from many angles and questioned, and now I know from experience.

Today I invest with discernment and not just because someone else is doing it. One thing I now invest in is Universal Medicine. I have trialled and felt the support in my body from sessions, courses, presentations and workshops. Nothing airy-fairy, no guru to follow. And the difference in me is so huge that I have saved $$$, not lost it. And time wise, I am busier than ever before and because of that I use my time wisely and do not waste hours upon hours in meditation, dreaming that life will change because now I am out there making the change

Now I understand why I chose what I did in the past, in ‘my spiritual quest,’ as it allowed me to continue being irresponsible with how I was with myself and others, and it did not ask me to be all of who I am. It suited me at the time. I preferred to blame than to look within. I wanted someone else to do it for me. I had chosen to be a victim and a ‘poor me,’ and I was identified with it.

These days I enjoy being responsible, choosing my way and I love the results I now reap because of the choices I make. I feel more claimed in the woman I am, more confident with the way I live and express in the world because I have grown to love and accept myself more and more. No more blame, just more care for me and that then affects everyone around me. It’s a win win for all of us.

By Rosie Bason, Massage Therapist

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1,062 thoughts on “Investments – Where Are You Investing?

  1. What a great reflection Rosie as ‘investment’ has had quite a narrow definition in the past and always been something outside of us. This blog has invited me to look at who I am and how that is for me as I move through each day, it highlights that anything we put our money to, goods we purchase, services we seek out are investments that become ‘add-on’s’. Once we claim ourselves and what we bring that is already within us as something worth investing in everything changes. Today in every moment I am investing in me and bringing that to everyone else.

  2. “And time wise, I am busier than ever before and because of that I use my time wisely and do not waste hours upon hours in meditation, dreaming that life will change because now I am out there making the change.” This speaks volumes Rosie with regard to what you have previously invested in and what you are choosing to invest in now. The fact that you are making the changes for yourself instead of sitting around waiting for them to ‘happen to you’ is inspiring and shows us how when we bring our full focus and attention to whatever we do, miracles can and do happen.

    1. This is also demonstrating a commitment to life, without which this new foundation would not be possible. So many of us complain about our lives but do not renounce those behaviours that have led to the situations we find ourselves in or put into action those which will truly support.

  3. We have been hood-winked into believing that investing is only about money or time… but there is so much more to life that we can invest in than just these. Its evolutionary to open our eyes and honestly see all our investments for what they truly are.

  4. Spirituality did not allow me to see clearly, it was in fact a numbing choice to not deepen awareness and thus not truly grow or evolve. I felt a superior feeling which was false as my life was a mess, there was no honesty and realness. My life today is not perfect and I do not want it to be portrayed that way. My expression is very imperfect but I say it as it is in realness, words and sentences are not made to sound nice but it’s honest. I have never felt communicating to be so amazing.

  5. With any investment we are looking for an outcome, and when we connect to our essence life turns around for a true relationship with our-self. Thus an outcome cannot come from our true inner-most or essence as an outcome is an investment in what will distract us from the divine essence, and because we trust innately that the Love of our Soul will provide the space for our evolution there is no need for even the slightest distraction.

  6. We can spend so much time and effort investing in things outside of us to deliver us safety, security and love and yet all the time we are missing the treasure within.

  7. If we can release our need to be right or wrong we free ourselves of so much of the constraint and attachment of our investment in our investments. There is a big and beautiful lesson in here about humility and the willingness to learn.

  8. Funny how we can have attachments and investments to various things – even the other day I was clearing our my cupboard and set aside some clothes that I never wear and probably never will. But yet I am struggling to totally let go of them! Silly, but at the same time I also have be honest in saying that I am still in some way attached to them and not quite ready to let them go – and that is OK too. So I sit with this bag of clothes ready to go but not ready to let go! And the bag is getting in the way all the time! Hilarious what we can go through! I can say I am getting closer and closer to just letting it go and happily so, but until that moment comes, I will keep observing what I am holding on to!

