Exposing the False Perception of a Perfect Life

I was living a seemingly perfect life and was feeling normal living with my emotions and selective memories of the good times I’ve had.

I was under the impression that I had worked out what life was about and had the illusion of being in control. I couldn’t fault anything physically as everything looked picture perfect, but there was a constant feeling that something was lacking. Life felt like a tasteless strawberry made out of plastic, but it seemed no one was aware of this except me.

About four years ago I came across the books and presentations of Serge Benhayon and found them of great interest. Every time I attended a workshop or had a conversation with Serge, everything he presented was simple and made perfect sense to me.

He was talking about self-care, self-love and being with oneself. For example, I realised there is no self-love or self-care when one makes a choice to drink alcohol or to climb Mount Everest, where the fingers might freeze and may need to be amputated surgically.

If we consider ourselves the most intelligent species on this planet, why would we consider choosing such behaviours that are so harmful to our bodies? He presented simple talks that made me reflect on my own ingrained and unloving behaviours.

However, I found the most important message was that living what you have learnt is far more powerful than just knowing it.

Once you start living the knowledge, you become the living, breathing example of this truth without needing to remember any words of wisdom. For example, when I apply cream on my body gently, with love and care, the yumminess is felt in the body, and due to this simple, self-loving act, I feel nurtured as a result.

Once that feeling is registered in my body, there is no need to remember that gently applying cream is supportive. It becomes a livingness instead of just mental knowledge and words. This livingness feels like embodying the knowledge as a natural way of being.

After every encounter with Serge Benhayon, I observed and noted the changes in my awareness.

I became more and more aware of my obvious patterns and ingrained behaviours, such as the simple act of turning on the TV. In doing so, I became aware that on many occasions, I used it to distract myself rather than dealing with something inside me that needed resolution.

I also became aware that every behaviour that did not contain a feeling of centeredness or stillness had hurt, anxiety and nervousness hidden underneath it. I saw that my lack of life skills (the arrogance delivered through my mind would not agree, but this is a fact) made it difficult for me to deal with many situations in life. I observed how I often wanted to run away, or push someone away, blame others and manipulate situations.

All these things were OK in my so-called ‘normal’ life, but they were not loving. They were just ways to merely cope with life.

Today I feel that I’m living my life with more awareness than I ever had before and this is ongoing and ever deepening.

I have found that self-awareness is the key to my evolution and is what brings me true joy in life. This awareness allows me to see things as they truly are and has completely changed my perception of life.

In this constant flux of self-awareness, I ask myself:

  • How did I wake up from my bed? Is my body refreshed and ready for another day or do I need to drag myself out of bed because I have to go to work or to do something that needs to be done?
  • How am I walking? Am I walking with loving feet or just to get from one place to another to get the job done?
  • How am I eating? Am I eating to nurture myself, or just to put the food in my body to get through the day; or do I want to distract myself by consuming certain comfort foods so I do not feel what’s really going on in a situation?
  • How am I speaking? Am I present and in connection with the person I’m talking to?

The list goes on for every activity in my life, with awareness and love being at the core of every one of them.

The more I choose to be present in each moment, the more I can express from self-awareness.

My life has become an amazing journey and the fun part is that the loveliness never ends and is forever evolving.

by Haresh

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842 thoughts on “Exposing the False Perception of a Perfect Life

  1. When someone lives what they talk it stands out. So much so that it highlights how living according to mental pictures and thoughts and hearsay really doesn’t cut the mustard.

  2. When we live with a selective memory we deliberately remember some things and dismiss others – which effectively gives us skewed version of what is true and not true.

  3. There is no such thing as a perfect life other than the one that we are living as it is exactly what we need to grow and learn and evolve.

  4. ‘I found the most important message was that living what you have learnt is far more powerful than just knowing it.’ You can know things with your mind but when your body is not in charge you will never live what is true.

  5. Living in a world where we have been led to believe that life is all about the intelligence of the mind and the knowledge it holds, the following truth has the power to challenge that very ingrained belief. “living what you have learnt is far more powerful than just knowing it.”. And for me, that it is exactly has happened, as I come to realise that I can be classed as intelligent but that counts for nothing if I live in a way that is disregarding of myself and of others. I have learned that true intelligence comes from the body and therefore when I allow my body to be my guide in the way I live, life changes immeasurably.

  6. “living what you have learnt is far more powerful than just knowing it.” You can be told how to tie shoe laces but until you practice it for yourself it seems almost impossible.

  7. So true – no matter how brilliant and inspiring the teachings might be, if they are just kept and locked up in our head or in a library and every now and then get taken out to be marveled at, it’s utterly useless. True wisdom is a livingness, and very practical.

  8. Awareness is what brings true change, for awareness brings true understanding and with this understanding loving choices can be made.

