Learning to Find Me and Live My Life

Throughout my life I have been many things to anyone and everyone; and until recently, nothing to myself.

My father had won a scholarship to the local King’s School (as inaugurated by Henry VIII) and so I was drilled into following in his footsteps. I didn’t, and all in all, I must have proved a great disappointment to him and never earned his respect.

My first husband tried drilling into me the change of chord in The Sultans of Swing, but as I couldn’t hear it, his frustration was meted out by his fists. I was also blamed for the weather and his consistently unhappy days at work.

I could never please him: firstly I was to be his mother, then Petula Clarke and later Debbie Harry. My hairstyles would change at his whim, the way I walked, the clothes… I became his Sindy doll, but again, I was a disappointment to him. I escaped with my young daughters before the inevitable consequences of all those disappointments were enacted more forcefully.

And so my life continued trying to please people for fear of disappointing them and taking the blame for being a failure.

Then one rainy day at St. Andrew’s in Scotland I heard myself telling someone, “I’m not important!” The words resonated deep within and then sank from memory.

Awakening my Curiosity

Many years later I was urgently flagged down on the motorway to discover that my car had been leaking petrol for miles. Waiting in the nearest service station for a tow and being plied with as much black coffee as I could drink, I shakily reviewed what might have happened that day.

My thoughts were terrifying and led me to consider all my near-death experiences: suffocation as a new-born; an emergency caesarean that almost killed both of us; an attempted drowning in the kitchen sink; being raped at knife-point, narrowly avoiding being stabbed in the back; waking up at the wheel of my car, just in time to avoid careering into a bridge stanchion when suffering with a virus:

  • Why had I been spared?
  • Had I perhaps not fulfilled my purpose?
  • Was someone watching over me?
  • Where were all these calamities leading me?

I didn’t know!

It was an awakening that felt quite haunting, heavy and also un-answerable; and yet my curiosity had been awakened. I woke up to the many years of loneliness in my second marriage, investing my love and happiness into caring for our pets, and so I became aware of the words, ‘to find me and to be free.’ I passed them off as meaningless and they remained buried for years.

Looking for Answers – the Spiritual New Age Route

Before our twentieth year together I extricated myself from this marriage and ventured down the spiritual new age route… and I was successful. I happily followed the winding mystical paths of Reiki, crystals and self-styled psychics, gurus, seers and hungrily read promising books; then the doubts started to set in.

There were no true answers – it was as though these people didn’t know anything about their own professed subjects, or that their experiences were not genuine. I began to feel cheated; teased or toyed-with. And so this time I realised my own disappointment! I knew that I was not going to find my answers there…

Some while later, one sunny day while walking my dog, I sat in a flower meadow alive with the buzzing of insects, and watched him play in the pond to cool down. Absorbing the warmth of the sun I felt at peace, a oneness with me; and then I felt that lovely warm glow deep inside. And so the words that I had heard many years ago, which had remained meaningless until that very moment, rang gently in my ears: ‘to find me, to be free.’

I realised that there was no ‘me’. I didn’t know what I liked or disliked, let alone who I was. I had always fitted in with others, liking what they liked, disliking what they disliked.

Somewhere in my life I had lost me!

I then accepted that the next phase in my life would be about me and only me. No partners. Just me and my dog Henry.

Personal development courses followed, and this group work brought tears and self-realisations as I remembered a phrase from years ago, “I am not important.” I gained greater self-confidence and a small sense of ownership of me, but still, that warm inner glow seemed only accessible when we were out in nature, walking together and having fun! It was not a constant, let alone a regular or familiar feeling; just one that I craved.

Universal Medicine, Serge Benhayon & Connecting with Me

Then one day I was given a copy of The Way of Initiation by Serge Benhayon. It sat on my bookcase for months; it was a thick book, over 700 pages, and it looked like a heavy read. I had noticed in horror the word ‘God’ and balked at the assumed religious dogma.

How wrong I was! And so I read this purple book when I felt that I was ready. This time I was determined to not be fooled again!

As a result, and in order to substantiate Serge’s words and to improve my not-so-classic education, I purchased a number of philosophical and science books. My first purple books are littered with post-it notes and my own hand-written annotations where I have sought confirmations and substantiations; but more than anything, as I became familiar with Serge’s words, I began to realise that they made utter sense. They felt right.

I also discovered the Universal Medicine website and in a feeding frenzy devoured what was then on offer. I downloaded radio interviews and listened eagerly, over and over again, to the presenter chatting to this wonderful, all-knowing, content family man, who quite simply, just made sense.