  9. It is funny for when we are investing in something that is not truly supportive we often know not to, but go ahead anyway as we are taken by what we ‘think’ it will ‘do’ for us. When it is a true investment it is always in keeping with the good of the whole.

    1. Spot on Kathleen, we know exactly if what we are investing in is supporting us or not, but often we override that ‘little voice’ and go with things anyways for various reasons!

  10. A brilliant reminder of the importance and discerning of true investment in the energetic sense as everything is energy and comes from this and the responsibility and the financial decisions we make. Investing in our way true way of living in connection to the all is the truest way there is.

  11. In economics I think the term is a sunken cost. It’s sunken already so no use pouring anything more into it.

  12. I explore investing in not being invested in self, an at times puzzling but very liberating process revealing the investments that keep me from being more than a satellite just revolving around itself.

  13. With an unwise investment comes an arrogant pride that will not allow us to feel the depth of our error and thus the steps needed to correct it. Our way through this is with humility and this comes with the understanding that the true richness in life comes from the depth of our love that we live and not from the quantity of money in our bank account or the many accolades we may receive from empty ‘success’.

    1. The arrogant pride train ride is one that leads to a train wreck. But you can get off anytime and you needn’t stay on board for the wreck.

      1. Yep, you can spend plenty of time talking about it, fixing it, analysing it and dealing with the consequences. But the truth is, none of it needed to happen.

      2. Yes, you can get identified, waste time with it, and get stuck in it all just a little bit longer.

    2. Absolute gold for me today. Thank you Liane. The magic of humility in the moments I let go of my ‘arrogant pride’ and let myself feel my mistakes; be honest and open about them and move on renewed and willing to correct and learn.

  14. The experience of failures is a great foundation and library of what is not true. There is always room for more books on our shelves to build our wisdom of what is not.

  15. Isn’t it interesting how investment comes in so many forms. With time and money becoming our currency for spending on what we want.

  16. I have invested a lot of time in being or doing good. Beliefs of what this means have grown around me as I have grown up. Unpacking both ideals and beliefs about this way of thinking is huge and is allowing me, and allows us, to reconnect to ourselves again and live form what we innately know is true.

  17. I found I have invested in life, in the way our families and societies are organised, in the way we as human beings are able to build the most incredible buildings for people to live and work in, roads, railway tracks, bridges, cars, trains, airplanes and ships to speed up travelling, potable water systems, sewer systems, electricity and natural gas networks to support us in having convenient and comfortable lives and so on and so on. The list would be endless if I continue my investment in life. An investment that will only take me away from that what really matters, and that is to return to a way of living that is void of the investment in human life’s external activities, and instead will be concentrated on the development of the re-connection with the divine being that lives within, and actually does not need a physical body or a physical world to live in, so why should I invest in it?

  18. How I am investing my time is a good one for me to look into, am I spending time in comfort or distraction, am I spending time in being present with all I do, and developing a deeper care and nurturing for myself, so that more of who I am can be taken out to the world and shared with others.

  19. Even though I still sometimes spend money unnecessarily, I am much more aware of what I am investing in and can observe the hooks that cause me to be irresponsible from time to time. As such, I see my relationship with money as a constant learning opportunity, especially if I get it wrong sometimes.

    1. Thats good, use it to learn and grow rather than do it and pretend it didn’t happen. I know that I can use shopping as a bit of comfort and reward at times and its good to be aware when that is playing out.

    2. There is no right or wrong I have discovered too, only learning. And especially with money, which is a beautiful mirror of how we go about with our life energy, we have the opportunity to learn if we spend our money wisely or not.

  20. This has inspired me to ponder the bigger picture of exactly what I am investing in in my life, and that I can choose and revise things to be ever letting go, for it is in the freedom of investments that we all flourish.

