Investments – Where Are You Investing?

Have you ever experienced a time when you have invested in something and then you have held onto it so strongly just because of the amount of money it cost you, or the crazy amount of time you have spent on it?

I know from experience that I have invested money in lots of different things and some of it I knew didn’t quite feel right, even if it sounded right and ticked all the boxes. But because I had invested my hard earned money into it, there was no way I was going to give up on it. I then wanted to prove it was okay because after all, I was going to look like a fool otherwise.

I have also invested in things that didn’t cost me money, but cost me time, and lots of it… at the expense of spending time with my family or friends, or even time for me. So again, I felt like I didn’t want that to be wrong or to accept that just maybe I had wasted my time or I had become caught up in something that was completely wrong.

I have spent time and money, and lots of it, searching in spiritual pursuits, looking for answers, reading self-help books and practising this and that, only to get to a point where I felt like I was completely lost and fooled – in fact, by the information that I had been consuming. Part of me wants to blame the guru, the teacher, the meditation teacher… or anyone else but myself. Now I can see how I made all the choices to seek them out, invest in them and carry on investing in them, even when I had on several occasions an inkling that something just wasn’t right. I remember getting really angry at the thought that I had believed something and trusted someone to only realise that it was all a big lie.

I don’t need to name them all here, but I think you can get the picture.

I have also got my friends into the things I invested in too… so the realisation that I not only led myself astray, but also others, hurt. It really sucks in fact, but rather than own up to it and shed the light for everyone to see, there were times I just kept it in, just so I wouldn’t have to deal with it… but then we all suffer, so no more of that. I feel now that it is better to expose it all and show our imperfections and share with others so we can all learn together because after all, it is really easy for us to get misled or to get caught up in things that really don’t serve us, or anyone for that matter.

How did I get to this understanding? How am I sure that I know that what I am investing my time and money in is working? Well, the truth is, I have trialled and tested, looked at it from many angles and questioned, and now I know from experience.

Today I invest with discernment and not just because someone else is doing it. One thing I now invest in is Universal Medicine. I have trialled and felt the support in my body from sessions, courses, presentations and workshops. Nothing airy-fairy, no guru to follow. And the difference in me is so huge that I have saved $$$, not lost it. And time wise, I am busier than ever before and because of that I use my time wisely and do not waste hours upon hours in meditation, dreaming that life will change because now I am out there making the change

Now I understand why I chose what I did in the past, in ‘my spiritual quest,’ as it allowed me to continue being irresponsible with how I was with myself and others, and it did not ask me to be all of who I am. It suited me at the time. I preferred to blame than to look within. I wanted someone else to do it for me. I had chosen to be a victim and a ‘poor me,’ and I was identified with it.

These days I enjoy being responsible, choosing my way and I love the results I now reap because of the choices I make. I feel more claimed in the woman I am, more confident with the way I live and express in the world because I have grown to love and accept myself more and more. No more blame, just more care for me and that then affects everyone around me. It’s a win win for all of us.

By Rosie Bason, Massage Therapist

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1,119 thoughts on “Investments – Where Are You Investing?

  1. Looking at our investments extends beyond time and money. We invest in our hurts as well for example. How often do we hold onto something, or play it over and over and over in our heads, or allow it to guide us through life (being more protected etc…) And when we do, it allows us – as you say – ‘ to continue being irresponsible with how I was with myself and others, and it did not ask me to be all of who I am.’

  2. When we have an investment in how something will turn out then we have lost our connection with ourselves.

  3. “I remember getting really angry at the thought that I had believed something and trusted someone to only realise that it was all a big lie.” Gosh, I can remember doing this too, but then eventually realising that it was me who made the choice to believe and trust in it. I can certainly say that Universal Medicine has not been one such choice, and for the last ten years to date I have only come up against consistant truth, time and time again. This is been the most valuable investment of my my life.

  4. Investing is like expression, in that it’s a body-based science: knowing where and what to invest in, how much and when.. there is a precision to it that our bodies innately know the answer to. We can sense everything, down to the tiniest detail, and we know when we’re investing in something that is not supporting us in any way, and when something is supportive, enriching us and others in many ways, far beyond the state of our finances.