There was much talk of the Gentle Breath Meditation; it seemed the key to everything, but back then I had not read the all-important first book, nor discovered the audio downloads!

The following Easter I sat with my first esoteric practitioner and whilst some of her words irked me, I felt a stillness and a belonging in her company. My eyes had been opened. Since then I have had more sessions, attended my first webcast where I interacted freely and honestly with others; and attended my first workshops.

It was remarkable and I still remember the warm glow within as my inner heart opened and I started to connect to me.

I can now feel and be comfortable with the fact that I am a nurturer, a mother, someone who cares deeply about others and who wants to help and share her experiences. I am a home-maker, a carer, a guardian.

But of more importance, I am now realising that I am nurturing myself and accepting that after some 45 years of toil and hardship, in-truth self-imposed, my body and physiology need time to heal too.

I started with the little things, like responding to my body’s needs immediately rather than putting them off until they were convenient, such as: making a drink when I felt thirsty, rather than delaying for another hour or so whilst I double-checked columns of data; answering calls of nature rather than diverting my attention to my computer screen; and getting up from my desk to actually get my lunch when I felt hungry rather than when it was convenient.

Just easy little things, but they made such a difference, learning to give my body preference over what I was doing; my functionality. Giving up coffee showed me how much my body had been suffering from stress. I am learning what my body likes and does not like and more importantly, acknowledging this and doing something about it.

My friends and colleagues began to respond to the gentleness I brought with me every day and these relationships changed and became more meaningful.

I regularly listen to Serge Benhayon’s presentations and each time I hear something different; something I hadn’t heard or grasped properly before, or possibly his words talk to a deeper level and become more meaningful.

There are days when I feel my connection to myself most of the time and days when it evaporates fairly quickly, when I lapse a little and my mind distracts my body from letting me know that it needs attention.

I still have lots to learn and feel for myself, the key is the doing for myself as the more I do, the more I feel – short steps become longer steps, as opportunities, lessons I learn for myself, or alternative ways, open up.

The main investment turns out to be the loving choices that I make for me. Each small step counts, as does the Gentle Breath Meditation™, which is my key to Me!

My life has become a focused path and I know that my journey is not a solitary one for we are all returning home.

A lovely warm inner glow has replaced the former emptiness.

This developing love within is inspiring me to dig deeper into my past and is supporting me as I discover my hidden secrets and darkest nightmares, to confront my lies and to learn about honesty – truthfully feeling into what it is I like and that which I dislike.

To be free — To be me!

I have been inspired by Serge Benhayon and the Universal Medicine presentations and workshops I have attended in my journey to find Me and to Live My Life in truth and love.

By Maggie Rogerson, Housewife, Lancashire, U.K.

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975 thoughts on “Learning to Find Me and Live My Life

  1. Maggie, a beautiful honest sharing of the turmoil we can put ourselves through. Your re-discovered way of caring and loving yourself is a gift to all you encounter, and beyond.

  2. ‘I realised that there was no ‘me’. I didn’t know what I liked or disliked, let alone who I was. I had always fitted in with others, liking what they liked, disliking what they disliked’ Many will relate to this Maggie and by inspired by your journey back to you and healing.

  3. To be free to be me’ Our body always speaks to us. Deep down it knows what is needed, but often we fail to hear or understand its wisdom. And sometimes we need the support of others to help us to see more clearly. True brothers have a responsibility to observe what is going on and not enjoin with those who seek to dis-empower themselves. With understanding and integrity we lovingly support them to re-connect to their own wisdom and express from deep within themselves.

    1. We all have it within ourselves to know what is needed and how we want to live, but so often we can override this by a picture or wanting to fast-track ourselves to somewhere better or improved, instead of accepting and loving where we are right now. Great point Kehinde that service is about reflecting who we truly are so that others can know who they are, too.

  4. What a miraculous transformation Maggie, thank you for sharing so openly and honestly. You are living testimony that we can heal from anything, that the inner heart, which is where we find our own salvation, is always a choice and a breath away.

  5. Maggie reading this has touched me deeply, how we always know that there is a depth to us and an ever loving essence that is there untarnished waiting patiently to be re-connected to and allowed to express through our body and out to the world. Simply divine.

  6. Although we can lose ourselves in the outside world around us so easily in this day and age, with true love and care we can always find ourselves again – after all what we think is lost actually lies within.

