The Missing Link to Understanding Reincarnation

For as long as I can remember I have not understood why it is said that some people go to heaven and some go to hell – it never really made any sense to me.

I did notice however, that someone could create heaven or hell on earth for themselves, or other people, depending on their personal life choices.

I could not understand either, that if God was love, why would he send some people to hell to rot for eternity, and others that were good to fluffy clouds, to kind of um, well… sit around with angels playing harps. Even though I was quite scared of the hell option I remember feeling heaven felt a bit boring, a bit mundane and a bit surreal.

I had a limited religious upbringing but found the concept of good and bad, heaven and hell creep in everywhere from hymns at school to girl guides; it was always there as a constant reminder that good was really the only option or you could end up in a pit of fire next to some ugly guy with horns on his head, forever and ever.

Looking back, I can see that as a child I struggled with the concept of heaven and hell. What I was being told did not add up but nor did the concept of ‘when we died we just died’ – end of story.

I was about 6 when I first saw a film with a skeleton of a dead person in it, and when I asked what it was, I remember being mortified when told this is what happens to us when we die; this felt even more ridiculous and shocking to me than the heaven and hell theory. Surely just to end, kaput, voila, could not be it? It felt so flat, so very pointless, I was suitably shocked but not convinced.

It was at secondary school when I was introduced to the concept of karma. Karma made sense to me; the idea that how we live directly affects others and if we are to cause harm, then ultimately that harm comes back to us.

What I did not understand with karma was that how come there were some people out there who had directly harmed others yet looked like they were living a perfect life, financially set up with all the trimmings and looked like they had it all and for some good people life looked really harsh? If karma existed I wanted to know how some people seemed to get away with it.

Also at school I was introduced to the concept of reincarnation: this immediately resonated with me, it was a great aha moment, my body breathed a sigh of “yes, of course I knew this to be true.” Yet this version of reincarnation had its flaws; the way it was taught made it all very mystical, random and a bit airy-fairy and the fact we could come back as an insect or random animal just did not cut it for me.

Leaving school I went to work with the elderly, many of whom were in the last stages of life, so naturally the question about death and life stayed with me. These questions remained unanswered until, that is, I met Serge Benhayon.

Meeting Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine

Through the teachings on karma and reincarnation as presented by Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine, it became clear I had been short-changed – the versions I had been given so far were a far cry from the intricate and precise science that I heard when attending Universal Medicine presentations.

I realised the missing link to what I had been taught before was responsibility, and how the quality in which we choose to live each life affects our next and that the quality in which we live and pass over in this life is what prepares the quality for our next. Reincarnation I realised, is definitely not random or left to chance, but instead a very direct and accurate universal science.

“Could it be our karma to not consciously know about the fact of reincarnation simply because we have chosen to live irresponsibly and therefore have blocked seeing to what extent we are indeed energetically responsible?” (Teachings and Revelations, Serge Benhayon, page 356)

I now know karma is not what we get sent from some judgmental and resentful God. Karma is about being offered another choice: it is about learning to be responsible for our choices, and from this, evolving and healing.

I’ve seen that we can choose to learn from what we experience or not, hence being shown it more clearly and profoundly at a later time.

We can choose to deal with our past choices and our karma or we can push them away or avoid them, so it may look like we are having a great time, great house, great career etc., but all the while our unloving choices are burying themselves deeper and deeper, waiting for a more intense outcome either in this lifetime or the next.

Likewise we can commit to dealing with our karma / past choices and watch as things come up and out to be exposed for us. Evolution is about truth, not what your life looks like on the outside.

The universe is such an ordered and intricate place where nothing is left to chance.

For me it makes sense that we bring through the way in which we last lived, as how we have chosen to live in our last life / lives directly impacts this one.

I have felt in my body, patterns that I know go deeper than just this life. In truth it is great to feel these patterns as by being more aware of them we are more able to deal with and break any unhealthy thought configurations or behaviours that are in fact eons old.

It is not a belief, fantasy, or science fiction but a deep knowing in my body that we have all been here many times before. This is why our hurts can sometimes seem so old and strong (as we could have been carrying them a long, long time), or a reason as to why we can’t seem to shake a certain behaviour that cannot be equated to this lifetime.

I have come to realise that each one of us is a collection of our previous lives lived and choices made. This also helps me to understand why things happen and that we have the opportunity to learn from this in terms of taking responsibility for our choices and the way we have lived, and are living.

Now when I talk to someone, I know and understand I am not just seeing a reflection of their choices in this current life but a reflection of their choices of every life they have ever lived!

Knowing the truth of reincarnation allows us not only to take more responsibility for the way we are living in this life, but also to prepare for our next life and to be able to pass over in a more dignified way.

When we know we are coming back, we can assess what it is we want to let go of, reflect more responsibly on our life lived, and review how we would make different choices, given that we will be doing it again.

We can therefore use this life and our eventual dying as a time of great healing to leave behind all that is not true, and confirm the love that we are, in preparation for the next.

Whether we believe it or not reincarnation is a given. By understanding the true meaning of reincarnation we can see what an absolutely amazing opportunity it offers us to grow and to evolve.

by Samantha England, Health and Social Care Assessor

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836 thoughts on “The Missing Link to Understanding Reincarnation

  1. Before encountering Universal Medicine, I had heard about karma and reincarnation and I believed in them both, but somehow I was pretty content with it being just down to luck – complete opposite to; “The universe is such an ordered and intricate place where nothing is left to chance” – which makes absolute sense of how and why things are the way they are, and we can learn to be more understanding of others and their choices, and that we are so much loved far beyond our comprehension.

  2. A cracker of a blog Samantha on a topic most people want to avoid, and even this you have very simply and clearly explained why people have resistance to accepting reincarnation as a given…. and that where we find ourselves in life is because of all the choices we have made, not only in this life, but in those past lives too.

  3. I had similar questions when growing up like if God was all powerful why would God create ” Hell ” . I knew if I was God I would not create any ” Hell ”
    “The universe is such an ordered and intricate place where nothing is left to chance.”
    . This line is so true , it is us who create the ” Hell ” when we stray from the wholeness of the truth of who and what we are . When we stray from the order of the universe the order returns to order and we have to live the re-turn to order by bringing order to our personal disorder Karma and re-incarnation.

  4. We are sold a lie about being ‘good’, especially in many Religions, I am sure we would have less illness and disease if we were taught from young to not be ‘good’ but rather live a true and joyful life.

  5. Seeing that our patterns are far too ingrained and seemingly difficult to shift, reincarnation makes perfect sense. These patterns are older than just one life – as trying to shift, outwit or leave them behind provides ample proof for.

  6. Thank you for your beautiful blog Samantha. Reincarnation is indeed a great blessing for humankind – an amazing opportunity to learn to bring the truth that we are here on earth and eventually extract ourselves from the big mess we have created. Reincarnation is a deeply wonderful healing opportunity.

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