Investments – Where Are You Investing?

Have you ever experienced a time when you have invested in something and then you have held onto it so strongly just because of the amount of money it cost you, or the crazy amount of time you have spent on it?

I know from experience that I have invested money in lots of different things and some of it I knew didn’t quite feel right, even if it sounded right and ticked all the boxes. But because I had invested my hard earned money into it, there was no way I was going to give up on it. I then wanted to prove it was okay because after all, I was going to look like a fool otherwise.

I have also invested in things that didn’t cost me money, but cost me time, and lots of it… at the expense of spending time with my family or friends, or even time for me. So again, I felt like I didn’t want that to be wrong or to accept that just maybe I had wasted my time or I had become caught up in something that was completely wrong.

I have spent time and money, and lots of it, searching in spiritual pursuits, looking for answers, reading self-help books and practising this and that, only to get to a point where I felt like I was completely lost and fooled – in fact, by the information that I had been consuming. Part of me wants to blame the guru, the teacher, the meditation teacher… or anyone else but myself. Now I can see how I made all the choices to seek them out, invest in them and carry on investing in them, even when I had on several occasions an inkling that something just wasn’t right. I remember getting really angry at the thought that I had believed something and trusted someone to only realise that it was all a big lie.

I don’t need to name them all here, but I think you can get the picture.

I have also got my friends into the things I invested in too… so the realisation that I not only led myself astray, but also others, hurt. It really sucks in fact, but rather than own up to it and shed the light for everyone to see, there were times I just kept it in, just so I wouldn’t have to deal with it… but then we all suffer, so no more of that. I feel now that it is better to expose it all and show our imperfections and share with others so we can all learn together because after all, it is really easy for us to get misled or to get caught up in things that really don’t serve us, or anyone for that matter.

How did I get to this understanding? How am I sure that I know that what I am investing my time and money in is working? Well, the truth is, I have trialled and tested, looked at it from many angles and questioned, and now I know from experience.

Today I invest with discernment and not just because someone else is doing it. One thing I now invest in is Universal Medicine. I have trialled and felt the support in my body from sessions, courses, presentations and workshops. Nothing airy-fairy, no guru to follow. And the difference in me is so huge that I have saved $$$, not lost it. And time wise, I am busier than ever before and because of that I use my time wisely and do not waste hours upon hours in meditation, dreaming that life will change because now I am out there making the change

Now I understand why I chose what I did in the past, in ‘my spiritual quest,’ as it allowed me to continue being irresponsible with how I was with myself and others, and it did not ask me to be all of who I am. It suited me at the time. I preferred to blame than to look within. I wanted someone else to do it for me. I had chosen to be a victim and a ‘poor me,’ and I was identified with it.

These days I enjoy being responsible, choosing my way and I love the results I now reap because of the choices I make. I feel more claimed in the woman I am, more confident with the way I live and express in the world because I have grown to love and accept myself more and more. No more blame, just more care for me and that then affects everyone around me. It’s a win win for all of us.

By Rosie Bason, Massage Therapist

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1,133 thoughts on “Investments – Where Are You Investing?

  1. Rosie like you, after wasting so many years and so much money on Psychotherapy which actually didn’t support me to feel that my life was changing. Instead it encouraged me to wallow in self pity. I certainly wasn’t living life to the full. I can also say
    “I now invest in Universal Medicine. I have trialled and felt the support in my body from sessions, courses, presentations and workshops. Nothing airy-fairy, no guru to follow. And the difference in me is so huge that I have saved $$$, not lost it. And time wise, I am busier than ever before and because of that I use my time wisely and do not waste hours upon hours in meditation, dreaming that life will change because now I am out there making the change.”
    Universal Medicine has supported me to stop being a victim and wallowing in my own self pity, to see that actually I have a great part to play in life. I don’t have to hide in the shadows where I think no one can see me but come out into the sunshine and live a full life supporting others to come out of the shadows and claim themselves back too.Reclaiming ourselves is the best medicine we can take.

  2. I can definitely say that I have been holding onto and invested in a hurt for lifetimes, I have held so strongly onto this hurt. I have invested so heavily as an excuse not to open up my heart and love again. My excuse was why should I forgive, I am justified in my self protection. I can feel the stubbornness of this, the tit for tat mentality. I can now feel that there has been no understanding just retaliation, that whatever it was that happened in a past life was the result of an energy passing through the person or group of people. If I can finally allow myself to deeply know that everything happens first because of energy, then I can heal myself and move on with the understanding people are not evil. It is the energy they are choosing that is evil. By hanging on to my hurts I have allowed negative energy to dictate my past lives because I have not been willing to see the energy behind all of life.

