Michael Benhayon – A Stellar Friend, Supreme Practitioner & Sensational Musician – The Old School Modern Day Gentleman

I first met Michael Benhayon over 10 years ago when I went with my mother and father to experience a workshop run by Universal Medicine, a company founded by Michael’s father, Serge Benhayon.

In the first few years of knowing Michael I didn’t really take an interest in developing a friendship with him. He was a few years older than I, but he also had a level of maturity and air of manhood about him that didn’t suit the types of friends I wanted to have around at the time.

Upper body shot of Michael Benhayon smiling
Michael Benhayon

I would however see him around events and in the local swimming pool, with his always big and warm smile. I observed a suave swagger in his walk, again something I thought was strange for a teenager to have, given that at the time myself and all my mates were into lowering our trousers and shoulders as low as they could go! Perhaps a tad exaggerated, but it does paint the contrasting picture of how Michael carried himself so well at a young age.

I continued attending Universal Medicine’s workshops and courses for a few years, including travelling to Vietnam for their annual retreat, where I had dinners with the whole Benhayon family, Michael included. Michael often made me laugh a lot, be that with his 6 or 7 egg omelette at the breakfast buffet through to his quite extraordinary and very playful moves on the dance floor (including the splits!). However, in spite of the undeniable fondness I had developed for Michael, I retained keeping him at arm’s length and not allowing our friendship to deepen.

From 2011 till 2015 I didn’t attend any events hosted by Serge or Universal Medicine, nor did I see or speak with Michael.

In fact it wasn’t till the beginning of 2017 that I got in contact with Michael. A year earlier I began to listen to Michael’s music and during a Swiss skiing holiday I played a live recording of one of Michael’s songs, Heaven’s Stairway on repeat, over and over. I hadn’t heard a song with such depth and quality such as that one in a long time, not to mention a deeply touching piano melody. On the journey home from the Swiss Alps something clicked. I said to myself, I think I know how to play piano but I just haven’t tried to play it yet. To my mother’s absolute surprise and on the basis that I’d ‘try it out’ I bought a relatively cheap keyboard. I emailed Michael to let him know about my new musical addition and that I wanted to learn his songs. From there the doors of communication opened, and so too did I open the door to a friendship with Michael – something I had not given permission to before.

One of the first things Michael said to me in regard to performing an instrument was:

“Remember it is not about getting it right – music is definitely not something to put your mind towards. The body must always freely express.”

Not long after that and after keeping Michael updated with how I was getting on and the new songs I’d been learning, I booked to have two Esoteric Chakra-puncture sessions with him in June 2017.

Those two sessions had the most profound effect on me, and the rediscovery of my direction in life.

Many things came up for me, and much was explored in our conversations, but a few gems in particular really led me to fall in love with this man and his qualities, exquisitely so.

As I was bleating on about one drama and another, he started talking to me about the gifts of my life, what I have been totally and utterly blessed with and to start by focussing on that. I remember saying something silly like “Ah, but why do I even deserve that in life?” As he prepared the needles he wisely said: “You could look at it like that, or you could look at it like a bird looking at a little bug saying, “Damn, why do I have wings? Like, I could just be crawling around down there but instead look what I can do!” Although the analogy made me giggle, there was a certain sadness in the giggle too. The teary part was because with that one sentence I realised how much I lacked appreciation for who I am and what I have been so graciously offered in this life.

These two sessions opened my eyes to the fact that Michael Benhayon was and is so much more than a sensational and inspirational musician, but a man who has a very unique and astute perspective of the world, holding sacred that which is and deserves to be, and unafraid to call out that which is not.

After the two sessions I began to feel that I wanted to build a much stronger and deeper connection with Michael. There were qualities I could sense in him that reminded me of home. Not home as in where I grew up, but my inner home –– the Soul’s home.

As I’ve grown to know Michael more and more, I can earnestly say he is not your average 20-something year old. He has a beautiful big family, including a wife and 3 children whom he dedicates much of his time to. He has an internationally acclaimed record label, GM Records and a custom designed music production company, Glorious Music Sounds which in 7 years has produced over 400 professional tracks. He is a highly regarded and sought after complementary health practitioner, with clients all over the world who find sessions with Michael not only beneficial but life-shaping in many ways.