    1. It would be great to hear back from you Shirley-Ann, as we become aware of our own investments and share them with others, it may help another be aware of one that they had no idea about.

  21. I have just returned from the Universal Medicine Vietnam Retreat, an investment that cannot be quantified by its monetary cost. In fact, the true investment now starts – the way in which I incorporate the wisdom we have been presented into daily life, whereby the true value is in the daily learning and evolution of it.

    1. What a great investment and I am sure you will see the changes for a long time as you live and embrace more of what you learnt and put it all into practice.

  22. It is interesting to ask ourselves where and what we invest in, as it is not just financial investments that we make. Realtionships are a great example, and we don’t do ourselves or anyone else any favours when we invest in each other.

  23. “life will change because now I am out there making the change” – So true Rosie. We are the ones who can bring about and precipitate change, and it makes no sense to sit in our depressions and woes complaining that we don’t like our life when there is always the opportunity to transform it.

    1. Always, no matter what state you are in. I have seen and met people from all walks of life and health conditions turn their lives around. Nothing special though, no chosen ones for we are all equal and have the same choices to make.

  24. For many years I invested 3 days of the week into the Spiritualist Church at the expense of my family. At the time I used to think that it helped me cope with life and that I was a better parent for giving myself that away time – now I question what exactly were they getting.

    1. It is a good question to ask. I am sure that many have done similar without ever stopping to ask the question though.

  25. It is awesome how this brings a whole new meaning to the term investments and what we invest in… it is far more honest, real, worthwhile and responsible to look at our life this way.

  26. Yes, Rosie. How we are with money is a great reflection of the level of responsibility we are willing to go to, and it is something we all have to deal with at some point in our lives.

  27. Sometimes we can set up our whole lives, our whole understanding of ourselves and who we are and where we are going, on these false notions and investments and it can feel almost impossible to let them go because what will we have left? But what if behind and beyond the investments there is true soil just waiting for us to plant our roots

  28. Holding on to your investments even has a scientific name – the endowment effect. We value what we own more than what we don’t own, i.e. often will only accept a higher price than the market would give us, therefore we hang on to our investments, whether that is a good idea or not.

    1. It’s interesting, Christoph, how we can hold onto investments and not discern whether it is true for us to do so. It pays to be constantly open to what is needed and not get fixed on things.

    2. This very much exposes our selfish attachments… rather than looking at the bigger picture and what may be of benefit to many others too.

    3. I once tried to give my horse away for free and no one wanted her… I thought it was strange and as soon as I advertised her for $1000 she sold. The new owner obviously thought she was a good horse because she had a $$$ value.

  29. “I preferred to blame than to look within. I wanted someone else to do it for me.” Oh yes, I have invested quite heavily in these myself. I invest less and less these days as more and more I realise that I am the creator of what happens to me which brings a halt to the blame game and the handing over of responsibility.

  30. ‘These days I enjoy being responsible, choosing my way and I love the results I now reap because of the choices I make.’ fantastic Rosie, that share from your experience that being responsible is something that can be enjoyed and that choosing our way is always a choice we can make.

  31. My decade of time spent in spiritual investments has now been fully seen for what it is… a waste of time and money. On the other hand my nearly 15 years of study with Universal Medicine has been shown to be the turning point of my life, bringing great wisdom and evolution.

  32. If we can see our choices for what they were without judging or condemning ourselves then it makes it a lot simpler to be able to make a change and not try to justify the ill choice or behaviour.

  33. Understanding that our investments and decisions to do with money are about discerning first brings the responsibility for us to choose wisely. In the past, it slipped through my fingers because my choices weren’t that great. Things change as we learn.

  34. I also encouraged friends to come along to loads of the new age rubbish I invested in back in the older days but the great thing is that I have also encouraged many of these same friends to come along and experience Universal Medicine which has changed there lives tenfold for the better. We need to remember that it is always a choice for the other, we never make them do anything, so there can never be blame towards another for what we choose.