  3. Being totally transparent, everything was causing me harm and still can if the things that are done ✅ are done in self interest and not in the service of humanity are harm-full.
    Even today simply doing things that are not evolutionary for everyone equally causes harm to the depth of who I can be.

  4. Seeing life as an investment, would we not place more value on our True connection to our Essence, Inner-most-hearts / Souls as the rewards if we can call them that are immeasurable, and through this divine connection we get to live each life valuing the assets from the previous incarnation.

  5. I’ve found that if I invest in an ideal (not a truth) of how life should be, putting energy and effort into making it happen, anything I do physically purchase to support this investment will quickly show itself as being not true. However, what I am finding is that if I have to invest effort into it in the first place that is a sure sign it’s not true.

  6. Investing in the investment! It’s a double whammy! And its a great question to ask, what are we investing in? Are we investing in our well-being or are we investing in something else. What I can appreciate is how much less attachment I now have with regards to investing in things. For example, in order to do some specific form of work I started a course with a University, several years down the line and quite a lot of money later the purpose changed, so I changed direction and left the course to then learn something else. What I can appreciate is there was no ‘I have to complete it, I have spent all this money etc’ it actually felt really easy and simple to just let go. With regards to Universal Medicine workshops, courses, presentations and sessions, it is hands down absolute value for money. Many years ago I would pay a lot of money for courses and sessions that did not have a tip of a pinky of the amount of quality and integrity and truth that Universal Medicine holds.

  7. Is it possible that we have invested so heavily in life that when someone comes along and informs us that this life is not it, no where near, quite the opposite in fact. That this a bitter pill to swallow and for many it can be too much and so the other proffered way of living has to be denigrated in some way or more importantly the person who suggested that there could possibly be another way is vilified in such a conniving way in an attempt to try and stop anyone from knowing the truth of what is being delivered. It’s almost like something or someone wants to publicly punish anyone who steps out of line from the group consciousness that we have all accepted as a way of life.

    1. Yes it is absolutely possible! In how currently we are invested in creation and not in true truth and love, we have walked miles away from this yet is it is so easy to come back to as it is already there within, always has been and always will be. We look at ways we can be grand … biggest building, fastest runner, newest technology yet we are missing the true grandness of who we are which is far far grander than anything we can create! ✨

  8. Rosie, I understand what you are saying here because I have in the past invested in Psychotherapy under the impression it would bring me back to a healthy mental balance. I spent thousands and thousands of pounds and many years in this investment and to be honest I didn’t resolve any of the hurt feelings I just barely managed them. Coming across Universal Medicine was the best medicine I could have found as I was a support to see I was the maker of my misery, not the victim as I had been told. It has taken a few years to leave the misery behind and move forward so that now every day is a great joy to be alive what better medicine is there?

  9. Reblogged this on and commented:
    Why waste hours upon hours in meditation, dreaming that life will change? Instead, go out there making the change.

    1. When we know the truth then we know what changes need to put into place, no money needed, just a change of lifestyle/livingness. It is when we don’t know the truth that we spend hours on meditation etc.

  10. ‘I use my time wisely and do not waste hours upon hours in meditation, dreaming that life will change because now I am out there making the change’, Rosie I used to be a big dreamer, although at the time I would have said that I was ‘manifesting’ not dreaming. I was caught up in the spiritual idea that you can ‘manifest’ your future, I spent a massive amount of time thinking about an ‘enlightened’ future. I now know that this is codswallop, utter codswallop! The truth is that our bodies are the living expression of God and therefore what we express with our bodies, not our heads is our actual contribution to life itself. Spirituality is borne out of an energetic source that does not deliver us the truth, therefore what we are living in our bodies when we invest in spirituality is not the truth and that right there is our living contribution to life.