Michael is also the founder and director of Teachers Are Gold, a worldwide run project whose purpose is to support teachers to look after themselves and rise above the total burn-out and extreme stress that so many experience. Michael has also written and developed various courses for colleges and organisations.

At the tender age of 27, Michael has taken life by the reins. He has stepped forward to work within family, community and society supporting everyone he works with equally to see that there is much that life has to offer, and that accessing it all is but a choice away.

What has been amazing to see and experience is that with all that Michael does and everything he has going on, not one of my messages has ever gone unanswered or even answered in haste. Every time we share an exchange I am given all the space in the world, as if I’m the only person in his life, but at the same time I get the sense that he knows what he communicates is for the All, and not just for me.

I particularly cherish his guidance and tips when I send him recordings of myself on piano. With utmost care, tenderness and responsibility as a friend and as a musician Michael would advise: “work on developing more flow in your body, in your movements, when you play – and by flow I mean coming from heart first and then let that radiate to your arms, fingers and whole body.” Gees, is there any more liberating way to be encouraged to play an instrument? Methinks not…

Michael Benhayon on stage playing guitar
Michael Benhayon | Founder of GM Records

My abilities on the piano are extraordinary considering I have been playing for little over a year where the only song I learnt from a YouTube video was Can’t Help Falling in Love by Elvis Presley, but apart from that with no tutor. I can play some things by ear; I can compose music and even put lyrics to it. A beautiful note of confirmation, encouragement and guidance from Michael more recently was:

“Your technique is more rich and has improved a lot, and there is more flow in your body too. The next part to work on, which naturally will come from deepening this in your livingness, is – to bring the delicateness of your fingers/touch on the piano to the rest of your body.”

I particularly love this pearl of wisdom because making the connection between playing the piano and how I am in the rest of my life is one that not many (if any) would advise, but I have found it to be crucial and ‘on the money’ in my development as a musician.

Sharing with me that the more I look after and am delicate with myself, so too will my piano playing become more delicate and richer as a result, gave me so much more to focus on than just what I do when I sit down at the piano.

I attribute a large portion of being able to make a focal point how I am with myself and with others on a daily basis to two things:

  • One: Michael’s music. If you haven’t heard it, do yourself a favour and visit his website and take the time to explore. Aside from the fact that the music is a phenomenal display of multi-instrumentalism, flow and precision, I love the fact that there is nothing imposing in Michael’s music and so one feels left to be him/herself whilst listening. I have grown up listening to various artists, genres and performers, and I very often found that the music would draw me into a specific emotion or invoke old memories/feelings. Listening to Michael’s music I can sit contently, and if anything, it actually supports me in connecting back to myself, how I’m feeling and what there is in life for me to look at. I have no doubt in my heart that this is due to the way Michael lives his life, and the way that then streams through into his music.
  • Two: The support Michael has offered me through his advice and feedback. Each and every time Michael would send me an email containing a pearl of wisdom, it would have the most profound effect on my playing. When he shared about playing from the heart not the mind, I found it easier and freer to move my fingers around and not worry about hitting the wrong key. When he shared about developing flow, suddenly I could play melodies that were much more fluid and I no longer had to plan my keystrokes but just allowed my fingers to drop where they naturally did. Then when he shared with me recently about delicateness, I have found that I can now create so many different sounds just by focussing on how my fingers interact with each key.

One of the things that inspires me, and in absolute honesty, makes me slightly uncomfortable as I know that I do not do this consistently, is that no matter what Michael achieves, he does not stop. He continues to explore what’s next, and to move onward in life according to what is needed. The remarkable milestones Michael Benhayon has achieved at this early time in his life are a testament to that.

To me, Michael Benhayon has remodelled what it means to be a young man in the world today.

Michael reflects so beautifully, tenderly and humbly that:

  • No longer do we have to be lost, meandering through life trying to make sense of the insanity that prevails in society.
  • No longer do we have to resort to alcohol, drugs, coffee, cigarettes, sleeping around, anything that will give us the next hit of a seeming but not true relief to ease the tension we are feeling.
  • No longer do we have to go to University to prove we need to make something of ourselves and to be considered a successful man.
  • No more do we need to cower to what other people think of us or expect us to be but to stay the most gentle, delicate, sweet and tender men we were always born to be.