    1. Thanks Mary Louise, this is great to read because it is true… they, like me made a choice.. I never pushed them or forced them to come with me or to get into what I was into.

  35. Yes Rosie there is nothing airy fairy about life it is for getting to work and being in the flow of the what is.

  36. So true –we only lose when we invest in something.. simply because we are not made to invest in those things that actually hold us back from being our absolute selves. We are here to let go of them… see the falsities and not holding back exposing them and revealing them from our deeper love.

  37. “it is really easy for us to get misled or to get caught up in things that really don’t serve us, or anyone for that matter.”
    I have learnt recently how easy this is, what I didn’t though expect to feel was just how much harm I brought to another from my irresponsibility. This has completely smashed any ideal that I can simply do what I want without discernment. Every thing I do affects another, or others, always.

    1. Could it be that ““it is really easy for us to get misled or to get caught up in things that really don’t serve us, or anyone for that matter”, because that is actually what we are choosing?

    2. I feel that the more aware I am of how my actions, thoughts etc have an effect on others, the more careful I am and it is really important to know this and not think that it is any different when you are on your own or not because everyone get effected regardless.

  38. I recently had another clear out of my wardrobe so that everything in there expresses who I am right now, and it made me wince to admit how much money I had wasted buying things that did not suit me, and acknowledge that they were purchased when I was a bit disconnected or not feeling great in myself.

    1. Hmmm… I’m about to do the same and can already feel that 90% of my wardrobe is not truly me, and bought to make me feel good/better.

    2. The thing is Janet, we all do this, over and over again… and on some level its great, because we are always changing, so what may have felt okay six months ago could definitely not suit where we are at today.

  39. I think we all know when we have invested in the wrong things but it is a little thing called pride that keeps us stuck and stops us from connecting to that knowing. I had invested a lot of money in pursuits that kept me away from spiritual pursuits but it is all the same anyway if what ever we do is keeping us away from what is the truth.

    1. Exactly, any distraction from our connection to ourself is a distraction after all, no matter what colour, shape or form that it comes in.

    1. Great point Alexis, everything moves on yet if we hang onto anything, a person, an event, anything from the past means we are stopping what is next before us to come, because we are saying no I want this or I want it to be like that. But what if what is next is far greater?

      1. ‘Assuming that the ‘what is next’ will be far greater, is our natural way of being and yet we have reduced ourselves into such poor representations of our true selves that we now not only accept but actually expect our next to either be the same or for many of us to be worse, which begs the question,’ what on Earth have we done to ourselves?’

      2. Agreed James, and if we did stop to think about it, then we would indeed see that it’s crazy, but we don’t stop to think about it, or more accurately, we can’t. And the reason why we can’t stop to think about it, is because the energy that locks us into repeating our stock standard same behaviours and thus, either treading water or actually going ‘backwards’ does not give us the option of looking at the way we are living with fresh eyes, and therefore we are not free to evaluate what’s going on. The only way to access being able to evaluate and see life with clarity, is to change the energetic source that is streaming through us, because then we will be given the option to question things with fresh eyes. And the key to changing the energy that is coming through us, is to change the way that we move, think and talk and this we do one loving choice at a time, until such time that we are constantly and consciously choosing the energetic source that is coming through us.

      3. Very true Alexis, by changing the way we move with one choice at a time, we have more and more access to seeing the truth of what is going on. If we stubbornly keep repeating the same things then nothing will ever change, not because it can’t, but because we don’t want it to. First we have to make the call and want the truth, and then everything else follows.

      4. James I’m wondering out loud if that is true because if we ‘make the call and want the truth’ from a body that is moving in perpetual lies then it is simply going to pull in something that mimics the truth but isn’t. If we want the truth we have to move truthfully first.

      5. I agree, it can be so easy to get fooled otherwise. I have tried it many a time from my mind, but nothing changes. It is only when I move with all that I am, that the truth is there without question. I feel the call is a body call not a mind call.