  9. Many of us would admit that we have lived or are living a ‘normal’ life by society’s standards. But what does this normal mean and what are we really accepting as ‘normal’? I know that I had accepted anxiety, exhaustion, drive, disregarding and abusing my body and had also accepted living with minor ailments, pains and emotional hurts as just something we all have and that it’s just a part of life that we have to manage and deal with. All the while I never really felt that I knew who I was and what my purpose was in life. Yet now I know there is much more than this and through The Way of The Livingness, it has been possible to not only feel but also to live consistently a far more loving life and reality that is guided by honouring the truth and wisdom of our body and Soul. I now understand that connection is everything, and more so to be aware what it is we are in connection to: is it love or lovelessness?

  10. “that living what you have learnt is far more powerful than just knowing it” – I have found this liberating. I used to give myself such a hard time about knowledge – do I know enough? am I smart enough? etc…but I found it much more powerful to live something that to know it. Anyone can know things – study, learn, pick up etc… – but it takes a lot more courage and responsibility to actually live it. Many can also talk it, but can we walk it?

  11. ‘How am I walking? Am I walking with loving feet or just to get from one place to another to get the job done?’ This question on its own is enough to turn our lives around, when we start to walk connected to our body instead with being in our head, thinking about what is coming or what has been there in the past, our movements will change and we can choose to walk with purpose and joy will return in every step we take.

  12. This is gold Haresh ‘I found the most important message was that living what you have learnt is far more powerful than just knowing it.’ We inspire others far more by our reflection and our lived ways than our empty words.

  13. Are we afraid of our life not being perfect because we don’t have the skills to make it perfect and somehow have been trapped into thinking it does need to be? That would be a marketing dream because there would always be something to tempt you with and to sell to you.

    1. The endless searching for perfection is definitely “a marketing dream” as how better to keep people destabilsed and so unable to live who they truly are, by convincing them that what they have and how they are living, is not enough, it needs to be ‘better’. Seeking perfection is a bit like trying to grab that elusive pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, as just as you think you’ve got it, it’s on the move again. Time to realise that the pot of gold is actually within us; no searching required.

  14. Coping with life is for many people the way life is. We are told from young that life is not easy, in general is not joyful, and absolutely is full of necessary chores we have to fulfil on a daily basis. No wonder that we are so obsessed in this coping that we completely forget that we have a body to take care fore, a body that knows how to live life in a simple and joyful way.

  15. Just these simple questions which are listed in this blog, should be our normal body awareness in any moment of the day.

  16. Thanks Haresh, I have recently become aware of new ways to bring more love to my life. I experienced a change in awareness and could see how easily I could change behaviours I had accepted as my normal, by simply asking myself “is this loving?” It was obvious many things weren’t, so a joyful process is unfolding to bring more love into my life.

  17. The point is to know that what we may consider ‘complete’ is not and will never be, except as the end of something and the beginning to something that is bigger if we accept that what has completed is now your new normal.

    1. Yes Eduardo we are always moving in cycles, in truth with no beginning or end, however we need to arrest the ill momentum which then allows us to deepen and honor the true cycles we are divinely part of. The gold is that our bodies will always reflect precisely where we are at in all of this at any moment in space.

  18. “I have found that self-awareness is the key to my evolution and is what brings me true joy in life.” So true and the antidote to your first paragraph which I could very much relate to how, we are in the illusion and comfort that life is fine because we have created it the way we want it to be, but deep within we can feel it is not really real, like the tasteless plastic strawberries, that something is missing in our perfect picture.

  19. I love how you have exposed the ridiculousness of extreme behaviours where we place our lives, limbs or valuable appendages at risk, simply to say ‘look at me – I’ve climbed Mt Everest. “If we consider ourselves the most intelligent species on this planet, why would we consider choosing such behaviours that are so harmful to our bodies?” A great question to ask and I am sure there will be many who once asked the question will look at these disregarding behaviours in a very different light.

  20. The very first time that I saw Serge Benhayon moving on the stage in a presentation I asked myself ‘who is that guy who moves in such a way? nobody in this world moves like that.’ There was a lightness, a freedom in his movements that surprised me as I never saw before someone moving in such a solidness and presence. He felt very real as he was presenting from his experience what he lives everyday. I appreciate very much his presence in my life, even we have talked with each other very little and we live in different countries I feel part of his family, very held and loved in this amazing journey that life is.

  21. Yesterday walking on the street I realized how much my body posture and movements can affect the quality of my thoughts and actions. In every step I can ask myself, how am I walking? Being aware of this brings me the clarity to discern and to adjust my body to its natural way of moving and not in the constricted and protective mode that I used in the past. I appreciate so much this way of observing me with no judgment to embrace my Livingness, which as you well said Haresh, is the most natural way of being.

  22. Knowledge that stays on the page, in the book or in our head will always leave us with a pang of feeling something is missing. Then you bring it into a way of living you can then discern if it is something you align to and whether it is something that sits at ease within your body – or not.

  23. I looked everywhere around me for solutions to feel better and wanted to deepen the Connection with God and heaven.
    Through Universal Medicine I found out that it is all found in me, in the Connection I choose in all my movements.

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