    1. I never knew that I knew that until I chose to discover that knowledge again for myself Suse. Now there’s a beautiful unfolding for me when I chose; whereas before it was a barren wilderness.

  7. Through living in harmony with ourselves and others, we come to know who we truly are. Maggi I feel deeply inspired by your story.

  8. Maggie it is beautiful to read how life has unfolded for you from that inner calling and warmth and glow within your heart.
    Before coming to the Universal Medicine work, I had nominated in a work career planning guide a simple vision or goal for myself: ‘Be me’. I had not reflected back on this until reading your article, and that whilst at the time I did not know what this truly meant and that I was told that a vision statement or goal needed to include more than 2-3 words I did not back down on it and see now that making this call has initiated what has unfolded since then.
    In a counselling session yesterday I was asked about my goals in life for the next 5 years, and I responded with what I felt was needed – a list of all the actions and activities I thought I should be achieving in that time frame to do a ‘good job’. I walked away from that feeling like I had all these expectations resting on my shoulders that I now needed to live up to them to be successful. Reading your article I can feel that it is not what I achieve with my work, study etc in the next 5 years that I want to measure myself by, but the quality I choose to be in and live by and express myself from. Thank you.

    1. Dear Susan, it is so very easy, is it not; to get caught up in emotional success and to live a drama which just holds us by the hand and leads us further astray?

      It is all ‘work-in-progress’; and the devil REALLY is in the detail. We don’t need the detail, but many times I still want the detail because on the OUTSIDE it gives me confidence; and I don’t even realise it immediately. Sometimes it can be months or even years before I realise what I have been doing. But this is my momentum: I have so very much to learn and some of my lessons are easier to learn than others. Keeping me at the heart of all I do is paramount; learning to question rather than impulsively doing. More and more I am listening to my body and am letting that lead me by the hand instead. ❤

  9. So many of us live with the fear of disappointing another and place that above how we feel about ourselves. We are not here to live our lives pleasing others, we are here to evolve which requires living all of who we truly are. This is what inspires people rather than us holding back to please them.

  10. Thank you Maggie, indeed the true investments we can make in life got nothing to do with any financial worth, as they are those that allow us to live our true essence for ourselves and the good of all.

  11. Yes I agree Maggie, it is a beautiful warmth we are able to feel deep within our heart when we choose to surrender and connect to our essence and allow ourselves to feel our true selves.

  12. It’s all the little, loving, caring, nurturing, honouring choices we make in every moment that build the delicious inner warmth and glow into a fire – a fire that can emanate out and shares the same qualities with everyone and emptiness doesn’t have a chance .

  13. You are amazing, you have put yourself out there for everyone to see and you do it in a way that invites us all to appreciate ourselves and you while we are reading. I love how you approached Serge’s books, with post it notes and research, it was super cute. I also really like how the simple self loving changes you made had a huge impact. Thank you for being so generous and brave, this will go down in history and will not be forgotten by me.

  14. Thank you Maggie for a beautiful sharing of coming back to find the true you. I can so relate to not having a me, feeling unimportant, and not knowing what i liked or disliked but going along with others and what they wanted, I even actually didn’t want to voice an opinion as this may create waves and upset. There was no me. Slowly through what Serge teaches I am finding me and my voice, within the beauty I feel that is me. Lately Michael Benhayon’s song Be you and Live your Way has been playing within me calling me to be more of the me that is there to be lived and shared.

  15. Extraordinary blog, as you shared there must of been a reason you were spared! I know the feeling well of living well attuned to the needs of others, sacrificing my self care and nurturing and trying to be a good person for others, to not cause any hardship – the amazing thing I have learned since become more self caring and loving is that to truly love another the self love must be practised first and when this is mastered it can’t actually be accessed just for self – it must be lived and appreciated for what it brings to all.

  16. The process of learning, returning to love and deepening is very beautiful, it cannot be made sense through the head, and I find that I do that when I go into self-doubt, and want to grasp onto making sense, but when I simply allow my body to lead the way, everything is known and every small step is guided.

  17. This is an incredible story Maggie, what a turn around you chose to make, so inspiring and so worth sharing. The path back to love is the path back to God.

  18. Once we find ourselves and connect to this fiery essence we then begin to unravel all of the beliefs, images, relationships etc, that are not us and return to a way of living that breathes life back into our lungs and love into our hearts and that is pure inspiration. Thank you Maggie.