  40. “And time wise, I am busier than ever before and because of that I use my time wisely and do not waste hours upon hours in meditation, dreaming that life will change because now I am out there making the change.” – Love it Rosie…There was one point in my life years ago when I was doing a lot of meditation, and I mean a lot! I would sit for 2 hours straight meditating, that is per day or sometimes 2 times per day. Can you imagine that? That is 2-4 hours out of a day that could be spent actually doing something with quality! These days I still meditate, but it is a 5 minute check in to ensure I am connnected, and once I know the connection is solid, then I get on with the activities of life. And this ensures the quality of the activity which feeds me back as much as it supports those around me! I have learned that spending more than a few minutes in meditation is actually not supportive to my body and the truth is there is work to be done, so like you Rosie, I love rolling up my sleeves and getting out there to do it…

    1. I can imagine that and that 2 – 4 hours wasted meditating and checking out rather than committing to and living life is what so many of us can get caught up in… Just reminds me of myself sitting there chanting away as if chanting was really going to change a thing!?!? What an illusion I was in.

  41. I have been very invested in playing small for a long time and in truth it is a pattern that is not easy to break because of the time and energy I have put into keeping it going. Slowly but surely I am seeing why I chose to invest in this and what I get out of it. This is helping me to let it go and admit that my investment was never true.

    1. It is so important to be open to looking into the how’s and why’s and digging a bit deeper at times, as it can be so freeing once we can see what has been playing out and what we have been allowing on some level or other.

  42. How blessed are we to feel the wealth, True Wealth that we all have available when we choice to be in the Wisdom that is freely available and “I Love the results I now reap because of the choices I make.”

    1. We sure are Greg, it takes wealth away from money and possessions and what truly matters – the depths of love we connect to and feel within, no amount of money can ever match the feeling of being truly content within our body.

      1. Yes James, we are barking up the wrong tree when we consider money has anything to do with the true divine wealth we are all equally able to tap into.

      2. The wrong tree indeed Greg! The continual searching outside of ourselves to fill us up is a trap so many of us have fallen into. We think the more we can gain materially the more content we will be, but you only have to look at the mega wealthy to see their lives are not all it is cracked up to be. Which shows something must be wrong and money is not the answer.

  43. When we see money as a representation of our energy or our investments, it brings a greater sense of value beyond any fiscal limitations.

    1. Energetic investments are the only investments worth putting time and being super responsible for. I know that living life and loving what you do is worth everything as it feeds you back rather than chasing an elusive bank account balance that will forever leave you wanting more.

      1. I know this well. Working in a job that you love, where you can be yourself totally out weighs a job where you could make heaps of $$$, but you have to sell yourself short in the process, or you end up burning out and losing yourself in the process.

  44. Brilliant sharing Rosie. There are so many things that I have purchased that were not needed or turned out to be duds. I often find it uncomfortable to throw these things out because I have to admit that I was off track when I made the purchase. It’s not often we apply the same rationale to the time we have spent pursuing things that stunt our evolution rather than support it.

    1. Well said Leonne, and helps to explain why we might hang on to those things that don’t really support us any more as it is the investment that we can sense and what we have ‘wasted’ in that investment. And then of course there is the reverse, where those things we do invest in that are true, are the very things that feed us back the support and the holding.

      1. Yes it is so sweet when you invest in something that supports you and you can feel it feeding you back again and again. It is here that the $ doesn’t matter as it is way more than money can buy.

    2. Yeah I have a recent purchase like that, and as much as it ticks lots of boxes in that it is warm and it was on sale it just is not a true expression of me so it never feels right. Life is super simplified when you are guided by what you feel truly and not lived from what you want things to be.

    3. The tangible things we buy and invest in we can see, but boy oh boy do we waste so much in investing our time in doing things, watching things and speaking things that do not serve us or anyone else at all!

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