By the way he lives, Michael Benhayon demonstrates that it can be effortless to move through life with the strongest sense of knowing who we are, and to know exactly what part we play in the world. He is a great example that we need nothing from the outside world to make up who we are, for everything already resides on the inside. Michael is a perfect role model who reflects the measure of what we call ‘success’ is not in our bank accounts, properties, cars, clothes or dividends, but rather in how much of our true selves we live and bring to the world.

Upper body shot of young man with glasses, smiling
Michael Brown

“You hold so much love inside you, and when you live and express this in all that you do, it will take you and therefore all that you bring through to higher and higher levels.” ~ Michael Benhayon ~

By Michael Brown, 21-Year-old Student, Retail Manager and Amazing young man

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564 thoughts on “Michael Benhayon – A Stellar Friend, Supreme Practitioner & Sensational Musician – The Old School Modern Day Gentleman

  1. “Michael is a perfect role model who reflects the measure of what we call ‘success’ is not in our bank accounts, properties, cars, clothes or dividends, but rather in how much of our true selves we live and bring to the world.” And Michael Benhayon brings the glory of Heaven to the world as an inspiration for us all.

  2. Michael Benhayon has mastered himself and the world, so what he reflects to all of us is the possibility of our connection to the heavens, because this is what Michael is connecting to and shares it with us all equally.

  3. Such Gorgeous photos of you both. I am not sure exactly how long I have known Michael Benhayon now .. maybe about 9 years or over but what I do know is that every time I have seen him he has reflected a steadiness and consistency. I have seen his sweetness but also his strength, his playfulness and also his discernment all of which are incredibly inspiring. And although younger than me he calls me up … well everyone up really to be more … just goes to show how age doesn’t mean a thing. And OMG can he play guitar … like I have one word .. maybe two … ABSOLUTE LEGEND ✨ like really … not bad at playing drums either … or piano … actually he is pretty much a genius of music straight from Heaven 💫

  4. Both of you are amazing examples of how young men can be in the world today, against the trends of getting lost in the perceptions of what it means to ‘be a man’.

  5. To read how one person has changed the way they view another person & then their relationship is quite eye-opening because often we think it’s the other person’s fault – you could have made up so many excuses: he’s not my kind of person, not cool enough, too boring, doesn’t he party, etc. etc. but your honesty brings a humbleness and with that an open door for things to change.

  6. “I realised how much I lacked appreciation for who I am and what I have been so graciously offered in this life.” I can see the same in myself, today I realised I am actually fighting self appreciation and settlement into my being, a great moment of honesty which is also acknowledging my responsibility for how my life is and how I feel.

    1. I can relate to what you have highlighted Melinda, as I recently felt that I adore heaven and all that heaven represents to me, but I’m lacking in the adoration of me, I was looking out to something but then had the realization that it is all within me too, as it is in all of us.

      1. Thanks Mary, I recently had the same experience and could see that I had separated myself from what I hold so dear when I too am that myself. I like that you used the word “adore” as we are so worthy of our own adoration.

  7. What you say Michael is very true
    “The teary part was because with that one sentence I realised how much I lacked appreciation for who I am and what I have been so graciously offered in this life.”
    So many of us lack the appreciation of life and what it offers constantly as we are too caught up in making money, being secure. We have so many wants and needs that we have forgotten that sometimes the simple things in life are the most precious.

  8. Michael B is absolutely an old school modern day gentleman as are you Michael. What an Awesome person (Michael B) to have in your life as a role model and really lovely to hear how you have let him in and let your friendship deepen. Now all you have to do is spread those awesome wings and fly ✨

  9. “I am given all the space in the world, as if I’m the only person in his life, but at the same time I get the sense that he knows what he communicates is for the All, and not just for me” – this just melts me.

    1. Me too! How supportive it is to simply feel the love and integrity behind these words – an invitation to go deeper, to let go more, to keep surrendering to the All so that I may live it in equal measure.

  10. Wow Michael how beautiful to feel and read this, coming from a deep appreciation of another. There is no ra ra, no following or giving your power away to another person.

    It feels within us all is the ability to do and be things and it is simply coming from connecting to the heart. The livingness plays a huge role in everything we do, and it is simply to be in everything we are surrounded by -it is that simple.

  11. Michael is certainly a role model and one we all need. What is inspiring about him is he nails not just one thing in life ‘his work’, but he holds many things he is a part of and has initiated. His work is work the way it should look, inspire, accomplish and feel.