  19. ” I am learning what my body likes and does not like and more importantly, acknowledging this and doing something about it.” Beautiful Maggie, as so many may notice their body reactions to something, but don’t make the necessary changes and repeatedly suffer the ill consequences. Looking after our body, as it is the only one we have this lifetime, is really a no-brainer!

  20. Being everything to everyone, and being nothing to ourselves, is an all too familiar way of being. It is never taught that we should know ourselves first before trying to be whatever someone else wants us to be, or what we imagine they want us to be.

  21. ”My life has become a focused path and I know that my journey is not a solitary one for we are all returning home” – I really like this. We are indeed all returning home no matter how different it may all appear and even when we didn’t know we were, and it makes such sense that when it becomes a focused path, life starts to flow and all the complexities start to fall off.

  22. The world offers us many solutions to the perils of life often requiring us to compromise that which is our true nature in order to fit in, but it is only through our connection to self that we can rediscover our strength from within when we live honouring that which is from our soul.

      1. Yes, there is a beauty in this isn’t there… It was one of the really big leaps has opened up so much in life for me… Deal with the details, and be amazed what happens to the bigger picture.

  23. We are never alone on the true path of return as we are all held and always returning and aided by time as we circle the sun round after round.

  24. Beautiful to read and have shared your journey to reconnect to yourself. A journey that is in me too. A true joy has returned – Serge Benhayon is the man to thank for my reconnection.

  25. It can be so easy to dismiss ourselves as not being important, making others seem more so. How beautiful is it then that you are claiming yourself back Maggie, feeling your worth and what you bring.

  26. Maggie thankyou again for your blog, it’s been a joy to read it again today and feel the journey of one woman returning to herself. I could relate to not knowing your own likes and dislikes, I have had a habit of going along with what is around me, instead of truly feeling what is right for me and what I would like to do. In reconnecting to the body there is so much to learn, the body is so incredibly honest and clear in its communication.

  27. Reading this I found myself pondering on Serge Benhayon’s ability to offer to the world the teachings of the Ageless Wisdom. What very clearly stood out for me tonight was that in Serge we have the most ordinary man living an extraordinary life, not because he is better than any one, but because he choose to connect deeply with himself and allows himself to live from the truth of his essence. This is there for each of us to choose, any time we like. With no picture or perception of how our life will be, but an unwavering acceptance of what our life needs to be for humanity.

  28. Maggie your words encapsulate the joy and exploration of life as we live it and how our choices can build a solid foundation for which we can continue to learn, understand and appreciate our return in our own time. Thank you.

  29. When we consider how we have been living and honestly review it all, there is great opportunity for new learning and new growth. We deserve to live a life that is true, but it is up to every one of us to claim it for ourselves.

  30. Your story is so relatable Maggie, whilst some of the details may differ essentially so many of us get lost in the roles we choose to play in life and it is only when we make the choice to find ourselves underneath all the self imposed roles that we can start to truly live our lives. This has been unfolding for me for several years and in so many unpredictable ways but with the support of Universal Medicine I am falling in love with myself and deeply appreciating what I bring.

  31. When we turn our attention to searching inside rather than outside ourselves, we start to deepen our awareness of our whole being, connecting to our inner heart, through which we discover the simplicity of knowing who we truly are.

  32. When we let go of the needs and or identifications that we think we are we begin to see and feel the true essence of who we are and it is from this movement we begin to adore the fine detail of how we move, nourish and support ourselves and how in effect from this movement we are actually also supporting the all also. This shows that the quality in which we care for self plays a larger role and responsibility for how we are with everyone else too, which is a great point to ponder.

  33. Being in the process of buying a new car is showing me so much about me and my relationship to myself. What features are important to me, how much I am willing to pay. What I am willing to compromise – or not. How much do I give my power away and to whom? I can see how my own self worth is inextricably linked to the choices I make. That inner warm glow is also a great barometer and confirms for me that I am on the right track.

  34. Thank you for sharing Maggie. Goes to show what can happen when you follow your heart, and feel the difference between those pesky thoughts that try and keep us away from knowing who we truly are, and true impulse.

  35. When we confirm and appreciate our movements we begin to see how truly precious we are and that we are indeed important and our unique expression of a one unified quality of love is needed to be shared and enjoyed by others to see how we all work as one in this world today.

  36. We are all being communicated and shown the way back to our hearts all the time, but are we listening to the inner wisdom of the inner-heart and recognising life’s reflection in our everyday events?

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