  11. “I feel now that it is better to expose it all and show our imperfections and share with others so we can all learn together because after all, it is really easy for us to get misled or to get caught up in things that really don’t serve us, or anyone for that matter”, I agree Rosie that it’s crucial for all of us to eventually put our hands up and admit that we have all played an active although in some ways unconscious role in creating the atrocious mess that we all call ‘life’. We have allowed ourselves to be rather conveniently fooled because if we didn’t then it would mean having to stand up and admit our part in the chaos and carnage that abounds everywhere.

  12. Rosie this is a great discussion that we should be having with ourselves, family, friends, work colleagues. I have discovered for myself that what we have invested in …life is not the true way of how life should be, but we as a social group are so heavily invested in it we do not want to admit we have been lied to. Maybe if we just started with the simple things we have invested in that we then realise was not such a great idea after all, we might start to shift this supremacy energy we are all living under. We think we know better when actually we do not think at all. We are picking up thoughts from a pool of unseen energy that we then think are our thoughts because they are dropped into our consciousness.

  13. It is great to look at our investments all around … what are we invested in … what have we invested in including any pictures we have about life. What I can appreciate is how I have noticed through loving me more, I am prepared to let go of things that do not easily support me. For example I bought a pair of shoes that I really liked and wanted, which were quite expensive only to realise how they did not support my body or being in walking, so am letting them go. Years ago I would have stubbornly carried on wearing them.

  14. I am really looking closely at investments at the moment, and possibly stubbornly holding onto a few simply because I’ve invested for so long and don’t want to see the damage I’ve caused myself. It’s silly really because honesty is so freeing. When I look at everything I’ve invested in outside of myself I can at times see how dismissive I’ve been of who I am and what I have within. I am so much more than the picture of life I am chasing, and self appreciation is great to come back to, to remind myself of everything that’s already within me.

    1. Investing in anything is a condensing as opposed to allowing which is an expansion. Even investing in ourselves is a narrowing whereas allowing ourselves to be the unlimited consciousness of God is a never ending expansion.

  15. ‘I……. do not waste hours upon hours in meditation, dreaming that life will change because now I am out there making the change.’ I love this turn around. I can feel the way you have claimed back your life from
    something quite nebulous to a strong commitment in and joy for life – very empowering and enlightening – in the truest sense of that word.

  16. Investing in pictures of how we want things to be immediately creates expectations that leaves us wide open to the falsehood of how we want something to be, not necessarily what it in fact is.

  17. Ah how easy it is to blame another instead of taking responsibility for ourselves. Although in truth it is not so easy, because we still have not dealt with the energy inside our bodies. What I can really appreciate is how, first from having a consciousness at school of being really ‘thick’, in order to do the job that my heart felt (working with young people) I started a degree!!! Much to my shock. I invested both a lot of time and money into this only to realise 2/3rd’s through that it was no longer needed. So I stopped. There was no berating myself or anything or anyone else for the time and money I had already spent. It just was. Both were huge for me, starting a degree and then stopping it because I could feel it was not the way to go.

  18. 100% yes to being a wise investor. Especially when we feel limited in our resources, it pays to discern and study what we are investing in. Like, I could carry on buying a packet of crisps every day as a little reward for myself for being good at work, or I could save up for a few months and have a session with an esoteric practitioner about the choices I am making. At the end of the day, when we invest, not only can we expect an increased return, we feed what we invest in – energetically as well as monetarily.

  19. I am with you here Rosie, wasted many lost moments, time, money, power, responsibility and the list could go on. But there is always a but, that but that nags in the background that says that this isn’t it, or this isn’t getting to what is missing within me.

    I too am discerning more, as to where my money, time goes to now and I do not regret it. Universal Medicine has a level of integrity, a level of service that I have not received before from anyone else – it is that simple.

  20. Value for money with Universal Medicine is an understatement. Before knowing Universal Medicine and attending workshops, presentations and courses I have paid ridiculous amounts of money with other people and organisations resulting in literally nothing despite me really trying to make sure I did get something out from it and did feel better from them afterwards. Also the Livingness 1 workshop, a whole day workshop with Universal Medicine is free! Free!!!! Now this is an organisation that truly makes it about people ❤️

  21. The best investment I ever made was in Universal Medicine I have through this company regained my sanity. There is not enough money in this world I could give to Serge Benhayon founder of Universal Medicine for I know in my body that I would be by now on my way to Alzheimer’s related condition.
    Before meeting Serge Benhayon this was my worst nightmare because I could feel in my body I had been down that path before and it is terrifying to feel myself slipping down there again.