    1. Indeed Joseph, it breaks down the whole construct that has been built around us since the start of our schooling days.

  12. ‘The next part to work on, which naturally will come from deepening this in your livingness, is – to bring the delicateness of your fingers/touch on the piano to the rest of your body.”’ These are wise words and definitely apply to all of us, with whatever we are doing or expressing; from cooking, cleaning to playing an instrument.

  13. ‘…what I have been totally and utterly blessed with and to start by focussing on that.’ I’ve often heard people say look on the bright side of life but it’s really never held much water when they’ve said it. But when someone who holds such wisdom as Michael, says something it causes a stop, because it comes with so much multidimensional knowing whilst being super accessible and practical. I used to be such a negative person, really holding on to doom and gloom, but now can see the beauty in life, even beneath what is ugly.

  14. What a beautiful example of being inspired to live in a body that freely expresses, not using the mind solely to learn a new skill, but bringing the mind along with an open body.

  15. True music comes from the heart and never from the head. It is the sound of the Soul and thus it is the sound of us all.

  16. Wow what a beautiful sharing, thank Michael. The love you both sharing is so inspiring and a great reflection for others. The beholding love you have for each other.

  17. ‘From there the doors of communication opened, and so too did I open the door to a friendship with Michael – something I had not given permission to before.’ It’s true Michael we can discover things in life that we’ve not given permission to before, and when we do and when we allow it, we realise how by holding these connections or abilities back we are selling each other short.

    1. Yeah we can often feel isolated from certain aspects of life, but if we accept it is us who do the isolating, we have a much better opportunity to learn and grow from whatever situation we find ourselves in.

      1. ‘if we accept it is us who do the isolating’ this is when we have the opportunity to turn things around, getting to know how powerful we can be to bring about change.

      2. It is us and only us who have built a dam between us and love and equally it is us and only us who can take the dam down and eventually allow the flood gates to love to re-open so that the two way channel to love begins to flow freely again.

  18. What a beautiful example of putting your body towards an activity rather than the mind and allowing the body to fully express.

  19. The attention to detail that Michael Benhayon offers is exquisite and how he holds everyone either through his music, sessions, family and personal relationships. Considering how full his life is absolute with purpose, to support you how he has Michael is simply beautiful.

  20. Michael shows what is possible and that you can have more than one very highly developed ability without having the usual eccentricities of genius.

  21. True friends are great to have to support and receive support in uneven measures but are always there no matter what. They bring so much to enrich our lives as we bring to them without often doing anything but being there.

    1. So true Jennym what if this was possible for all of us, all men, women and people living who we truly are. At least we can start to live this for ourselves and with our families today and show the world what is possible.

    1. Yes, what an amazing quote. Letting go of getting things right opens the door to healing, understanding and expansion. Thanks Matilda for highlighting this and how life changing this can be.

  22. This has been great to read again today. What came through strongly for me is that there is so much more for me to appreciate in terms of what I have in life and the blessings around me. The focus on who we are and our qualities, and bringing that to what we do is really inspiring.

  23. I love the description of Michael Benhayon as an ‘old school modern day gentleman’ for not only does he reflect the future of men, that which he lives is also a return to our former glory – our future lived again.

      1. A true meeting of Heaven & Earth – the Soul’s love and light lived in and through physical form.

  24. I have been fortunate enough to watch Michael Benhayon grow up over the past 14 years and to see and feel all that he is and brings is truly inspiring. And he sure can rock it big time on the guitar which I just Love.

  25. When men express Love for each other it has a super powerful effect on this world – for so long it’s been tainted with sexual aspersions or likened to being a girl – all because this sight melts the most hearts of all.

  26. It reminds me and makes me deeply appreciate how I am and how I feel as everything I do, I bring to the next moment. This awareness is crucial in my unfolding, for I cannot separate one moment from the next if love is what I choose as my way.

  27. Michael Benhayon really is ‘The Old School Modern Day Gentleman’. I have had the joy and pleasure of knowing him for a number of years, but then I also have the pleasure of knowing you as well, Micheal Brown and I’d say honestly that, ‘The Old School Modern Day Gentleman’ is a title that suits you very well too! What amazing male role models we have in you both.

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