  5. I agree for sure that there is no shame in being willing to see our imperfections, they don’t define who we are but just show us the kind of choices we’ve been making in our way of living and from that we can simply learn and evolve.

  6. I remember once in a counselling session that I was offered the fact that I could change my mind about something, and it was like 10,000 lightbulbs going off. I know it sounds quite straightforward, but often for me it was not. If I had made a decision about something, I was going to stick with it, I had invested in this and it was going to work out – come hell or high water! It is a delightful moment when you can say, actually that no longer feels right, and i am to no longer do it. It is quite freeing actually. Here’s to more of it, keep leading the way Rosie.

  7. “Investments – Where Are You Investing?” – when we start to invest in the light of the soul, we realise the extent of our prior poor choices of investment that have not been focused towards this and the waste of money, energy, time and crucially evolution as a result.

  8. How much do we choose to not be honest with ourselves and with the fact that we are so much more that just a human being because of the investments of any kind we have in human life, this human life we have created all together and which I found is not our true way of being to begin with?

  9. In my choice to reconnect with the origin we are from, any money and time I spend in that I do not see that as an investment but as a natural flow of my energy that is given to restore a way of living on earth we all at a time have to return to. And to I have found that way of spending time and money is not draining as it feeds back to become even more and more.

  10. When we know who we are, because we’ve discarded enough of all the stuff that clouds that knowing, that inner confidence starts to radiate out, slowly at first, and more and more, as we get used to what that feels like.

  11. To become a savvy investor, there is no need to experience how does it feel to be a bad one. Yet, unfortunately, most of us learned the hard way. This is just a reflection of how hard we really have tried to make work what it cannot and never will.

    1. Indeed, that is what most people believe life is, that life is hard and that we forever must not give up trying to make it better. But as you say Eduardo, in truth we absolutely do not have to go that way, we do not need to have the bad experiences but can make life light and joyful instead.

  12. We can waste so much time and then use the fact of not having time as a reason why we didn’t or can’t do something, but the real question is how do we spend our time? And what do we invest that time in … now this is an awkward question for as I ask it I can feel how much time I waste doing things that really don’t support or nurture me so time to look at my time 🙂

  13. Rosie, this blog is so refreshing – it is a great reminder that we are the ones who make our own choices. No one else does it for us unless we give our power away to this, in which case we delegate the choice to another whilst actively not choosing to make a choice! And so really there is no one else to blame when things do not pan out how we planned them to or would have liked them to or needed them to. But in each case and each situation, it is still a learning, an opportunity to take home the message and to embrace the next step no matter what we are being shown and taught.

  14. It is very simple – we either invest in all that love is and thus the wisdom our Soul’s light enriches us with, or we invest in all that is not love and thus the ever hungry spirit and all that it desires to indulge in while in carnal form.

  15. Our great undoing as human beings is when we have sought to own what cannot be owned – the love, knowledge and wisdom of the Universe. Thus, the fallen son of man ‘forgets’ that he/she is in-truth a Son of God.

  16. I am realising I have investments I didn’t realise I had and can now see thanks to your blog and many of the comments that it doesn’t need to be a drama but there are some pictures I have invested in that are causing complication for people around me. These blogs offer such a deep wealth of support if we are willing to look at why we do what we do.

  17. A good investment is one that you never second guess or think – should I have done that? Over the past few years I have spent money on various Universal Medicine courses and never once have I not appreciated what they have given me.

  18. Money spent with Universal Medicine is an investment in ourselves and all of humankind, now and into the future.

  19. Honesty is so refreshing and the way we all learn, being open with others in what we’ve learned, the mistakes we make and their impacts allows all of us to grow and learn with each other, and ultimately that’s what we’re here to do.

  20. Its a great question, what are we investing in? I also spent a great deal of money and time in a very many things that really at the end of the day provided me with not a great deal. As I look at this it was never about investing in me, it was about investing in an image. I used to have many books that filled 3 book shelves that I hardly ever read and loved friends and family coming over to browse my books shelves. I though they made me look interesting and intelligent, but really what they were highlighting is that that image was more important than me…just me. Discerning in what we are investing in is key. For if we are really investing in ourselves, everyone receives the benefit.