  22. I invested deeply in lives where I was hiding my true beautiful nature. So in moments now that I open up more to show myself from my essence, I feel a bit shame.
    The act I played as if I didn’t know.

  23. Serge Benhayon once said that ‘the body is the marker of all truth’ and when I make investments in things that do not nourish me and my body, my body lets me know with bloating, fatigue, anxiety, skin conditions etc…. And if I invest in things that nourish me and my body, I felt lighter, refreshed and more engaged in life.

  24. That’s the big trick to life, believing anything outside of ourselves is greater than the love we are within.

    1. Yes Melinda, and something I have to still remind myself of at times when I am tempted to watch TV knowing it will not support me and that the distraction- just the idea of it- is taking me from work that actually does support me on all levels.

  25. Growing love and appreciation for yourself is pretty ace. And so is blaming less. Awesome work Rosie. The world needs more people like you.

  26. When we’re invested in something it puts us in a position where our happiness is dependent on an outcome or another person’s choice – a very unfortunate place to be in because we can often feel like a victim or the unfortunate one because things don’t work out the way we want them. But if we are not invested, and detach from what is there we get to see what is truly in front of us and learn from that.

  27. When we love and care for ourselves it brings a solidness that cannot be denied. It is upon that solidness that we can then venture forth.

    1. Elizabeth I spent countless years not caring for myself. My mother always said I would cut my nose off to spite my face and indeed this was how it was for years. Universal Medicine and the Benhayon family have shown the world what it is to actually self care. If we self care this leads to a loving feeling which steadies our anxiousness and stress. As our love deepens we leave it behind and swim in the intimacy of God again which is where we will all be, as this is our universal right that cannot be stolen from us under energetic law.

  28. I have also spent a lot of time, money and effort into things that I’ll call experiences that really at the end of the day have served very little purpose. But that is how we have constructed our lives. When we truly begin investing in ourselves, the purpose is that everyone benefits across the board.

  29. There are two very distinct types of investments you can invest your energy into. One that may initially challenge, rock some ideals and beliefs but ultimately ask you to be more of your amazing self by being more responsible in how you live. And another which will most likely appeal or rather pander to your needs and sound or look fantastic but will ultimately drain and exhaust (destroy) you energetically.

    1. Joshua what you have shared is so true, we get caught up with the energy that panders to our senses, but what we don’t do is read the small print of what that pandering entails. Nothing is for nothing, there is always a pay back. The energy that panders to our every whim steals the energy from us which leaves us drained and exhausted and as you say, will destroy the body. It cares not, it will just reincarnate and get a new body and start the whole process again with a new body.

  30. Having previously invested in everything you write of in this blog Rosie, I am in whole hearted agreement with you – letting go of the investments, whatever the price tag or emotional angle is deeply caring for ourselves and the need of ownership of anything diminishes as we find we are already enough just as we are – then everything changes!.
    “I feel more claimed in the woman I am, more confident with the way I live and express in the world because I have grown to love and accept myself more and more”.

    1. Rereading this blog again I have been able to feel just how deeply caring Universal Medicine and all the people associated with it are, and continue to be. I have just now truly felt how much humanity is loved and how much we resist this love. In the resistance to the love that is on offer we harm ourselves even more, as there seems to be this voice that speaks to us that we are not worth loving. Where does this voice come from? and even more importantly, why do we listen to its honeyed tongue over that of the love that we already are?

  31. “I am busier than ever before and because of that I use my time wisely and do not waste hours upon hours in meditation, dreaming that life will change because now I am out there making the change.” And this is what we are empowered to do when we start taking responsibility for our daily choices. When we start to make changes in the small areas of our lives, suddenly changes start to happen in the bigger areas and before we know it our life has changed beyond recognition, but in ways that supports everyone and not just ourselves.

  32. I can very much relate to dabbling in spirituality to distract and numb myself from not being responsible for the choices I made. The modalities seem to have the knowledge of how to be present with ourselves and connect to God yet it was very obvious to me that what was being presented was not being lived by the presenters or authors – this was key and very important to me long before I came to Universal Medicine.

  33. It can be a bit of an ouch moment when we expose how we have invested in a friend or another behaving in a particular way or to our expectations. All the time we are avoiding the fact that we are needing to protect ourselves from being hurt by controlling or manipulating others.

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