  21. “I preferred to blame than to look within. I wanted someone else to do it for me. I had chosen to be a victim and a ‘poor me’, and I as identified with it.” I know that one Rosie, as I also followed the path of seeking everywhere outside for the answers and when I thought I had come across something, investing my time and money into that only much later to find that it wasn’t of true service to myself or to anyone else, rather than looking within where the answers were all of the time. The best investment for me is getting to know and understand who I truly am and that flows onto me being more discerning in my choices, plus being able to understand others more as well.

  22. Yeah getting your friends or family to invest in the same thing that you invest in is risky especially when it does not work out

  23. In my quest to ‘find me’ I dived undiscerningly into many of the modalities, books, schemes etc that were on offer, ones that were promising the answers to everything. But just like you Rosie, even though I had on “several occasions an inkling that something just wasn’t right” I just kept on hoping that my feeling was wrong and what I was studying was indeed the answer. Time certainly proved that that sort of undiscerning blind faith didn’t work, leaving me none the wiser. Along comes Universal Medicine promising nothing while offering so much, encouraging me to discern, supporting me to love who I am and all that changed, in the most amazing ways.

  24. Our body shows us exactly what we are investing in, be that food, alcohol, entertainment etc. When we invest in ourselves and seek healing the body also shows the affects of that as well.

  25. I think sometimes our pride can get in the way of us fully accepting the realisation that something we’ve been choosing to do has been harmful… But if we let that go then we can simply see the choice without judgement and learn from it in order to truly change and move on.

  26. It is quite humbling when we realize that we have invested in a whole lot of stuff that is actually harming for the body. This is a moment of reckoning that is needed before we can start looking at what is truly worth investing in, for example, love and truth.

  27. Letting ourselves experiment and learn with experience and honesty is simpler when we don’t try to be perfect. It doesn’t mean just doing anything, discerning is still key but without being stuck in an ideal of how we think we should be…

  28. When we invest in our connection to our Soul, to deepening our connection to who we are within, our need to be identified, recognised and accepted by the world around us and including our relationships holds no value, as we become more and more aware all that we are in essence is everything and living in connection to this quality is ever-inspiring and fulfilling.

  29. Rosie, I love this; ‘I feel now that it is better to expose it all and show our imperfections and share with others so we can all learn together’. This really makes sense to me. I can feel how I have had a lot of pride in the past and not wanted others to see when I have been upset, or have not dealt with things well and so have hidden these away. What I am learning is that it feels much more true and supportive if I am transparent and share what is really going on for me and that not only can I learn from these situations, but I can also be supported and allow others to learn as well.

  30. One of the most insidious and dogged investments we can be caught in for very long is righteousness that in the end always turns out to be self-righteousness, i.e. self-justification.

  31. When I invest in my being and my connection to the divine knowing that is always trying to guide me, I find life turns from black and white to technicolour. I feel alive, at ease, purposeful and completely supported.

    1. Absolutely, thank you for highlighting that. Reviewing what commitment to life means to me is something that I find keeps unfolding.

  32. I more and more get to realize how much investing in emotional safety is an investment in abuse; both needs to be released before a sound sense of true safety and harmony can be experienced and hence be a great investment in one´s well-being.

    1. Thank you Alexander Braun, this is so true. We know when we have an emotional attachment to someone or something and we know that, in truth, it is not supporting us but we can have a lot of resistance in letting go. Calling it for the abuse that it is brings the stark truth out into the open.

    2. It’s the same with an investment in security. When we do that it can be like having blinkers on. We may then make all sorts of choices that are not based with the focus and outcome of security.

  33. The learnings on offer at Universal Medicine courses are priceless, no amount of money can actually add up to the gold that is presented and it is the best investment I can think of for my health and well-being.

    1. I agree Viktoria as in our investing in living in connection to our Soul, the return is not only exquisite, magnificent and divine but one that is never-ending in awe and wonderment. I am in.

  34. Investing in life to be certain way is huge trap and takes us away from our ability to observe the simple honesty of a situation.

  35. I realised I had an investment in an outcome recently, for it to be a certain way and that this was coming from old deep hurt I hadn’t let go of. I let go of the hurt and the investment went too and I was able to see the truth of the situation clearly and how I’d got myself into it.

    1. Yes so investing in Universal Medicine courses that support us to not only release the hurts but also understand how they got there in the first place is a wise move.

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